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@tiger35jb 5 mesi fa
Jokic didn't embarrass the NBA, he exposed all the talking heads that are clueless about sports.
They're not analysts
@@Naomi.Robertson they’re just full of politics. Jokic is full of action. Not only did he get the championship, he finished the nba playoffs ranked #1 and broke all records for all three points, rebounds and assist. He finished regular season ranked #1 in all. And he hardly missed any games. This guy is a champion warrior. Unstoppable 280 lb 7foot+ Serbian freak that can play point guard or center. One of greatest passers of all time, and player of all time. With a lot of years to go.. at that this guy is the most humble egoless champ I’ve ever seen. Jebo sve
​@@blockminingsolutions I'm mad wat he did to my Lakers and my guy Jimmy but u couldn't have said it any better he's got a chance at becoming the goat..if he keeps this up
Very special player
@WalterModel45 5 mesi fa
He also emnarrased a lot of nba players
@jptrey91 5 mesi fa
Jokić is a terrific role-model for all of us. Stop worrying about what other people think, good or bad. Just do you job, do it well, and don't structure your life around it.
This , bring back real basketball, not this diva ball that is running rampant.
@togelz 5 mesi fa
Beutifully said 😃😄😄😃
@pb6270 5 mesi fa
I thought this was about him being an amazing NBA player
@bigblue207 5 mesi fa
The funniest part is how it’s pissing people off. I kind of get why, “you won the finals, show some emotion!!” but it’s like he was unfazed when they all said “B2B MVP with no ring”, he didn’t come out guns blazing stirring up the media, he kept doing his thing and buying into his guys. And the people who say he shows no emotion didn’t watch the postgame coverage. I think the moments of him dunking Murray in the pool and dumping beer on KCP WERE his versions of the o’brien and FMVP trophy. Win or lose, his attitude doesn’t change and some people can’t comprehend that to such an extreme it makes them mad. And he’s still going to hardly know or care. He just wants to get back home man, job is done
@sersto_ 5 mesi fa
One of the best comments I’ve seen. Good job
Scary thing is…Jokic has A LOT of basketball left to play. Honestly such a privilege to watch him play for has redefined what a center is capable of. Like he practically averaged a 30 point triple double on 55-47-80 splits. That is absolutely absurd.
Redefined what a center is capable of, yes I agree. But he's 1 of 1. I don't see other bigs suddenly mimicking his skill set. They can't match the numbers and %.
@cappy2282 5 mesi fa
Ya true basketball fans realize how great he is and love watching him
tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he retired at that championship parade. Just walked away to go race horses. I wouldn't blame him one bit for not wanting any part of the NBA and its toxic media
@@uberneanderthal he won't, but he could! He barely seemed even happy winning the championship or finals mvp. I get that how he grew up is likely very different than most NBA players and humble, but it's ok to show emotion after a big pinnacle achievement. I'm sure he is happy and validated on the inside, but it would be nice to see him realize the job is done for at least a month or two before back to next year's grind.
Jealous so jealous
@karimamin2 5 mesi fa
I always thought the dude looked below-average but he somehow kept getting 30+pts 10+assists 10+rebounds every game and I don't even know how that happened. He does it so effortless and quietly. A silent killer
@Secultoo 5 mesi fa
He plays for the team instead of the team playing for him. He goes for the most effective plays instead of most flashy plays thats why he doesnt look like a god but he is just so effective. If a team has 5 Jokic they would win 100 to 30
He only goes for what will win the game , he's substance over style which is rare these days.
​@_--9583 you mean average, because if shooters weren't miserably missing training like shots, he would have 20-30-15
He cheat im game. Use phone tips Kung fu Panda and destroy.
You made the best Jokic content to accompany these historic seasons. Thank you for helping steward this amazing man's legacy.
@User Canceled If it’s not obvious then to say obvious just a waste of time
@@usercanceled5010 the one which is more important than that of your entire blood line combined
@vlada 5 mesi fa
Agree. His 2nd MVP video was the most complete breakdown I've seen of a season. He knew all the little things that only hometown fans know or notice. People in the DNVR live chat were saying "it looks like it was made by one of us...if we had talent." Loved this one too. He had all the right videos, great stats, I couldn't have done it better...if I had his editing, writing talent and voice. It's not an A+ simply because the graphics weren't as good as other components... And i don't want to let it get to his head.😅
@User Canceled Stay mad. If I were you, I'd just stop watching for the next ~8 years. Not going to be fun for you with that head trip.
@S3ven4 5 mesi fa
Watching Jokic play in this series was one of the most jaw dropping moments I've witnessed, he can pass, shoot, rebound, defend, he's dominant in the paint, the guy is actually unreal.
@Roi44 5 mesi fa
Without the strong players around jokic the nuggets cannot be the champion and jokuc cannot be the mvp. It just happened that the team has the best player combination and they are healthy.
@liftme225 5 mesi fa
reminds me of the players from 80's
@jpbm1873 5 mesi fa
@@liftme225 Larry Joe...
@Roi44 5 mesi fa
Jokic a great player in 2023 nba is a good basketbalĺ celebrity to watch how far he can sustain his greatness.
He plays a European style of basketball. With a high level of consistency. People who know basketball know how great he really is. It’s no surprise.
@edlawn5481 5 mesi fa
This is what Arvydas Sabonis looked like in his prime, before he finally came to the NBA.
@zzanatos2001 5 mesi fa
Many sportscasters and fans seem to think the only good players are the ones who hog the ball and make tons of slam dunks.
@adrianong9129 5 mesi fa
@@zzanatos2001 emphasis on the dunking part
its not europen its how basketball should be played. Dont know what u americans think basketball is. Team game not 1 vs 1. Thats why u have a problem dont have young stars that play basketball they just jump and live for famee
@@josipmarasovic2436 I’m not American.
@umang6771 5 mesi fa
Nick Wright had the gall to say Joker was the worst MVP in 35yrs...This man needs his daily crow.
@dmedic213 5 mesi fa
Yesterday he said he's one of the greatest
@neelstv478 5 mesi fa
Daily clown*
@Bizagro 5 mesi fa
Out of shape and unathletic ….yet he won. That says more about the opponent then him. What’s their excuse?
@GTNover 5 mesi fa
Don't worry, he's called himself "the most consistent NBA analysts" after his awful take. At least he's the type of person to understand and learn from his mistakes. Not some kind of idiotic narcissist that people can see directly through.....
@Shiljamannn 5 mesi fa
When I saw him decimating the Suns... And then dropping those 3pt rainbow bombs against the Lakers... I was like... "This is the year, it's destiny."
@jlui21 5 mesi fa
-- those deflated head drops by AD and Lebron were hilarious. They played GREAT D and down to the wire. Jokic hit 3 of them over the LAL series. #JokingklyGood
@mrboast2826 5 mesi fa
​@@jlui21 Their face said "Really Bro, What the f@ck was that ? "
@Krazyabe 5 mesi fa
The looks on AD and Lebron's faces when he rainbowed those 3's on em was priceless.
@@jlui21 jokic is so good it’s wild. This was years and practice in the making. Reminds me of Jordan… getting better every year, until the world wakes up and realizes the potential of them has come off the charts
@OzzyTheGiant 5 mesi fa
Anyone who can sweep the Lakers like that, honestly they deserve to win the whole enchilada
It's unbelievable how people still say that he doesn't play shit, that he's a joke, etc dude, the guy is just art on the court, its so good to watch him play, damn
He gives me Larry Bird vibes. I know he's a different size of player but Jokic has the same pushing power and passing finesse. And...great 3 pt prowess. I hope he wins more titles.
@ShifuCareaga 5 mesi fa
Yes not sure why people think you need to look like Adonis to play basketball. You need a lot of skills which help you put a ball in a hoop. That's it. His body shape, skin color, ethnicity... Have no bearing. He makes baskets and plays harder than competitors. It isn't black Magicka here folks.
His 3pt shot looks so ridiculous, like it's going to hit the ceiling, but then it just swishes in with no rim at all. Truly marvelous.
@lsmith145 5 mesi fa
like Larry Bird
@bflatt1847 5 mesi fa
What do all-time greats do? They open new dimensions in the game. That's what Jokic is doing, and it's mesmerizing.
@bojannisic2906 5 mesi fa
As a long time Jokic fan, I want to give my props to AD, that smile while shaking off his head after Jok hitting buzzer beater only made that shot even more iconic!
@bakimc4722 5 mesi fa
That Nikola Jokić, even after strong contacts, has a very soft hand and scores baskets literally off balance, that's incredible.
Its like theres a 4' invisible funnel over the basket.
@stojko1972 5 mesi fa
@@usercanceled5010 It's amazing because no one else is doing it.
@@usercanceled5010most of the time though, centers tend to accidentally fire it off something. Plus Jokić can usually get really good bounces on the rim that makes it really impressive.
almost every time his shot hits the rim, it bounces softly and goes in. I've never seen a softer touch, especially from a big man.
@CC-xu2yz 5 mesi fa
To me that's his most impressive attribute: his ability to finish with quality after taking the ball down court and shooting the short technique shots. I have never seen a big man do that with such consistency and ease.
@ayochill9716 5 mesi fa
I am so grateful that Jokic is a nugget, I hope he plays in Denver for the rest of his career, he very well could become the best player that our franchise has ever seen, and will see for generations. 11/10 player and role model for the youth.
He already is the greatest player in Denver history. He broke multiple records and milestones for Denver within one season
@chriskuhn6130 2 mesi fa
@ayochill9716, this. He's easily the best Nugget ever and arguably the best Denver athlete ever. Elway probably still #1 though, but he's on his heels.
Jokic is not only great, but the man is humble too! What a great player and person. Subscribed.
@aparker4722 5 mesi fa
So good of a person...he was ready to dodge the Denver fans trust me he doesn't give a farther about them..." job done I'm going back to russia
@@aparker4722 Well, it is what it is. It's his personality. He happens to be a very good basketball player, and from what I gather, he takes basketball as a job more than a passion. And he's still amazing at it. Does he have to hug every person that he sees? I don't know. But if he doesn't, I'm not holding that against him. He helped get the job done, and now he's going to his country. It doesn't bother me personally. Do you think he's being ungrateful? I don't. And he shares the ball when he plays. Sorry if I took your comment context the wrong way, but I felt like you are saying that he's not too much of a people person? Did I get your comment wrong?
@youtubesuxbig 5 mesi fa
@@joseCalderon1976 ignore him, he thinks every country in Europe, that is not France or England is Russia.
@vectar 5 mesi fa
@@youtubesuxbig More Jokics less LeBrons please.
@projectx5154 5 mesi fa
Jokic is inspirational on a whole other level. He shows us all what matters in life and is a role model in life in general. I don't think we've ever seen such a humble guy who shows it continuously and really sticks to it. The audience relates to him more than any other super star in NBA
This man isn’t MVP because he commands fear on the floor, its because he commands respect on the floor
@veronho1ness 5 mesi fa
Jokic biggest problem is that he doesn't showboat. He doesn't make the game about himself. He is not a gloryhound and it is the team and results that are of the greater importance. It is very hard for NBA to sell a man who is not larger than life. It is all about appearances nowadays. Jokic is at this moment in time, the ultimate "TEAM" player!
@bigslimjim44 5 mesi fa
This man is the most unappreciated player in the league. Man is a generational talent and solidified himself as one of the top 5 centers of all time. If he continues his run he could put himself into the Top 3 big men of all time.
@bighand1530 5 mesi fa
I can see him retiring and being in the top ten discussion with that level of play
Were lucky to witness his greatness. His cerebral play and team oriented play is a pleasure to behold
@tdsm99 5 mesi fa
Discovered your channel after your first Jokic video this season. You cover him perfectly, you genuinely don't miss on a narrative storyline or analysis. Thank you for this season 6man, cant wait to see you grow your channel more and more
The Jokic- to-Aaron Gordon alley oop has become one of Denver's most lethal plays. NBA's best passer to highest jumper is unstoppable.
Best player in the league right now and top 5 center of all time. Absolutely incredible player. He was the real MVP both regular and post season.
@cdjhyoung 5 mesi fa
Jokic is suffering from the same thing every great player does that doesn't play in a major sports market (that means New York or LA). The press doesn't see his work every night and gets caught off guard by what is happening in Denver. Locals know who Jokic is. So do opposing coaches. It is just the talking heads. Makes me wonder why we even listen to their commentary when it is not based in fact.
The NBA too, even after watching this great Finals, they would rather it was Boston and L.A.
@Drave_Jr. 5 mesi fa
@@kennethward4985 Which is interesting because a team that never made it to the Finals with a man who dominates everything and was notably, always in discussion for season MVP, versus a team who doesn't really have one of the massive star players, and is the 8 seed they barely made it through sounds more interesting than the two big names going at it .
@jimmyboy131 5 mesi fa
I don't listen to them unless it's to hear a particularly bad take, so I can point and laugh. Otherwise I'll listen to former great players because they actually know what they're talking about.
Joker reminds me of another Tim Duncan just need to himself doesn’t take to social media or act a fool outside the off-season. He just shows up and dominates. Which is why Duncan is the best PF to ever play the game. And if joker continues to play this way he could take that title from Duncan but joker and nuggets will have to win 5 more. I think they could do it to. Cuz now a lot of other players wanna play with joker and the nuggets now after this great Run.
@bigblue207 5 mesi fa
@@Drave_Jr.I just saw a post somewhere about Giannis v Jok Finals next year and that would be a crazy series to watch
@defface777 5 mesi fa
What I love most is that even though he is so great, he is also a really likable person... So many athletes are so annoying, entitled little beaches
@danielw1419 5 mesi fa
Live in Denver and was at game 5. Jokic is the BEST at passing I’ve ever seen for a big man and his touch from all over the court is uncanny. Listen to what he said at the parade today. He is a humble, and funny as hell guy.
@johncooper8537 5 mesi fa
Never saw Walton in his prime or bird in his prime did you?
@danielw1419 5 mesi fa
@@johncooper8537 Yes, I did. Bird is still my favorite player, Walton can’t hold a candle to Jokić.
@mshahnazi7636 5 mesi fa
Nick Wright having a show is one of biggest mysteries ever.
I'm from Serbia and let me tell you the secret.. Jokic is literally doing Serbian street basketball xD We have basketball courts all over the place, and while we were kids, all of us constantly kept playing against other groups in the neighborhoods. While watching him I see a lot of moves from the streets and I'm loving it :D
@vladimird8541 5 mesi fa
6Man thank you for your videos of Joker for the past couple of years! You kept us in check with your unparalleled breakdowns, fueling our hope that maybe one day, the rest of the world will see him for what he truly is. That day has finally arrived, and I'm sending people links towards your videos as a testimony to Joker's greatness and your awesome analytical skills.
@gigihlubis8441 5 mesi fa
I also super appreciate the love AG is getting because of Jokic and the Nuggets strategy. He is a super athletic player, but I was scared that he was the stereotype dunk champion that didnt get minutes. Fortunately, Jokic and the Nuggets strategy made him flourish as a solid role player
@shaft9000 5 mesi fa
i call Gordon _SuperGlue_ cuz he fills every gap with superior athleticism like a combo of Shawn Marion x Chuckster
@justinland1208 5 mesi fa
The people who’s opinion matters knew. shaq and Chuck look at him with awe and Chuck was calling a Nuggets championship back in December.
Sure they are both imaging trying to defend him and it's not a good feeling.
@Joe.L.Embiid 5 mesi fa
Chuck, Shaq, IT, Sam Mitchell, Jalen Rose, and I’m sure a few more have always given Jokic love before it was mainstream
@buiux 5 mesi fa
@@Joe.L.Embiid JJ Redick too
@@Joe.L.Embiid yeah Tim Legler too
@D0BR0VECE 5 mesi fa
@@Joe.L.Embiid Anyone who played, or is currently playing. The ballers. Apart from ones who are filling a role, or wery few outright ignorant ones.
@4yearsago343 5 mesi fa
Jokic didn't scare his opponent, he humbled them.
@shaft9000 5 mesi fa
Before humbling them, first he _befuddled_ them.
He statpatted their asses ✊!
Like a great Quarterback, Jokic dominates the game with his lightning quick mind first, then physical actions. And since he does most everything extremely well, this makes him almost undefendable. Just ask Anthony Davis, he is now a believer.
@ShifuCareaga 5 mesi fa
Finally a smart comment.
@eadgbefreak 5 mesi fa
After being snubbed by voters for 3rd MVP, I am grateful he won the finals MVP as well the Nuggets first championship! He is a great player and his humility is good for the league as well as the fans.
@karlpark8575 5 mesi fa
He backs it up with his action. Two MVPs and the NBA championship so far. I'm envious of Denver Nuggets. Enough said.
@JonnyCrackers 5 mesi fa
Hope he does it again next year. The man's a monster.
@rollotomasse 5 mesi fa
No, all those people embarrassed themselves. Especially those whom never watched him before these Lakers and Miami series but always had an "opinion" about him 🤥
The slander machine is somehow still in motion. These people are digging their hole deeper and deeper.
They think sports fans are reality tv fans. We’re not. We can be entertained simply by greatness in sport, we don’t need all this soap opera bullshit.
@bigblue207 5 mesi fa
@@samantharay6098it’s all the fuel they have man, all they got to go off of is slandering others. It’s their only seat at the table, making dumb takes just to get attention. “No such thing as bad press” and all. But the best part is none of that noise even reaches Jok, much less influences him in basically any way at all. He’s completely set in his identity
People have opinions, and off course we can't all agree. It's fair to say we should all respect that on the one hand the intelligent elite will admire the sheer genius of Nikola Jokic, while also respect that on the other hand the less enlightned part of mankind will try to throw poop at him (as part of their daily poop throwing labour, which we all have to respect as their way of trying to communicate). And okay I understand a lot of folks have a hard time with this, cause yeah, most tv analysts happen to have very stinky poo, but come on people! At least they're trying to express themselves!
@Secultoo 5 mesi fa
The best performing player the league has literally ever seen and people call him the worst MVP in 35 years.
@matthayes8210 5 mesi fa
Congratulations on the championship guys. Well deserved.
@matthayes8210 5 mesi fa
I’m a Phoenix Suns fan my whole life I know it’s hard and that man is on real blown away by his skills I’ve never seen a center that could do what he can do
I feel like people don't realise how great a passer Jokic truly is yo!! Also his quick hands on defence is reminiscent of Marc Gasol.
@robfer5370 5 mesi fa
Jokic is just an absolute monster on a basketball court and he is just getting started. The only way you are gonna stop him is try getting him in foul trouble or fouled out!! I can see Denver going on a massive run with Jokic at the helm!
Jokic is a passing savant, he sees where the player and ball could be. He also doesn't care how goofy he looks when he shoots. Plenty of players can hit shots, they just refuse to look goofy. Jokic has a ring, they don't. Seems they should follow what jokic does.
@zylianari8556 5 mesi fa
Jokic being a "bad" defender is one of the most egregious takes I've ever heard against him. The dude is a solid defender, even elite at times. I still vividly remember AD resorting to mid Js in WCF coz he can't do sh*t under the basket. Yes, he may look like a fish out of water in PnR due to his unathleticism, but dude is good defender 1v1. You can't just have a video of clutch blocks then being categorized as a "bad" defender.
@shaft9000 5 mesi fa
Something almost nobody mentions is his sheer defensive **Strength** - i.e. - Joker isn't getting moved unless Joker _wants_ to be moved. - Nikola is NOT falling over 3-5x every half like AD Kat and Embiid will. I've rarely seen him hit the deck more than twice all game, if ever. This goes beyond mere durability or muscle-power - and is a skill in itself due to the balance, conditioning, leverage and footwork needed to be so consistent every game.
@michaelr5323 5 mesi fa
Jokic is amazing. He's unique and just fun to watch. I'm thrilled he got his finals MVP and championship.
@gsentinel4821 5 mesi fa
Jokic is a perfect example of basketball fundamentals - He is on another level - As a lifelong Knicks fan my congratulations to him and the Denver Nuggets 👍👍👍👍
@kenwell3498 5 mesi fa
I think it's the best playoff run ever. this guy is as elite as I've ever seen. just the beginning.
@funnyballa12 5 mesi fa
I discovered your channel a few years ago since i am a pistons fan, but man, you have done nothing but gotten better and better. This is by far your best video. Keep going!
They don't like Jokic because he's not the standard muscley, speedy, and jumpy athlete. Watching him play compared to others is night and day. He just plays so effortlessly without all the flashiness that most players have with their moves and antics.
@suprgee 5 mesi fa
he's a better defender than most... the thing is its not flashy at the same time he's careful about not getting fouls as he is needed more for every minute of the game
@biu182 5 mesi fa
Nick Wright should legally change his name to Nick Wrong
@Generizzy 5 mesi fa
Jokic is an inspiration to many, but a hero to himself. A perfect example of being yourself regardless of what the masses think and expect. He is truly a great man.
@SB-in8rw 5 mesi fa
The best offensive player ever, unguardable 1v1 + one of the best passers ever is the deadliest combination. With really underestimating defense, makes him in the top 10 players ever for me, he just needs more rings and accomplishments and he could be top 3. He will never be hyped like MJ or Kobe, but this is the era for true basketball lovers, we are witnessing history, he is truly one of a kind, poetry in motion, unguardable slow-motion! :)
@shaft9000 5 mesi fa
"best ever" is subjective objectively, this era is : fast-paced + low-level defense + insane amount of 3s = unprecedented stats it is easy to confuse a disparity or abundance in one era as translating to dominance in any other. The variables are so many as to render most player comparisons across eras to be almost meaningless.
@zerx5260 5 mesi fa
Actual artist. Such beauty watching him play
@Kritacul 5 mesi fa
If people did not believe up in till this season that Jokic Was a top-five player. The joke is on you. This man has all the potential in the world to not only be one of the best players in the NBA for years to possibly the best player for the NBA for years to come, but also a top 10 all time NBA great as well.
@TonyPearl 5 mesi fa
Jokic is sick. It was such a pleasure watching him dominate in the playoffs this year...especially how they embarrassed the Heat. Great job on this video, and the title is spot-on!
@RoadieC 5 mesi fa
As a Nuggets fan it's great to see such in depth analysis so I can wrap my head around just how great he is. And your work on other teams and players is amazing as well. I'd much rather listen to you breakdown the game than the vast majority of ESPN and FS1.
@LC-ht7sg 5 mesi fa
Love that guy. Humble. A warrior on the court. Funny. So unselfish.
@dinglbarry1275 5 mesi fa
In that final game Jokic's passing was very good. Good enough to have under normal shooting conditions given him 10+ assists. He made several very good passes that led to fouls. Gordon missed a dunk off of an awesome Jokic passed (he may have been fouled though) and I'm pretty sure every wide open jump shot off of a Jokich pass missed that game, so the assist stat sheet doesn't tell the tale.
@Z28KR 5 mesi fa
Watching Jokic play is like someone combined the passing ability of Stockton, the basketball IQ of Bird, and the shooting ability of Dirk with the size of a big dude. No wonder the analysts don't understand... he's a nightmare to plan against.
@ToddAndelin 5 mesi fa
that step back one leg release deep high arc over AD was insane... AD just looked hopeless after the shot went in and I think every NBA player watching the game had that lump in their throat pit in their stomach wide eyed realization that Jokic is unstoppable and even when he is painted into a corner he is going to drain the three or flip an assist ...
@dinglbarry1275 5 mesi fa
I love the Nuggets use of the pick and roll and it gives them so many scoring options and they rarely have to force shots. And Jokic plays the most significant roll in setting picks at the top of the arc. Even when he doesn't touch the ball he's setting picks and freeing up guys.
@petes6521 5 mesi fa
He did all this in his first ever Finals. Think about all the greats who played in multiple Finals over their careers and he surpassed all of them. I'm not saying he is the GOAT but you gotta give props where they are deserved and Jokic deserves mega props.
@smokymcpot5917 5 mesi fa
Great video. He's only half way through his career and I've already have him a top 5 center of all time. When he's done I think they'll be alot of ppl will b saying he's top big guy.
This is like an NBA version of Moneyball- everyone thinks they can predict the talent of a player because of the player's attitude, and stops looking at the stats. Jokic's stats don't lie, he's just a nice guy
@iculus3333 5 mesi fa
I’m so happy you are getting views. You’re a wonderful basketball thinker, and your love for NJ’s skill set has been well documented forever. Keep it up, brother.
I don’t think Nick realized what kind of fear Jokic presents to a defender. The way he’s playing, you have to settle for either a bucket or a dime, there’s no third option for you.
@MrSuckeragi 5 mesi fa
His opponents aren't terrified, they are comatose from the fear
@whobitmyname 5 mesi fa
We're seeing now, more clearly than ever, who does and who doesn't watch basketball. It's pretty depressing how many people who are paid to talk about it, do not.
@neelstv478 5 mesi fa
Jokic is on pace to be one of the best shooters of all time , his numbers from anywhere on the floor are riddiculous
@HitTheChorus 5 mesi fa
The core is intact. It'd be fun to see the moves and new additions Denver will make this offseason. Hopefully more shooters who can also defend.
@mykyzer23 5 mesi fa
He did what he needed to do and won!
Not a Nuggets fan or even necessarily a joker fan that much but I recognize the skill and he deserved a ring so I’m glad he got one, I don’t like when superstar players go their whole career without getting a ring…. I’m also rooting for Luka to get one as well.
6Man,you're the man! Cheers from Serbia!
Folks.. Im 65 and seen the 60s till now..just awesome. Jokic..is incredible. Add personality to the game stats and he wins on that by far.This guy is the best player I have ever seen. He doesn't have a real long career but he doesn't need one.
@puppethound 5 mesi fa
I have watched a lot of NBA and a lot of basketball in general since the early to mid 80s. I, like most of you, have seen stars rise and watched great players come and go, from Moses Malone, Kareem, Magic, Bird, MJ, Barkley, Olajuwon, Pippen, Shaq, Kobe, Ewing, Lebron, Curry and now Jokic. I know these terms of "generational talent", "beast" and "GOAT" get thrown around so easily, but this dude is seriously unstoppable. He showed that night in and night out and the scary thing is, he is hitting his prime and the Nuggets will add more players to help him, so this is just the beginning I feel. His playoff run in 2023 will be talked about forever as one of the greatest individual performances ever. Right now, in my opinion, he is the best player in the world, but as NBA history goes he is just another great player, but add 1-2 more championships (or MVPs) and he climbs into the top 50 of all time with ease and maybe in the talks of top 10 before his career is over.
To get to all time top 50 is hard as heck. NJ is probably already there. Because of his style of play, he might even bring real changes to the future of the NBA.
@Bokille 5 mesi fa
A strong sense of collectivity and developing a sincere feeling with colleagues and friends that leads to ultimate trust. Stay who you are, stay humble. Our boi make us proud!Ziv bio Jokara 100 godina i hvala na svemu brate tebra 😊
@TheMesa22 5 mesi fa
Keep on embarrassing the NBA Jokic. Actions speak louder than words and he did it casually 🏀
@toms9864 5 mesi fa
It is amazing how long it took before the Media recognized how good Jokic is.
@chanty2192 5 mesi fa
The Suns and Lakers went in expecting to win their series and were absolutely shocked when they didn't.
@@chanty2192 he is legend.
@cedpete7434 5 mesi fa
What? He had back to back MVPs.
He is insane!!! Amazing !!! A huge example !!!
@edgarsnake2857 5 mesi fa
Thanks for giving The Joker his props by giving concrete stats and appropriate context. The late season questioning of his MVP legitimacy by high profile hoops commentators was a genuine embarrassment to the league.
Terrific video. Clear, concise analysis, not too long... subscribed!
@MrBigTAnderson 5 mesi fa
Jokic's biggest strength, is not just the shooting, not the power. The man is the utility player taken to mvp form. He can pass, he can pull up deep, charge the hoop, set screen, and the scary thing is he does it all enough that it is difficult to figure out what he is doing. Jokers are wild and its hard to figure out what values the joker is pulling play to play.
@shaft9000 5 mesi fa
his _brain_ is the difference few guards have ever reached his level(s) of awareness and anticipation, and no big before ever has
@fkasol 5 mesi fa
He's an amazing defender. The problem is he does it with wit and not with athleticism, so it's not very impressive for those looking for crazy blocks. You can tell he knows what the opponent team wants to do better than some of their players.
@maxdulson8477 5 mesi fa
It feels like AG can pretty much just hurl himself up towards the basket and trust that Jokic will find him. It must be so liberating to be able to trust and just jump (and as an aside, pretty much the perfect player in the league to do that)
Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Most of the players have been insufferable the last 10 years. We need more people with class in the NBA.
@SamSam-cc8dj 5 mesi fa
As an unimpressive looking soccer player in my hey days, who has grown up playing sports in my backyard with my four older brothers I can appreciate Jokics talent and achievements. He goes against the entire fabric of what the NBA markets itself on even though he has the repertoire of the complete basketballer.
@sketch3744 5 mesi fa
1:53 That one legged fadeaway was also off the wrong foot. Literally unguardable.
@notDonaldFagen 5 mesi fa
What a specimen. Unfathomably complete, cerebral, skilled package.
@meee1683 5 mesi fa
Love how he's got that Bird style trebuchet shot from range. Magnificent.
Will you do a season review for Jokic and the nuggets like last year? I really loved that video
@praachmw3389 5 mesi fa
another legendary breakdown!!! he was like maestro with orchestra playing most beautiful symphony!
@randygraham926 5 mesi fa
The funniest part of those incredible 3s he dropped on AD and the Lakers is that Jokic is so casual afterwards. You would think he just made a layup in warmups based on his demeanor. Nikola gives a deadpan expression while AD is shaking his head in disbelief. 😂
@RomnysGonzalez 5 mesi fa
I swear... Jokic can average 45ppg if he wanted to score. This man is a offensive one man army juggernaut
@joshuadiaz2614 5 mesi fa
I have not watched the NBA Finals since 2011, when the Mavs beat the Heat (Mavs fan). I could count the number of games I have watched since then. Not the biggest fan of today's basketball. However, I tuned in to this NBA Finals because of Jokic, as well as the fact there was no real "superstar" playing. Just a whole bunch of hardnosed basketball players playing quality ball. I actually enjoyed it. Jokic is the real McCoy. He could dominate this league for the next decade as long as he stays healthy. Really scary for opposing teams.
@syeahdon1 5 mesi fa
what Americans dont understand about basketball is that its 50%mind 50%tactics doesnt matter who has the bigger star or who jumps higher and Denver this year had all of that and this is the reason why Jokic and Doncic prefer watching Euroleague
@shaft9000 5 mesi fa
Nah, its what most PEOPLE don't understand about _life._ ....how else is gambling such a huge business?
@willmcclard206 5 mesi fa
BUT basketball is a sport where your physical ability (talking about things like height, size, and speed) matters GREATLY. I get what you’re saying, but still basketball is one of the sports that requires a lot of athleticism and good build. Other sports like baseball, soccer, etc don’t require a good build, though having a good build helps of course
@willmcclard206 5 mesi fa
also Jokic is just a big dude. So that contributes a good amount to his success
@akapbhan 5 mesi fa
This is what people forget about what Jokic faced. He faced three of the best Jokic defenders in western conference. They are the best in slowing down Jokic but even they failed in slowing him down. Ayton played some of the best defence but only problem with him is that after constant banging and giving away points he loses heart.
@khaelz 5 mesi fa
People wonder what Magic could do as a point guard in this era, well this is it.
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