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Oldies but Goodies 70's & 80's NONSTOP 2

Manuel Pia Tablizo
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..memories songs of yesterday...


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21 apr 2017




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Manuel Pia Tablizo
Thank you for the nice comments and likes! take care always wherever you are, & GOD bless us all..
Jayson Eusebio
Jayson Eusebio 2 mesi fa
Dw+Phi. FmR wm,W.W.MxD.mDwW.6wM9D
Thanks for sharing the Oldies music !
Jhun Fhel Lawat
Jhun Fhel Lawat 3 mesi fa
+Phi. FmR ......
Rama Thapa
Rama Thapa 3 mesi fa
Thanks for your blessings . I loved all the songs.😍😘🖕🖕 From Rama, Amie,Himal and Gauri
Mimi Ramos
Mimi Ramos 8 ore fa
Gustoko talaga yung mga OLD SONG kesa sa mga bagong kanta
Lou Phae
Lou Phae 7 ore fa
Same po ate
Jobstar Lyngkhoi
Jobstar Lyngkhoi 3 giorni fa
Oldies im in 2019 i like old songs
Duezer Sanchez
Duezer Sanchez 6 giorni fa
I born 85, when I was a kid my parents listening those old songs and know I grow up and I'm still listening those music it's very meaningful and I love it compare to the music this generation...
alvin pua
alvin pua 7 giorni fa
Sarap kumantot pag ganito ang music 😎
Johan Gibrok
Johan Gibrok 11 giorni fa
Can the names of the singers be known?
ejjr rd
ejjr rd 12 giorni fa
Can anybody give me the playlist or the title of the songs?😭
Ava Salvador
Ava Salvador 19 giorni fa
Wow my grandma is felling better with your songs thankyou
mely morales
mely morales 19 giorni fa
I would like the songs' names.. please.
Real Par
Real Par 20 giorni fa
10 years old palang ako favorate ko na ang mga ganitong kanta,ngayon im 22 pero dipa rin ako nag sasawa pakinggan 💯🤩😜
Jarez Louie Bande
Jarez Louie Bande 21 giorno fa
Nice music
serge madre
serge madre 21 giorno fa
DES bon souvenir Merci
Jelkhen Rhua Balcon
Jelkhen Rhua Balcon 22 giorni fa
taha ebrahim
taha ebrahim 22 giorni fa
very nice song to touching.I remember the past when I was a childhood. but now I crying because I miss my sister and she's passed away.😭😭😭
Kalvin Ishmael
Kalvin Ishmael 23 giorni fa
a nice song oldies
Darío López
Darío López 26 giorni fa
Vivan los 60s 70s 80s y 90s lo mejor del mundo yo soy como los cangrejos enves de ir para delante voy para atras jajaja
Ed Austin
Ed Austin 26 giorni fa
Original artists? I think not!!!
jennifer hernandez
jennifer hernandez 27 giorni fa
someone come through with the names of the songs and times ?
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Giorno fa
These songs are from the 70 s
BOBBY SALUDARES 28 giorni fa
chucky Mese fa
fucking bullshit... this is NOT a video you click baiters... just an mp3 audio file .. disgusting fake.. no videoos here..
kyden greg blasco
who cares ? no one cares and i dont care .. i love this you fuckin old dog
Awesome Kiddo
Awesome Kiddo 28 giorni fa
Oh grow up mf
Shervin Pantalla
back when i was a child 😭
Ryle Aki
Ryle Aki Mese fa
time lapse pleaseee for the Titles .❤️ much love
Anupam Chaurasia
I am not a English speaker but I am enjoying it.can you tell me the name of these songs or artist.
nikku Dsilva
nikku Dsilva Mese fa
Very nice
maya love
maya love Mese fa
Who watched ths in 2019 hit like😂
Beryl Roach
Beryl Roach Giorno fa
Old is always gold has more substance than the modern screeching and shouting
Aria lita Acuesta
Jolly nonstop...song..
Che Madlagbayan
We would like to say THANK YOU uploader! Our apo liked it very much.
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Giorno fa
I am enjoying listening to these songs and melodies very priceless old memories
ronalyn evangelista
ronalyn evangelista 17 giorni fa
My daughter is enjoying this
Karram Lakun
Karram Lakun Mese fa
Glase Randy
Glase Randy Mese fa
70's and 80's musics are unbeatable,uncomparable and unforgettable.
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Giorno fa
Your comments are very true these songs and melodies are priceless
Josa Delrey
Josa Delrey Mese fa
Ronnie Cepe
Ronnie Cepe Mese fa
nice song very bueteful
Rawson abarico Elma
My favorite song is beautiful
Banjamin tinador
Khit akoy nabubuhay ngayong mellinials pro ang puso ko is In the past I love old songs than modern bec. It's so meaningfull
Luis Masweng
Luis Masweng Mese fa
i like it 😏
Jasiel Amiel Vazquez Gonzalez
no one cares how old you are, what difference will it make???!
Tajeda Maricar
Nakakawala ng pagod...kahit marami kang work narinig mo lang that kind of song..hindi mo na ma miss family mo sa pinas..thank for the uploader...gd bless
Jasiel Amiel Vazquez Gonzalez
haha you dont even know where i live
Ken Labial
Ken Labial Mese fa
I love this song is ❤️
junlen taghap
It makes you feel in good.. best sundY old songs.. nice composision..🖒🖒🖒🖒
Joseph Espino
Nice compilation of songs,we just enjoyed listening awhile ago with a bottle of rhum 😌😌
Ilove music
Ilove music Mese fa
Beautiful songs I love it from Australia but pinay blood
Janella Faith Soreda
,srap sa tainga pkinggan oldies song😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Giorno fa
I love these songs and your comments
Jeyco Dagondong
Tama po kayu jan.. Sana ganito dapat sana pinakisat diyun mga xb xb nayan..
Gibbin Meneses
Ilove this song
Eldie Sioko
Eldie Sioko Mese fa
Dude, u should put titles on em
Mr Cyron
Mr Cyron Mese fa
Anavi Del rosario
Salamat sa mga sound na to pangpa good Bite's talaga
junjun pagaduan
junjun pagaduan 2 mesi fa
really love old songs..from Buguias Benguet..
Ingelisse Sloth
Ingelisse Sloth 2 mesi fa
I love Oldies, I am 70 years old.
music connects young and old.I am 23 years old.
MOVIN TRAIN 2 mesi fa
Jhune Fabricante
Indeed an Oldies but Goodies songs. 20years old listening🎧.
Nalyn Lamag
Nalyn Lamag 2 mesi fa
I love oldies song im only 24 yrs old
mendoza alvin
mendoza alvin 2 mesi fa
ano po title nung first song
Norman Labay
Norman Labay 15 giorni fa
Fulling rain
Juancho Jr. Monteiro
mendoza alvin
kerker Codi
kerker Codi 2 mesi fa
ano title nang mga kanta?
Rosalinda Mullion
I love it oldies songs i am 40 years old
Norryn Labelle
Norryn Labelle 2 mesi fa
Gemini 0557
Gemini 0557 2 mesi fa
lalo sumasarap ang luto ko pag ganitong mga kanta :)
Richell Buer
Richell Buer 2 mesi fa
Nice songs 90s aq peru mas gusto q mkinig ng mga lumang kantahan khit tinutukso n aq ng mga kaibigan q bkit mga lumang songs ung nasa phone q.
Apple Enriquez
Apple Enriquez 2 mesi fa
I love this songs I feel beautiful the hole day & without thinking any problem...😂😍😍
Aleon Kong
Aleon Kong 2 mesi fa
Malachi George
Malachi George 2 mesi fa
I love this songs I make me feel soooo 😄😄😄😄😄
Malachi George
Malachi George 2 mesi fa
oldies is the Goldie's it's mean more girl
Izzan Uwais
Izzan Uwais 2 mesi fa
Title song please all song😢😢😃
Rose Vlogs
Rose Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Eu só penso em coisas boas e num dia domingo 🙏
Marr Well
Marr Well 2 mesi fa
I was born as millenials but my heart keeps reminishing old songs. Its nice and relaxing.
Michael Regondola
“So relaxing....tnxs for uploading👍👍👍
Aurora Dumandal
Aurora Dumandal 2 mesi fa
I love oldies songs.....thanks
Manoling Clemente
i miss my tatay thats why im always playing this
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jerlyn rentuza
jerlyn rentuza 2 mesi fa
It reminds me of my nanay and tatay when they are still together early morning my tatay play this song while my nanay preparingbour breakfast .. sad to say they aren't together now .. 😭😢😭😭 .. i missed them being together happily .. 😭😭😭
Real Par
Real Par 20 giorni fa
Mark John Hernandez
jerlyn rentuza hdrfrv
Pinky Mirror
Pinky Mirror 2 mesi fa
thank you, never gets old
Carmela Ingeniero
Carmela Ingeniero 12 giorni fa
So nice
Carmela Ingeniero
Carmela Ingeniero 12 giorni fa
I love the songs
sky Reign
sky Reign 2 mesi fa
It brought you to smile and memories...
Stephen James Owen
Chronic! Sounds as camp as a Christmas tree.
Uwe Weck
Uwe Weck 2 mesi fa
Es ist schön an die vergangene Zeit zurück Denken es war eine schöne Jugendzeit und die alten Songs wieder zuhören.
Nudy Norte
Nudy Norte 2 mesi fa
Its a good song for me and relaxing.....
romeo valentin chan
romeo valentin chan 21 giorno fa
I feel relax,, and this kind of music is anti--- stress,, and good for blood relaxation
cesar labastida
cesar labastida 2 mesi fa
yes endeed iv"e never forgot all this song that marc all the memories of longtime ago.
Willie Daniels
Willie Daniels 3 mesi fa
This sounds like a Filipino take (beat) of oldies pop and rock hits from USA and Europe. And have been checking out Filipino culture and music since I was born in Mindanao, but am not Filipino. I like Oriental culture and have lived in the Orient growing up.
shirazz clarice
shirazz clarice 3 mesi fa
awww thank you God bless you Manuel Pia Tablizo
Jasmin Lanzaderas
My god😍..i always love Oldies Music makes my mind so relaxing😊🤗
Blandin Son
Blandin Son 3 mesi fa
Titles of the songs please thankyouuu
Angie V.
Angie V. 2 mesi fa
Blandin Son 6:42 is Dream by the Everly Brothers
shirazz clarice
shirazz clarice 3 mesi fa
one like = another song added to all of these beautiful songs :):):):):):):)
shirazz clarice
shirazz clarice 3 mesi fa
no, you're not the only teenager that listens to these songs...
prince tulabot
prince tulabot 3 mesi fa
Blandin Son
Blandin Son 3 mesi fa
GoodAfternoon,what's the title of the 1st song?Or c.an you give me all titles of those song please,Becoz those songs are so great.
Blandin Son
Blandin Son 12 giorni fa
Bosco De silva
Bosco De silva 28 giorni fa
+HOE YEN TAM thank you so helpful
Hi, the first song is Rhythm of the Rain.
Maral Najarian
Maral Najarian 2 mesi fa
Billy Vasquez
Billy Vasquez 3 mesi fa
trowback ^^
Okoli Ryan
Okoli Ryan 3 mesi fa
Am i the only teenager who listens to these oldies??? (Y)
Ivan Alberdin
Ivan Alberdin 2 mesi fa
Kevin Dimaandal
Kevin Dimaandal 2 mesi fa
Elijah Gabe Cervantes
Nii Tetteh
Nii Tetteh 3 mesi fa
korean pabooo
korean pabooo 3 mesi fa
i'm here!!! :))
Tangent Of a Dream
IN THE SIGN OF THE TIME VOL​.​1 tangentdream.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-sign-of-the-time-vol-1
Marc Rasonabe
Marc Rasonabe 2 mesi fa
It's relaxing!
det wolper
det wolper 2 mesi fa
kannst deine fuck-werbung woanders posten
May Tin Tin
May Tin Tin 3 mesi fa
Very nice songs. 😍😍😍
Jessa Trinidad
Jessa Trinidad 3 mesi fa
Reminds me of my mom. 😭😭😭
Tyron Tan
Tyron Tan 2 mesi fa
God is good
Goldwyn Khongwir
Jessa Trinidad i love you
Jefferson Del Rosario
kung gusto po nyo ito download mag torch kayo ng browser, pag play ng youtube may arrow sa taas na blue click lng ma download nyo na ito.
Kazuki kun
Kazuki kun 3 mesi fa
Nakakaiyak dating mga songs i love this thank you nakakaalala sa mga nangyare dati sakin my grandma always playing this song and i always listening to it this so cool thanks
Shaye Panaguiton
Listening to this after a long tired day of taking care of my baby boy. Just my kind of music.
Mark flor Penkian
Shaye Panaguiton god bless your family
DIA G 3 mesi fa
Thx for sharing 😗😘 so relaxing to drive with this music
Ivy Quilo
Ivy Quilo 3 mesi fa
Happy Valentine's Day everyone Just listening music
Brando Villa
Brando Villa 3 mesi fa
Good songs
Dead Boy
Dead Boy 3 mesi fa
Titles pls.
Elmer Ben Esmero
been searching for this one for a long time
Aichon vincent Garcia
Jessica Moink
Jessica Moink 3 mesi fa
So relaxin
Mex Naatab wen aletsopmoc
Anybody out there listening February 10, 2019 Oldies never fade and it is last long
Richard Flores
Richard Flores 3 mesi fa
February 17, 2019..my mom loves hearing this always :)
Eric john Paculanan
Feb 12 bro
jose rizal
jose rizal 3 mesi fa
February 12 😂😂
Lory Anaba
Lory Anaba 3 mesi fa
Sobrang nkkarelax, sarap pkinggan😊😊😊
Amera Balangkasi
I Love this Nonstop😍
Myrna Serrano
Myrna Serrano 3 mesi fa
Very nice song. I'm praying that our group will last forever
Edwin Reyes
Edwin Reyes 3 mesi fa
Ganda ng song at ung nag like
Amera Balangkasi
I Love this Nonstop😍
Shara Jean Bagcat
Happy sunday everyone! Anyone who's listening today Feb 10, 2019. 💙😎
janjosh apuya
janjosh apuya 3 mesi fa
So lovely and very joyful
Alif Sutanto
Alif Sutanto 3 mesi fa
Lance Lee
Lance Lee 3 mesi fa
Such lovely oldies. They brought me back to a time when life was simple and sweet. It is a short escapade from the complications we have now.
Jasmin Malag
Jasmin Malag 3 mesi fa
Sarap ulit ulitin pakinggan nkakagaan ng kalooban
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