Novak Djokovic vs Aleksandar Kovacevic - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2023 

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Novak Djokovic vs Aleksandar Kovacevic - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2023. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Novak Djokovic and Aleksandar Kovacevic at #RolandGarros 2023. Novak Djokovic won 6/3 6/2 7/6.
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Roland-Garros 2023: from 22 May to 11 June.


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28 mag 2023




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Sleeky Okwechime
What a moment for Kovacevic, playing your idol you took a picture as a seven year old kid with at USO in 2005. What a moment
Saitama 4 mesi fa
i dont think much people idolized 2005 novak
Rakshit kumar
Rakshit kumar 4 mesi fa
@Saitama many players do not consider Novak as an idol don't know why
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros
​@Saitama Kovacevic did though
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros
​@Rakshit kumar Marketing forced Fedal down their throats, the Next Next Gen is really the first generation that got exposed to Nole as a star, and even they will acknowledge him only if their sponsors let them (Tsitsipas called him the best player to ever hold a racquet in AO 2023, but backtracked those comments a few weeks ago to follow Rolex' demands of hyping up Fedal).
MrTresto 4 mesi fa
@Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros to most people, Federer and Nadal are more fun to watch play than Djokovic. I respect Djokovic's skill and toughness VERY MUCH and he is an incredibly strong player, maybe the strongest ever... But as a spectator I just don't like watching him as much, and a lot of people share this preference for a less machine-like play style.
Stephen Nicewarner
Very promising first round. This is the best energy Djokovic has had all clay season. He knows how to bring his best to the slams.
Sharad Gill
Sharad Gill 4 mesi fa
ML Update
ML Update 4 mesi fa
Djoković has been always a different kind of beast when it comes to grand slams, IDEMO NOLE KRALJU TENISA ! 💪🎾🇷🇸♥️
cao quốc sự
cao quốc sự 4 mesi fa
Djokovic dog😂
Yousef Manna
Yousef Manna 4 mesi fa
Great performance from Novak. Like he said, Grand Slams are a different sport 😎
Sunflowers of inferno
Novak didn't play well here, just offensive. Fucsovics will be a different beast
Sead Kurbasic
Sead Kurbasic 4 mesi fa
​@Sunflowers of inferno Like before.Easy.
Duncan 4 mesi fa
Yes he beat a guy no one has ever heard of what a performance
hamza benjilany
hamza benjilany 4 mesi fa
​@Sunflowers of inferno so sad 😂😂
Sead Kurbasic
Sead Kurbasic 4 mesi fa
@Duncan Jealousy is the miracle of nature😀😀😀😀
36 years old ? this guy is not normal the control from the baseline and the movement wow stunning
Tushar Srivastava
Oh my god that return on 6-1 in the tiebreak was insane
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez 4 mesi fa
He probably got lessons from Monica Seles.
Ameel Dezi
Ameel Dezi 4 mesi fa
Novak gives me immense pleasure each time he wins it....I just want to see him succeed more.... Good start
Jasos lty
Jasos lty 3 mesi fa
A bit sus
David Kennerley
David Kennerley 4 mesi fa
Djokovic only truly plays at 100% at grand slams these days- hes definitely still the favourite for me
Tell the Story Photography - Theresa Skutt
Playing the odds for the points is smart!
Joseph D T
Joseph D T 4 mesi fa
Undisputed GOAT on his route to 3rd career grand slam.
Lukerne 4 mesi fa
Alcaraz exist
John Proton
John Proton 4 mesi fa
Disputed. On his way to a humbling by one of the new gen.
Julio Vallejo
Julio Vallejo 4 mesi fa
​@John Proton undisputed. Any of the new gen has a lot to achieve during the next 10-15 years to be compared with Djokovic
Luis B
Luis B 4 mesi fa
@John Proton no, undisputed
Sppecials 4 mesi fa
@Lukerne Alcaraz not needed, simple Rune is enough.
Matt Clark
Matt Clark 4 mesi fa
So nice to see Kovacevic competing at the Grand Slam level! I always loved his game in college.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Adaptability and mental superiolity to any opponent and mentally what a champions👑❤🎾🔥👏
Mark I
Mark I 4 mesi fa
As a Rafa fan I want nole to win this year he deserves more than anyone 🤞
Besideyou C.
Besideyou C. 4 mesi fa
He's holding the legacy of the Big-3 in this RG 2023. Nole will HOLD the history and renown of the legendary trio UP HIGH for the last time at this Slam.
shock em
shock em 4 mesi fa
NateDG 3 mesi fa
@Besideyou C. Yeah, he might finally get a Calendar slam. If he gets this the I’m 75% sure he will.
Vijayendran Vijay
Novak is definitely winning french open this year. I dare anyone stop Novak winning french open 2023
Matt Rosenbaum
Matt Rosenbaum 4 mesi fa
For all of Novak’s temper sometimes, I always loved how nice he is at the end of a match to his opponent (and even when he loses he is just as gracious). Honestly, a lot more so than Federer was. Not a knock on Roger so much as admiration for Novak’s sportsmanship.
EuneAdventure 4 mesi fa
just like football,tennis can provoke much anger during play,he has to learn to at least control that a little...
puremaze 4 mesi fa
You know who else does that really well? Sociopaths...They have multiple personalities in reserve so they appear perfectly humble and neutral at the net but fericous during the match. If it is too neutral I don't trust it usually.
Kartikey Pandey
Kartikey Pandey 4 mesi fa
@puremaze Such a happy life you must be having to call someone sociopath with being there psychiatrist.
HKM 4 mesi fa
Good support from the crowd for their 2-time champion ❤
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
He always plays better at Slams! 🎉❤
Sppecials 4 mesi fa
He always play better when play mr.nobodies. And then Rune or whoever comes along.
Dodong Xtian
Dodong Xtian 3 mesi fa
@Sppecials say whuuuuut
Sppecials 3 mesi fa
​@Dodong Xtian yeah who would have guessed he was going to win RG after all those miserable appearances on clay courts prior to the slam.
Dodong Xtian
Dodong Xtian 3 mesi fa
@Sppecials he's been doin that his whole life watchu talkin about? He only gives his 100% at the slams. Tell me you a casual without tellin me you a casual
Sppecials 3 mesi fa
@Dodong Xtian he's been doin what?
Interstellar 4 mesi fa
The 3rd set was a chance for Aleksandar. He could turn the tide and reach 4th or 5th. He’s got big potential. Great game for both!
Angela Tanurdzic
Well done Novak 👏🎾❤️
Moorish Brooklyn
A good full circle story for Aleksandar. A warm up game for Novak.
Shadow 123
Shadow 123 4 mesi fa
Idemooo legendo!!! 🎾🏆🇷🇸
Teddy 4 mesi fa
Absolutely clinical from Djokovic. What a way to win it too. I really want him to win this but with Alcaraz around, along with any crazy wild card out there, it’s tough to say. For now though, great job
O ESP 4 mesi fa
Noval will end his career as the undisputed G.O.A.T. He has the chance for a 3rd career grand slam and a record 23rd slam. Already won all Masters 1000 at least twice and a record 38. Already hold the record for most weeks at no.1 and year-end no.1 ranking. Has the chance to win a record 7th ATP final. Roger is out of the picture. Nadal is nearing the end as well. Next-gen aren't that consistent in winning. Djokovic isn't slowing down and could still be a strong contender for the next 2-3 years. Not sure if he can break Connors record 109 titles but at 93, he sure will reach the hundred mark or at least overtake Roger's 103. Just an amazing athlete.
Kyla. S
Kyla. S 4 mesi fa
Next gen aren't that consistent in winning? I think Alcaraz would have something to say about that lol.
O ESP 4 mesi fa
@Kyla. S is it that same Alcaraz who got beaten by a player ranked outside 100 in Rome just weeks ago?
Kyla. S
Kyla. S 4 mesi fa
@O ESP Wait til he faces Rune lmao
O ESP 4 mesi fa
@Kyla. S only if Rune can improve from last year's Q'final finish. He's on the bottom half of the draw. You can name any other player not Roger or Rafa. No one can compare to Novak's resume. And he's not done yet. That's the whole point of what I posted above.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 4 mesi fa
bravo novak step by step.. brilliant first two sets
Deepak Raj Ojha
Deepak Raj Ojha 4 mesi fa
since his era began in 2011 Djokovic(22)=Federer(4)+Nadal(13) +Murray(3)+cilic(1) +thiem (1). Champion of champions.
chandru vellaiyan
chandru vellaiyan
Srbenda126 4 mesi fa
@chandru vellaiyan Wawrinka
chandru vellaiyan
You are right
Leo Smileater
Leo Smileater 4 mesi fa
Well, he has a GS title from 2008, but I get your point, Novak’s dominance is just out of this world!
Kalinka Ruseva
Kalinka Ruseva 4 mesi fa
Страхотен Джокович❤🎉🎉
Greg B
Greg B 4 mesi fa
Novak, you are an amazing player. I hope you win the Roland Garros tournament. You deserve another win.
Michael Sienkiewicz
Cant wait to see top-form Novak against Rune and Carlos in the coming years
Sead Kurbasic
Sead Kurbasic 4 mesi fa
We'll see in Wimbledon.
Abe Guy
Abe Guy 4 mesi fa
Won't happen at rg this year
Sead Kurbasic
Sead Kurbasic 4 mesi fa
@Abe Guy you are wizard and know what should happen?
Abe Guy
Abe Guy 4 mesi fa
@Sead Kurbasic Nah.. just a hunch one of these guys won't reach semi.. When matches are too overhyped, they rarely happen. Look no fed Nadal match at uso... Wimbledon we got a semi after a long gap.. So my gut says one of these guys will lose before semis.. However it would be a great match if that happens
Crypto King
Crypto King 4 mesi fa
​@Sead Kurbasic Hes a warclock
Paglia444 4 mesi fa
0:44 the ball placement on this point is fantastic. as the point continues, Novak's precision gets better and better.
Rosalea Corle
Rosalea Corle 4 mesi fa
Glad that Novak won his match today. He is a great player and the best. I enjoy his matches. Novak will always be number 1 in my opinion.
Heavy Topspin
Heavy Topspin 4 mesi fa
Interesting contrast between the first matches of Nole and Alcaraz. Carlitos was breaking out all the inhuman shots (seriously, around the post from 5 feet past the net???) while Djokovic simply played his regular game at about half-intensity until the final tiebreak.
writer684 4 mesi fa
This was a very good exercise just what he needed to start feeling it 3 sets then another 3-4 sets and he will be good (Tennis GOD).
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit 4 mesi fa
Hope Djoko💚 can sort out the eye irritation problem...must be the clay dust from the wind on his contact lenses. ⭐Lets take it match by match. 🏆
Sarah B.
Sarah B. 4 mesi fa
Superb Serb!! 😊🎾 ❤️ what a Hero this man is in more than 1 way! We love you Novak!! ❤️
Alan Costa
Alan Costa 4 mesi fa
The main problem for Djokovic since Dubai final is the unforced errors when he was serving for the match that game was a nightmare so it's something still problematic and still on.
Vele Korunoski
Vele Korunoski 4 mesi fa
Novak needs to convert those break point chances. 2-0 in sets, 2-0 Ad-40 in the 3rd, costed him a few more games in the end, because there was wind at 5-4 he needed an extra game to pick up the rhythm on the serve back. Missed chances make this sort of trouble, but as the tournament goes on he'll improve there's no doubt about that. 👍😊
puremaze 4 mesi fa
Those are the predicted match ups from R32 to the final as of now: R32 - Friday 🥎Alcaraz - Shapovalov 🥎Musetti/Shevchenko - Norrie 🥎Fognini - Korda 🥎Schwarzman - Tsitsipas 🥎Djokovic - Davidovich Fokina 🥎Bautista Agut - Griekspoor/Hurkazc 🥎Kachanov - Wawrinka 🥎Sonego - Rublev R32 - Saturday: 🥎Rune - Kecmanovic 🥎Cerundolo - Fritz 🥎Paul/Jarry - Struff 🥎Zhang - Ruud 🥎Sinner - Dimitrov 🥎Zverev - Tiafoe 🥎Coric/ Cachin - Etcheverry/De Minaur 🥎Nishioka - Medvedev R16 - Sunday 🥎Alcaraz - Musetti /Shevchenko/Norrie 🥎FAA - Tsitsipas 🥎Djokovic - Bautista Agut/Griekspoor 🥎Kachanov/Wawrinka - Rublev R16 - Monday: 🥎Rune - Cerundolo/ Fritz 🥎Struff/Jarry - Ruud 🥎Sinner - Zverev 🥎Coric/Cachin/ Etcheverry/De Minaur - Medvedev QF - Tuesday 🥎Alcaraz - Tsitsipas 🥎Djokovic - Rublev QF - Wednesday: 🥎Rune - Struff/Jarry/Ruud 🥎Sinner/Zverev - Medvedev SF- Friday 🥎Alcaraz - Djokovic/Rublev 🥎Rune - Sinner/Zverev/Medvedev Final - Sunday 🥎Alcaraz/Djokovic - Rune/Sinner/Zverev
littlelogan0000 4 mesi fa
I got to watch Kovacevic play at U of I a couple of times when I was in high school. Loved his game.
Djokovic hitting out a bit more than usual here, and in the first round, too. Without Nadal, Djokovic and Alcaraz just need to get it on, and the other 126 players can go home.
Vele Korunoski
Vele Korunoski 4 mesi fa
Shame that they are drawn to play h2h in the semis instead of the final. I'm hoping for a USO Final between Nole & Carlos, with Nole winning.
Pablo Ardèvol
Pablo Ardèvol 4 mesi fa
not a single point from kovacevic? in a 3 set match and forcing a tiebreak in the last one? roland garros highlights are always on point lol
Black Juice
Black Juice 4 mesi fa
exactly what i was saying! i was looking to see a one hand backhand winner!
the intentionalist
Nole's backand has more air to it and he's looking to be aggressive. He just turns it on for the slams.
Mira 4 mesi fa
NOLE ti si sve nase ponos heroj srce i sretnismo stote imamo puno srece tebi i tvojoj fsmiliji 🤴🤴🤴❤️❤️❤️
sadafana iqra
sadafana iqra 4 mesi fa
Super game great champion.what a tiebreak.
UBONG UMOREN 4 mesi fa
Surprised he lost an opportunity to win the game leading 5-4 and serving for the match in the third round. Great game Novak Goatkovic
t lyrics
t lyrics 4 mesi fa
That last point was brutal!
Wassila Fritschy
Ça y est djokovic est rentré dans le tournoi ❤🎾👏👏👏👏
henrylove 4 mesi fa
One-handed backhand always get picked on. As seen in the highlights, whenever Djokovic wanted an easy shot, he just looped a high ball to Kovacevic's backhand.
J. M.
J. M. 4 mesi fa
Djokovic lost to 5 different players at Roland Garros in the last 12 years. One of them was Nadal, the other four players were one-handers.
Tafsir Rashid
Tafsir Rashid 4 mesi fa
He never lose my man 100 percent athlet not just a player he plays this and tv wins all match
Stefan Vuckovic
Stefan Vuckovic 4 mesi fa
When it matters he find his best tennis, good start. It will be very hard for someone to beat him.
Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus 4 mesi fa
+Stefan Vuckovic most people think Alcaraz is better but he's not... Djokovic will more likely than not beat him if they meet at any grand slam except US Open
311superfly 4 mesi fa
Very clinical experience. We try and we try and we try and we try 💖
vectorthurm 4 mesi fa
Novak, Roger, Rafa…Carlos is new pup on the horizon. I want to see these two meet! Novak vs Carlos would be huge!!!!!!
Wiggi 4 mesi fa
I once heard Kovacevic say "I'm so bad at tennis!" and "I hate tennis" during a college match. For a bad player who hates it he looks pretty good.
Sandeep G
Sandeep G 4 mesi fa
The reverberated call from the umpire Rrrrrrrrrrafael Nadal! Who's missing this in Paris? 💔
Rakesh Kumar Pal
Novak is the greatest player even on clay also.. He destroyed his opponent so easily..😊😊
Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus 4 mesi fa
+Rakesh Kumar Pal excuse me? Clay Nadal is by far the greatest player of all time, only rivaled by peak Federer on his best surfaces
G S 4 mesi fa
Sharpe tennis from Djoko
P K 4 mesi fa
As far as i'm concerned, this is Joker's tournament to lose. His level, his experience, his quality on this surface, he's just cruising and w/o Nadal he knows that he's pretty much better than everyone else.
P DL 4 mesi fa
Djokovic is moving noticably poorer than last year (mostly reflexes) but his shots are phenomenal. I still have Carlos as favourite, we'll see.
Maarten Mulder
Maarten Mulder 3 mesi fa
Djokovic complimented Kovacevic's heart
stephanie 4 mesi fa
He’s still got it 🎉
Ryan Mac Donnell
you'd think based off the highlights that the other player didn't win a point but fair play to novak he'll probably win it
Jacob Simonsen
Jacob Simonsen 4 mesi fa
Imagine a final between rune and djoko.
puremaze 4 mesi fa
Then we would be missing out on Alcaraz Rune or Alcaraz Sinner. More interesting to have next Gen in the later stages.
Jacob Simonsen
Jacob Simonsen 4 mesi fa
@puremaze Just referring to the history of Rune and Djoko. A 3. loss in a row for Djoko would hurt his legacy
Vele Korunoski
Vele Korunoski 4 mesi fa
​@Jacob Simonsen It will not happen. Djokovic will win their next meeting.
puremaze 4 mesi fa
@Jacob Simonsen It would be a second loss against Alcaraz would, too. Also Rune has an autonomy of 2,5 sets, I don't see him arriving in the final with enough physical reserves to worry Novak. Rune is only good in short formats.
Jacob Simonsen
Jacob Simonsen 4 mesi fa
@puremaze Rune reached quarters last year as a fraction of the player he is now
Shapur Sasan
Shapur Sasan 4 mesi fa
He made sure to give the youngster encouragement after the match!
Falling Stones
Falling Stones 4 mesi fa
Sublime 🤩
Brian Ng
Brian Ng 4 mesi fa
News flash, Aleksandar. This isn’t practice; you’re playing against the GOAT in a real match. 😐
Harald Schachinger
Always gracious in victory 😂
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley 4 mesi fa
Novak still looks a bit shaky, especially in that third set when things don’t go his way. I think he’s getting nervous way too often.
otsirhc 4 mesi fa
getting nervous by leading 2:0 in the first round of a Slam LOL its called "loosing focus" !!!
Delta keesei
Delta keesei 4 mesi fa
Djokovic should learn to master the forhand dropshoot, this is really easy, the important thing is that your hands are at shoulder level and push or thrust the racket forward, this is really easy, Alcaraz style, not only backhand dropshoot, for the current style, almost all tennis players understand Djokovic's style
Scissor Sharp
Scissor Sharp 4 mesi fa
Balan Dr
Balan Dr 4 mesi fa
Коvacevic a lucky fan of Djo who plays with him in GS.
Nisam pekmez
Nisam pekmez 4 mesi fa
Naši momci!❤❤❤
The ultimate warrior 🥷
Keep rolling 🇯🇵 ultimate warrior keep rolling!!! Vamos warrior & Cheers to the rising sun!!! 🐐🇯🇵🥷🎾 Grade: A+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Matthau San
Matthau San 4 mesi fa
Kovacevic needs to put his weight behind his shots a bit. Lack power but he has a good ball movement. I would have him watch Stan W's back hand.
Buenos Aires Street Art
Go Novak!
Cume 4 mesi fa
It looks like novak did all the points there... Non a single winning point from Kovacevic..
Ryan Vorster
Ryan Vorster 4 mesi fa
Please win Djokovic. After being banned from most grand slams for 2/3 years, it’s time to correct Nadal.
B_The_Lone_Wolf 4 mesi fa
Novak skills.
miganga77 4 mesi fa
Kova is really not ready to play a grand slam. Like he is on a training session or something.
Yogesh Gurjar
Yogesh Gurjar 4 mesi fa
Novak ❤
Dafne Briseño
Dafne Briseño 3 mesi fa
Una oración por El Estado de México. Por Alejandra Del Moral. Por el Partido Acción Nacional. (PAN)❤💎❤️
Bruno Costa
Bruno Costa 4 mesi fa
Srini Arivalagan
Novak moonballs very frequently in the last few matches, maybe hes not at his physical best at all.
potzysk2 4 mesi fa
It's a tactic to break the rythym of the opponent, or to give you time to get back to the center when you are out of position.
Srini Arivalagan
@potzysk2 Hi, completely agreed. It is that I've never seen Novak use that often.
Luca Antonelli
Luca Antonelli 4 mesi fa
Good talent
Vijayendran Vijay
Novak playing against a strong era player 😂😂.. Bravo nole😂😂
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 4 mesi fa
AAHHHHH 22 GRANDSLAMS and 387 weeks. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘😘
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 4 mesi fa
amazing how djokovic dominate prime nadal aand federer could not even dominate baby nadal....what a weak era champ🤣🤣🤣😘
Vijayendran Vijay
Even if I tell he is playing against a strong era player, u get triggered😂... So does that mean Novak is playing against a weak era player? 😂
Vijayendran Vijay
​@Travis Bickle 22 weakest era grand slams😂😂
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 4 mesi fa
@Vijayendran Vijay its funny, some tennis fans dont even knows the meaning from weak era champ and want hidden the reality...WEAK ERA champ means, a champion who only dominate weak opponents or immmature players like federer from 2004-10🤣🤣 I MEAN even as example when djokovic would dominate after the AO 2012 only weak players like bagdatis, gonzalez, beretini ect, was the period from AO 2011 until AO 2012 still stronger then from 2004-10😉😘 federer is only the wladimir klitschlo from tennis🤣
Call me S
Call me S 4 mesi fa
I miss the old Roland Garros intro song
Mango Shake 2021
The real ‘number one’
Dafne Briseño
Dafne Briseño 3 mesi fa
Una oración por mi hermano René Roux Briseño en la CDMX ❤️💎❤️
M Sem
M Sem 4 mesi fa
One down... ...six to go! 😉🤞
Xijing Cheng
Xijing Cheng 4 mesi fa
Can we have a 60fps video please?
asasfdasd sdasd
asasfdasd sdasd 4 mesi fa
I hope Roland Garros won't kick Djokovic out of the tournament because of what he wrote in the end of a match!!!!
potzysk2 4 mesi fa
What did he write?
potzysk2 4 mesi fa
@GutsKS The point is, keep politics out of tennis. Nadal would NEVER write "Catalonia Independence" on a camera. He's a respectful professional.
GutsKS 4 mesi fa
@potzysk2 Oh, you mean like the time when he didn't make comments about Novak's vaccination?
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 4 mesi fa
Stan vs Novak like in 2015- final, 2023 FO winner Stan in 4 sets!
The ultimate warrior 🥷
I guarantee 100% & confidence 🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer) the magician will lift up the Trophy 🏆 2023 🇫🇷 French open champion for the record 12th time in history & 24th major champion is still coming soon in advance 💪!!! Mark my word and Vamos Roger!!! Perfection and Cheers to the Swiss Maestro!!! 🇨🇭🏆🐐🎾
Helena Trela
Helena Trela 4 mesi fa
Idemoooo Nole 💓💪💪💪
Beach and Nature fan
Djokovic is relatively "undercooked" this season so he will probably not win the tournament.
natoskull2 4 mesi fa
Count him out at your own peril. 😉
Danko Trifkovic
Danko Trifkovic 4 mesi fa
This comment will aged very well 😂
Beach and Nature fan
@natoskull2 I am not a betting man, but if I was, I would absolutely bet that Djokovic is not winning the tournament this year. Too little tennis played, before this.
natoskull2 4 mesi fa
@Beach and Nature fan He has won Wimbledon and the AO without any previous tournament more than once... this won't be different from those ones.
Beach and Nature fan
@natoskull2 In a way, it is very different because clay is his weakest surface - even if Nadal is not there, he has to deal with Alcaraz, Rune, etc. all of whom can beat him on clay.
The ultimate warrior 🥷
🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) & 🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer) golden era of tennis & legend forever!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐🎾
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic 4 mesi fa
Things need to get much better
joca kenyeres
joca kenyeres 4 mesi fa
Against a serious opponent, it's not sure how good it will be...
Sally Le’Ang
Sally Le’Ang 4 mesi fa
If Swartzman had a one-hander
The ultimate warrior 🥷
Vamos FEDAL!!! Keep supporting 🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) & 🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer) & legend forever!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐🎾
Мария K
Мария K 4 mesi fa
Косово-это Сербия! 🇷🇺
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