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Hey Everybody!! This is a fun/ costume makeup look for all my color queens!
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February 1-28
Orange e/s
Rule e/e
Bright fuchsia pigment
Hepcat e/s
Stars & Rockets e/s
Mylar e/s
Red Cherry Lashes #43
Laura Mercier Foundation
Loreal true match lumi foundation
Prolong Wear Concealer NW20
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Pink Swoon Blush
Soft & Gentle Highlighter
Magenta Lip Pencil
Viva Glam Nicki 2 -----
Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on ITvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.

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8 feb 2013




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Commenti 80
Janvier Balser
cute manicure
beth holston
beth holston Anno fa
It's amazing seeing this tutorial compared to her new ones.... completely different in so many ways
Sydney Rose
Sydney Rose 2 anni fa
Lmaoooo ohhh this is gold
Elisebaaraq Mathæussen
“A lot of highlight” 🤣
Arshad Mahmood
Arshad Mahmood 2 anni fa
Caitlin Phillips
Nele Bellens
Nele Bellens 3 anni fa
From time to time you can see Jon in the background. Jaclyn; you and Jon are a super cute couple #iloveit 💗💋
Tyla Moody-Moore
Came here after Jackie mentioned that this is her favorite tutorial of yours on your Instagram live video tonight!
Miranda Haws
Miranda Haws 3 anni fa
Anyone else here from the IG livestream?????
Megan Fox
Megan Fox 3 anni fa
I love watching your old videos and seeing how much you've grown. I'm so happy for you and everything you have achieved. You go girl 💄💋 keep killing it! 😘
Jazmine M
Jazmine M 3 anni fa
Really wish you did a cat eye, Nicki only rocks a cat eye :/
Katie Briscoe
Katie Briscoe 3 anni fa
i LOVE this look....U should do an updated version....maybe do a series of updated oldies but goodies....❤💜❤💜❤💜
M Seymour
M Seymour 3 anni fa
Re do this makeup look!!
Lauren Kilgore
Lauren Kilgore 3 anni fa
@treyleemia I agree but I feel that she wasn't so bubbly and open with her subs maybe due to nerves but yeah I agree xx
karenflrz 4 anni fa
Dang! Going through my liked videos... I have followed you for a while.
Randa Beauty Break
I dun know if you still care to read comments on your old videos but I went back to watch earlier tutorials Girl you did a good Job with your life you look sad and your eyes look smashed Now we have strong Jaclyn celebrating her products !! You are a success story you inspire me and you make me cry my eyes out ! God bless you and you deserve the best ❤️😘 Love and peace from Egypt
Traylee 4 anni fa
your voice-overs sound the best in your old vids!!
Arnavi Sutaria
Arnavi Sutaria 3 anni fa
azadeh adhami
azadeh adhami 4 anni fa
3 years later and still loving your videos ❤
Abi Huff
Abi Huff 4 anni fa
You can do all makeup looks.
Everything Erika
first jaclyn video ive ever saw
Katie Briscoe
Katie Briscoe 4 anni fa
this look is SOO fun 😈
Megan Furlong
Megan Furlong 4 anni fa
i love all these vibrant eye looks!
Mina M
Mina M 4 anni fa
most recent jaclyn words:"i am NOT nicki minaj" lol now i know what flashed in her head
Michele Britt
Michele Britt 4 anni fa
So vapid.
Sfeatie Casey
Sfeatie Casey 4 anni fa
You sound like Miley Cyrus
Gaby Till
Gaby Till 4 anni fa
Loved it! You're skin looks flawless!
Casey Price
Casey Price 4 anni fa
i have no words right now.... going back and watching jaclyn in her early stages and omg i didnt think i could love her anymore but shes just amazing 😍😍😍
ceejay h.
ceejay h. 4 anni fa
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ceejay h.
ceejay h. 4 anni fa
ghsiffshcdivd housings eondhrirjiririrkyrkhruhdi
vanessa marie
vanessa marie 4 anni fa
Jaclyn, you can pull of any makeup look
Anita Elizabeth
Anita Elizabeth 4 anni fa
love this look.....will try in the summer time!!!!
Reyna Hernandez
Reyna Hernandez 4 anni fa
talk about tbt lol
Amanda Doss
Amanda Doss 4 anni fa
totally spelled JON'S name wrong...oops
Amanda Doss
Amanda Doss 4 anni fa
john went to the bathroom like three times. too funny. I love catching up on your older videos. u have been amazeballs from jump.
Nohemi Guevara
Nohemi Guevara 4 anni fa
can you PLEASE do another one but with her new look??!
ulrika. 4 anni fa
hahaha when u did ur brows i was like ????????????? and then i saw this was from 2013 lol
Katie Manuel
Katie Manuel 4 anni fa
You should do an updated tutorial for a nickie look!
Sanna Bhatti
Sanna Bhatti 4 anni fa
4:40 - 4:45 you sound like miranda sings hahaha thats was soo funny and cute ❤️❤️
Lori 2 anni fa
Sanna Bhatti I no hahaha
Sanna Bhatti
Sanna Bhatti 4 anni fa
4:40 - 4:45 you sound like miranda sings hahaha thats was soo funny and cute ❤️❤️
Sanna Bhatti
Sanna Bhatti 4 anni fa
4:40 - 4:45 hahaha omg you sound like miranda sings that was soo cute ❤️❤️
ceejay h.
ceejay h. 4 anni fa
Sanna Bhatti
Sanna Bhatti 4 anni fa
4:40 - 4:45 hahaha omg you sound like miranda sings that was soo cute ❤️❤️
Stacy Tiensvold
Stacy Tiensvold 4 anni fa
OMG Jaclyn I love you and was scrolling thru all your old videos and I saw this one!! ❤️❤️
Beauty By Bredice
Beautiful, fun look.... Hope your not coming down with something
Beauty By Bredice
What happen to your voice😳
Katie Briscoe
Katie Briscoe 4 anni fa
i think she's jus got better equipment now days
hamdi shire
hamdi shire 5 anni fa
Loooove the eyes love the lipstick just right good job
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie 5 anni fa
did u say Ugly makeup?
OMG that lipstick looks amaze!
Emma Manning
Emma Manning 5 anni fa
love the faces
talya cormier
talya cormier 5 anni fa
I'm not sure if you are dislexic or if you just thought it would be funny but that's kind of offensive. To see someone as iconic and intelligent as you basically say that people with dislexia can't spell is a let down.
Diana de Strahm
Diana de Strahm 2 anni fa
talya cormier I don't think it was mente to say dislexic people can't spell, but as you may know dislexic people change the order of letters and numbers, I have dislexia and personally I find it refreshing that someone can pin point a learning disability without being mean. I think we should try being a little less harsh to each other. 😊
AlexisFaye1 5 anni fa
Ok +JaclynHill I'm going to be really honest. I've been following you for a about a year now and I've seen every video you've posted except for this one..... Until now.... I'm going to put it out there that the only reason I didn't watch this is because I don't like Nikki Minaj. But girl you rocked this look! I love this look on you! Your amazing and I love you! Girl I hope to meet you one day! Stay amazing!
Ichikirei Number One Beauty
Nikki Minaj with a Miley Cyrus expression, ha! Pretty colors! Thanks!
Rinny Dale
Rinny Dale 5 anni fa
once again I have to say, you can never go wrong with makeup
Maria Munoz
Maria Munoz 5 anni fa
You should do a tutorial but instead of doing the makeup on you, do it on someone else !!!
shyvicki 5 anni fa
I wish I was still in my teens or even 20's so I could try this. It's cute, but at my age I'd probably look ridiculous.
Zoe K
Zoe K 5 anni fa
You can wear whatever makeup you want to! Don't let other people tell you what you can and cannot wear :) "Older" women can rock bright colors, too. Maybe instead of doing dramatic the eyes, you can try a bright lipstick or eyeliner.
Jessica MacKenzie
omg your lips! LOVE
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez 5 anni fa
i seen Jon!!!! O:
Darci Stewart
Darci Stewart 5 anni fa
I know this is meant to be a super crazy and fun look, and not "Pretty", but shoot me...I actually think this is so pretty lol. I love it! But it's definitely not a look you want to wear to church haha!
Angel Boyle
Angel Boyle 5 anni fa
That lip color makes your teeth look super white
Livia Monroe
Livia Monroe 5 anni fa
Does anyone know why she usually does her eye shadow before her foundation and stuff?? (Not hating at all just wondering)
Shell Bell
Shell Bell 5 anni fa
So that if there is fall out from the eye shadow you can clean it up with concealer and foundation. I do it now as well!
Patricia Nunez
Patricia Nunez 5 anni fa
so she can clean up the fallout from the eyeshadows she uses.. it makes it look cleaner. :)
Sarah Carag
Sarah Carag 5 anni fa
I like to do my eyes first in case I have any fallout on my face. You can clean it up with your foundation after :)
Adaly Trevino
Adaly Trevino 5 anni fa
You gotta try Farm House Fresh products!!!! AAAAAAMMMMMAAAAZZZZIIINNNNGGGG
Vinnie Singh
Vinnie Singh 5 anni fa
I'm in love with you lol I can't stop watching ur videos I watch them over and over again :)
skye paloma
skye paloma 5 anni fa
Eh me too...
Rosimar Rodrigues
Elana Sims
Elana Sims 5 anni fa
This is one of my favorite videos. When I want to be happy and calm I watch old ones randomly like I did the very first day I found your channel and I didn't really know what ITvid was. This is why your awesome, its your personality and I love when you say "I just rolled out of bed and was like tutorial!" You've helped me get through things and helped me smile when I felt I couldn't and you didn't even know and its awesome because I LOVE makeup but its you that made it fun for me again. I'm almost 30 and have been wearing it since I was 13 but I learn something new all the time from you and in the last 2 years watching you that's been a lot. So thank you
Kayla 5 anni fa
Update on her more natural looks pls! Xxx
Charlie Evans
Charlie Evans 6 anni fa
Does she still work at mac???
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie 6 anni fa
love it ... Will have to try this look out :D
rexandroza 6 anni fa
I love all of your looks. How bold they all are even the neutral/natural ones. I hate it when make up artists over-blend shadows and everything looks too subtle barely there. Youre not afraid to play with colors. Youre generous on the blush too(so im not the only one) :p love it!
Susie Q
Susie Q 6 anni fa
i totallly love your makeup tutorials! you giove great tips and your makeup always looks flawless! Could you do a video about working at MAC and what it takes, what you do and stuff?
Itsmariana 6 anni fa
love this!!!!
Tiffani Houston
Tiffani Houston 6 anni fa
Love it!!!
Becky Qilavvaq
Becky Qilavvaq 6 anni fa
if you google Nikki Minaj and just do an image search, you'll notice that she almost NEVER puts any darker colours on her lower lid. it's always the colour of her skin or white. she virtually never extends the colour into the lower eye... so it doesn't feel like a "nikki minaj tutorial"
Rachel Schmitt
Rachel Schmitt 6 anni fa
This look was inspired by Nicki Manaj, not a Look Like Nicki Manaj tutorial. This is her own personal twist to colors that Nikki would typically wear.
Shanice Jackson
Shanice Jackson 6 anni fa
Then just skip that step.
zorazora 6 anni fa
I would love to see some drugstore dupes for this lipstick : )
Millie T
Millie T 6 anni fa
If anyone would be interested in entering a huge international giveaway on my channel then please please check it out? Good Luck! oxoxox
Alexandra Brienne
I don't understand how you get all that makeup on without it getting all over the face! lol
Eman Asif
Eman Asif 6 anni fa
Malena Del Rey
Malena Del Rey 6 anni fa
"You can tell I just rolled out of bed and said TUTORIAL!" LOL you're so funny Jaclyn
Alicia S
Alicia S 6 anni fa
That is an awesome lip color on your skin! Gives you a healthy looking glow!
Kirstie Green
Kirstie Green 6 anni fa
Hi Jaclyn, you did an awesome job. I love the use of colors on the eyes and the added liner to the lipstick!!!! You go girl!
Morgan R
Morgan R 6 anni fa
"It may be a little ugly, but that's okay" -Jaclyn Haha I love you, your so funny
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