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Fabio Wibmer
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Taking over Frankfurt city with Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase \u0026 Viki Gomez in pure NINEYARD style.

No matter where you are or what you do, the essence of NINEYARD is to make everything your playground.

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Music | ASAP Ferg - Floor Seats
Filmed by | Alexander Osmalek, Marius Prell, Cinequads
Edit | Marius Prell
Photography | Hannes Berger
Sound | Adrian Zielinski
BTS | Alexander Schöll, Lisa Allihn

Thank you guys!

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9 giu 2021




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0xANIMAx0 21 minuto fa
ja leck mich doch! fetter gehts ja kaum noch! respekt an alle! :)
Wie heißt das lied
Ismaaeel Arshad
What is that song
신재권 3 ore fa
'Reborn of the LEGEND'
Ziee 3 ore fa
That's what real flex looks like🤘
Raindrop Riding
Schau mir das jetzt schon zum 15 mal an weil es so geil gemacht ist, weiter so!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀
Daniel Rauer
Daniel Rauer 3 ore fa
Verstehe das Konzept hier leider nicht. Wirkt wie wahllos Porn zusammengeschnitten mit schlechter Musik im Loop. Sorry, nicht meins.
Test It
Test It 6 ore fa
Very cool video
Bishesh Royal Official
This is next level shit !
Tsai Lucky
Tsai Lucky 9 ore fa
This is insane!!! Love it. lol
Emmanzi Business Marketing
cool vidoe
max 10 ore fa
Paul Platzek
Paul Platzek 9 ore fa
„Floor Seats“ von A$AP Ferg
Zunero 10 ore fa
GoPro EveryDay
GoPro EveryDay 11 ore fa
Music name?
Shênkz ._.
Shênkz ._. 11 ore fa
Its normally i do it every day 😂
Timothy Roper
Timothy Roper 11 ore fa
Akustikstørung ø
Schiebt aber mal gaaanz anders 💪🏻😂
葉承軒 13 ore fa
It's unbelievable! so cool
Finn Thomas
Finn Thomas 13 ore fa
Does anyone know what fisheye lens was used?
Silvia Kramreiter
Respekt 👊👍😎🔥🔥🔥 Lg Marcel aus Wien
Clint B
Clint B 14 ore fa
Der S**t is deep!!!
Chris Foods
Chris Foods 15 ore fa
just a dope ass vid🔥
Ricsi Ricsi
Ricsi Ricsi 17 ore fa
Jaden 17 ore fa
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka 19 ore fa
I love you fabio but this has got to be the worst video you made. Sorry
satyendra singh
satyendra singh 20 ore fa
What a cinematic video and transitions aur superb.
Tiziano 22 ore fa
Killed it!
Yoooooo!!!! Sick!!!
Jmes dacosta
Jmes dacosta Giorno fa
I want a behind the scenes of this
Tom l
Tom l Giorno fa
wie kommt man auf die idee sowas zu disliken?? das ist das geilste was ich je gesehen hab
Finn Lismann
Finn Lismann Giorno fa
Anders als sonst aber richtig nice😶🔥
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Giorno fa
I give a big thanks to the editor, camera man, directors, making photos, etc.
Enzo Splha
Enzo Splha Giorno fa
gooooooooood song
Balkishore sipka
Does he look like alexander daddario ..??.
David P.
David P. Giorno fa
Lasst uns ne ganze Stadt mieten wie Ken Block und Travis Pastrana... ;-)
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Giorno fa
This is the coolest video I have ever watched
Nicolas Reinhard
Wie alt bist du?
nico bröckers
nico bröckers Giorno fa
Unnormal krank
Amir Belkasmi
Amir Belkasmi Giorno fa
Frankfurt ne
abdul Safique
abdul Safique Giorno fa
Next level video bro
coc 121
coc 121 Giorno fa
Love from Bangladesh
Karrotten TV
Karrotten TV Giorno fa
He comes back... on an other level😮👌
Raindrop Riding
Raindrop Riding Giorno fa
Zu wild, LG aus Österreich❤️🤍❤️
LamboCR22 Giorno fa
Que bueno, yo estaba en Frankfurt, y está guay
Max Tril
Max Tril Giorno fa
I would love to see the "making of" of this video :o
Rossella Valenti
Андрей Рождественский
Burn 👍🏼👌🏼🤝
M.R.V Giorno fa
this is future wOw
miko foin
miko foin Giorno fa
This dudes living the dream of my seven year old me playing Tony Hawk and the MX game series on Ps2. It's motivating me to try hard in everything.
Bayler Ruth
Bayler Ruth Giorno fa
This is the coolest video I have ever watched
مهدي ايهاب
لو عايز طريقة تاخد منها 100 صندوق (كلاسيك مجانا) فى pubg mobile كل اللى هتعمله هتدخل جوجل وتكتب mbs45 وتدخل اول موقع هيبعتولك الصناديق - الطريقة سهله ونفعت معايا
Garry Aiv Cars
Garry Aiv Cars 2 giorni fa
miko foin
miko foin Giorno fa
Next level bro
Yaroslav Chunikhovsky
только флетер нормально исполнил, а вы даже постанову не зарисовали.....не зачёт, давай переделуй.
Yaroslav Chunikhovsky
столько читерства я давно не встречал....
Mohamed Kordi
Mohamed Kordi 2 giorni fa
Just wow
Susan Künzel
Susan Künzel 2 giorni fa
Polarwhite_i30n 2 giorni fa
geiles Video und dann noch in ffm im ostend an der osthafenbrücke mega geil
Kacper Grabianka
Kacper Grabianka 2 giorni fa
Wow kox
Elias Kiupel
Elias Kiupel 2 giorni fa
Weich downhill 1 is this?
farmjcagyk awvgbxae
The mute cent atypically bore because authority speculatively offend atop a gorgeous surprise. nippy, hulking quince
Toniii Bike
Toniii Bike 2 giorni fa
The best Video I have ever sean👊
Meidl Beats
Meidl Beats 2 giorni fa
M-SAND Beatbox
M-SAND Beatbox 2 giorni fa
ponedle de fondo la cancion try it out del skrillex. esta to guapa
Mix Musix
Mix Musix 2 giorni fa
I am your big fan bro and ilove riding i am from nepal plz can i get one of your bike plz and a helmate also because of have got many
Cevizli Baklava
Cevizli Baklava 2 giorni fa
you is legend
Human Free
Human Free 2 giorni fa
Rana Borah
Rana Borah 2 giorni fa
Next level bro
Mischa 1821
Mischa 1821 2 giorni fa
Kuba Jamróz
Kuba Jamróz 2 giorni fa
Mamta Kalikotey
Mamta Kalikotey 2 giorni fa
Iove you Bro❤❤💯💯💥💥💫💫💫❤❤
Abhinand Abhi
Abhinand Abhi 2 giorni fa
മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ😃😃😃
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 2 giorni fa
U r so close to 7 m ,, keep it up and we'll done bro !!
el crack mati
el crack mati 2 giorni fa
el crack mati
el crack mati 2 giorni fa
Styox 3 giorni fa
Amogus sugoma mog mog
Kalos_ Gyros
Kalos_ Gyros 3 giorni fa
1:07 mongral is thath you?
Theo Rühl
Theo Rühl 3 giorni fa
Dave Stapel
Dave Stapel 3 giorni fa
Very good video
nino mondini
nino mondini 3 giorni fa
Bravo aux riders et super travail vidéo 🙏🤟👍
Maren Kuebler
Maren Kuebler 3 giorni fa
WolfDoesStuff 3 giorni fa
2:11 copycat
Teva YT
Teva YT 3 giorni fa
Eee! Fire🔥🔥🔥
Tigran Og.
Tigran Og. 3 giorni fa
BMX dude is insanely boring. The same goes for music.
Bergromantik 3 giorni fa
Lars Lankamp
Lars Lankamp 3 giorni fa
That poor bike
LINDA LID 3 giorni fa
Epic so cool fabio 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kozmik 3 giorni fa
the people who disliked where the ones who needed to take the roads that were closed.
Hias Alpenjodel
Hias Alpenjodel Giorno fa
Silverio J Jimenez J
The guttural H habitual way genotypically paint because gym aetiologically test but a bright air. previous, immense menu
Asmita Jirel
Asmita Jirel 3 giorni fa
Your shoulf could come in world recod
ROGUEOrange 3 giorni fa
I want like half of these shots as prints on my wall fucking hell man
WiL 06
WiL 06 3 giorni fa
XenoLycanThrope 3 giorni fa
Yo that was sick guys!
Farsighted 3 giorni fa
I usually dont like drone shot but these ones are clean af
red king
red king 3 giorni fa
Ajailu Riamei
Ajailu Riamei 3 giorni fa
Bro you at another level
canz 3 giorni fa
JEJAL 3 giorni fa
Fernanda Amaral
Fernanda Amaral 3 giorni fa
Κ Α Υ Λ Α.!
dolita windo
dolita windo 3 giorni fa
The backflip at the start🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
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