Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar

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21 mag 2020




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Commenti 80
h3h3Productions 6 giorni fa
Watch Part 1: itvid.net/video/video-w3gXcIifc3o.html Watch Part 3: itvid.net/video/video-gF-XOv6ajyY.html
real hypedxc
real hypedxc 3 giorni fa
Remember that guy you defended and you just ignore him so stop using people for you can look good to save your ITvid career
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki 3 giorni fa
Ethan I'm no longer to be your fan because you talk about Etika and Keemstar
Adrian Lacey
Adrian Lacey 3 giorni fa
Mike Clark
Mike Clark 4 giorni fa
Man I want that hat where can I buy it?
BoltaSlo 4 giorni fa
Why keemstar isnt blocked yet.... he is poison
Valérie Hidalgo
Ethan, what you’re doing is gold
John RedWood
John RedWood 2 ore fa
I will always support H3H3. Doing good and speaking the truth.
Alexsandra Castella
Did he say garbitch?
T A 2 ore fa
Griffen Henry
Griffen Henry 2 ore fa
HoF video
Mario Fuertes
Mario Fuertes 2 ore fa
Keemstar and Jeffree Star should marry.
He doesn't even report news.
marshall jacobs
Reemstar: the youtube community is very unhappy with you ITvid community: we were talking to y.... fuck it, nevermind
Bold And Brash
Keemstar thinks daddyofive isnt child abuse. Just think about what kind of person that makes Keemstar.
Who were those guys trying to talk sense into keem?
grady b
grady b 3 ore fa
Petar Nikolaev
worst human being ever born !
Petar Nikolaev
If i swing at him IRL .. Dude there will not be left even blood on the floor left
Petar Nikolaev
10:56 .. Do you know that feeling when you see a bad person ?! .. Ironic
okay hello
okay hello 3 ore fa
Keemstar logic: daddy o five is good. But innocents are rapists?
Bri Y
Bri Y 3 ore fa
I haven't seen Tobuscus in years and he's fckn awesome I can't believe he targeted Toby
Lim Brady
Lim Brady 3 ore fa
I'm a fan of H3H3 but I think this more of a good old fashioned Douche off.
paco soto
paco soto 3 ore fa
Know that's my boy
Austin Willson
damn when ethan says he has friends too..... and tony came up 🥺🥺❤️
Nilh Reyam
Nilh Reyam 3 ore fa
This type of video is where Ethan shines!
Michael E.
Michael E. 4 ore fa
Every time I hear keem talk, I feel uncomfortable 😬
JustCallMeOhio 64
Does anyone want to do the research into Keemstar being a sociopath?
MARCI BØI 4 ore fa
I have never liked Keem he’s a asshole all around btw I haven’t seen one hate comment on this video
Noah Norris
Noah Norris 4 ore fa
This whole drama has just shown how shitty of people both of you guys are.
Samuel Fulkerson
Nobody: Keemstar: *GARBITCH*
Ben Millard
Ben Millard 4 ore fa
15 is still a minor you think that’s ok ???
Mike Zilla
Mike Zilla 2 ore fa
By my count Keemstar makes the pedo allegation to no fewer than five individuals during this series....so you should specify who you're talking about.
Ben Millard
Ben Millard 4 ore fa
Some good points but I still stand by keem you watch the bad out of place 3 seconds clips next time watch the good 3 second clips and you say he mocked you when you did it in this vid
Th3Gr8tOn3 4 ore fa
As always Keemstar defends himself with whataboutisms.
Terry Yawkee
Terry Yawkee 4 ore fa
I don't understand who genuinely enjoys Keemstar, like.... ever. lol. He's even been The N-Word guy for a while lmao
grelgen 4 ore fa
wtf even is gfuel?
David K
David K 4 ore fa
You do have a support system. You are a lovely guy Ethan. You spread joy and papa bless. I’ll never forget when you stuck up for Ken. You are justice. Hero
Unleash Fusion
gotta love my man banks❤️
Jill Donelson
Jill Donelson 5 ore fa
Someone give ethan a job at 20/20 please! Magnificent journalism!
Bryan Aguilera
I wasnt into drama until this
The Sign
The Sign 5 ore fa
dude i love you and your content but your not bringing up any actual points in this video. ( it is kinda funny though)
M J 5 ore fa
I know it's a weird take away, but this is the first time I've seen that clip of faze banks talking to keemstar and I used to be really down on him but now I really respect the dude?
Krameleon 5 ore fa
I don’t think bringing up a persons sponsors is necessarily a bad thing, if done in the right way. First off, attacking the sponsor directly isn’t something I’d do unless the sponsor directly made a comment that acknowledges some of the stuff the sponsee has said and states they continue to support him/her. However, I do believe it should be okay to point out a persons sponsors saying “this sponsor is supporting this content” especially if the creator of that content is malicious in some way. So for example, if someone says something out of character or a statement is taken out of context to make someone look bad, that’s not a reason to directly involve the sponsors. Especially if it’s apparent that the person in question isn’t actually a malicious or foul individual. However, in the instance of Keem, I truly believe Keem is a narcissistic psychopath/sociopath that intentionally causes mental strain on other individuals in order to generate “content”, and in the case of Keem, I think pointing out that the sponsors are still sponsoring him is okay.
ThatFagGuy Returns
I just dislike both of you guys, you both seam like cowardly squealers that try your best not to show your true colors just saying as an outsider
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose 6 ore fa
I can't believe that there are actually people that believe what this guy says and give him power
Stone S
Stone S 6 ore fa
16:20 "We'd never go after someone's sponsor, Frank! Are you crazy?! We're not all assholes like you are." *Always Sunny in Philadelphia into music plays* The screen goes to black and just says "The Gang Goes After Everyone's Sponsors"
Henrik Tafjord
Drama alert = better
M T 6 ore fa
You can make a "nuclear" video but the "nuclear" video about you gets taken down by ITvid. 🤔
Ruffus Goodman
So Ethan took Keemstar up, huh? How much for the tickets to see the showdown?
Freezie Pop
Freezie Pop 6 ore fa
Dude's just trying to spread shit. That's how he made his money so his word should have no real power.
M Ri
M Ri 6 ore fa
I mean I am rather uninformed about how far you can take your freedom of speech on YT..but why the fuck didn't anyone take legal actions against him? That's just pure defamation..at least where i live
Tha Waterman
Tha Waterman 6 ore fa
Notice how he defend the people that are legitimately guilty like daddyofive but puts down the mentally ill
Anthony Baltaoglu
H3 never misses ever
Zz 6 ore fa
People who do something they know is wrong often accuse other people of doing the same thing for example cheaters accuse others of cheating So keemstar seems to accuse a lot of people for being pedophiles
Kendall Kee
Kendall Kee 6 ore fa
What if life is a simulation
Lucy Luckern
Lucy Luckern 6 ore fa
tony is to be protected at all costs
savannah lutkus
Tony is the most wholesome man I have ever seen and I wish him the best.
Mathias Brennhaugen Eike
Unsubscribing. Make some actual content instead of milking this drama crap.
lil xero
lil xero 7 ore fa
Yo Ethan, I’ll slap this dude in real life. Team H3H3
paxriz 7 ore fa
I’m glad G Fuel is not sponsor him anymore.
7 ore fa
The more I spend time on social media (ITvid included) the less I have faith in humanity. Time to shut it off...
Jared Sylvia
Jared Sylvia 7 ore fa
this just made me love and respect FaZe Banks & h3h3 sooo much more !
Raven 7 ore fa
Sounded like keem said "garbitch" instead of garbage
Alana Bennett
Alana Bennett 7 ore fa
What the schoolyard bully looks like as an adult.
Phinball12 7 ore fa
I’m not a fan of either but Ethan does have a point
Raven 7 ore fa
Ethan, do you yourself understand that you are no longer a "content creator" on this site? You yourself steeped down to being nearly identical to Keem, with your podcasts, and lack any creativity in rare video you put out. You yourself a newsman now. And then, you talk about assassinating his character? like your edits and cuts, and constant repeating of the same statement in previous (and, I bet this and the next video) is not a character assassination?? Have you decided to grasp at any remaining of your dropping relevance (because of lack of CoNtEnt) by stirring that drama? It is shameful. That you, yourself hiding from criticism, shushing and silencing it, instead of facing and addressing it, have the audacity to act like some authority around here. And, no, your connection to Susan does not give you the right. I wonder, if you are so righteous, why would you sit silent, when questiones about Gokanaru arise? Where is your thick skin then, huh? You suffocating a clearly talented and passionate content creator. A fellow member of a community, and why? Because you can't look at yourself in the mirror? Life deals you different cards, and even if some things are harsh for yourself (perhaps in personal life) that still does not give you a right to lash onto other. Oh, and f Keemstar, he is a different kind of idiot. But you taking a high stance, when you yourself is dirty, just looks ridiculous. Two idiots going at it. jfc what has this platform become.
Alexis Walker
Alexis Walker 7 ore fa
I feel so bad for Keems kids. I never knew he had them, but wow. A father who doesn’t think mental illnesses are real and doesn’t think daddyofive was abusive... I don’t want to know how Keem punishes his children
Samuel Medina
Samuel Medina 7 ore fa
Why is dude still on the ITvid platform?
StageSiN 8 ore fa
i feel like keem and h3 doing this for views
mozis O'Dell
mozis O'Dell 8 ore fa
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega 8 ore fa
Lets watch a trash human being call out other humans for being trash, not hypocritical btw
Sebastian Molina
Why are there so many dislikes? This is quality content that Ethan hasn’t shown us in literal years
Steward Pitt Cartoons
This is so bizarre, I feel like a kid again watching the GradeAUnderA videos on Keemsnake. Truly wack he is still actually pulling this shit
Gismo's Final Form
This guy is a compulsive gossip with a large audience, is no one else seeing this? Obviously he won't take responsibility for the problem when his whole identity revolves around being knee deep in it.
Mr Potato
Mr Potato 8 ore fa
It’s about time someone finally killed KILLERKEEEEMMS career!
Guardian Legend
Keemstar isn't going to ever get anything easily excluding hate for what they've done. They want to hurt others that side against him, all it takes is 1 penny to knock his train off the tracks.
European Qoheleth
WhY aM I sTiLL GettInG HaTe?
N C 8 ore fa
How is H3h3 even an authority to talk on mental health after shilling the 'betterhealth' scam without doing any prior research
appv12 8 ore fa
All these forgettable streamers try so hard to connect their lives in an attempt to make a terrible season of Real World or something. I've never seen a single one of these dudes stream lol.
Super Predator Mailman
The Ethan Shekelgruber cries out in pain as he copystrikes gnomes.
FMP Entertainment
Its spelled "garbage" Keem says "garbich" lol
Sebastián Pardo
1 bayeillionn
Dade Sosa
Dade Sosa 9 ore fa
Is it true that Ethan lost 5 sponsors?
Smartest Dummies Podcast
I think keemstar is the one who needs mental help. Like get this guy a chill pill...
nic0tine 9 ore fa
keemstar is like that shitty borderlands 3 boss
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