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Ep 963: Oden attacks Whitebeard while begging to join his crew! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-OnePiece
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21 feb 2021




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Commenti 100
Nel Cougar
Nel Cougar 2 ore fa
This is estúpida
Kommisarie Rex
Is this what a serious fight between Mihawk and Whitebeard would've looked like?
Barone 888
Barone 888 Ora fa
Hawkeye is not as reckless as Oden.
RB3 Ch
RB3 Ch 8 ore fa
Who is the new voice actor of whitebeard?
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez 15 ore fa
Prime whitebeard and Oden at Marineford. Would have been Amazing to witness.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 16 ore fa
_Rigotti 20 ore fa
Whitebeard: I ate the most powerfull paramecia fruit, i can split the world in a ralf Oden: Yeah bruh, my sandals goes like TEC TEC TEC TEC TEC TEC TEC TEC
Que gusto que dio ver esta pelea, Toei lo ha estado haciendo muy bien últimamente
Jax Nick Original
who got stronger punch whitebeard or garp ? big question
bobbyy2495 Giorno fa
1:26 Team Rocket blasting off again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a guy With a non existent photo
Oden managed to push back prime whitebeard a little while he was using his devil fruit. i wonder how he fairs against mihawk
origamipein18 Giorno fa
Olaf O.
Olaf O. Giorno fa
1:04 Whitebeard's scraem is SO sick
shadow lord levi
oden should consider himself lucky that he wasn't killed by prime whitebeard.
2041j 17 ore fa
@Tenryunaito wb was 50 at this scene
Tenryunaito Giorno fa
@Turk and Azer Brothers for ever Pretty sure it was since he matched Roger. :/
Turk and Azer Brothers for ever
Thats wasnt even prime wb
kuroashi Giorno fa
bro he just got a whole earthquake to the face and it was only a scratch, remember akainu hahaha
Kxidox Giorno fa
This scene alone is better than the entire mha anime
Kxidox 3 ore fa
@Ciise Hassan cap but aight we don’t be shipping people or nun half the time plus we never start beef??
@Ciise Hassan One piece doesn’t have a community who ship underage people and are extremely inappropriate, the worst one piece has is some questionable people in the community, and that’s like only 1% percent of the one piece community, when the mha community does that stuff all the time.
Ciise Hassan
Ciise Hassan 4 ore fa
@Kxidox our fanbasse is no different. one of the worst
ZackstaDaxta Giorno fa
@Kxidox I don't watch it, I was just being nice. I dropped after 7 Quirks.
Kxidox Giorno fa
@ZackstaDaxta fanbase is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life also it’s just not that good bro in terms of story and shiiii in my opinion
The way Oden waa running at the beginning has me dead😭😭😭
Bastian Arcos Campos
Por fin esperándo está batalla épica, ahora falta con Roger uffff.....
ZackstaDaxta 2 giorni fa
We're coming up on some legendary episodes folks, all heavily Roger focused, even if you stalled One Piece at Fishman Island or whatever, I'd watch them.
Ron Wayne
Ron Wayne 2 giorni fa
Oden vs mihawk hmmm🧐🧐
Gogeta SSJ4
Gogeta SSJ4 2 giorni fa
Oden is just...he has became my fav character of one piece and top 10 in anime...such a godly character with a tragic ending...f*ck u kaido
A-Y 2 giorni fa
Oden became My 3 Favorite with sanji
Goo Rillas
Goo Rillas 2 giorni fa
Can’t wait for roger vs white beard
Nico WTF
Nico WTF 2 giorni fa
Jajajaja jodeeer es una bestia barba blanca
Jon 2 giorni fa
as someone who isn’t in wano yet, it’s looked long and confusing af
عثمان الحميدي
ابوعراق مر من هنا 2021
Short Vines
Short Vines 2 giorni fa
Oden is literally the definition of man-child.
Touria Sghiri
Touria Sghiri 2 giorni fa
pro _hitman
pro _hitman 3 giorni fa
Whitebeard: Oden are you a kid? Oden: yes
NotSwift 3 giorni fa
Oden: Paradise waterfall! Whitebeard:So you want to go to paradise come here so I can crack your face.
O K 3 giorni fa
The funniest part is when whitebeard sends oden flying and the clip ends there.
Pain 19
Pain 19 3 giorni fa
what episode is this
Ayong Ayong
Ayong Ayong 3 giorni fa
dennng Pops so strong
VOICE MIXER 3 giorni fa
Do you think if oden is equal to the body of WB their power will equal too?
Makkusu 3 giorni fa
animation looks really undynamic tbh
Brad Skiee boss
Brad Skiee boss 3 giorni fa
White boss
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 3 giorni fa
wait till Roger vs whitebeard
Prince Stewart
Prince Stewart 3 giorni fa
What's with the DBZ sound effects?
Meme Duka
Meme Duka Giorno fa
@Prince Stewart Bro it's literally the same studio wdym 'be your own show' tf?
Prince Stewart
Prince Stewart Giorno fa
I've only seen what's on the first e seasons and I didn't notice the dbz sound effects then but honestly that's kind of a turn off. Be your own show
Meme Duka
Meme Duka Giorno fa
bruh all these casuals man... they have been using DBZ sound effects since the beginning.
Markus s
Markus s 3 giorni fa
same studio
James Cliff
James Cliff 4 giorni fa
What I learned.....#1. Oden would easily defeat Zorro. #2. MiHawk wouldn't last long against Whitebeard. #2. Luffy needs a weapon like Whitebeard and Roger to be at their level.
Markus s
Markus s 3 giorni fa
1. not easily 2. we dont know how strong mihawk is 3. garp uses his fits and is same level as white beard and roger so luffy does not need a weapon
ONE WORLD PEACE 4 giorni fa
And Garp win against all them imagine ...
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 4 giorni fa
And people say Akainu could of 1v1 WB even in his old days pops was a GOAT
Goel 4 giorni fa
Me gustaba mas el antiguo sonido de la gura gura :V
モンキー D.ドラグニール
Two legends having a duel! I love how Toei extends the fight rather than just clash of blades
Lethal Hellas
Lethal Hellas 4 giorni fa
You know Whitebeard already won when you hear the rattlesnake sounds.
Lethal Hellas
Lethal Hellas 2 giorni fa
@ace’s chest hole thanks mate
ace’s chest hole
ace’s chest hole 2 giorni fa
nice pfp
Oda please make a whole anime with the old generation pirates please !!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Tito_Farolas 4 giorni fa
Hiroshige is a fckng beast
RRΛMUSH 4 giorni fa
It's not that good
HulkTheSurgeon 4 giorni fa
Oden: Let me ride on your ship! Whitebeard: How about a ride on my fist instead?
Steely Sichali
Steely Sichali 4 giorni fa
Am I the only one whose getting Goku vibes from Oden?
Deji 3 giorni fa
well goku aint into harem
Lucky cries
Lucky cries 4 giorni fa
"Oden wouldn’t be Oden if it wasn’t boiled”.... . . .
Cal El
Cal El 4 giorni fa
Damn, Primebeard off in that thang thuggin.
ben fl
ben fl 4 giorni fa
I was about to ask what film this was from... then I realized it just from the normal series :O
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 giorni fa
And this my friends is why Big Mom said "Even Whitebeard"
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 2 giorni fa
@Markus s When big mom said that if she had the giant army she could defeat Kaido , Roger and Even whitebeard.
Markus s
Markus s 3 giorni fa
A-Y 4 giorni fa
BATpixi 5 giorni fa
Oden had a headache after this fight. 😅
Gerardo Reyman Interian Peniche
Come on!!!
Slash Guitar
Slash Guitar 5 giorni fa
oden era muito louco!! rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs
gabthegreat01 5 giorni fa
I dunno why, but Oden’s scream at the end is just funny to me!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 giorni fa
Dam toei is doing a great job with the wano arc cant wait for the war
zick zoldyck
zick zoldyck 5 giorni fa
Wwwwóooooooooow épica fighter
Azael Arauz
Azael Arauz 5 giorni fa
I want to see Oden vs Kaido!
Black Kakarotto Gaming Official
Oden at 0:01 I Am Speed
Drago Yordanov
Drago Yordanov 5 giorni fa
My heart is melting seeing One Piece anime at that quality 🤧😳
Dominic Kaplan
Dominic Kaplan 5 giorni fa
look at the first clashes with 0:5 speed there you can see how nimble ad skilled Shirohige were and i quite like the green color of his Gura gura no mi power as it symbolize that he is still full vitality.
Burak Ali Ergül
Burak Ali Ergül 5 giorni fa
I got spoiled by youtube(wasnt whitebeard dead:(()
ZackstaDaxta 5 giorni fa
Yoel Jonathan
Yoel Jonathan 5 giorni fa
God, the animation has been amazing.
Derpy Droolz
Derpy Droolz 5 giorni fa
You know a fight scene is good when you can feel the testosterone emitting from the screen.
Ryan Doherty
Ryan Doherty 5 giorni fa
This was everything I wanted... more whitebeard
Bujaboy 5 giorni fa
The Animation is incredible
Bujaboy 5 giorni fa
Everyone gangsta untill Roger arrives.
M. Ali
M. Ali 5 giorni fa
This just shows how much stronger whitebeard is than kaido since Oden would have killed Kaido were it not for him getting distracted.
Amine El
Amine El 3 giorni fa
First of all this is not oden who fought kaido obviously when he fought kaido was stronger and kaido on his fight wasn't serious that much
annoying Asshole
annoying Asshole 4 giorni fa
I hope you're factoring in that was young kaido....
Bujaboy 5 giorni fa
F K 5 giorni fa
Oden didn’t miss leg day Damn Buoi!
Ichimaru Gin
Ichimaru Gin 5 giorni fa
Dam toei is doing a great job with the wano arc cant wait for the war
imma treetard
imma treetard 5 giorni fa
I just realised that oden is in the exact situation that the people who followed him were in
matt 5 giorni fa
How did oden tank white beard's punch? That was the same punch that almost killed akainu.
Tenryunaito Giorno fa
Because Oden was just THAT strong?
Deji 3 giorni fa
akainu still fitter than ever right now
yugi oh
yugi oh 5 giorni fa
Odens built different
Lee lee
Lee lee 5 giorni fa
Jesus loves you repent to him
Tenryunaito Giorno fa
I repent to Oden.
Deji 3 giorni fa
Don 5 giorni fa
Oden underrated if he could fight prime whitebeard like that he deserves far more credit
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 5 giorni fa
I thought this Arc was already over like, 1-2 years ago.
Raitoningu Sutorēto
1:15 "Wuryaa" Heihachi Mishima winz.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 5 giorni fa
One punch 😂
Alex Under
Alex Under 6 giorni fa
Оден крут тут спору нет Но увы........ Белоус вьебет в ответ🗿
Giuseppe Naccarelli
Oden ❤️
Pelle Pelleus
Pelle Pelleus 6 giorni fa
Awesome fight. Whitebeard is my favourite between the original 4 yonko. You can clearly see Whitebeard's style of fighting like on Marinford, but with less strenght and more speed.
Karim El Abiad
Karim El Abiad 6 giorni fa
Roger defeated Oden in the same way as Whitebeard WITH ONE PUNCH, this proves that Roger and Whitebeard are the strongest pirates in all one piece, even in the future.
atomic toons
atomic toons 6 giorni fa
i can fight them with one hand
Kingler25 pokemaster
why s whitebeard called whitebeard when he has no beard?
Kingler25 pokemaster
@Deji oh ok thanks
Deji 3 giorni fa
because they decided whitebeard sounds cooler than whitestache.... thats what i heard atleast
Gustavo Henrique
Gustavo Henrique 6 giorni fa
ShadowWolfBeastBoy 6 giorni fa
Fun fact nobody could keep up with white beard but him
Markus s
Markus s 3 giorni fa
Diego Alves Rodrigues
Deluxery 6 giorni fa
Oden got send flying like team rocket xD
Jeff The KiLLer
Jeff The KiLLer 6 giorni fa
The difference was clear, just don't see anyone who doesn't want it, freaks like O WB and Roger have always been placed on another level in their golden times in anime, always even before younkous, so I don't know if it was intentional or not but not me it seems, the oden uses Haki is Edward nor needed only brute force and skill in combat and a punch using the gura-gura to take down.
Gucci Dragneel
Gucci Dragneel 6 giorni fa
Oden is Not stronge lol
Abdul Risark
Abdul Risark 5 giorni fa
He is Whitebeard just built different
higor felipe
higor felipe 6 giorni fa
One punch 😂
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
I thought this Arc was already over like, 1-2 years ago.
Anthony Mukoko
Anthony Mukoko 6 giorni fa
Damn , chill Newgate, he said he wants to join your crew not go to the sky islands 🤣 besides , I noticed WB is the only OP character with a power that doesn’t have any named technique . He doesn’t say gura gura no or any shonen trope, just engulf his fist with 4th wall breaking power and proceeds to punch reality away
BAD! 2 giorni fa
Mihawk has also never used a named attack
Luiz Krause
Luiz Krause 6 giorni fa
Akainu vs este shirohigue joven y poderoso sería realmente un microbio y el muerto seria akainu facilitó
BadGrammarBeLike: 6 giorni fa
I want to see more whitebeard and shanks fights
Peter Hans
Peter Hans 6 giorni fa
One Piece Animation has been really lit in Wano. If only the pacing would improve...
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris 5 giorni fa
Peter Hans No problem. Your English is actually pretty good, all things considered, unlike a lot of the illegible comments I see on the internet, presumably from native speakers.
Peter Hans
Peter Hans 5 giorni fa
@Jacob Harris yes exactly. Unfortunately, English is not my mother tongue, so I was not sure how to spell it 😅.
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris 5 giorni fa
Man too He meant biweekly, i.e. an episode every two weeks.
Man too
Man too 6 giorni fa
@Peter Hans its is weekly, i wished they put out 30 episodes year and gave each epiosde 2 chapter and high quality animations
Peter Hans
Peter Hans 6 giorni fa
@Man too yeah, it is indeed a looot better than whole cake. Nevertheless, I feel like the series would be better if the episodes would be produced byweekly
IExosticDemon 6 giorni fa
Animation goes brrr
Deji 3 giorni fa
fighting goes skrrrrrr
Tony Box
Tony Box 6 giorni fa
Esa parte de shirohige mandando a volar a oden se ve muy poderoso
Bambi 6 giorni fa
1:20 no OG quake quake sound from old whitebeard why live?
Berkay Kamaci
Berkay Kamaci 6 giorni fa
julioclip 6 giorni fa
This white beard would completely dominate the war on marineford all by himself
moisturizer 3 giorni fa
He would lol infact he would probably die quicker because then all admirals would use their full power on him at the same time.
kledis topalli
kledis topalli 4 giorni fa
Logan Brown
Logan Brown 5 giorni fa
shonndel marryshow
shonndel marryshow 6 giorni fa
whitebeard absolute monster in his younger days.If he was still this strong in marineford war things would have turned out different.
Kevin Bejoy
Kevin Bejoy 6 giorni fa
Dude this shows how OP (younger) Whitebeard is, The man didn't even use haki and body slammed Oden. Pure Strength.
Pirate King
Pirate King 4 giorni fa
@Chile Abuede he only used his devil fruit. You can tell cause of the same circle from marineford that is surrounding his hand
Sir puss
Sir puss 4 giorni fa
@Chile Abuede That’s was his devil fruit. I think? Maybe not. Looked like it.
Chile Abuede
Chile Abuede 5 giorni fa
he used haki lol they always use haki. Doesnt have to be visible. U cant stop a sword with a hand and not use haki.
AdãoCardoso Neto
AdãoCardoso Neto 6 giorni fa
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