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Nique: 20
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Commenti 4 081
Jainya’s Tv
Jainya’s Tv 13 ore fa
😍💕I love y'all intro plz don't ever change it !
gabbylovesyou textingstories
I couldn't controll myself when yall all slapped him
Jermaine Pittman
Team 👑 all the way no CAP!! If it was me i would have been slapped a few times..lol
Ken Mccurry
Ken Mccurry Giorno fa
Team nique
Chrissy Mafia
Chrissy Mafia Giorno fa
This a set up 😂
Nadjee Clarke
Nadjee Clarke Giorno fa
4 was doing to much 😒 she want that girl nigga
Morgan Shifflet
Morgan Shifflet Giorno fa
the dancing part was so cute when king and nique started dancing they looked so happy 😩
shadeen gray
shadeen gray Giorno fa
#4 seemed like she wanted him
Nyasia Cheshier
Nyasia Cheshier 2 giorni fa
Nique number 4 was doing extra she trying to take yo man
Carissa Mariee
Carissa Mariee 2 giorni fa
When 4 first met king n rubbed his finger she would’ve got booted, on god 😂😂
Paisley McKnight
Paisley McKnight 2 giorni fa
#4 can back off of nique's man and thats why #4 lookin like a whole beaver
G G 3 giorni fa
Nique..4 suspect
G G 3 giorni fa
My nickname is GG
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie 3 giorni fa
Song name ?
Life With Tatii
Life With Tatii 3 giorni fa
Am i the only one who was lookin #4 up and down threw the screen ?
Molly Banon
Molly Banon 3 giorni fa
the fact he knew it was her every time😍 x
CJtv 4 giorni fa
Can you guys please check out my most recent video❤️
that is real love
Tasia Tasia
Tasia Tasia 4 giorni fa
This dope nique
Billy Hazley
Billy Hazley 5 giorni fa
You are cute
lifewith mya
lifewith mya 5 giorni fa
Why would you say that your boyfriend going to break up with you one day the song Roblox she was cheating on you
Sharon Porter
Sharon Porter 5 giorni fa
Number#4 is doing to much
sadra sadra
sadra sadra 6 giorni fa
fuck ads
Jaelynn's Wrld
Jaelynn's Wrld 6 giorni fa
king : '' i am not even hungry'' nique : '' you have to eat'' king: I ate mcdonalds
Katelyn W
Katelyn W 6 giorni fa
Number 4 was doin the most , lowkey wants him like girl king don’t want youuuu
Jamila Honesty
Jamila Honesty 6 giorni fa
Good content right here 😌💪
Indiana Jasmine
Indiana Jasmine 6 giorni fa
the ending was sooo cute. 😭
Dae Daniels
Dae Daniels 6 giorni fa
Nique u did good with this challenge 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🎥
MaKayla H
MaKayla H 6 giorni fa
Before king even came in I was already like number needs to go some where
Jane Njoroge
Jane Njoroge 7 giorni fa
Jane Njoroge
Jane Njoroge 7 giorni fa
as soon has i saw #4 i knew who and what she been doing
Shontae Lockhart
Shontae Lockhart 7 giorni fa
Life As Riah
Life As Riah 7 giorni fa
I really love this video... This is very creative , funny & interesting😂💯 Good job Nique! I love you guys❤❤😘 #QwazyMOB
Janiah Jones
Janiah Jones 7 giorni fa
this has to be handsdown my fav video because i could really see the connection and i see kins love for you girl. the dance part when he held you i was like oh yep they in love and now im in love with u guys. may god continue to bless you and your families so much love for you guys
Jakaya Hardy
Jakaya Hardy 7 giorni fa
Number 4 was extra asf on second thought they all gotta go😂😂but i love how secure she feels doing this challenge
Ashia 7 giorni fa
20:56 he flinched lmaooo nique better keep her hands off that man 😂
Rosie Giles
Rosie Giles 7 giorni fa
I would never let touch no 3leg
A Dose Of Zyy
A Dose Of Zyy 8 giorni fa
27:43 goallsss !♥️😭😭
A Dose Of Zyy
A Dose Of Zyy 8 giorni fa
27:43 omggg😭😭😍😍
Life With Miracle
Life With Miracle 8 giorni fa
I hated the way #4 was standing like gurl he can't see you
Princess Gang
Princess Gang 8 giorni fa
#4 doing too much
Tyreail Duhon
Tyreail Duhon 8 giorni fa
AandZnation Gamergirl
Mannn she dumb 4 letting them even touch rub an play n ha nigga hair but subscribe to my youtube please i just stsrted it
Jay Howard
Jay Howard 9 giorni fa
The one in the blue look like that famous person forgot her name what was it??
Jay Howard
Jay Howard 8 giorni fa
Oh ok thanks
Anaiya Jackson
Anaiya Jackson 8 giorni fa
Jay Howard one of the desinty child members
Shawny Emm
Shawny Emm 9 giorni fa
The smile #2 made when she accidentally called out who 😬
Khaliah Nelson
Khaliah Nelson 9 giorni fa
#3 seems like she can be friends with nique
Quala Ida
Quala Ida 9 giorni fa
I definitely got to try this😂
Aunya Resnover
Aunya Resnover 9 giorni fa
Close to the ending was too cute!!😭😍
Itsssdee 10 giorni fa
They was doin to much.!
MilliMilan 10 giorni fa
I️ wanna fight #4 😂😂😂 Ian like her energy towards yo dude
4 REAL WOMEN 10 giorni fa
what happened to baked mac and cheese . box is going to taste the same
D'Ayana Hawkins
D'Ayana Hawkins 10 giorni fa
I actually enjoy seeing how secure Nique is in her relationship throughout these videos. I know that myself personally I’m not secure in anyway, but it’s something I aspire to be. Something I plan to work on with myself. I want to be a stronger person. I applaud you sis! Go Nique!!! 🙌🏾❤️
Vincent Wade
Vincent Wade 10 giorni fa
You can tell her ass like king big haed ass
Vincent Wade
Vincent Wade 10 giorni fa
I mean big head
Miracle Daniels
Miracle Daniels 10 giorni fa
Antevia Hendricks
Antevia Hendricks 11 giorni fa
It’s good to see some different and not the same challenges everybody else does Nique be coming up with some stuff she original and I admire for still being professional because she knows can’t no other take her place.
Danielle Love
Danielle Love 11 giorni fa
#2 was doing WAYYY to much talking. Almost ruining each challenge. The whole point is to be silent so he doesn’t know which side you’re on so she can see if her man knows her! Lol I would’ve literally been like GIRL SHUT UP OR LEAVE!!! 😂😂😂😂 and let Nique ask if the head massage feels good! Why does she need to know! 😂😂😂😂
it'sok2b YOURSELF
it'sok2b YOURSELF 11 giorni fa
Ok we get it. #4 is perceived badly by majority of the people who comment. 4,000 people doesn’t need to say the same thing. If nothing nice is to be said then stop speaking on it. It’s like you stealing from the store. Ok, you’re a thief. 5 people said it... now 10... now thousands?! Like damn ok I get it. Watch what you all say and how you go about it. It’s unhealthy. And if u ask me, her behavior was acceptable. She was just being her. When a girl is carefree and confident and is herself she’s this and that. Like no, she’s just being her. I love it actually!
Jazmine Smothers
Jazmine Smothers 11 giorni fa
How does nique get jealous
Jazmine Smothers
Jazmine Smothers 11 giorni fa
Number 4 was flirting
destiny scott
destiny scott 11 giorni fa
it's crazy how fast Nique & King clicked when they started dancing. He knew it was his baby as soon a they touched.
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