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Time to meet Yhwach's successor... 🏹 You already know him quite well.
#BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, Part 2 -- The Separation premieres July 8 at 7:30AM PT. ⚔️🔥 #Anime
Subtitles (CC) available in Español, Português, Italiano, Français, and Deutsch in addition to English. ❤️‍🔥
Watch all 13 Part 1 Episodes on Hulu! hulu.tv/3ensrIr
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27 mag 2023




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vizmedia 4 mesi fa
Where to watch #BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, Part 2 - The Separation in six languages this July! 👀bit.ly/42gldsy
Mr Proper
Mr Proper 4 mesi fa
😮😮 0:26
Tudor Miller
Tudor Miller 4 mesi fa
Can't wait. 😮 Watching from London UK.
Darkrage66 4 mesi fa
is it going to be day 1 for latin-america on Disney+?
Fremennik Warrior
@Darkrage66 Apparently it will be day 1 in France so I would be surprised if not unless you use Hulu or Star+.
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos 4 mesi fa
Brazil ❤
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 4 mesi fa
The animation, the soundtrack, the story, the voice acting, no wonder it's part of the big 3, its the embodiment of shonen at its best
Mirage 4 mesi fa
bleach is part of the big 3 because of manga it has noting to do whith animation or soundtracks. its godly animation and osts are best i think better then Naruto and One Piece.
jazz winning the chip
@Mirage its certainly the coolest of the big 3. and that means alot because naruto and one piece are cold
Isael Schz
Isael Schz 4 mesi fa
there is not even an official position, the big 3 is made by the fans Also, it's not the best, I don't think I should explain to you that this arc is a disgusting aberration of the worst, but it seems that you get carried away by the hype and the animation.
skippi 99r
skippi 99r 4 mesi fa
@Isael Schz "the big 3" is called the big 3 because of how influential and popular they became, I think they also helped popularize anime over in the west which helped their status even more, you also say this arc is the worst but dont actually give any reasons and im pretty sure your reasons are just gonna be rehashed spitballs
Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader 4 mesi fa
Bleach with its level of maturity, substance and subtlety is more like be a Shonen with Seinen elements much like JoJos, it just has too many realistic elements but unfortunately a lot of people can’t appreciate or recognize it and for that reason consider it either the “worst/the weakest out of the big3” or not in it at all. TYBW is rectifying its reputation and will change it for the better putting it back on the map like in the old days right alongside DBZ and Naruto in their prime.
Portgas D. Ace
Portgas D. Ace 4 mesi fa
Even if I had never given up hope about Bleachs comeback, this is far beyond anything I could've ever wished for. I'm so hyped for the second part.
Darkplasma 4 mesi fa
Me to.
Lex Slr
Lex Slr 4 mesi fa
I'm sorry I had to turn your glorious 69 likes into a boring 70, but I do share your sentiments. 😅
Jackie Stones
Jackie Stones 3 mesi fa
😤 Been a long time coming.
寝る 3 mesi fa
I'm an adult now and watching this has made me cry. It feels like we've grown with Ichigo and Bleach as a whole.
Baised-_-RIN 2 mesi fa
Yes Indeed dude. 😊
Katagichi 2 mesi fa
I am 17 years old my uncle said that this anime is great so i decited to watch it .OMG the greathest decision in mt life
Last Word
Last Word 2 mesi fa
Same watch this since 8 with family members now I'm 24 😅
TheBattousai 3 mesi fa
Joe 2 mesi fa
lol how about protect them after its done as well?
Ninja Pirate
Ninja Pirate Mese fa
Kubo wrote the manga but he didn't make the anime
ScotTV Gamer
ScotTV Gamer 4 mesi fa
It still astounds me just how much justice is being done to Kubo’s art. Compare that shot of Uryu at the start to its manga counterpart. It literally looks perfect (and no, they didn’t just take the panel and color it).
DBgetsblocks 3 mesi fa
the new first season was 10/10 pulled from the manga cant wait for season 2
47 til infinity
47 til infinity 3 mesi fa
​@DBgetsblocksI've already rewatched it subbed and dubbed
John404 3 mesi fa
I don't care what anybody says. The colours of this arc are outstanding.
Weyard Wiz
Weyard Wiz 3 mesi fa
Everyone agrees that
Kyuhn Fukaikage
Kyuhn Fukaikage 3 mesi fa
@Weyard Wiz some ppl don’t like the red sky
abdulhadi omar01
​@Kyuhn Fukaikage just why Jojo's sky sometime yellow I like this style
dağhanspser 3 mesi fa
@Kyuhn Fukaikage meh i didnt like it too,i dont think it fits but kubo doesnt care about backgrounds in fights. so cool with me.
Michael McNeil Jr
The background is not complete just like the very first trailer, will fully be revealed during the arc.
MaddMANiak 4 mesi fa
I love the fact that they’ve included Kubo’s poems in the anime
Brandon Spence
Brandon Spence 4 mesi fa
I love that part ❤
Zeyon ゼヨン
Zeyon ゼヨン 4 mesi fa
It was in some parts of the original anime too but very rarely
Brandon Spence
Brandon Spence 4 mesi fa
I’m glad they respected his wishes and did it right
The True Squad
The True Squad 4 mesi fa
@Zeyon ゼヨン I do not remember that and I actually did watch the movies and the filler and that one grand Fisher special... which was just what happened in the show bug slightly different 💀 where they were being called shinigamis instead of soul reapers
TARNISHED 4 mesi fa
@Brandon Spence why u saying it like he's dead or somuh🤨
SageKeto 4 mesi fa
I remember back in highschool when I first started watching Bleach. To see it come back as big as this is honestly breathtaking.
YouTube Account Serio
I was in high school as well..
nikola m
nikola m 4 mesi fa
I was high in school aswell
PhantomZero198 4 mesi fa
I was in high school as well
Chess Flame
Chess Flame 3 mesi fa
I was in highschool as well
عراقيه الهوى و الروح
Me too, can’t wait for Rukia to be animated and given justice.
Oo2k10 3 mesi fa
I literally just binged this show on Disney plus in one day. I can’t wait for season 2. The animation, voice actor, and storytelling is top notched. Been following this show since it started airing in 2004!
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 2 mesi fa
I don't believe you.
v3ry cherrybomb
v3ry cherrybomb 2 mesi fa
Bleach is on Disney plus? 🤡 To be fair: I don't use Disney plus so I wouldn't know
Tite Kubo
Tite Kubo 2 mesi fa
Proud of u
Alex Gillespie
Alex Gillespie 4 mesi fa
I had a close friend who passed away new years. His favourite character was Shinji. I’m really glad he’s getting his moment in the second cour.
May your couch hold his spirit as he sits next to you to see this masterpiece
Darynnell Batista
Words can't describe how insanely happy and emotional I've been to have been able to wait the last seven years since the manga ended to see the TYBW arc animated, and not only that but done the way KUBO wants it done with Studio Pierrot at the helm. Everyone either gets a major glow-up or gets to show how much they've held back in previous arcs. It wasn't teased in depth but I THINK that near the end we see Zaraki cracking a smirk, and if that was him then diehards AND new fans might just see what a REAL Zampakuto with no limits can do. Also, WE GET TO SEE SHINJI'S BANKAI? BUT LIKE, ACTUALLY SEE IT AND WHY HE BARELY USES IT??? Nah, July 8th can't come quick enough 😭
toshirokano 4 mesi fa
Doubt shinjis bankai is going to be actually shown. He's using it on souldat
Hadoon 4 mesi fa
July 8th not June 8th, sadly we must wait another month but it will go by fast
Raion 4 mesi fa
@toshirokanousing it on Soldat is the perfect scenario for him to use it. When we also see the close up on his eye, there is an edge of something around it, that edge is part of his Bankai
toshirokano 4 mesi fa
@Raion yes I know everything you just said. It's probably going to show him activating it (shown here) and then cut away to another scene/characters then later come back and the fight will be done. Why would they waste all the time and effort on shinji vs nobodies when they could put that time into something else. There were multiple other NAMED characters showcased here that didn't get hardly any screen time in the manga that could get a fight. Kubo said there would be a new fight that wasn't in the manga and I doubt shinji vs nobodies will be it. My bet is Uryu vs Ichigo at the very end of the season. There's also multiple sternritter that get off screened that it could be. Soi Fon is shown doing something here when she wasn't in the manga after the first invasion iirc. Yumichika and Ikaku are shown fighting that I don't remember. I wouldn't get my hopes up. If you don't you can only be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.
Guy Anty
Guy Anty 4 mesi fa
​@toshirokano well they are shown in anime bc Kubo is taking his time and adding more stuff to it. If I remember right he was rushed with manga bc of his health
Arpad Szabo
Arpad Szabo 4 mesi fa
Bleach is still out there bringing in insane soundtracks. Love it. The care that the animation recieved together with the added scenes to the anime. Amazing. This is what Bleach deserves.
Ryan Strauss
Ryan Strauss 3 mesi fa
what is the song called???
WWinter 3 mesi fa
Facts! I always loved bleach soundtracks. They don’t get much credit.
Retardson 3 mesi fa
@Ryan Strauss song is STARS by w.o.d
Quetzalcóatl 4 mesi fa
We went from clinging on to rumors of Bleach’s return, and now here we are watching the trailer for Part 2 and waiting for its arrival. We have come a long way Bleach fans. Less than two months away, I am hyped!
Andy Zhang
Andy Zhang 4 mesi fa
I remember those days when a bleach anime return wasn’t only a pipe dream, but actively ridiculed… different times man
🔥BLEACH🔥 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>one (trash) piece
Jordan Worley
Jordan Worley 4 mesi fa
MJM 4 mesi fa
​@Operadora:Amanda_Vetorazzo stop being bitter. No reason to bash other shows, this isn't 2010 Tumblr.
Zuko 4 mesi fa
its just a month away dude
Ayaan Ishfaq
Ayaan Ishfaq 3 mesi fa
That scene where we see all of Ichigo's powers going into him is just amazing.The gold represents his soul reaper powers,red his hollow powers,green is his fullbring and blue being his quincy.But I am REALLY excited for Shinji's bankai.
Marcio Oliveira
Marcio Oliveira 4 mesi fa
That Komamura transition is so subtle and well done
Fremennik Warrior
Yeah that Komamura - Kensei transition is sick😮
Sean 4 mesi fa
He’s going to be a legend
Cape Baldy
Cape Baldy 3 mesi fa
komamura's final bankai
HayatoPato 4 mesi fa
I can't help but really Love bleach even after 16 years. I'm 28 now and honestly this brings me back full throttle. I've read every manga volume till the end of the blood war arc. Tite kubo and his team, as well as studio pierrot you all are doing great! Keep up the amazing work. It brings me to tears to see everything from the manga, animated! ❤️❤️❤️✨
skykru 4 mesi fa
Since 2004 almost 20 years my son is watching now
HayatoPato 4 mesi fa
@skykru that's amazing! Keep at it with the new generation watching the ol back in the day anime, as well as the new!
Lord German Husbando
They’re doing so much justice for Bleach. I am so happy at how they’ve got my husbandos Shunsui and Haschwalth in action and the animation has been off the charts for me. It’s just keeps getting better and better. And yes I agree, Part 2 is likely to break the internet with all its epicness! Waiting 10 years has been so worth it
TAMPABLACK 4 mesi fa
11 years
Lex Slr
Lex Slr 4 mesi fa
Looking at the quality of the work being put out here, I have to admit, Bleach going on hiatus was the best thing that could have happened to it. Just look at the master piece we are getting now after that break. BLEACH fans we eating well❤
IvanDaZman 4 mesi fa
When Shinji said Bankai I got goosebumps I can't wait for this to drop
Rosilda Costa
Rosilda Costa 4 mesi fa
BIlly Solomon
BIlly Solomon 4 mesi fa
i jumped and yelled of joy, it was so unexpected
Weverton 127
Weverton 127 4 mesi fa
Yes 🤩
soul rebel
soul rebel 4 mesi fa
Our boi is dropping his OP bankai.
Djhayes1 4 mesi fa
Why all he gonna do is be a jobber
Thimna Mtombeni
Thimna Mtombeni 4 mesi fa
Can't stop watching this trailer, the music, the animation, the characters, this show is such a masterpiece, what a time to be a bleach fan😭😭🔥🔥
The Z Channel
The Z Channel 3 mesi fa
For real bro
TooNiceKyle 3 mesi fa
Anyone know what the song is?
Anatol Gutu
Anatol Gutu 3 mesi fa
@TooNiceKyle also revealed its opening theme song and its artist. The opening theme song will be STARS by the three-member rock band w.o.d. The same song was also used in the latest trailer
Ryan Strauss
Ryan Strauss 3 mesi fa
@TooNiceKyle do you know the song by chance???
Thimna Mtombeni
Thimna Mtombeni 3 mesi fa
​@TooNiceKyleits a song by W.O.D "stars", releasing on the 9th of July.
Guart Mode
Guart Mode 4 mesi fa
I have chills running down my body. Between this and JJK Season 2, summer gonna be FIRE.
Ugo brown
Ugo brown 4 mesi fa
And Wano arc of One Piece too
kenneth boozer
kenneth boozer 4 mesi fa
@Ugo brown always gotta try to include OP in everything 🙄
@kenneth boozerwhat ?
Gwynbleidd 4 mesi fa
@Ugo brown IMO OP cant touch Bleach or JJK right now. They're on two completely different levels.
Ugo brown
Ugo brown 4 mesi fa
@Gwynbleidd It’s ur opinion so I won’t blame u but I’d heavily disagree. Anytime other than this (other than the pre timeskip) and the rooftop hype last year I’d agree but with what’s going on right now currently and what’s coming this summer at the same time as the other two, I’m gonna respectfully disagree, Bleach is one of my favorite anime of all time and JJK is 🔥, this is gonna be a lit summer regardless
Ben Caley
Ben Caley 4 mesi fa
This animation is so beautiful. I wish they’d redo the entire Bleach anime like this.
Edge of Darkness
Honestly i'd be even satisfied if they did like 40 remastered episodes of just most important fights Ichigo vs Byakuya is great! But it is old
Prolific Pops
Prolific Pops 4 mesi fa
THIS! The series definitely could use a modernized remake that's manga-accurate. I really hope the Bleach animation team is considering this.
Mega Parsia
Mega Parsia 4 mesi fa
Yes a new anime faithful to the manga but no fillers and just fast paced skipping all unnecessary parts
Ferrie van Vliet
Tite spoke about the thought of remaking it (along with small adjustments etc.)
Prolific Pops
Prolific Pops 4 mesi fa
@Ferrie van Vliet Source? 👀
XbL SaYkReD 3 mesi fa
Just now realizing the song at the beginning of the trailer is an orchestral version of Swan Song from the Bleach OST. Rarely played in the canon episodes, appears more in the fillers, still awesome to hear it!
Gabriel Vinícius
Sem palavras, pra descrever o quão animadi estou pra assistir a nova temporada de Bleach
Mugen Shiratori
Mugen Shiratori 4 mesi fa
Wait seriously? We are getting Shinji's Bankai animated already! Looks like Hisagi is also getting some new scenes! This is gonna be epic!
Alex Z
Alex Z 4 mesi fa
Dude, i'm so excited for that, i got chills when he said "Bankai" in this trailer. Can't wait to see what this outcast of Soul Society can do. This season will be the top of the top for sure. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan 4 mesi fa
As someone who read the manga. You won’t be disappointed.
Gioele Zanetti
Gioele Zanetti 4 mesi fa
Didn't we already see his bankai in the fight against Aizen?
Daigo Plays
Daigo Plays 4 mesi fa
​@Ethanbut we didnt see his bankai in thr manga only in the novels tf u saying
DragonballPTK Jr.
​​@Gioele Zanetti that was hes shikai. Spoiler Hes Bankai turns enemys in Friends, but in the same time friends in enemys. Thats why he didnt used it against aizen. He uses it only when he is alone
Jermaine T Worsham
OMG! One of my favorite battles from the manga will finally be adapted in this godly animation style: the showdown between *Komamura Sajin* and *Bambietta Basterbine* , this remarkable fight will undoubtedly be one of the biggest tearjerking moments of the arc, only the manga readers know what i'm talking about and when that time comes I will have several boxes of tissues prepared so I can wipe every tear droplet that falls from my eyes. I'm ten billion percent positive that this will be a great spectacle, get excited *Bleach* fans. 😊.
sakashima yokoshima happofusagari
Ever since the CFYOW novels came out I always dreamed of them getting an adaptation glad to see we get some scenes and I even heard tonikada is included
juvjuv18 4 mesi fa
Same! Btw you can see him in a few frames at 2:00
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 3 mesi fa
​@juvjuv18 still not 100% sure that's him. People have debated it's either him or the Soul King.
Titi 4 mesi fa
Este trailer está fantástico! 🤩 E com essas novidades ficou ainda melhor! 👏🏼
Isaac Ogundare
Isaac Ogundare 4 mesi fa
Lets freaking gooooo. Bleach was one of the first animes i ever watched and it has stayed in my heart. CAN'T WAIT FOR THESE FIGHT SCENES. I got goosebumps just listening to the trailer
Man I get teary eye'd watching these trailers, Bleach's return sometimes feels unreal to me
Ms. I love Big Bear Cats
Fun fact: Shinji's bankai is something that even most manga readers don't know about! It's was once shown in one of the novels and it was never, ever shown in the manga so it's so hype that Kubo finally gets to properly add it now that he's got the time and freedom to do things with the story and characters he previously wasn't able to!!
ScotTV Gamer
ScotTV Gamer 4 mesi fa
Unless he gets taken out before his bankai is fully activated (doubt Kubo would troll us THAT hard, but it’s possible).
Ms. I love Big Bear Cats
If that were the case he wouldn't have teased the fight like this but we'll see xD
ScotTV Gamer
ScotTV Gamer 4 mesi fa
@Ms. I love Big Bear Cats exactly.
bigguy952 4 mesi fa
The move can be seen through the app game Bleach Brave Souls
jesus Gutierrez
jesus Gutierrez 4 mesi fa
​@bigguy952 most bleach fans don't play brave souls
Le Mace
Le Mace 4 mesi fa
Once upon a time there was the kind of people that downplayed Bleach. Oh, yeah. Simply the best shonen ever to be created. With the best design by Tite Kubo, cultural context, best OST, dynamic and fluid action, likeable characters! All in all the peak of entertainment! How I've waited for your return, Bleach! Be welcome to impress us to infinity!!!
Mayara Almeida
Mayara Almeida 4 mesi fa
Obrigada por colocar legendas em português Brasil ❤
Silvio.Antonio 3 mesi fa
Im in love with this colours. So dark, but vibrant at same time, realy like it! Thanks whoever bring this art to live!
LHZ LHZ 4 mesi fa
Valeu a pena esperar, muito ansioso para ver esse nova temporada 🔥❤️
smileydude12 3 mesi fa
They have really gone all out on the art for this arc and I love it so much. July 8th can't come soon enough.
Steadymeisters 4 mesi fa
This is what we've waited 10+ years for. Part one was outstanding. Those who knows what happens in the Manga know this season may break the internet.
WillumpFirst 4 mesi fa
No it won’t break the internet lol
Drek Grimm
Drek Grimm 4 mesi fa
@WillumpFirst lmao, haters still crying.
Glass Boi
Glass Boi 4 mesi fa
@Drek Grimm nah this shi just kinda weak accept it
ionut 4 mesi fa
true but hopefully they change the ending
SoberVision 4 mesi fa
@Glass Boi There's nothing weak about it so far. Anime viewers nowadays will just find a million ways and reasons to call something mid when something like this is what fans of many different animes wish they could have.
ScotTV Gamer
ScotTV Gamer 3 mesi fa
As worried as I am for the pacing, watching this trailer makes me forget all about those worries. Seriously, say what you want about the animation itself (not saying it’s “bad” or “stiff”, but there are people who do think this), this is easily ONE of the most gorgeous looking anime I’ve seen.
Tite Kubo
Tite Kubo 2 mesi fa
I can't describe how happy I am after seeing this teaser, I waited many years for the comeback of Bleach, Greatest show of all time!
izzyCode 3 mesi fa
this series is so great that my heart cries thinking that there will be no continuation after it ends :(
ScotTV Gamer
ScotTV Gamer 3 mesi fa
There MIGHT be more after this. There are the light novels to potentially get adapted, and this trailer already shows some stuff that’s taken from them. Then, there’s another arc in the manga that Kubo started in 2020, which might continue at some point as well.
izzyCode 3 mesi fa
@ScotTV Gamer would be perfect to see ichigo rescue the world once again. Best manga and anime ever. I used to be dragon ball fan, but dbs has crushed my love to this series
Cavino Carson
Cavino Carson 3 mesi fa
Thats a classic for you
deadra robertson
​@izzyCodedbz still one of the best
Lucky Dueces
Lucky Dueces 4 mesi fa
After so many years, the grand return of the bleach anime ended up living up to the hype. Amazing. Can’t wait
Miguel Cabrera Hernández
Se estan guardando la pelea de Rukia y Kempachi, eso me gusta porque para muchos que solo ven el anime les encantara, más con la calidad que estan manejando en este retorno de BLEACH The king.
Cosmic Raincoat
Cosmic Raincoat 4 mesi fa
Shinji going bankai in the anime, Kubo you madlad. What else do you have in store. What amazing time to be a Bleach fan, new fans and OG fans rise up, we are ready for greatness once again!
Stryper wolf
Stryper wolf 4 mesi fa
There is a split shot at 2:00 where i think thats actually tokinada from CYFOW. Though im not certain.
Scarchain6891 4 mesi fa
You think there's a chance that we could see Hisagi's bankai as well? Cause they were both revealed in Can't Fear Your Own World
Stryper wolf
Stryper wolf 4 mesi fa
@Scarchain6891 I rather dont expect it. Afaik he activated it in CYFOW the first time. But it makes sense for shinji to use his bankai before the LN.
Rosilda Costa
Rosilda Costa 4 mesi fa
Ukitake Bank epic!
Lone狼 4 mesi fa
​@Scarchain6891Don't count on it as Hisagi achieved Bankai in CFYOW. So it wouldn't make sense.
Rachael Clark
Rachael Clark 2 mesi fa
Viz undeniably has the best animes of all time. I watch just about everything they produce.
Stopmotion maker
The hype is unreal. Shinji is by far one of my favorites after rewatching the anime and him just flexing his bankai was amazing
Flemous 4 mesi fa
i thought people were saying this arc was terrible so far this is a masterpiece
Raion 4 mesi fa
They mostly say that because it was a bit rushed near the end of the manga due to Kubo’s health getting really bad and it finished earlier than planned. But he’s better these days and has been working with the director and animation team to make additions to the anime with things he wasn’t able to put in the manga so this arc could very well be much better in anime form than manga
Weyard Wiz
Weyard Wiz 4 mesi fa
Its because the anime is fixing the missing parts of the manga. Like shinji doing something lol
Chief Beef
Chief Beef 3 mesi fa
Most of them didn't actually read it.
Keinaishin 3 mesi fa
To be fair people have always been capping when it comes to Bleach in many ways, about the backgrounds, fullbring arc being bad, ss being top 1, character development, tybw, you name it
tab1907 2 mesi fa
I thought it was because Shonen Jump wanted Kubo the wrap things up due to low popularity?
Seiya Tempest
Seiya Tempest 4 mesi fa
Shinji's Bankai was the best part of this trailer, I'm glad he seems to have a bigger role in the anime.
Felipe Lima
Felipe Lima 4 mesi fa
Botaram até tradução para o português, obrigado ❤
Luke Kenna
Luke Kenna 4 mesi fa
The shot with all the Sternritter sitting at the table like the espada has given me literal chills.
Christian Arias
Christian Arias 4 mesi fa
They retconed Gremmy. Becuase in the manga he was encaged before the war but now he's with all the Sternritters on the table meeting (even when they all hated him), little details that Kubo is adding and I love it.
I mean they did take the table away from them when they took over hueco mundo
BalooYourMind 4 mesi fa
@Christian Arias why do they hate him?
Christian Arias
Christian Arias 4 mesi fa
@BalooYourMind fear, his potential was insane.
bleach op 7 was playing in my head at that scene lmao
JonX Fc
JonX Fc 4 mesi fa
I’m glad Shinji is getting more love, but I also hope that Kensei’s fight gets extended, cause he kinda went out like fodder with how quick it was…
marimopeace ♡
marimopeace ♡ 4 mesi fa
hella hyped for 1:30 to finally happen + that one frame at 1:59 gives me chills 🥹 years of hopium coming true and i'm so excited for part 2 to grace our screens this summer!!
Miguel Cabrera Hernández
Sera gratificante y satisfactorio para quienen ya leímos el manga anexen el contenido original de Tite Kubo, eso le da un plus muy grande, que en el primer cour hizo mi experiencia el ver BLEACH aun mayor y me sintiera un niño nuevamente, gracias BLEACH por toda la felicidad que me has traido, a Tite kubo por crear semejante obra, a la produccion de Pierrot y el gran trabajo que han hecho, esa gran vision del sr Taguchi, y ese soundtrack de Shiro Sagisu, que en lo personal para mi es el mejor compositor de soundtrack que he escuchado, un masterclass lo que crea, han hecho de Bleach mi obra favorita y para muchos seguro tambien piensan lo mismo el amor que tenemos a la obra❤
Uzile Msongelwa
Uzile Msongelwa 4 mesi fa
The fact that Shinji's bankai was added in this arc has me too excited. If they include Hisagi's one too I'm gonna lose it😁😁
Kevin Frías
Kevin Frías 4 mesi fa
That new version of ''Swan Song'' tho! I hope Sagisu releases a new version of ''Going Home'' too. So excited for part 2!
Olkard 4 mesi fa
Shinji going Bankai is absolutely the peak of this trailer for me. Hated how he got shafted throughout most of Bleach, and now it looks like he's finally getting some shine.
Bas Thompson
Bas Thompson 4 mesi fa
Especially when he have this insane OP ban-kai! just imagine If it was Shinji & Aizen that went rogue together! How the f**k do you beat that combo? Everything is upside down and reversed… and when you realize it… and you think you got it... you still have no clue that you are still in a illusion!! Thats f**ked up! 🤯🤯🤯😂😂😂
shrimp man
shrimp man 4 mesi fa
@Bas Thompsonhis Bankai would turn Aizen against him though
Bas Thompson
Bas Thompson 4 mesi fa
@shrimp manread it again: "imagine If it was Shinji & Aizen that went rogue together" Why would he use it on his ally?🤔🤣
Wavy Mango
Wavy Mango 4 mesi fa
@Bas Thompson Because one of Shinji's bankai's drawbacks is that it affects EVERYONE. It's only 100% reliable when it's him vs multiple enemies, hence why in the trailer there was only him against a legion of Quincy.
Bas Thompson
Bas Thompson 4 mesi fa
@Wavy Mango So Aizen use Kyoka Suigetsu then steps back and then lets Shinji's do his thing.. was not so hard right?
cpudemon 3 mesi fa
I'm so ready for cour 2! Some really big fights coming up
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 4 mesi fa
Que bom eu vivi pra ver bleach novamente e muito bem animado!
Arcus Production
A small thought for those who couldn't make it for bleach return ❤
Samuel Oliveira
Samuel Oliveira 4 mesi fa
Muito ansioso para essa próxima parte ❤🇧🇷
Marcos Javier Salinas Medrano
Ufff, se. Se ve increíble. Toda la espera valió la pena. Bleach con todo 🎉🎉🎉
madenna100 4 mesi fa
I see new Quincy scenes! More Sternritter interactions is something this arc desperately needed.
Scarchain6891 4 mesi fa
Plus Shinji's bankai
Rosilda Costa
Rosilda Costa 4 mesi fa
madenna100 4 mesi fa
@Scarchain6891 Yeah, I noticed that on the rewatch. This adaption is truly treating both us and the characters.
Weverton 127
Weverton 127 4 mesi fa
Adimi Ryane
Adimi Ryane 4 mesi fa
And soul king flashback
Alondra Garate
Alondra Garate 4 mesi fa
We waited so long for bleach to come back!!! Years!!! So excited for this and blessed that my Hallibel (daughter) and I are both bleach fans and get to watch it together. I watched bleach way before she was born and now we are here with a plus one, my son Aizen!!! Bleach fans rejoice!
Megan Rickard
Megan Rickard 4 mesi fa
I was 16 when BLEACH come out, but I didn't know about it til I was in my 20s and I learned about it from a AMV I saw. I was hook on BLEACH since then. And I love this series. Never gave up hope that it would return someday. I'm so happy it came back.
Ridic 3 mesi fa
With each season, Mayuri glows brighter and brighter
Matheus Ferry
Matheus Ferry 3 mesi fa
Como eu espero ansioso para ver Bleach o maior anime de todos os tempos
Luis TH
Luis TH 3 mesi fa
Omw can't wait for this new season THANKS FOR EVERYTHING BLEACH KUBO SAMA 🛐
Eric Manso
Eric Manso 4 mesi fa
Man I been waiting for this since 2016 I feel sorrow for the bleach fans who past away before this going to air
chris hill
chris hill 4 mesi fa
I can't wait to see how powerful Ichigo has become.😊
Hollowness 4 mesi fa
Thanks Kubo for making 10 year waiting totally worth it.
FaceUp Hoy
FaceUp Hoy 4 mesi fa
At 0:53 when Rukia and Renji are sparring, they're distracted by some sort of shaking and Renji starts yelling. I would imagine this is part of their Zero Squad training. Based on the exhausted/pained image of Ichigo before that scene, I really, REALLY hope we get to see him training with Zangetsu (which would make the most sense, since his Zanpakuto should be the one training him, not Oetsu or Ichibei which has also been hypothesized). I also don't think Oetsu or Ichibei would push Ichigo the same way Zangetsu would. I also hope for a Merged Zangetsu return because that was one of Kubo's cleanest designs.
Nihilistic Oblivion
I can't wait for Rukia's Bankai, it means she achieved it in like a day or two and Renji's True Bankai
ScotTV Gamer
ScotTV Gamer 3 mesi fa
In the manga, they were standing still and staring at each other for training. They stopped and did that because the bell behind them rang.
Nola 3 mesi fa
Gautam Sarathy
Gautam Sarathy 4 mesi fa
I'm so glad we're getting a scene of Shinji using his Bankai for sure. I just hope we also get more Uryuu scenes, new Wandenreich scenes, new scenes at Senjumaru's and Ichibei's palaces, and hopefully a better showing by the Vizards in general.
Timjer 4 mesi fa
It does seem like we're getting new Ichibe scenes.
TRINININJA 4 mesi fa
That's asking for a lot
Gautam Sarathy
Gautam Sarathy 4 mesi fa
​@TRINININJAIt's basically what we're getting though.
toshirokano 4 mesi fa
Probably won't get to see it. Probably just the activation then it will cut to other fights/scenes and then it will cut back to shinji and the afternath. As for the Uryu scenes. Kubo said there will be a new fight. Hopefully this shinji fight isn't it if it's against souldat. I'd bet it's gonna be a small fight between Uryu and ichigo at the end of the season.
Gautam Sarathy
Gautam Sarathy 4 mesi fa
@toshirokano Nah, we'll definitely see the aftermath of the Bankai activation, especially since it's basically an echo of another scene in the light novel Can't Fear Your Own World, down to the same line pre-activation. The only difference is that the enemies are Quincy soldat and not a mass of Hollows. His Bankai isn't really meant for one-on-ones anyway and is better against masses of enemies, unlike his Shikai. Also, I really, really want the new full fight to be Ichigo vs Uryuu for many reasons.
Mangaka_13 4 mesi fa
Shinji’s bankai🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BANKAI is clearly the most hype word in anime historyyyy🔥🔥 Also that bambietta scene nearly made me cry😪 She didn’t deserve such
EB-_- Lol
EB-_- Lol 4 mesi fa
When Shinji said Bankai I had a smile on my face cant wait
MadChrisLifts 4 mesi fa
This is more than I could have even asked for. Truly a wondeful thing for us long time fans
Valeria Usuga
Valeria Usuga 3 mesi fa
OMG! After 10 years of waiting, this trailer is a dream come true 😭😭😭 my inner child is so excited and grateful 🥺
Sapphire Tears
Sapphire Tears 4 mesi fa
It always amazes me how much BLEACH has grown/evolved. Truly a masterpiece. Thank you Kubo, Pierrot and all those involved working with BLEACH.
Philosophy_Bot 4 mesi fa
Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?" ~ Albert Camus
Rosilda Costa
Rosilda Costa 4 mesi fa
Yes! ❤
Thank aizen too
Evann Music
Evann Music 4 mesi fa
Bleach always manages to renew itself in the right way, and it's a pleasure to follow it all 😄🔥
patchmurray 4 mesi fa
I've read the manga so I know what's gonna happen. YET I'M STILL AS HYPED FOR IT IF NOT EVEN MORE HYPED BECAUSE OF IT!!!!
There seems to be a lot of cool new additions here, with Shinji's bankai and Ichigo's training + vision being the most interesting. But I'm real excited for what they didn't show here. There're a few big fights that weren't shown at all here and I'm taking that as an indication that they're saving those showstoppers for when the episodes air. Kenpachi vs. Gremmy, Renji vs. Mask De Masculine and Rukia vs. As Nödt are gonna be insane I think.
sl1cky 3 mesi fa
I cannot wait for Shinji, and Shunsui's bankai's. Among all the bankai's though, I'm the most excited for Urahara's.
Black IS Beautiful
I am so excited! I hope that we are able to see Toshiro's adult form and Grimmjow! 🙏🏾
Robert David Blakely
Still the greatest comeback in anime history
Reaper123 4 mesi fa
OMG can't wait to see Shinji's bankai and Komamura's new bankai look and Ichigo becoming a true Soul Reaper. This is why Bleach is no.1 to me. I hope everyone feels the same way, excited, hyped you know because this is going to be epic. BLEACH FOREVER❤
Scott Hearts
Scott Hearts 4 mesi fa
🎶 now you feel like no. 1🎶 😁😁 couldn't help myself
toshirokano 4 mesi fa
Probably won't be shown.
Regu 4 mesi fa
​@toshirokano they already showed part of it in the trailer. The gold thing rising next to him is part of his bankai
Héctor Rodríguez
ORGÁSMICO lo de Shinji
Nihilistic Oblivion
Where's Rukia's Bankai is my question 😅
starwarsfan 420
starwarsfan 420 4 mesi fa
Literally picked Bleach up a month before TYBW part 1, and now I’m as hype as ever for part 2
Victor Farias
Victor Farias 3 mesi fa
For those who are doubting that Shinji will activate his bankai: He not only told them that he will flip THEIR SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG on its head but he also is wielding his blade dangling from his arm. Not to mention that Sakanade when released DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT. But Sakashimayokoshima Happofusagari’s Blade… Looks exactly like that.
Power Of Berzerker
2 days till it airs, but it feels like such a long time. I want this in my veins, in my blut vene that is.
Yash 4 mesi fa
What an absolute bomb of a trailer! Can't wait for the next part to come out
MADARA ARTS01 4 mesi fa
Mano 30 no em alta aí dá mano bleach vai voltar com tudo hype grande 😊
Garrett Hunt
Garrett Hunt 4 mesi fa
Cour 2 is about to solidify Bleach’s #1 spot in Shonen. It’s a shame the best arc in the series took so long to get animated, but now that it’s here, everyone (who never read the manga) is gonna know why we love Bleach so much 🙌🏼
Prince 4 mesi fa
Was it stated this will adapt the final chapter or will there be another part ??
CleanUpNick 4 mesi fa
@Prince pretty sure there are supposed to be 4 for a total of 52 eps
TheRedPillNeo 4 mesi fa
@CleanUpNick sounds right, I think 2 more cours after this one
finnan breathnach
Honestly better this than a load of filler or stretching because the anime caught up to the manga
Obi the BEEF
Obi the BEEF 4 mesi fa
#1? Chill bro, Hunter x Hunter exists.
Juan T
Juan T 3 mesi fa
Yo espero que se pueda ver más de la capacidad de ICHIGO con esas dos espadas
Adil 4 mesi fa
Considering I just rewatched the entire Bleach series this month and just finished the 1000 year blood war arc literally today. The fact this dropped today! I AM THAT GUY! BANKAIIIIII
Miguel Cabrera Hernández
Se escucha prometedor el nuevo opening, si algo caracteristico de BLEACH son sus openings este se nota esta a la altura de las espectativas, ya deseo escucharlo a full junto con las visuales y junto con el ending que esperemoa pronto den informacion de quien lo interpretara
Eduardo Marques
Eduardo Marques 4 mesi fa
Uryu vai mitar demais❤❤❤
Paul V
Paul V 4 mesi fa
FINALLY giving Shinji his spotlight.. 🎉🎉🎉
Just Some Guy with a mustache2
Aside from the amazing animation, pacing and elevated source material in the anime, the reason the tybw arc has potential to be the best war arc in shonen, is legit the blood and gore, the studio made sure bleach was uncensored to give REAL WAR VIBES😂
jahver 4 mesi fa
the new scenes look extremely cool, love the sternritters meeting at the table like the espadas
Александър Любенов
Rosilda Costa
Rosilda Costa 4 mesi fa
I love!
RisingHERO19 4 mesi fa
Misaki was censored tho
Adimi Ryane
Adimi Ryane 4 mesi fa
​@Александър Любеновif you can't wait See cfyow
Dono Jokker
Dono Jokker 4 mesi fa
Chega logo julho,muitas lutas importantes n apareceram no trailer,n vejo a hr de ver elas animadas 🔥🔥
Munyaradzi Makweta
I repeat again bleach is my #1 anime and will always be
Pertinaciax 4 mesi fa
What a time to be a bleach fan.
Sammy 4 mesi fa
Absolutely amazing, Shinji getting some justice!!
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