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Nonstop 80s Greatest Hits - Classic Love Songs of The 80s - Best Love Songs 80's

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Juggalo fLip
Juggalo fLip 10 ore fa
sorry but i see tape face at the beginging
Yeydr Erwet
Yeydr Erwet Giorno fa
Greatest lovesongs is d best for ME 4ever. Endless love emmmm
San Pelosi
San Pelosi 2 giorni fa
thank you!!! since last year i've been searching and trying to remember which song is that: '1:31:11 You're the Inspiration - Peter Cetera'
Lincoln Castro Arquiteto e Urbanista
Very good this hits! Good times. ..I love it
Dennis Gemburgs
Dennis Gemburgs 3 giorni fa
Classic Love Songs of The 199th Decade
川村悟美 8 giorni fa
最高です。80年代の名曲、私の好きのばかりで感激です。 ありがとうございます❗ 懐かし過ぎて、あの頃思い出しました。
craigslistrr O
craigslistrr O 8 giorni fa
Lost my virginity to Air supply.. Couldn't have asked for a better musical experience during it.
Benjie Faciol
Benjie Faciol 10 giorni fa
wow swet songs pang patulog sa tanghali
Hopeless Romantic Lady
Susan Meadows
Susan Meadows 11 giorni fa
Loneliness brought me here, jk, but seriously, I am lonely ...
Susan Meadows
Susan Meadows 11 giorni fa
O man this is a good list!
Rocío Román
Rocío Román 13 giorni fa
Hermosas canciones 💞🌸😍
James Cullen
James Cullen 14 giorni fa
Fuck love songs let’s stop the Muslim invasion,if we don’t you won’t her these songs ever again,🙏🏻🙏🏻🏥🏥🕍🕍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 🐖🐖🐖🕋🐖🐖🐖
PattyLove8888 16 giorni fa
JColt 19 giorni fa
A couple days ago I listened a song I can't remember at all, not even a single part.. but the thing that kills me the most is that I actually know the song, I've heard it before and I like it a lot, but It seems I completely forgot it... came here expecting to hear it, but no luck tonight.. :(
Susan Meadows
Susan Meadows 11 giorni fa
Haha lol, me too! Weird & funny.
Violet Suttle
Violet Suttle 19 giorni fa
I love the 80s i still play to this day
Lady Jay
Lady Jay 21 giorno fa
Love - Love- Your Play List ;-) I am a 64 yr old lady and these are my treasure of music. They are from my younger years...With tears steaming down my face.. a Big Thank You.
Marcela Brandstatter
Wow...just love it, THANK YOU
Nelsi Diaz
Nelsi Diaz 24 giorni fa
good music
Delbert Peña
Delbert Peña 24 giorni fa
ganda nmn nakka relax pakingan... from Quezon prov. ATIMONAN
med amine
med amine 26 giorni fa
beatiful love song of the 80s -s
Yaa Hoo
Yaa Hoo 27 giorni fa
I am still single but listening this kind of songs I can feel what is love..
andrea ferrer
andrea ferrer 28 giorni fa
Amazing selection.
Eric Thomas.
Eric Thomas. 29 giorni fa
I Like 80's Love Songs
Lupe Zuniga
Lupe Zuniga 19 giorni fa
👍 Lionel Richie is the man listen to that kind of music put you in a different world
Kgaugelo Choshi
Proud to be born 80s when music was at its best never and never again will music be perfect like this ohhh it's so powerful when your are down just play this and u are lifted
Buckaroo Banzai
you cunts realy are fucked.came er3 for nice./just noticed the dusty,.,trainz
Austin Wagnon
Thank you all 4 the likes and comments it really helps just comment if you want more songs or videos the more comment I get the more videos I post
Beautiful love songs
Taklob Mese fa
love hurts badly
My endless Love it's my song for my husband I love you you so much
Cuddlebuddes DeRitter
People stop saying this is clickbait if you don't like all the ads get ad blocker on the computer or get ITvid plus, it is more than an hour long it is gonna have a lot of ads so calm down
Vania Eterovic
My endless love was in the soundtrack of the this movie with Brooke Shields. I remember my friends and I going to matinee to see it after school. Our parents didn’t approve of the movie. True story, our moms were at the cinema too. We had to crawled out before the movie was over. Pueblo chico, infierno grande. I am 51 years old and I am still to confess to my mom.
Yeydr Erwet
Yeydr Erwet Giorno fa
Vania Eterovic yes....i rember that movie 3pm..we keep going outside in the schools to wacth tv near on the shool.. our teacher kills us hhh
Vania Eterovic
Class 85 present. Proudest mom of a 32, 30, and 17 year old boys. Oldest boys done with their masters degree, so proud of you guys . Little one heading to UT, Austin. And they are 80s babies, the little one was born 2001, unplanned blessing from God. And 80s is their passion. They know it!!!!
cleonice alves santana nice
Como não lembrar dos bons tempos
Lucas M
Lucas M 11 ore fa
cleonice alves santana nice USA 🇺🇸🏆❤️
2017-2018'Charle Weeb brown 2017-2018 シャルル・ブラウン
TO anybody singing Gucci gang F off this is better music
salt 2!
salt 2! 22 giorni fa
Cuddlebuddes DeRitter
Tobyguy22 Mese fa
80’s music is soooo good
Jana Jackson
Jana Jackson Mese fa
Pinky Moon
Pinky Moon Mese fa
Kayla Lortie
Kayla Lortie Mese fa
harry potter like 80 song
Felicita Velez
I'm in love with my friend 😍😔he dosen't know it🙁
BrisMetalChic29 26 giorni fa
Ok I completely understand how you want to help him and not mess his recovery and sobriety again with it, from a woman’s perspective though give it a shot and tell him how you feel, be honest, he’s already mentioned maybe in the future about a relationship with you if God wants it to be, that to me feels like he’s continue with you, he seems to be crushing on and you’re crushing on him. Don’t wait to see what if, you may not ever get the chance. Fates a funny thing, but I say at least let him know, if not you’ll always be wondering what if? Maybe? Have regrets, no one knows the future but life is short sometimes too short for some. I’m 37 now and just saying don’t wait until it’s too late because I know for me I never got that chance again. Life and love, relationships are funny things. Even if the timing might be off at least he knows. If you are great friends it shouldn’t compromise the friendship. All the best and good luck. PS thumbs up on your sobriety. I wish you both well in life.
Cuddlebuddes DeRitter
+Felicita Velez Praise the Lord! You are doing amazing! This is what all ITvid comment sections should be like.
Cuddlebuddes DeRitter
Someone on another yt video told me to tell him and I did and he liked me back, just go for it and if you fail you know you tried and you expressed your feelings, just don't wait to long. If he likes you back then that is amazing God Bless you.
sunset scenes
Go for it girl....take a chance
Felicita Velez
Hes a guy in recovery and had almost 8 years in recovery then relapsed by smoking weed a few weeks ago, so I don't want to distract him on focusing on his self, I myself just celebrated 2 years of sobriety, the physical and emotional attraction is definitely there, but he and I both decided to stay FRIENDS and he said who knows, maybe in the future if God wants us together then so it be,but me right now I feel like HE is the man I'm meant to be with..I can't get this man out of my thoughts 😇🤔
JT SmoovBoy Thomas
All this special love wrapped up in songs.Love is amazing.Its the light that leads the way through all things.And these songs are here to remind me of that feeling.Even if it lost.2018 for better days.
Pause Master
Pause Master Mese fa
Nice Memories
Dean Reynolds
Brilliant nothing else to say thank you
albert halup
albert halup Mese fa
i love it
J B Mese fa
Stoyan 2 mesi fa
The music died at the moment ..no melodic songs ...nothing..the music was NOT died between 1950-1990..after this period all over.RIP.
Aron Chavez
Aron Chavez 2 mesi fa
Buga bunga
Dmitri Tchoulanov
Ronel laynes
Ronel laynes 2 mesi fa
ang ganda nman
Eli Linda baby
Eli Linda baby 2 mesi fa
Beautiful songs. I remember those days.
A Mc
A Mc 2 mesi fa
Oops!!! Not for me
Grace Hemor
Grace Hemor 2 mesi fa
Nakakaaliw makinig ng maggandang music yung hinde pasigaw😍😍😍
Rachel Kennedy
Rachel Kennedy 2 mesi fa
This is the best awwwwwww
Madeleine Silva
Madeleine Silva 2 mesi fa
I love you babe.
Graham T
Graham T 2 mesi fa
Kicking back listening to 80’s music brings back so many memories (Good & Bad) lol I loved the 80’s 💖💕💖
SCRAPPY LOCC 2 mesi fa
Graham T yes had some great times and some bad ones
Johnny Escamilla
Love these songs, yes it does bring back memories of Jr. high school and high school. Class of 87'. I was blessed enough to attend our 30 year high school reunion last year.
sunset scenes
sunset scenes 21 giorno fa
This music reminds me of my young, young, days. I was 9 in the 1980s...but I love this music.....
Erwin Vale
Erwin Vale 2 mesi fa
The best song
patricia van dooren
Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon. if i'm honest i think the verion of Cory Monteith(Finn Hudson of Glee) better. i'm sorry for the fans of Reo Speedwagon. it's my opinion. RIP Cory:,(
Ms Cherry
Ms Cherry 2 mesi fa
Nonstop 80s Greatest Hits - Classic Love Songs of The 80s - Best Love Songs 80's
david koc
david koc 2 mesi fa
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 2 mesi fa
Wow ,that's exactly what I'm talking about, real music .totally in love with it .
Nene Brillantes
Nene Brillantes 2 mesi fa
take back the good old days....
David Johnston
David Johnston 2 mesi fa
Nice to live in those days I miss them . We're great times I was a teenager so many yrs ago !
Ian Kerr
Ian Kerr 2 mesi fa
ant man
ant man 2 mesi fa
great tunes takes me back brill thanks for uploading
Ana Himcapie
Ana Himcapie 2 mesi fa
This song
Aurora Martinez
Aurora Martinez 2 mesi fa
My endless love roberto mendoza yocupicio. Love you baby. I ll be a fool for you.
Lee 2 mesi fa
Hey baby___guess what___i love you!!!!!!!!!
Lee 2 mesi fa
I think everything is better!!!!! Love you!!
YaBoiRaven V.
YaBoiRaven V. 2 mesi fa
I mean, it kinda does stop
Rose Kazmerski
Rose Kazmerski 2 mesi fa
I love the classic ' 80s 30 super Hits Love Hits
Subhomoy Mukherjee
Let me put it this way...... do you love non-stop ads? Then go ahead and listen, may be even subscribe. Otherwise stay away from this murk!!
Annemarie Dolan
Annemarie Dolan 2 mesi fa
I Love 80s
Lee 3 mesi fa
Baby your my ispiration!!!!!
Lee 3 mesi fa
Hello you are who i am looking for!!!
Kenneth Stone
Kenneth Stone 9 giorni fa
Lee you r wonderfully my choice of music as i.am a rock and roller and also love the old rock and roll love song which I do for the o ld folks homes bring back the good days xxx
Susan Meadows
Susan Meadows 11 giorni fa
Lee 3 mesi fa
Hey i hear your phone. I think someone is calling to say they love you!!
erwin cantar
erwin cantar 24 giorni fa
No she is offered for divorce 😆
Lee 2 mesi fa
I love youu!!
Lee 3 mesi fa
Im so lost in love!!
Pat 3 mesi fa
I would love this and subscribe if I loved advertisements. Especially in the middle of a song. so no thank you. clickbait
Mike Den Dooven
Mike Den Dooven 3 mesi fa
Be prepared to hear ads during each song
#MSC-is My Life
#MSC-is My Life 3 mesi fa
To many commercials
Alan Finn
Alan Finn 4 giorni fa
MSC-is My Life, Download Add Blocker its very good!!!!!!
Junior Bauer
Junior Bauer 27 giorni fa
AdBlock sent a kiss
lediag Z life
lediag Z life 3 mesi fa
Some one can put the name of the all songs here
ZeldaFan 123
ZeldaFan 123 3 mesi fa
This is great just wish there wasn’t so many advertisements.
Birdie Golden
Birdie Golden 3 mesi fa
4 minute commercials? Fuck that, I don't like the 80;s that much.
Raine Nitta
Raine Nitta 3 mesi fa
The best love !
Rapture Ready
Rapture Ready 3 mesi fa
CLICKBAIT....Dont listen to it, you'll be annoyed! Every song has at least a 4 minute AD.....How is that " NONSTOP 80's Greatest Hits"?
crack shot
crack shot Mese fa
just click the time listing next to the song title and listen to the song.
Manuel Martinez O
i like 80 música too
Mel Brook
Mel Brook 3 mesi fa
There is a man I have always loved... James. Tesco James in Salisbury. I am Melanie Jayne and I have been trying so hard to not be in love with Jamie but I'm still do curious. Most of these songs we have slow danced to. And he's taken me travelling all round Europe... Constantinople! Italy to the fountain. And Cycling about New York City... I am dying of the big C and I can't leave without admitting it. I love you Jamie heart and soul ~~~Melanie Jayne of Salisbury (+ previously Bradley Northamptonshire) please come and find me my darling I am sorry...
Susan Meadows
Susan Meadows 11 giorni fa
💓from me<<<<<to you
Gia V
Gia V 3 mesi fa
loves80stunes 3 mesi fa
listening to this as we celebrate our anniversary today (married in the 80s's)...some great picks!
Anthony Varwig
Anthony Varwig 3 mesi fa
To many commercials
Eliete Vasconcelos
Muito bom voltar ao tempo da boa música😍🎼🎶
Narelle Diedricks
Dwight Affleck
Dwight Affleck 3 mesi fa
Love it!! Well done!
Pennyvb Sizemore
No no
sage lou
sage lou 4 mesi fa
you guys shouldve done time after time by cyndi lauper
Melbourne Freaks
My headphone did survived it, but when I scale the volume up or down, I hear like 'tick' noise, anyway this is awesome.
Maegan Byerley
Maegan Byerley 4 mesi fa
Endless Love was my parents wedding song..however they divorced about 3 weeks after my 15th birthday in 2001. My husband's ring tone when he calls me is Faithfully.
The Great Calvero
0:00 Endless Love - Ritchie / Ross 4:27 I Wanna Know What Love Is - Foreigner 9:35 Faithfully - Journey 13:59 Lost in Love - Air Supply 17:51 I Just Called to Say I Love you - Stevie Wonder 22:10 Crazy for You - Madonna 26:14 Hello - Lionel Ritchie 30:23 Glory of Love - Peter Cetera 34:47 Knew You were Waiting - Franklin / Michael 38:48 You Give Good Love - Whitney Houston 43:24 Suddenly - Billy Ocean 47:15 Groovy Kind of Love - Phil Collins 50:43 Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker 54:38 Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon 59:23 Even the Nights Are Better - Air Supply 1:03:21 I Would Die 4U - Prince 1:06:19 Drive - Cars 1:10:14 Heaven - Bryan Adams 1:14:23 I had the Time of my Life - Medley / Warnes 1:19:09 I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson 1:23:22 You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall and Oats 1:27:29 Your Love is King - Sade 1:31:11 You're the Inspiration - Peter Cetera 1:35:00 Power of Love - Huey Lewis 1:38:52 I've Been Waiting for a Girl Like You - Foreigner 1:43:40 Caribbean Queen (Extended) - Billy Ocean 1:51:36 Baby Come to Me - Ingram / Austin 1:55:12 Every Woman in the World - Air Supply 1:58:43 I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters 2:02:33 Eternal Flame - Bangles
Rudiliza Oral
Rudiliza Oral 23 giorni fa
Very much appreciated, thank you😊
i candy
i candy Mese fa
The Great Calvero Thank you so much!💕
Liz H
Liz H Mese fa
Thanks again 💖💖
syarmhasfa Mese fa
tq bro
amor Hamoudi
amor Hamoudi 4 mesi fa
Trop long pour une compilation,on s en lasse vite sinon il y a de très bon morceau....
Liezl-Mari van Rensburg
Superrrr indeed ☝🏻️😙🍯💛🎺👣🐾💧💦🌊🌍🌏🌎🌜🌞💙💚💛💘💟🌠🎆🎆🌌🌈 Ifaaaaaankuuuuuuuusoooovvvmuccch4yourrrLight&Loooove
Sophie Navarro
Sophie Navarro 2 mesi fa
I love the 80s brings me back old days
Mari Moore
Mari Moore 3 mesi fa
Great name !
fran oseguera
fran oseguera 4 mesi fa
Please what is the name of first song , i am 23 years i love classic music
Sergio Jasso
Sergio Jasso 4 mesi fa
Endless love
Lynne Steinmann
Lynne Steinmann 4 mesi fa
Lionel Ritchie + Diana Ross = Endless Love
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 4 mesi fa
Prossimi video