Nikola Jokić is a Basketball Genius 

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Watch 10 minutes of Nikola Jokics being a basketball savant in the NBA. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching. NBA video clips used on this channel are licensed through partnership with NBA Playmakers.


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24 mag 2023




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HikoSeijuroXIII 4 mesi fa
I used to regret not living in the era of Bird and Magic and Wilt and Russell. Now I'm just happy I can watch this man play.
norman ashworth
norman ashworth 4 mesi fa
This guy is to 2023 version of Bird and Magic
空心菜沒用 4 mesi fa
that's not how regret and time works
Scott Tyson
Scott Tyson 4 mesi fa
Davyd Ignatenko
Davyd Ignatenko 4 mesi fa
Now i have a idea to bring Jok to 80s era in 2k
Mig Jordan Payawal
He makes it so easy for everyone to score. Amazing passes.
angel 3 mesi fa
nuggets taking out the trash in 4
Zebiven 3 mesi fa
@angel Loool I love this one
ChrisRedfield 3 mesi fa
look at number 27 he stares at the lakers when he made the shot lol
MrEcted 3 mesi fa
I'm a newer basketball fan and a big reason I started getting into it more was because of this guy, he's just so damn fun to watch! The way he sets up plays is otherworldly. I have seen people criticize him for "only taking easy shots" but what these people don't seem to understand is that Jokic is doing the 500-IQ plays that CREATE these "easy shots", the shots themselves might not always be the most impressive ever, what's impressive is the setup! How can some people not see this? I'm a total newb and even I can see it!
Rodley E Riffe
Rodley E Riffe 3 mesi fa
I'm a happy man. I saw every game this year. Pure magic. I have watched basketball for 64 years. I don't make that statement lightly. Bravo to the Nuggets.
Susan Dinosaur
Susan Dinosaur 4 mesi fa
i even see aaron gordon and the others trying to do a fraction of what jokic can do in passing. this man is contagious.
Joao Marveloso
Contagious is the right word. When you think of sharing the ball first, your brain starts understanding basketball differently. Opens up a new world.
micka micka
micka micka 4 mesi fa
This isn't just the greatest "center" ever. These assists are at times mind blowing. These aren't just amazing for a "big guy". Jokic might be the best and most efficient passer since Magic Johnson.
Samantha Ray
Samantha Ray 4 mesi fa
Jokic might be the best and most efficient passer. Period, full stop. Not since anyone.
Stevie Champagne
he’s the best passer of the ball EVER. nobody has ever done what jokic is doing REGULARLY. When Jokic is done, we are going to be talking about him as one of the greatest NBA player of all time
QuarkGluon Plasma
DpFlen 19
DpFlen 19 4 mesi fa
Your saying Jokic is already Better than Prime Shaq , Prime Olajuwan ,Prime Kareem ,Prime Wilt Chamberlain Prime Tim Duncan and Prime Dirk Nowitski ? You said greatest "center" ever
Fd Ffdx
Fd Ffdx 3 mesi fa
Jokic is a artist man. This man is so good for the sport of basketball and the nba itself.
justin leon
justin leon 3 mesi fa
Best vision I've ever seen by a center. He easily passes everyone open. Starting to love this European style.
RoboTube 6 giorni fa
This is specifically the Yugoslavian school of basketball.
A Bel
A Bel 3 mesi fa
The Nuggets have invented a new type of role player: the ‘be ready to receive the impossible and/or unexpected pass from Nikola’ role.
Omer Ali
Omer Ali 4 mesi fa
Jokic passes are so good that even his teammates don't expect them at times.
Keith Gillespie
Keith Gillespie 4 mesi fa
Facts you gotta always have your eyes and hands ready playing with Jokic
WhoAreYou 4 mesi fa
dang even a football fan is commenting on jokic
Amaimon 4 mesi fa
@WhoAreYou I didn't get the memo that you are allowed to enjoy only one sport at a time.
Mark 4 mesi fa
Adam Ding
Adam Ding 3 mesi fa
He has the advantage of size. A lot of passes are over the defenders' head or around their body, which are impossible for point guards. Big man with such skill is so rare.
B B 4 mesi fa
the fact that almost whenever he assists his teammates to score commentators go crazy over the pass and not the dunk itself speaks volumes on his passing abilities and spatial awareness, simply next level!
M Ner
M Ner 3 mesi fa
Nikola Jokic. What a phenomenal player and a joy to watch. We have never seen someone quite like him. While Arvydas Sabonis is the closest match, Jokic is already light years ahead. A generational talent that will probably define the way basketball is played for the next decade.
Hassan ES
Hassan ES 4 mesi fa
Being Jokic's teammate might be the most fun you'll ever have as a role player
HamletTwin 4 mesi fa
I swear Jokic looks like he's playing water polo and basketball at the same time. Such insane passing by the big man.
Lex 4 mesi fa
Every play is just jaw dropping usually I get a little bored from watching a player season highlights but when it’s Jokić, I can’t look away
Efone 3 mesi fa
Jokic doesn't see the floor only with his eyes. He sees the floor with his mind. That is why he can pass so accurately without looking at the player because he knows exactly where the other players are even though he isn't looking in their direction. Amazing!
Dog-headed Man
Dog-headed Man 3 mesi fa
He got good at this bc he played water polo into his teens before he started basketball
Jim California
Jim California 3 mesi fa
@Dog-headed Man I thought maybe it was because he played League of Legends every single day.
tangtang.y 4 mesi fa
Nuggets 's play book forever changed the NBA game, power to the management of Nuggets and its coach team. 30 years ago, I watched four plays give the ball to the tallest guy on the team such as Morning or Yuying , so the defending team are focused on the tallest guy, which is one spot on the court. now you have the tallest guy standing outside and give the ball to any other guys on the court ,and there are four of them.. hard to defend for the opponent . To make it worse, those four guys running around and moving all the time and having fun ... dunking left and right...
1204murph 4 mesi fa
There have been amazing signature moves throughout the years but I don’t think I’ve seen anything crazier than the Jokers “one footed lean back 3 point heave!” What’s crazy is that he makes it a lot 😂
Vu Tran
Vu Tran 4 mesi fa
The greatest point center of all time
haphazard89 4 mesi fa
there was no such a thing before him
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 4 mesi fa
The best center ever, period. He's got the whole package.
norman ashworth
norman ashworth 4 mesi fa
@Roronoa Zoro he is a point center, never had a guy running the offense thru a center at the top of the key. He is rarely under the hoop, and when he is he is grabbing rebounds. A real unicorn
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 4 mesi fa
@norman ashworth how would Porzingis match with him hypotethically?
achoice2bmade 3 mesi fa
POINT CENTER! That's great.
Jonathan Ikeda
Jonathan Ikeda 4 mesi fa
Jokic makes his teammates into a strong unity as a true teamwork. They are playing too great with utmost confidence. They are unstoppable and powerful.
Jed Ronald Filoteo
He is the prime mover of his team. Makes others avail of their talents!
Benedetto 4 mesi fa
The thing is... you could easily make a 30 min video about his genius. Off the top of my head some are jaw-dropping: - wrap-around passes to Garris - all the lobs to Manimal - some unreal one-handed skip passes to Monte and I'm sure I'm forgetting many lol
JRich 4 mesi fa
Not as obvious as a poster dunk, or logo 3, but those who understand the game appreciate Jokic’s brilliance. Best passing big ever - even better than Arvydas Sabonis
Kenneth Ward
Kenneth Ward 16 giorni fa
Forget him being the Center, best passer in the NBA today.
Wei Su
Wei Su 4 mesi fa
He reminds me of my old neighbor who used to play in a club. In his late 40s he played with me and other kids in the neighborhood who were all like 12-14s age……he was fat and slow but he dominated the games with his skill…he didn’t even sweat when playing with us…
Marc Elleceo
Marc Elleceo 4 mesi fa
Jokic's passing ability almost made this compilation an Aaron Gordon Highlights.
eric5280 4 mesi fa
Absolute basketball savant.
JCD 4 mesi fa
The people who say jokic isn’t fun to watch are all idiots lmao. He’s incredible. - Lakers fan here
The Real Donald Trump
that cross-over was sick!!!!
Sasa Jugovic
Sasa Jugovic 4 mesi fa
Man,this is pure ART of basketballing!!!
GotJon 4 mesi fa
Jokic is pretty much a modern day Magic Johnson. People always compare Lebron or Luka to magic, but I think Jokic is a lot closer to Magic in terms of flashy plays and passing. It's honestly mesmerizing what Jokic does on the court, but the media doesn't want to acknowledge him which sucks.
cdjhyoung 3 mesi fa
Where Jokic is most like Magic is the fact he is thinking play making first and his own scoring as his final outlet.
The Aquatic Library
Crazy thing is Luka plays nothing like Magic 😂
Kenneth Ward
Kenneth Ward 16 giorni fa
Being in a smaller city, the NBA down deep does not want them winning.
AyeeJheyy 4 mesi fa
I swear he is about to change the game the way Steph Curry did with 3 pointers. Never seen a big man do playmaking this good before.
Waffle Houses' host
The thing is playmaking is not really a practice-able skill, You need composure and quick decision making which some people just got it and others dont. Unlike 3 pointers which you only need to practice to make it work. That's why fans gravitate towards curry, because his skillset is more replicable unlike guys that have innate skills like lebron, giannis or a center
AyeeJheyy 4 mesi fa
@dumbassdude8372 idk man passing does takes a bit of skill too. I mean isnt that the whole point of the NFL? Their whole plays are based on passing lol
beboiee 3 mesi fa
@Waffle Houses' host I think you could practice passing to a target in your peripheral vision range and passing in general. but i'm gonna give you that you can't practice quick decision making.
糖醋小排骨 4 mesi fa
He is one of the best organizational guys in nba history
宇宙心靈實驗室 - Universe Mind Laboratory
Nikola Jokić is indeed a basketball genius. His style of play combines elegance with power, and his understanding of the game and court vision are awe-inspiring.
Steven Hines
Steven Hines 4 mesi fa
I love how people say he isn't athletic. People don't know what athletic means.
Jonathan k
Jonathan k 9 giorni fa
Literally those same people think of extreme explosiveness
Steven Hines
Steven Hines 9 giorni fa
@Jonathan k explosiveness is def a gift of freakish athleticism. Joker gets more accomplished with his eyebrows than Giannis does with his glutes
oopalonga 3 mesi fa
there's never been a passer like this--i know we are all thinking jason kidd/white chocolate, but not even on the same level as the joker =/. this man is INSANE
Jay Blast Gaming
Nikola Jokic is the best big man in the entire league right now!
Jon Crowell
Jon Crowell 2 mesi fa
Lol -- he's way above that. He is obvioustly the best big man to ever play the game, and it's a game of big men. Jokic is going to go down in history as the greatest basketball player of all time.
tropickman Mese fa
Jokic is the best player in NBA and thats according to nba players, nba legends, analysts, coaches as well as stats, metrics & records.
Marcello Wheeler
This is why he is so dangerous, not only can he drop 30+ on you he makes everyone on the team a scoring threat.
Justin German
Justin German 4 mesi fa
Jokic could have been the greatest quarterback of all time.
Jonathan McKee
Jonathan McKee 4 mesi fa
Marko Stajin
Marko Stajin 4 mesi fa
​@Jonathan McKee just because he isn't black doesn't mean he cant be one of greatest in basketball
norman ashworth
norman ashworth 4 mesi fa
I watched all Bird games growing up and this guy is a 6-11 Bird
Christian Giordano
but decided to be the best basketball player of all time, fair
Jonathan McKee
Jonathan McKee 4 mesi fa
@Marko Stajin lol u went str8 to blac when I wasn’t even thinkn dat, tht says alot bout ur mindset my guy i was jst sayn chill & u didn’t even ask for an example or nun
shawn Lin
shawn Lin 4 mesi fa
0:52 one hand volley ball pass !! So incredible !!
Jordan Boucher
Jordan Boucher 4 mesi fa
I wish people would just watch this highlight real. He’s so much fun to watch
Denis Medic
Denis Medic 4 mesi fa
He is the best player in the NBA right now! Nobody comes even close.
SRT eight
SRT eight 3 mesi fa
It’s Definitely CLOSE! Between 3 other “world” players. Giannis Joel Lucka.
Vendetta 3 mesi fa
@SRT eight nah man.
Dimitrije Tucović
@SRT eight Luka didn't even make the playoffs and Giannis got bounced in the first round
H Y 2 mesi fa
@SRT eight Joel is a joke.
Ken Well
Ken Well 3 mesi fa
I get he's only half way through but I've never seen anyone this good. how do you stop him? he can score and pass at an all time level and just knows how to do it. take one away and he'll kill you with the other
Doc D.
Doc D. 3 mesi fa
One hand rebound then full court pass at the other end in one motion. Insane!!
GM雞麵 4 mesi fa
He makes it so easy for everyone to score especially for Gordon.
Dylan Mastro
Dylan Mastro 3 mesi fa
I hate basketball now- teams try to stack star players and “buy championships” and it never works because they all need the ball all the time. What I love about Jokic is he doesn’t seem to need the points he understands the stats will come to him just based on how he plays unlike Harden or Westbrook or those guys… truly a great player to have on any roster- he can put his average teammates in the all star conversation…
Baris K
Baris K 3 mesi fa
He's like Duncan and Kidd combined. Amazing player.
norman ashworth
norman ashworth 4 mesi fa
this guy should have won 3rd time MVP in a row, only wilt, Russell and bird has done it. It would have been nice this guy getting a 3 peat
TheMusiqKing 4 mesi fa
I dont understand why people are afraid to entertain the truth... Like... Does people's eyes work? Jokic is so clearly the best passer in NBA history Like bruh, Magic, Nash, Paul, Rondo, Kidd etc none of those dudes can make the passes he makes. This dude is the Steph Curry of passing Jokic really broke the game
Mister Sparkles
Mister Sparkles 4 mesi fa
Then the media calls him boring to watch
Rene Parada
Rene Parada 3 mesi fa
Jokic is fundamentally skilled and great at passing for a big man. The offense flows through him, and he is definitely smart enough to know and anticipate where his teammates are or wil be. But he is not a better passer that Nash, Kidd, and Magic. Spend some time watching the highlights from those 3 and you will know. I give you these highlights are fun to watch.
Steve Sapszyan
Steve Sapszyan 3 mesi fa
Pistol Pete was better.
Vladica981 simba
@Steve Sapszyan Are you listening your self.That shit you wrote man....Jokic is already being compared with Wilt,Lary,Magic,Hakim,Karim.I love Pistol Pete Maravic who is also Serbian but Jokic is better.
Steve Sapszyan
Steve Sapszyan 3 mesi fa
@Vladica981 simba lol You mean Hakeem and Kareem not Hakim, Karim. Pistol was a flashier passer which was the point of the conversation. I never said he was a better overall player than Joker. The subject is his passing. Joker is the greatest passing big man (with Sabonis) but you fools are ranking him above Magic, Pistol, Kidd which is stupid.
mira dreksler
mira dreksler 4 mesi fa
Naše dete Somborsko.Svaka čast drago dete volimo te❤
Dzengis Bekiri
Dzengis Bekiri 4 mesi fa
Vase prezime me podseca na velikog Clyde Drexlera..jednog od najvecih
kravanamjesecu 3 mesi fa
I mi iz Hrvatske ga volimo,nek je živ i zdrav,nek bude uspješan u karijeri i neka se na kraju vrati svojim konjima...skroman Nikola Jokić,rijetkost na ovim prostorima da netko bude tako maestralan a toliko prizeman i skroman.
Im just sayin'
Im just sayin' 3 mesi fa
This man has perfected offensive basketball.
Brent Avila
Brent Avila 4 mesi fa
As a nuggets fan you can expect passes and shots like this on a nightly basis.
C VADER 3 mesi fa
I cant give him all the credit...How does his team mates even keep up and seemingly always receive and make full use of his genius grade passes /plays? This is my main question!
Colin M
Colin M 3 mesi fa
There's no stopping this guy.....the chip is his this year
roger peet
roger peet 4 mesi fa
He may be the greatest man to ever live
Nene VZ
Nene VZ 4 mesi fa
Walks on water when nobody’s looking as a hobby
Arkin Sam
Arkin Sam 4 mesi fa
I want a Nuggets Dynasty please!!!!! Perfect basketball for 3,4,5,6 years
Daniel W
Daniel W 4 mesi fa
Live in Denver and “the Joker” is an awesome teammate, but an even better human being.
Rob D
Rob D 4 mesi fa
this is how magic and larry bird would have played as far as passing goes if they were 7'0 290 it's honestly incredible to see in real time best passer i have ever seen in my lifetime. TBH LBJ CP3 are great passers of the basketball but they are so much more ball dominant it isn't comparable.
Michael Gabriel Garcia
I swear, Gordon must LOVE hooping with Jokic 😅
dojajaje 4 mesi fa
The man who brought Gordon to Denver to play with Jokic is a true MVP.
sasa pejn
sasa pejn 4 mesi fa
Yeah bet
032HULK 4 mesi fa
@dojajaje "That man" had no idea that Jokic would unlock Gordon to this extent.
Kim 4 mesi fa
Gordon said it before actually 😮
box jubox
box jubox 4 mesi fa
If my life depends of one shot on the basket with 20 hands in front i chose Jokic to shoot.
ShEng127 3 mesi fa
He is sooooo talented
LIN LIN 3 mesi fa
The real MVP!✨✨✨
this denver team deserves to be in the championship. Rootin for them nuggs!
Mugi Wara
Mugi Wara 4 mesi fa
I know Aaron Gordon looks forward going to work every day after moving to Nuggets. It’s going to be a great Finals.
Mark 4 mesi fa
Zoran 4 mesi fa
You wish. It ain't gonna happen. Nuggets are nex dinasty. Warriors are on their way to past tence.
Zoran 4 mesi fa
You wish. It ain't gonna happen. Nuggets are nex dinasty. Warriors are on their way to past tence.
Gerald Lynn
Gerald Lynn 3 mesi fa
flaare solrac
flaare solrac 3 mesi fa
7:04 nasty handles, crazy footwork
J J 4 mesi fa
Damn and with time if the team don't change they will become even better with all the automatism, Denver will become a monster and it will start if they win this ring
Ryan Roxas
Ryan Roxas 4 mesi fa
Joker the Basketball Maestro.
Rick 4 mesi fa
First Name Last Name
and the future GOAT.
Bs 4 mesi fa
@First Name Last Name Hard words, but the thinking is true, we'll see
Waffle Houses' host
Jokic can pull some bullshit and it will actually work
Slime! 4 mesi fa
@First Name Last Name doubt that
J ay
J ay 4 mesi fa
He is So Similar to Larry Bird!! The Way They Think, Their IQ, the Passing, the Rebounding. Larry Bird is My Favorite Player of All-Time and I See So Much of Him in Jokic 🏀
remetilacki faktor
Born in Madelia, Minnesota on October 25, 1946 Bird was bred to be a jockey. He was raised on a farm and had horses all around him while he was growing up.
Adi Kadek
Adi Kadek 4 mesi fa
perfect complete player plays like a footnball.. elastis,beutiful no reason not to be mvp this season even not champion also.. absoluttly mvp of this season ....
jesustenes2 4 mesi fa
West, Kareem, Bird, Magic, Jordan, Shaq, Lebron, Curry, Jokic. The offensive GOATs.
SRT eight
SRT eight 3 mesi fa
In 4 games he will be..
Steve Sapszyan
Steve Sapszyan 3 mesi fa
No Kobe ? the fn guy averaged 40 for a whole month once. Show some respect man.
jesustenes2 3 mesi fa
@Steve Sapszyan you are probably right, I personnally have him just below. If he were a more efficient scorer or a better playmaker I would have him up there.
sasa pejn
sasa pejn 4 mesi fa
Is it realistic that someone has such a good review of the game 😮😮😮
D B 4 mesi fa
Jokic is a high IQ baller.
DJ DJ 4 mesi fa
Could literally play blind-folded and still get triple-doubles
Addendum Kebic
Addendum Kebic 3 mesi fa
It's a joke but...yeah!
beboiee 3 mesi fa
hopefully jokic change the game as curry did. nowadays every team tries to make as many 3s as possible. but big centers with this kind of passing IQ would make the NBA a better spectacle than nailing 3s after 3s.
John Kobbeman
John Kobbeman 20 giorni fa
This Jokić highlight reel is darn close to being an Aaron Gordon highlight reel as well. Talk about a perfect pairing.
David Thomas
David Thomas 4 mesi fa
The beauty of basketball revealed. Rembrandt on wheels.
J. King
J. King 4 mesi fa
This guy Jokic......he just sees things
Lucian 3 mesi fa
This guy could have a meaningfull relation without any eye contact.Trully master.
Eric Edmond
Eric Edmond 4 mesi fa
정말 어른이 아이들을 가지고 노는 것 같은 이 느낌적 느낌은....뭐지....ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
NaptownTuner 4 mesi fa
The trailblazer bench is clapping for his pass assist
S P 3 mesi fa
Still now a legend
Marco Serrano
Marco Serrano 3 mesi fa
A nadie le vi hacer esas asistencias mejor que Jordan
Gal 4 mesi fa
now I understand why he get so many assist. He looks like someone with one pair of eyes on each side of the head :)
Cornell Scott
Cornell Scott 3 mesi fa
Amazing video Let's go Denver Nuggets let win a NBA championship 🏆.
massContinuity 3 mesi fa
Just one time I want to see Jokic celebrate a Gordon dunk lol
jdsumner 4 mesi fa
The Ronaldinho of passes.
Shawn 4 mesi fa
This dude jokić really has meta vision
kenty mashmilo
kenty mashmilo 4 mesi fa
Must be fun playing with joker
Mito Bekrijo
Mito Bekrijo 4 mesi fa
...and after most of these Moves, he just rides his Horse casually back to "Home", as nothing happened..😄😊
omgbygollywow 4 mesi fa
Some of those passes, the other guy is not open yet, but he anticipates and leads them into the open spot for the shot or layup.
Dei 3 mesi fa
The dude unlocked observation haki
Deelak 4 mesi fa
Best highlight mix of his to date
sc wei
sc wei 3 mesi fa
rada savanovic
rada savanovic 2 mesi fa
Ponos Srbije,.....bomba od coveka!
nick cupkovic
nick cupkovic 4 mesi fa
He understands team play
rada savanovic
rada savanovic 2 mesi fa
Najbolji, ubija,.....❤
bobwhite2 3 mesi fa
Plays like Bill Walton the year Portland defeated Philly in the finals.
boo Jay
boo Jay 4 mesi fa
Joker changing the game the same way Steph did, and the way MJ did before that.
Sebastián Bardón
I'm new to the sport, how did MJ change the game?
Soi Je
Soi Je 4 mesi fa
@Sebastián Bardón ask Princess James why he wears No. 23
Sebastián Bardón
@Soi Je Dog, I just started watching the NBA recently. Can't you tell me why she wears it?
Bdleo 3 mesi fa
Nikola Jokic is Nikola Tesla of basketball
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