Nikola Jokić Passes, But They Keep Getting More Ridiculous 

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Some of the best passes from Nikola Jokić with the Denver Nuggets ahead of the 2023 NBA Finals.
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@mattp2322 6 mesi fa
The size of Shaq. The passing of Magic. The shooting of Bird. The vertical of Phyllis from the Office. We will never see a player like this again.
@yeee33333 6 mesi fa
Naw dog you didn’t have to do him w that last comparison 💀
skll of tim duncan
@zales6480 6 mesi fa
It's Nowitzki's touch.
@lenirish 6 mesi fa
If I can't dunk, I'll let my teammates dunk for me
Don't sleep on Phyllis vertical though!
Props to his teammates too. They were always prepared to receive these passes, no matter how unexpected they may be.
@OrderSnacks 6 mesi fa
I imagine it’s something they had to practice a lot and nail into their heads, to always expect the ball to fly at you when Jokic has it
@urb339 6 mesi fa
yeah this is right, his teammates are always aggressive, moving around the rim
@david_p1048 5 mesi fa
They know that no matter what's going on in the game, if they are open, the joker is going to find them. That's something often overlooked about him, he keeps his teammates in game and involved every second, his playmaking goes beyond the assists and stats.
@MrMonkeydemand 5 mesi fa
You know in practice they took too many balls to the dome 😂
@linkcubuspark 5 mesi fa
What I love about Jokic's passing is that it isn't flashy just for the sake of being flashy. If he goes behind-the-back, it's because that was the **only** way to get the pass through. If he does a no-look, it's because he needed to freeze the defender. everything he does has purpose.
Highest BBIQ in the world. And this kid was drafted in the 2nd round. He’s a total anomaly, one of the greatest stories in sports history
@donvito7344 6 mesi fa
The Serb way of playing Basektball 🇷🇸
@Audreyxpp 6 mesi fa
Nothing wrong with stylin on em a bit, but yeah Jokic is not that player
@davidseo677 6 mesi fa
Thats why i love his fast break bounce passes the best, they wouldnt make it through with a chest pass
@SPIIIVA 6 mesi fa
People say he’s boring to watch.. I think he’s the most exciting player to watch because he has the full arsenal. Once in a lifetime talent finally getting his national respect after 2 MVP seasons (could have been 3)
Jokic is the epitome of "Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast" Dude is deceptively athletic and people don't give him enough credit for the footwork and body control. And his strides and dunks can be very athletic.
his dunks can be very athletic??? xD i think thats a bit of an overstatement he has a quick first step now, but he still doesnt have much explosive speed past that, he just knows how to use his size to seal off once he has inside position i would not call his dunks athletic lol he might get there, but he needs a few more years to change his body
There was once a big man nicknamed Big Smooth.
He's very slow and goofy but extremely unpredictable 😂 I can't understand this man, I love him
@flightkidd123 6 mesi fa
I was with you until the “his strides and dunks can be very athletic” part lol his ball I.Q is so good for a center in todays game that he doesn’t need crazy athleticism at all actually to be effective, which is mostly what centers in todays game rely on solely an he’s the opposite, his game is like dirk nowitzki mixed with Tim Duncan and that’s a scary combo
@GuyKirk 6 mesi fa
@@flightkidd123 Totally agree. I've thought the same thing. Not too flashy, but extremely smart and fundamentally sound AF.
@austingarciaa 6 mesi fa
we don’t need to call him the best passing “BIG” in the league anymore…he’s the best passer in the league period
Nahh it's Jayson Tatum 😎
@@alaricgusion1826 bruh do you even watch the game ?
nor do we need to call him the best big man passer ever... starting to look like we can take the big man part out of that too
@@alanljliuterubear I think he's trolling you there mate, and it's coming from a celtics fan here, haha
@lazzz122 6 mesi fa
Facts, this guy is way better passer than all of the so called point guards in the NBA right now.
To all the people just discovering Jokic, I assure you, this is just a tiny sample of the absurdity that is the Jokic experience. There’s an entire universe of Jokic passes out there for you to discover. This wasn’t even close to all of the best ones. Enjoy.
@UnoDinero95001 6 mesi fa
@kenw5448 6 mesi fa
Probably because the BR also just discover Jokic😂
@marko.b3214 6 mesi fa
Perkins and S.A. are still processing Jokić.😂
Might be true but this video alone clearly displays we are witnessing greatness 💯
@jefffarro3294 6 mesi fa
"that's a fact" -Kendrick Perkins
I have been watching the NBA since the late 1950s, and I have never seen a passer with as many ways of delivering the ball as effectively and beautifully as Jokic does night after night. For me, he's the epitome of what makes basketball such a beautiful game. And his floating soft-touch shots in the lane are unlike anything I have ever seen from a big man. So much fun to watch.
I keep expecting him to miss a soft 10' now and then, like any normal man, but nope, they all hit net.
His advantage is his length. Allows him a much greater volume from which to pass the ball, a greater volume than the defender can cover. Uses it well though, throws a little art in there.
@@scottrackley4457 He does use his height well.
@Skelloter 6 mesi fa
@@scottrackley4457 no homo hes longer than you'd expect
@@kennethward4985 Same.
@gitpusher2400 6 mesi fa
His accuracy is INSANE… the ball just magically arrives in his teammate’s hands, with perfect placement and force every single time. Unbelievable
@rwmcmullin 6 mesi fa
It has to be a real treat to play on the same team with him. As long as you're paying attention and ready for the pass, you'll find the ball in your hands...
Imagine being Gordon, compare your life into Orlando to this.
@xyzxyz3917 6 mesi fa
exactly and people wont realize or understand how hard this is. This is basically impossible to do to normal people. This guy's mind is working like a machine.
@starmorpheus 6 mesi fa
With a player like Jokic he sets up even the role players for career highlights to add to their reel. Crazy
@connorlee1868 6 mesi fa
@@blas_de_lezo7375 He has unlocked Gordon to his fullest potential. Both compliment each other perfectly and seeing their synergy grow each season has been wonderful. Probably my favorite frontcourt duo.
@@xyzxyz3917 right bruh the dude is lowkey a genius... he memorizes players positions then looks away predicts where they’ll be now and throws it its insane
@yoochoob 6 mesi fa
What a special player. He has full awareness of where his teammates and defenders are at. He capitalizes on the opposition’s mistakes. A one of a kind, unselfish wizard of the game of basketball. We are witnessing an all time great right at this very moment.
@plumeria66 5 mesi fa
He is a wizard indeed. Should be the Denver Wizards.
This man really expanded his game by just getting everyone involved!! He didn’t have to run the floor, he just needs to be a guard posing as a big man with this passing!!
Kyoshi Teppei vibes
He runs the floor better than any big since David Robinson...
@mdby9887 6 mesi fa
A control tower
​@@kazutrashsato8883 A man of culture
@rubren9683 6 mesi fa
@atlafan7364 6 mesi fa
The unchanging neutral expression. The insane court vision. The immaculate dimes. This man is real life kuroko.
@ArnicaMachado 6 mesi fa
I was thinking of Kuroko too.
Lol also don't forget his misdirection like his opponents focused on him with his no look pass
@Shadow-Sama 4 mesi fa
Haha Kuroko with The Body of murasakibara And the Skills of the Generation of miracles 😂😂😂
@BoxCarBoy12 3 mesi fa
@@Shadow-Sama I never thought I'd see a real life player with Aomine's formless shot, but Jokic is it. His fadeaways and the way he just tosses the ball up at awkward angles in the low post and it still bounces in with his soft touch is as close as you'll get in real life. And the types of passes he makes are exactly what you'd expect from someone who sees the future like Akashi
@danmorgan7775 6 mesi fa
The vision to see it. The hands to execute it. The balls to even try it. A truly genius level passer.
@noahlani6480 5 mesi fa
Insane court awareness
Not to mention the immense size and reach, with a genuine desire to involve his teammates. His head is on straight and he seldom panics or rushes any play. Such and unusual combination
@JimTheFly 5 mesi fa
Nikola Jokic is the evolution of what we should have had if we had prime Arvydas Sabonis in the league before he got run into the ground. He is the next level of a player we never got to see: a 7-footer with a 3-point shot and an array of passes out of the Magic Johnson/Pete Maravich playbook. Guy has the physical abilities of a big man with the handling and passing of a little guy and the vision of someone playing a video game. Absolutely phenomenal.
@Mzw-ns9oi 5 mesi fa
That " vision of someone playing video games" description of yours is really good 👍. Jokic somehow can pass through the opponent's blind spot. That is very scary.
@IronGiant2790 6 mesi fa
As someone who neither plays nor watches basketball, this guy is like a magician! Incredible to watch...
@vultur311 5 mesi fa
Agreed, don't even regulary watch basketball, but this guy is insane...
@Horvatinjo1983 6 mesi fa
Must be such a great feeling playing with this guy. You just have to get in the paint at the right time and you know he's going to find you. The ball will be there. You don't know how, but the ball is coming.
@IronGiant2790 6 mesi fa
Props to his team as well for always being prepared for those!
@jjleblanc8151 6 mesi fa
Best passer of all time. Time to start having the conversation
@ChiefOttoSo 6 mesi fa
I’ve been saying this since 2021 people don’t know man it’s so disrespectful to just say he’s the best big man passer
Nah magic, Nash, Stockton etc are all better
@@ChiefOttoSo Nah magic, Nash, Stockton etc are all better
@jjleblanc8151 6 mesi fa
@@jasonmoukala8909 magic played against weaker competition and since he had to leave the league he left a lot on the table, everyone knows that at least one of Nash’s MVP’s are fraudulent so he gets overrated (never made the finals), and Stockton gets overrated cause he played for 20 years and all he focused on was passing. Jokic is an incredible scorer but that’s outweighed for how good of a passer he is, and he’s about to win his first ring, best passer ever
​@@jasonmoukala8909 magic yes, Nash probably, Stockton no. I'm old enough to have watched many jazz games of the Malone Stockton era, they were great and he was a very good passers, but he was more quantity vs quality. Still great, but not as jokic
@Jistsu77 6 mesi fa
I've followed him since the draft, since his hometown is close to mine, and all I can say is that I'm truly blessed I have a chance as a huge NBA fan, to witness him doing his stuff, and dominating the league while doing it. I'm 25 years old, but I've done my homework on the history of the league, and all I can say that we have never ever seen a player like him. There are a lot of great players, but nobody did it like Joker does it. Unseen generational talent.
@rylanmay9996 4 mesi fa
Well said. He's unreal. Went to the parade in Denver. So slow and so smooth. The best player on Earth is from Serbia. And he's the king of Denver.
@fukyomammason 6 mesi fa
Dude had more touchdown passes than Russell Wilson this season.
@snowflake6686 6 mesi fa
on god
@AT-il2ej 6 mesi fa
"That's not what he wanted to cook" ~Patrick Star
@Ash-kb9hn 5 mesi fa
No joke 😂
@Elthenar 5 mesi fa
Hell, I nearly had as many touchdown passes as Russell Wilson this season.
I can't get over him not winning MVP in favor of Embiid.
i can... what is there to get over???? why do some ppl at least in the yt comment sections care sooooo much about this stupid voter's award?? its not how we rank players and its always been this way trust me in 10 years nobody will look back and bean count this guy's mvps. you think kareem, mj, bron won mvps every year they were the best player in the league?? it doesnt matter if he never gets voted to an mvp again (altho he almost certainly will), players like this arent measured by the voting conventions of sportswriters....
@@dannyhernandez265 no this is a silly narrative, as silly as the race one. they gave it to embiid because they dont like giving it to the same person over and over if it's at all close, and embiid had a great season in terms of what they look at now since the westbrook triple double mvp, individual stats, not their value to their teams or winning basketball. embiid tailored his game for the stats they look at, and when they checked those stats, with same PER and PIE between jokic and embiid, they went with the voter fatigue option because of embiid's 2way impact, especially the way jokic rested at the end of the season
@@dannyhernandez265 he is and mvps dont change that. even when he was the reigning mvp ppl disrespected him, i saw him routinely left out of people's top 5s (????). but fine lots of times ppl considered the top player in the league different than the mvp... so they can now too. mvps or no mvps he is forcing everyone to acknowledge his greatness and its hard to see him not winning at least 3 more chips/fmvps in the next 6 years. after this year, if not next, there is no real question anymore, he left no doubt taking it out of the voters hands like a boxer taking it out of the judges' hands
@LordofHogwarts 6 mesi fa
Jokic didn't get over it either, because he never cared. The man knows there's only one thing that matters in the NBA and it's the championship.
@tenesol 6 mesi fa
the worst thing is, 15 years from now when they talk about best players to ever play in thhe league, they will make out like it's his fault for not getting it, and not having 3 mvps in a row, but we can even say it now that he is a 3 time mvp in a row caliber player
@jrock2720 5 mesi fa
Not only does Jokic throw every pass in the book, he is expanding the types of passes in the book.
This guy got me back into watching basketball after being away for over 15 years.
@kentbrooks3227 6 mesi fa
Good Lord, that's just not fair to be 7-feet tall and THAT good! This man is a once-in-a-generation kind of talent!
Not an NBA fan but I watched all of this. His passing is something to behold. NBA needed someone with unique ability like this. Dunks are just so routine to the point of being boring.
@shprite781 5 mesi fa
Jokic is the perfect player. Humble and talented, there to get the job done. Probably the best role model in the NBA currently.
@erikwsince1981 6 mesi fa
OMG! The one @5:40 was insane! Everyone in the arena and the commentators had no idea he would make that pass. It looked like he’d pass it to the open man for 3, and then he did that! 🤯
@davidlontoh 6 mesi fa
True man, before the pass we cannot see who open, but he can see it wow
@dd3715 6 mesi fa
Remember watching it in highlights after the game. Didn't notice that pass also, I had to rewind it back to see what happened.
5:45 was insane too. Going out of bounds
@rudinah8547 6 mesi fa
Shaq called Jokic a "true big man" at 6:49, that was in 2017. In 2023 finals Shaq anointed the man as a member of the big man alliance. We're witnessing a true great
@robinmag8938 6 mesi fa
Jokic passes are insane! And most beautiful and brilliant! No one in the history of basketball even comes close, not even Magic Johnson. Nikola Jokic does it all. He pushes the ball up the court like a point guard, dribbles with the ball behind the back, shoots 3-pointers, makes no-look ridiculous passes, scores, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks..... and he does it all in total ease. grace, smoothness and calmness with his intelligence at work instead of making unnecessary flashy moves or doing more than what's needed. He has taken over Larry Bird as the most intelligent and the greatest basketball player of all time.
@joebaer1358 6 mesi fa
Dude imagine how insane it must be playing with him, you are fully covered by 2 defenders and all of a sudden the ball just magically appears in your hands anyways.
@plumeria66 5 mesi fa
Yes. As long as you are willing to accept your role on the team, that you won’t be alpha, you will get buckets. Not every NBA player wants to be anything other than the alpha. So they require players who can accept their roles. Even Jamal Murray can’t just do his own thing. Lots of stars don’t accept the role player position until they’re long used up, like Chris Paul or Dwight Howard. I can’t imagine Jayson Tatum or James Harden being able to play Jamal Murray’s position. Or Lamelo Ball. I think Kyrie Irving now can, who seems to be willing to pass more than Harden. Maybe Steph Curry as well.
It's crazy how much awareness he has of his teammates, and equally as amazing that they're prepared to take these passes and score like they do. No wonder they came away with the championship this season.
@JohnnyDahabra 6 mesi fa
Pure basketball genius. We are witnessing all time greatness
Goosebumps. Plays the game the way it should be.
@saelind73 2 mesi fa
He's amazing. This is the basket I love. And kudos to his teammates for always moving and being there when he passes. That's what I call a team play. They are a very well oiled machine.
One of the things I used to love about watching Magic play was his passes, but Jokic is next level!
@GlassOnion23 6 mesi fa
Can't comment on whether Jokic is better than Magic as a passer. I get to see him play everytime but I've only seen highlights of Magic. But how can this guy not be an S tier passer? He has to be right there in the conversation with anyone who's ever been called a great passer. He makes every pass in the book and passes no one even thinks are possible at an elite level. True no looks (none of that lame look away after the pass is made that other guys do), touch passes, half court bounce passes, outlet passes, entry passes, lobs, skip passes, behind the back, over the shoulder, over the head etc etc. He's all-time great at misdirection, anticipation, and high level reads, basketball IQ stuff most NBA players never even become good at. As a pure passer, what can't he do at an all-time great level?
@chriscox5831 5 mesi fa
I have not been interested in the NBA for quite a while. The 80's up through the Kobe/Shaq years were my prime viewing years. The game just became so formulaic and one on one driven. Seeing Jokic finding people like this, going for the pass over taking his own shots is entertaining as hell. And seeing how his teammates are locked in with this style, so totally ready at all times for his quick passes is awesome. The complete game philosophy works, and winning the championship doesn't hurt as confirmation.
@chadmost2131 5 mesi fa
What amazing chemistry between the team, the whole team knows how to work with him and read the setup in nearly an instant. This is something really special. Reminds me of the best of Jason Williams without so much streetball attitude
@nicodelle7160 4 mesi fa
Coach Malone knows how to use Jokic perfectly. Look at the cuts to the basket and off ball movement. He knows jokic is a passing god
@orangefox6302 5 mesi fa
When you realize that Jokic is not doing anything crazy athletic that counts on him being young. He is doing stuff that gets better with age! I mean add another 5 years to his age and name one thing he won't be capable of doing better than he is doing now! This dude is scary good.
@LucidFlameX 6 mesi fa
This man is getting a ring. Might even get it this year. He's just too good. Utter treat to watch.
This aged well. The question is how many more is he going to get? Basketball is like his third hobby.
I am no fan of watching NBA. I'm only for highlights. But this guy is just so amazing to watch. So unpredictable.
The greatest passing big man in NBA History!
@NTesla00 6 mesi fa
Glad he's finally getting the attention he deserves, Jokic is just on another level
I know he plays differently, but he reminds me so much of Tim Duncan. Just a guy with insane skill whose main goal is to get the entire team involved. And he's humble and down to earth.
Absolute awareness. And the amount of practice it must take with the team to make it look and work this well. What a well oiled machine. THE definition of team player.
I could watch him throw those full court passes all day 😆
@elsoncheng8386 6 mesi fa
Just an enjoyment to watch him passing. Everyone naturally points to him after scoring - what a pass.
@derekpowell421 5 mesi fa
How he sees the court is unrivaled...How he gets people to fall asleep is unheard of...He adapts to each game specifically to what is needed from him to get the 'W'...Has to be an alien...
@jackiepage6120 6 mesi fa
“Jokic isn’t flashy.” -every analyst
problem is, analysts only see "flashy" when the player is making the score, jokic doesnt need that. He is flashy by just literally passing
@Nisowyd 6 mesi fa
He’s only flashy when it comes to passes, other than that, he’s just a really fundamental player like Tim Duncan.
@rubren9683 6 mesi fa
@@Nisowyd Nah he can shoot..
As couch Carter said ' Dont taint the game i love with your silly taunting and disrespectful behavior ' , cuz thats all those Analyst think its flashy , Joker is class .
@Edward-oj1gk 6 mesi fa
pundits specially those who have a degree but doesnt hold ball thinks they can just throw anything their mindless minds thinks haha
@Larsoboy123 6 mesi fa
Best passer and player in the league.
He should have won MVP for the third time.
Best player, best passer, best scorer, best rebounder (or top 3 at worst) The offensive goat. Now he needs to learn defense!
@josenino7140 6 mesi fa
@@samantharay6098 Embiid is the best flopper
@@josenino7140 most valuable flopper
@capser86 6 mesi fa
He’s just so stoic and effective while doing stuff no one does. Really cool to watch.
@hwero265 4 mesi fa
His passes are with no hesitation, he just redirects the flow. Also timing of his passes are tricky, because are off the rhythm. He is not fast, but his passes are, teammates should find themselves to be in position to catch.
@Jordan1s 6 mesi fa
Those passes from 2:35-3:09 is just perfect, he put the ball where only his teammate could get it for the easy score, he looked just like an NFL quarterback right there
@trailovic96 6 mesi fa
There was an interview with him a few months back on a Serbian television, and the interviewer asked him "Do you always know where your teammates are when you deliver no-look passes, or is it luck sometimes?" and he replied "Since I joined NBA, there's this thing that I really like, that we don't do in Europe - NBA teams insist on having someone cover corners during the attack, so sometimes when I don't know what to do with the ball, I just blast it behind me and hope for the best."
his volleyball pass amazes me everytime. I play his play in slow motion and still but dont know how he can do it accurately. Also his vision to find the breakthrough point
@alexhu01 6 mesi fa
THIS is like positive cycle, everybody knows Jokic like to pass, which encourage others to cut left and right. If you like to hog the balls, nobody want to waste the energy to cut.
@187jesu 6 mesi fa
Watching Jokic slice apart defenses with a single pass never gets old
The amazing part about his passing abilities is that his team mates know his intentions so they don't need to call for the ball or be stagnant. Just be in position and move without the rock! lovely basketball
@dunkelwalde695 6 mesi fa
Can you imagine how much fun it is to play with Jokic? His teammates must love the serves he sends them, makes their play that much more fun as well.
I don't play basketball and rarely watch it, but this stuff is just so satisfying to watch. Awesome player.
@chumark54 5 mesi fa
Man... He reminds me of the game of chess. A great chess player will see many steps ahead, and Jokic read the game many steps ahead of others. So many passes are just unbelievable: how did he know someone would be there?!
@DaveTheTurd 5 mesi fa
Those long precise bounce passes get me every time.... endlessly impressive....
@sloanNYC 6 mesi fa
The ball handling skills here are amazing. So many of these he looks before he receives the pass and then just taps it to the open player... the coordination is amazing.
@buenafe7974 26 giorni fa
No lo habia visto jugar increible este si que hace mejor a sus compañeros es increible con que tranquilidad juega esas astistencias espetaculares y como sabe leer las jugadas de verdad que e quedado impresionado como siga asi va a ser muy leyenda
Me at every pass - Wow, it definitely can't get better than that 2 seconds later - 😮
@DrToke5 5 mesi fa
Nikola Jokic! The Joker! Big Honey! The Serbian Savant! The Janitor! The Big, Big Fundamental! The Son of Sombor! The People’s Champ! And let’s not forget…The MVP!
And people who doesn't know basketball will say that he is unattractive player to watch. It is just magic, nothing more. Best basketball in world rn
It must be exuberating playing with him knowing that "we are all in it together" - playing as one and knowing that each play was the best one at that particular moment! No favoritism and no ego plays!
@Thehamez 4 mesi fa
Not only does he have crazy vision to see these passes, they are delivered in such a precise way that ONLY his teammate is able to get the ball.
He reminds me of old days Lakers' Magic Johnson. The kind of assists that are far more beautiful than scoring. It's hard to come by these days.
@stickman1742 6 mesi fa
He doesn't really play like Magic though, his passes look exactly like Bird passes. Everything I see Joakic do in passing is right out of Bird's arsenal. People talk more about Bird's shooting, but I watched him for his passing. Far more entertaining.
@mechtime 5 mesi fa
@@stickman1742 His height gives him an advantage and bigger toolbox than Bird. There are Jokic passes Bird could never had made that rely on both the visuals of his heigh and the reach. In that sense, he's a better passer. That he can reliably hit threes, run the court, and play decent defense makes him ridiculous for a big man like that who can also dominate the paint.
Additionally, if you overdefend the high or sideways passes, he hits you with Ginobili-like nutmeg
You have to want to be good at passing; to be unselfish and find the open man. That is Jokic and that's why they are the champs.
@McKaveli 6 mesi fa
even his teammates were surprised when suddenly the ball was in his hand😂
@jimmoselhy9139 4 mesi fa
He's the Gretzky of basketball...unbelievable vision and sense of the game. He sees things before they happen.
This is why Nuggets are dominating the league. KCP and Gordon are having the most efficient seasons of their careers because Jokic is feeding them with these cheatcode balls all the time.
wt impressed me the most is how he casually runs back at D like nothing amazing highlights happened, so simple/humble big man.
@grief6052 6 mesi fa
That last pass was just pure finess, brown didn’t even break stride just full sprint and the ball landed right in his hands, unreal
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, his basketball IQ is off the charts. As one of his teammates, i'd imagine you'd have to be so focused & being ready for a pass any where, anytime of the game. Just AMAZING & ENJOYABLE to watch. & the fact that he's so humble & not self centered like most nba players. TOTAL CLASS.
@TheTechAdmin 5 mesi fa
2:07 What an epic pass dunk. I might start watching basketball to see more of this guy play. Go Sports!!!
@alexluke_again 6 mesi fa
Also happy that Denver is put on the basketball map. Hope he inspires the generations of kids there.
@TivoKenevil 6 mesi fa
What can u say? A sensational post game. Incredible passing from the paint
@weipulee 6 mesi fa
Jokic 背匡策應傳球 突破分球 那麼到位,應該說他的觀察力傑出具有洞察機先的預觀技術 Preview,太多球員是找人傳球或是看著人傳球,全世界都知道你要傳給誰了~.此外隊友非常懂得適時從弱邊做跟進空手切入,而不是死站在一個位置等球.很棒的團隊籃球.
Jokic fits so well in the athleticism of the NBA
His basketball IQ is unparraleled, I mean look at 5:45 it's as if he didn't even even need to turn he knew he was there. His understanding of where his teammates are and their positions and movement is similar to the level of Lionel Messi and David Beckam, scanning the the foreground whilst knowing his own situation, incredible.
@evang9935 6 mesi fa
This is right up there with those Magic Johnson and Jason Williams assist highlights..
@EH-od5eq 5 mesi fa
He isn't being flashy or a show dog. Every one of those passes are technical and tactical. Building an offensive around him was one of the best decisions an NBA coach ever made.
@brettsymons604 5 mesi fa
Amazing passes but respect to the team mates for having good cuts to space and the whole team for trusting each other.
Jokic is what Lebron aspired to be when he realized he can never come as good as MJ, a Magic / Bird Hybrid. But Jokic actually does it Sith pure skill, IQ, mentality, footwork and just an artist. Glad the newer generation will watch some real talent and not some media prop.
@hendogg3675 6 mesi fa
LeBron is the king. LeBron is the greatest.
@ipaporod 6 mesi fa
​​​@@hendogg3675 : Athletic wise yes, IQ wise are Jordan and Jokic!.The 4 J's of IQ wizardry James LeBron, Jokic Nikola, Jordan Michael and Johnson Magic 😂😂😂😂
@MrTimLee84 5 mesi fa
The hate is real
I've heard Larry Bird was a phenomenal passer. Decided to watch his passing and highlights assist which were totally amazing but I never laughed out loud like seeing the utter genius of the Joker here. He's the Tesla of basketball.
@andrewf0784 6 mesi fa
Best passer in the league as a center. Plus he is an efficient scorer. The Joker is a force of nature
@adolfBBC 6 mesi fa
This guy is for real good. Only started watching the nba relentlessly since 2015 and i think were about to witness another 3-5 seasons of jokic dominance. Hes effortless triple double getter and if he wants he can get his 50 on any team in the league. So sick of the hypejobs stealing media attention. This man like luka are the future.
@StylesD83 6 mesi fa
I never knew Jokic was a NBA quarterback and pitcher. 😂
@Th4t_guy_ 6 mesi fa
It's really fun to watch him cuz he's so mechanical and it looks kinda awkward at times, but it's not really boring, he just finds really good looks and positions himself brilliantly
@virgil.alonso 6 mesi fa
The important thing about this video is that every ridiculoud pass Jokic has made before, he has made at least 3 times
@aljongreat1900 6 mesi fa
Jokic is the epitome of winning basketball. Coz win or lose he is always efficient and his teammates loves to move around eith him
@faxxaznone 6 mesi fa
I think that he might get this pass through things from football. What a legend
Very similar in ⚽️ and he is from Serbia were the sport is very popular.
Love these compilations. People can’t ignore this man anymore, he is a bonafied baller.
It must just be such a pleasure to be on Jokic's team. You're posted up in a solid position except there's no way for him to get the ball to you BUT THEN HE DOES.
@arron6867 6 mesi fa
This dude is incredible. Makes everyone around him better. True definition of an MVP. Up there with the likes of Jordan and LeBron. Absolute genius
@BlakeC27 5 mesi fa
If anyone thinks Larry Bird couldn't hang in today's NBA, I give you Nikola Jokić. Easily the before passing in the game today.
@garymacmillan 5 mesi fa
If there were more like him I'd still be watching. Unselfish leader. A very rare animal.
@uw10isplaya 5 mesi fa
This is a really well put together video. The way it attempts to live up to the title. Also how all the volley ball passes appear in sequence. His pass at probably deserved to show up later in the video though; one of my favorites of his career. The recognition/look is whatever, but the actual touch/execution of the pass itself is just sublime.
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