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Neyo Mad Lyrics

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23 mar 2009




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Commenti 4 541
Anisha Burt
Anisha Burt 4 ore fa
i love this so much ne yo
Cecil Esquivel
APRIL 18 2019?!!??! ANYONE?!!?
Joley Reliquias
Joley Reliquias Giorno fa
April 17, 2019
AK Asula
AK Asula Giorno fa
just like my girlfriend
Evrymn PCY
Evrymn PCY Giorno fa
April 17, 2019. Wala namang jowa haha.
Rose Wairimu beauty
who's listening
Rose Wairimu beauty
Antheneeaimee Medinacustodio
Who's still listening? April 15, 2019
Erica Mcqueen
Erica Mcqueen 5 giorni fa
Honuvibbj kwkwnebeowns
donna hookem
donna hookem 5 giorni fa
Heartbroken" but I will always hold them; carry them on my sleeve of honour ad respect , LU'KA
carol wangeshi
carol wangeshi Giorno fa
I love neyo really!!!!
Fire demon Princess
I've never even been in a relationship but still this song hits my heart
ariel Soriano
ariel Soriano 5 giorni fa
Idol na idol po kita mahal na mahal ka po namn normie at ella
ariel Soriano
ariel Soriano 5 giorni fa
Pa notice ho
ariel Soriano
ariel Soriano 5 giorni fa
Idol hahaha
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee 5 giorni fa
April 18 2019
Roberto Mendoza
Roberto Mendoza 5 giorni fa
Who still Listening? April 13 2019
Sarahlyn Latores
Sarahlyn Latores 5 giorni fa
TheYes1210 5 giorni fa
Neyo had so many hits but a didnt knew it was his. Till i started watch tv again
TheYes1210 5 giorni fa
Neyo was the man when he startet till 2008
PowerFrom TY
PowerFrom TY 6 giorni fa
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Celine Ramiro
Celine Ramiro 6 giorni fa
Christine Laurino
Christine Laurino 6 giorni fa
April 12 ,2019😜
girlie tolentino
girlie tolentino 6 giorni fa
1890 who still listening?
Olivia Morillo
Olivia Morillo 6 giorni fa
Asia Lettsome
Asia Lettsome 7 giorni fa
Anybody listening April 2019??
Dion Santos
Dion Santos 7 giorni fa
2019 anyone?
Amy Marcella
Amy Marcella 8 giorni fa
Still listening, 11 April 2019 ♡
Kenart Manuel
Kenart Manuel 8 giorni fa
Rylee Anderson
Rylee Anderson 8 giorni fa
ahhh classic Ne-yo ;)
Ice 77
Ice 77 8 giorni fa
Ne-Yo better than gay Bruno mars.
TheAnonymousBand OfficialChannel
2009 anyone?
Kirby Villanueva
Kirby Villanueva 9 giorni fa
Who's here 2019
Yusuph Wickama
Yusuph Wickama 9 giorni fa
Ten years later, anyone?
Cairodin Monib
Cairodin Monib 9 giorni fa
Jeffrey Dofeliz
Jeffrey Dofeliz 9 giorni fa
Tre Hearns Da Truth
Music never gets old
Hailey Purcia
Hailey Purcia 10 giorni fa
theresa blake
theresa blake 10 giorni fa
April 8 who this listening
Marc not Mark
Marc not Mark 11 giorni fa
april 8, 2019 who's still listening?
Am_unique 9 giorni fa
Nellady Angeles
Nellady Angeles 11 giorni fa
anayaa johnsonn
anayaa johnsonn 12 giorni fa
april 6th 2019?
Yvonne Ordonez
Yvonne Ordonez 12 giorni fa
gud work for me en you ..
Dan Bautista
Dan Bautista 12 giorni fa
Kung lalaki ka lang
John Junell Austria
John Junell Austria 12 giorni fa
April 6 2019?
Ash Sha
Ash Sha 13 giorni fa
April 2019?
Cherry Mae Bedico Obrador
April 6 2019 Who still listening?
The Parker Family
The Parker Family 9 giorni fa
Jelly Jell
Jelly Jell 10 giorni fa
meagan stephens
meagan stephens 11 giorni fa
7 April 2019
Ice Stalker
Ice Stalker 12 giorni fa
Anna Beltikova
Anna Beltikova 12 giorni fa
meee right now and singing....
Talong ni Sehun
Talong ni Sehun 13 giorni fa
2008 omg hahaha i was 12 yrs old that time and now im 23 omg time flies too fast.
Boss Jake
Boss Jake 13 giorni fa
reconnecting reconnecting hahahahhaa
Miyawaki Chaeyeon
Miyawaki Chaeyeon 7 giorni fa
Kalokohan Lang To
Kalokohan Lang To 13 giorni fa
basically wolfygirl08
I did enjoy but I'm crying because this song makes me think of my mom and dad😭😭😭
hamedine dia
hamedine dia 14 giorni fa
April 2019
Arvin Gacias
Arvin Gacias 14 giorni fa
who's still listening? april 5, 2019
danyelle_dereza 6 giorni fa
Still love NeYo’s voice. Brings back so many memories.💖 04.11.2019
Rylee Anderson
Rylee Anderson 8 giorni fa
Close. April 10,2019.
tol asian
tol asian 8 giorni fa
Helll yesssss
mingowife 9 giorni fa
I still love this song
Anna Beltikova
Anna Beltikova 12 giorni fa
meeeee from MIAMIFLORIDA
Dana Leatherbery
Dana Leatherbery 14 giorni fa
CTZ 14 giorni fa
Listening to this song really makes me feel old, man, How I miss my childhood, my friends my dog, school and no reliability.
Juwan Mitchell
Juwan Mitchell 14 giorni fa
I feel so alone right now and I don't know what to do
denise george
denise george 14 giorni fa
arci ethe
arci ethe 14 giorni fa
listening to this again, because someone special sang this for me!! :))
Joden Bernabe
Joden Bernabe 14 giorni fa
April 4 2019
Jake Quianzon
Jake Quianzon 14 giorni fa
April 3 2019 who's still listening?
Bos Cube Tv
Bos Cube Tv 14 giorni fa
4.april.2019 ?
Daddy Chente
Daddy Chente 14 giorni fa
April 3rd 2019 who still listening to this jam 👍🏼
soraya sheombarsing
soraya sheombarsing 13 giorni fa
Me honeyy
Dipuo Nomsa
Dipuo Nomsa 15 giorni fa
03 april ❤
涵涵 15 giorni fa
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Dianna Laylay
Dianna Laylay 15 giorni fa
April 2019?
Christopher Dominguez
April 3, 2019
Priyanka Rai
Priyanka Rai 16 giorni fa
Teodi. Teodi.
Teodi. Teodi. 17 giorni fa
2019 everyone???
Brittany Hellner
Brittany Hellner 17 giorni fa
April 1st 2019
SheenaOnABudget 17 giorni fa
Missing Micah
Haley Anna
Haley Anna 17 giorni fa
This song makes me cry everytime
Jolando Lyngkhoi
Jolando Lyngkhoi 17 giorni fa
1 April 2019?who's still listening?
Yan Gwapa
Yan Gwapa 17 giorni fa
April 1, 2019 ♥️
John Viane Lolagi
John Viane Lolagi 18 giorni fa
Reminds me of college life when listening to this song 😍
Sheryhanne Nhicole
Sheryhanne Nhicole 18 giorni fa
April 2019? Who's listening?❤️
Shin Reid
Shin Reid 18 giorni fa
2019? Hi
Hemant NavKumar
Hemant NavKumar 18 giorni fa
Baby.. Don't go to bed mad at me.. That's all I want :-)
cherald bueno
cherald bueno 19 giorni fa
I cannot forgot to hear this song in a day,..Promise @#$%^,..and i don't know why,...so Addicted,..so Nice song,..
Jamrisse Dacanay
Jamrisse Dacanay 19 giorni fa
Already 2019, yet it's still the best for me💕
Keishlianie Cosme
Keishlianie Cosme 20 giorni fa
I LOVE Ne-yo, his songs are beautiful and unique way better than these crappy songs these days, cursing like they got no sense.
John Edward
John Edward 20 giorni fa
iqkaSeunghyun 97
iqkaSeunghyun 97 20 giorni fa
March 2019..been ma favorite since forever from child to teen and now adult
Papi Soamazing
Papi Soamazing 20 giorni fa
I gotta Propose to my Babygirl with this song ❤️🙏🏽👑🌅
The DollsDay
The DollsDay 7 giorni fa
😍😍😍😍 good luck!
Yati 20 giorni fa
Good song.....
R.a. Sigua
R.a. Sigua 20 giorni fa
Mga vv0
Rosé Manoban
Rosé Manoban 20 giorni fa
Twitter brought me here
Ellaiza Marie Alincastre
April 1 2019 soundtrip Hahahahha Like botton if you still do
grudey tingz
grudey tingz 21 giorno fa
2019 anyone?
Kisha Tiffany Lagahid
March 28, 2019 here
Lorem Gascon
Lorem Gascon 21 giorno fa
March 28, 2019 😬
Luke Kaloudruweti
Luke Kaloudruweti 22 giorni fa
still listening to this music :)
Deja Joyner
Deja Joyner 22 giorni fa
damn everyone listening in March 2019 lol ig everyone's partner fucking up
Anisha Upchurch
Anisha Upchurch 22 giorni fa
I started scrolling and I miss the days when comment sections weren't calendars
Cynthia Elliott
Cynthia Elliott 22 giorni fa
From november 2018 to mar 27th 2019
Paul Reyes
Paul Reyes 22 giorni fa
March 27 2019? Who did never forgets ne-yo's music?
Nathan Hollon
Nathan Hollon 22 giorni fa
MARCH 27,2019 listening steal i am 13 listing yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttt
27 march 2019!!!
Joshua licaros
Joshua licaros 23 giorni fa
March 25, 2019
Camille Melendrez
Camille Melendrez 23 giorni fa
Me till now ... March 26 2019
CHROME HEART Blue 24 giorni fa
Lori Kranz
Lori Kranz 15 giorni fa
Michelle Seales
Michelle Seales 24 giorni fa
Great voice
Lumanglas Soccoro
Lumanglas Soccoro 24 giorni fa
❤️❤️❤️ March 25 2019
Ariam Zul Lopez
Ariam Zul Lopez 25 giorni fa
March 25, who still listening???
YoungQueen Courage
YoungQueen Courage 25 giorni fa
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