Nigerian guy vs. 800 pound Liger 🐯

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Nigerian guy vs. 800 pound Liger 🐯
Who do you think won?
Video by @blessing_awodibu on instagram


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9 ott 2020




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Commenti 100
Frank Mausser
Frank Mausser 13 minuti fa
Liger? You meant tiger or.... tiger+lion
cute xander
Lol boy said i won 😆 u got whoop
Jhun Bustamante
why not go inside and see whos gonna win? it ll be more exciting!
Is Very hard ironmann
Elizabeth Morgan
Mario Martinez
Thats crazy...at the very end its just holding onto the rope with only its right claw and dudes using both hands. That mans huge too. Looks about 270lb and looks pretty solid.
ShxftyFn 5 ore fa
Liger win😁👍
Logan Bushyhead
I have a dog that can do that
Mosa Al-mosawi
The shoes 😭✌️🙏
John Smith
John Smith 6 ore fa
Everybody a gangsta until that tiger leaves the cage.
Raw Power
Raw Power 6 ore fa
Wenn das gitter nicht wäre, hättest du Lurch keine Chance.... Über arrogant! Einfach nicht relevant!
Jackson Shorter
That’s crazy 😳😳
J 7 ore fa
800 lbs Nigerian vs liger
SS4Vegito1 7 ore fa
800 pound man vs 800 pound liger
Chevy Boy
Chevy Boy 7 ore fa
Don't shit on yourself lol.
Laksh Limbu
Laksh Limbu 8 ore fa
Rip for the captain Liger itseems😂😂😂
Nr!# nO
Nr!# nO 8 ore fa
Black guy russian davaj davaj together with one arab this is the world we live
Jon Miller
Jon Miller 8 ore fa
Napoleon Dynamite flashbacks
foundtimytim 9 ore fa
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no a
Darrick Brown
Darrick Brown 9 ore fa
Shit, I was pulling for the cat 😏
Rovin Korale
Rovin Korale 9 ore fa
What do u mean you won bro the g is literally holding it with one paw and you’re grabbing it with all your power
sai kissa
sai kissa 10 ore fa
why why why ? bro you look ridiculous man !
SPREAD LOVE 11 ore fa
Jay Seng
Jay Seng 11 ore fa
I got em I got em I got em Nope !
artsygirlify 12 ore fa
SAM PSG 13 ore fa
The Best king 👍
YAMAURIXT500 13 ore fa
Haha, a cat being a cat 🤣
Jesse bremner
Jesse bremner 13 ore fa
Wow steph curry got jacked..and a lot darker 😋
DD OMG 14 ore fa
😂😂😂thats the funny guy
OPTrix 14 ore fa
Bruh, ligers be strong
mouse trap
mouse trap 14 ore fa
Lol tiger didn't even break a sweat 😂
Anvit Shetty
Anvit Shetty 15 ore fa
That’s animal abuse
Kane Parker
Kane Parker 16 ore fa
Lorriea Vinson
Lorriea Vinson 17 ore fa
No koi no
Jaiden Cumberbatch
Lol blessing
Malcolm Curry
Malcolm Curry 18 ore fa
I want to try this
Doreen Rence
Doreen Rence 18 ore fa
Beautiful Life with family and loving Dogs
What happen if the door opened?
Gkangs Workouts
Gkangs Workouts 19 ore fa
The problem of this guy he is never serious but hilarious, which makes it hard for me to believe if he was playing it hard this time.
tarun upreti
tarun upreti 19 ore fa
Open the cage 😂😂
SmxkeyFvre 19 ore fa
If a liger is that strong thats extra scary
Dr Luingo
Dr Luingo 20 ore fa
Ummmm dude you have no chance...put him in there with that cat and see how he acts 🐱
phantom dragon
phantom dragon 22 ore fa
Thats a cool Liger
Dennis Fitzgerald
That Tiger is nowhere near 800pnd mark. Foolishness. Ya think we're all idiots?
Alex Arroyo
Alex Arroyo 23 ore fa
The difference is that there's a fence separating them 2 if the liger got ahold of that guy and sank his teeth and claws into him it would be no tug of war match anymore.
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Giorno fa
Alia Azzahra
Alia Azzahra Giorno fa
That's why this tiger 🐯 always win. Cause their is a good fighter. Nobody Can't so easily Defeat the king of the jungle.. 😙
Mr Snipes
Mr Snipes Giorno fa
The tiger:finally a worthy opponent
CHiLL-FEVER Giorno fa
800 pound guy vs 800 pound liger
Deanna White
Deanna White Giorno fa
Why not play tug of war in the cage with him this is not entertainment smdh
Davanah Ward
Davanah Ward Giorno fa
I love tiger
Luke Wood
Luke Wood Giorno fa
Not in the off whites 😩
Tovaritch Russko
The guy saying "dawaj dawaj" is the best 🤣👏🏼
Adding "Nigerian" implies that there's going to be some extraordinary strength we don't know of to match the competition...where in this case stating the nationality of the person tugging the rope has no importance...could be Romanian...Portuguese..Thai...Swiss..German...or American...it makes no difference it's still just going to be a guy pulling a rope 🤷🏾‍♂️
Dwight 904
Dwight 904 Giorno fa
Remove the enclosure 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lierbeth Prata
Lierbeth Prata Giorno fa
Marianne Rao
Marianne Rao Giorno fa
What’s the point??????????
Adam Ruff
Adam Ruff Giorno fa
BLESSING!!! only you would think of that. Maybe Larry put you up to it idk
GodsSon __
GodsSon __ Giorno fa
He’s bored lol
Detrick Williams
Bruh that tiger will snitch your arms from your body easily 😒
Alex thiccboi
Alex thiccboi Giorno fa
Is that Jerrall Miller 😂
yuhboa Giorno fa
bogus for that title
mohd aliخخ
This is not tiger it is mix between lion and tiger ):
Chase Adams
Chase Adams Giorno fa
Sounds American 🤭
Isaaque Giorno fa
And the gate opens
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez Giorno fa
YOU TIRED!!! LETS GO!!! cats holding the rope with one nail Thinking about lunch!! Lmao
Jake Roark
Jake Roark Giorno fa
If it's teeth and claws were sunk in you it would be a little bit harder to pull so hard.
I Love Sports
I Love Sports Giorno fa
Pretty sure dudes America not Nigerian
jimmy jones
jimmy jones Giorno fa
Jump in the cage and see who is the real big man lol chicken shit
Sonia Rojas
Sonia Rojas Giorno fa
My friend go inside of the cagen see u going to win the battle🤔😂
Unkwn DragonFire
Them poor off white Jordan 1s 😭 Edit: ik they're fake im just being sarcastic
Veronica Okomi
Veronica Okomi Giorno fa
No bro, you are done 🤣🤣🤣😂. You are panting so heavily, meanwhile that cat is just getting warmed up 🤣🤣🤣
Sayed Hashimi
Sayed Hashimi Giorno fa
Is no one gonna talk about the shoes that he’s fucking up?
Salome Francis
Salome Francis Giorno fa
Tiger or Liger???
Musa Jazz
Musa Jazz Giorno fa
This man is same doge
Craig Yerian
Craig Yerian Giorno fa
It sid Liger no tiger
Themba Ashur
Themba Ashur Giorno fa
Bro pull his entire body weight with just his teeth
Chado Giorno fa
What ya gonna do with hom when you got him?
Ryan Eyes
Ryan Eyes Giorno fa
No chance roid head
Forgotten Ghostd
Rip the jays
Zach Za
Zach Za Giorno fa
Lmaoooo that tiger toying with him 🐅 , zero effort while he’s busting his add off 🤣 no match bruhh
How Not To
How Not To Giorno fa
The cat would take you and make a burger out of you and shit u out a cake
Iheartanimals Animals
That looks like me and my dog playing tug of war she yanks me around tho
Ana Gaming
Ana Gaming Giorno fa
Ha you selling liger insed or tiger
Mr. Vong
Mr. Vong Giorno fa
U got nothings on that cat
Marisha Tucker
Marisha Tucker Giorno fa
Tiger got you. She was holding the rope with one hand!🤚🏾🐅🐅🐅
james lawrence
james lawrence Giorno fa
How ridiculous
Ve xt
Ve xt Giorno fa
I mean he had a dissadbanage by using those shoes
Jazzy S
Jazzy S Giorno fa
Aloh Voma
Aloh Voma Giorno fa
What... a linein
Aloh Voma
Aloh Voma Giorno fa
Aloh Voma
Aloh Voma Giorno fa
Aloh Voma
Aloh Voma Giorno fa
It is
Lavonda williams
Lavonda williams 2 giorni fa
David Massey
David Massey 2 giorni fa
Where's the Nigerian?
Jordan Fourie
Jordan Fourie 2 giorni fa
Bro the liger was not even tired😂
Toure Azikwe
Toure Azikwe 2 giorni fa
That shows how a human has absolutely no chance against a big cat. The Cat was literally playing with him lime a mouse.
K. Ad
K. Ad 2 giorni fa
The tiger thinking: alas, i meet up with the wakandan king, come forth human, bring simulation to my senses.
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