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Neyo Mad Lyrics

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23 mar 2009





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Commenti 3 569
Sarah Price
Sarah Price 12 ore fa
I love this song
I don't know but I just feel I really love Neyo. I relate with his songs so much.
Edimo Bizimana
Edimo Bizimana Giorno fa
real love
Nichloas Mungal
Nichloas Mungal Giorno fa
Omg men know this is real bad
leo ginto
leo ginto Giorno fa
2018 anyone
Hazel Decipolo
Hazel Decipolo Giorno fa
2018 baby😍
Al-bright Shigwedha
Why am I here?
Alvinrey Segovia
Alvinrey Segovia 2 giorni fa
Lov kaau n nku kantaha.
Tracy Muthoni
Tracy Muthoni 2 giorni fa
Fantasy World
Fantasy World 3 giorni fa
October 18?????
Renae 3 giorni fa
Stop with the damn 2k18 comments bro
Daughter of Darkness
Y are the best love songs made so long ago!?!
Westlife California
2018 ❤
HJ Miranda
HJ Miranda 5 giorni fa
this song wade my childhood prettier
luz delgado
luz delgado 5 giorni fa
Go DeMaRcUs 😂
PaulDavid JV
PaulDavid JV 5 giorni fa
Jullia Mabingnay
Jullia Mabingnay 6 giorni fa
this song is so lit
My name? No.
My name? No. 6 giorni fa
Childhood :< Tangina, ayoko ng ganitong pakiramdam ehhhhhh
Patrice Lang
Patrice Lang 7 giorni fa
I love his voice.
Big D Jayy dee
Big D Jayy dee 7 giorni fa
Nov 11, sad night
Justine Alfar
Justine Alfar 7 giorni fa
Jesamae Begasa
Jesamae Begasa 7 giorni fa
November 2018? 😍
Durbinfam5 7 giorni fa
I love your songs ne yo
Durbinfam5 7 giorni fa
I'm your number one fan
Mrvnjoe 7 giorni fa
Jc Francisco
Jc Francisco 8 giorni fa
cyril ycong
cyril ycong 8 giorni fa
Never gets old
Kean Gabriel
Kean Gabriel 8 giorni fa
2018 november?
jongras bantan
jongras bantan 8 giorni fa
princess mendoza
princess mendoza 8 giorni fa
i like this music😊
princess mendoza
princess mendoza 8 giorni fa
Perfect in feb 14 2019 all broken hearted😭
Ann Marie Buckley
Ann Marie Buckley 8 giorni fa
Well now, A) Don't bother ur ass gunna bed @ all + stay n dat pain hi!! OR: B) Get inta dat bed + make up hi. 💙💖😘😘 (+pain free inta de bargain hi, eh eh eh?) P.S. Sounds lik a "pretty" good idea 2 meeee hi! Eh? WOW! 🤗
Ronald Simmons
Ronald Simmons 9 giorni fa
bianca cahutay
bianca cahutay 9 giorni fa
November ??? Anyone??
Donna Rocel Beloy
Donna Rocel Beloy 9 giorni fa
November 2018?
vani manalu
vani manalu 9 giorni fa
Really enjoy for this music
sampachie dizon
sampachie dizon 10 giorni fa
gejdqhdshxdhq kwegdjwwsshd hso
Lee Recańa
Lee Recańa 10 giorni fa
November 9 2018 listing yeah yeah
MARK LOUIE REYES 10 giorni fa
2018 december ???
MARK LOUIE REYES 10 giorni fa
oooh ooh
wilhelmino razon
wilhelmino razon 10 giorni fa
Justin Pitcher
Justin Pitcher 10 giorni fa
Just realized that's why I'm still up at 5 am
ritchel sanchez
ritchel sanchez 12 giorni fa
Me love this song much😊
Tyler Keener
Tyler Keener 12 giorni fa
I send this aong to my beautiful girl friend she start crying
Therd Dioquino
Therd Dioquino 13 giorni fa
Alvin Castillo
Alvin Castillo 13 giorni fa
Im from 2054 and still listening to this.
Shay Belleza
Shay Belleza 13 giorni fa
nice song😃
Shay Belleza
Shay Belleza 13 giorni fa
nice song😃
Kavita Sarmah
Kavita Sarmah 13 giorni fa
November 2018! Ugh, beautiful nostalgia
Wong Seng Fah
Wong Seng Fah 13 giorni fa
Me also😍
Nicole Barmer
Nicole Barmer 14 giorni fa
Jenny Beboso
Jenny Beboso 14 giorni fa
Mary Glou Escuadro
Mary Glou Escuadro 14 giorni fa
i loved music
Queenee Villanueva
Queenee Villanueva 15 giorni fa
Nov..... 2018??? Listening?
Jenelyn Daluyen
Jenelyn Daluyen 15 giorni fa
November 2018? Anyone?
Angela Macias
Angela Macias 15 giorni fa
Ananyaa Iyer
Ananyaa Iyer 15 giorni fa
2018 ♥️ neyo's best tracks ever.
Emily K
Emily K 15 giorni fa
I hate when someone tells you that they love you and that your everything to them and they’ll never leave you. But then the next day there gone. 💔☹️ Follow me on insta if u want @emily_june_kuhn (November 3rd 2018)
Elmar Cartilla
Elmar Cartilla 15 giorni fa
pano mo nasabe
Sherika Addison
Sherika Addison 16 giorni fa
I ❤ K.N.L est.2005 #2018
Deanna Johnson
Deanna Johnson 16 giorni fa
Who listening in November 2018
Jhamzkhie Matro
Jhamzkhie Matro 17 giorni fa
❤❤ I Love it
Rona Mae Pelaez
Rona Mae Pelaez 17 giorni fa
chinoui sy
chinoui sy 17 giorni fa
naaalala ko c crush pag naririnig ko to.
Vanely Vidal
Vanely Vidal 17 giorni fa
November 2018?
Jennie Blackpink
Jennie Blackpink 17 giorni fa
Cynthia Festejo
Cynthia Festejo 18 giorni fa
yan ang favorite ni jennah mae baclayon neri kasi yan ang teamsong nilang nepthalie franco lastimoso
jellcy espinar
jellcy espinar 18 giorni fa
JahJahyute 19 giorni fa
who listening in 2019 🇯🇲🇯🇲
Bos Brandis
Bos Brandis 19 giorni fa
2018 anyone?
Nellielizz Ochieng
Nellielizz Ochieng 20 giorni fa
I can't sleep to the pain too..I want me and bae to make up before going to bed.....we should always work it out ...
Jonjon. Quialquial
Jonjon. Quialquial 20 giorni fa
clint durias
clint durias 20 giorni fa
2018 anyone?
Heaven Cabrera
Heaven Cabrera 20 giorni fa
October 2018??..anyone?
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith 21 giorno fa
To my pretty girl😍😘💞💕👐💌
Cessy TV
Cessy TV 21 giorno fa
Lei Che
Lei Che 22 giorni fa
I searched for Nothing when all this time the title of this song was Mad. fUc
QUEEN GG 22 giorni fa
current mood
Jolina Navarro
Jolina Navarro 22 giorni fa
Please help me on how to download this video. I super like it
QUEEN AROHA 23 giorni fa
Qu een MG
Qu een MG 23 giorni fa
Shelby Puhalla
Shelby Puhalla 23 giorni fa
What ever happened to ne-yo. I love his music
Santos Andrea
Santos Andrea 23 giorni fa
Sana all 🙄😂
Joylie Ann Bragais
Joylie Ann Bragais 24 giorni fa
Camjoyce Quartel
Camjoyce Quartel 24 giorni fa
po tato
po tato 24 giorni fa
"I cant sleep thru the pain" Same neyoooo!!! He doesnt even say sorry!!!
Honey Angela
Honey Angela 25 giorni fa
Ne-yo is more better than other singer until now(2018).❤ Like if you agree 👍
Tan Trinidad
Tan Trinidad 25 giorni fa
Oct 2018 ? This Song Is Legend
rizza lasco
rizza lasco 25 giorni fa
olsen Geronimo
olsen Geronimo 26 giorni fa
Oct 2018
Hafsa Mire
Hafsa Mire 26 giorni fa
Sad song
Jay Ram
Jay Ram 26 giorni fa
Lets KISS and Male UP QUICK AND SHARP Then I will give you three PUPS!!! You better STOCK UP on some EXTRA CUPS. Its gonna be 5 cups of Tea
John Mendoza
John Mendoza 26 giorni fa
1st best comment to get a thousand like is putting year today im relate to this like if you agree 100%
John Mendoza
John Mendoza 26 giorni fa
1st best comment to get a thousand like is putting year today im relate to this like if you agree 100%
Kyla Mae Baggas
Kyla Mae Baggas 27 giorni fa
Neyo cany dreak my heart :'(
Erick Dela Cruz
Erick Dela Cruz 28 giorni fa
2018 anyone?
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