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Oldies but Goodies 70's & 80's NONSTOP 2

Manuel Pia Tablizo
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..memories songs of yesterday...


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21 apr 2017




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Manuel Pia Tablizo
Thank you for the nice comments and likes! take care always wherever you are, & GOD bless us all..
Jhun Fhel Lawat
Jhun Fhel Lawat 6 giorni fa
+Phi. FmR ......
Rama Thapa
Rama Thapa 9 giorni fa
Thanks for your blessings . I loved all the songs.😍😘🖕🖕 From Rama, Amie,Himal and Gauri
Jane Hasigan's vlog
God bless us all...
Matthieu Jacquette
Matthieu Jacquette 26 giorni fa
Shaye Panaguiton
Listening to this after a long tired day taking care of my baby boy. Just my kind of music.
DIA G Giorno fa
Thx for sharing 😗😘 so relaxing to drive with this music
Ivy Quilo
Ivy Quilo 2 giorni fa
Happy Valentine's Day everyone Just listening music
Brando Villa
Brando Villa 2 giorni fa
Good songs
Dead Boy
Dead Boy 2 giorni fa
Titles pls.
Elmer Ben Esmero
Elmer Ben Esmero 3 giorni fa
been searching for this one for a long time
Aichon vincent Garcia
Jessica Moink
Jessica Moink 5 giorni fa
So relaxin
Loredana Cardillo
Loredana Cardillo 5 giorni fa
Obama bastard africa chiudere i video non vi rende vittime ma terroristi negro prepotenti fottiti con quella andicappata negra 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕💩💩💩💩💩 africa merda! Africa Caritas,lebbrosi,malaria 💩🖕
What is dis?
What is dis? 2 giorni fa
Stop it. Get some help
Dennis Pabz
Dennis Pabz 5 giorni fa
Anybody out there listening February 10, 2019 Oldies never fade and it is last long
Eric john Paculanan
Feb 12 bro
jose rizal
jose rizal 3 giorni fa
February 12 😂😂
Lory Anaba
Lory Anaba 6 giorni fa
Sobrang nkkarelax, sarap pkinggan😊😊😊
Amera Balangkasi
Amera Balangkasi 6 giorni fa
I Love this Nonstop😍
Myrna Serrano
Myrna Serrano Giorno fa
Very nice song. I'm praying that our group will last forever
Edwin Reyes
Edwin Reyes 2 giorni fa
Ganda ng song at ung nag like
Amera Balangkasi
Amera Balangkasi 6 giorni fa
I Love this Nonstop😍
Shara Jean Bagcat
Shara Jean Bagcat 6 giorni fa
Happy sunday everyone! Anyone who's listening today Feb 10, 2019. 💙😎
janjosh apuya
janjosh apuya 6 giorni fa
So lovely and very joyful
Alif Sutanto
Alif Sutanto 9 giorni fa
Lance Lee
Lance Lee 9 giorni fa
Such lovely oldies. They brought me back to a time when life was simple and sweet. It is a short escapade from the complications we have now.
Jasmin Malag
Jasmin Malag 10 giorni fa
Sarap ulit ulitin pakinggan nkakagaan ng kalooban
Freddy Ragil
Freddy Ragil 10 giorni fa
Can't stop listening to the Oldies...only sweet memories
Wil Aquino
Wil Aquino 11 giorni fa
song list please thank you
bai puti Afdal
bai puti Afdal 13 giorni fa
Ag sarap pakinggan habang ng lilinis KSA
bai puti Afdal
bai puti Afdal 10 giorni fa
Di po un ag ginagamit ko sa imo sir
bai puti Afdal
bai puti Afdal 10 giorni fa
Diko po gingamit s imo ag number ko sir
Edwin Reyes
Edwin Reyes 10 giorni fa
+bai puti Afdal nag messages ako sa number mo sa imo
bai puti Afdal
bai puti Afdal 10 giorni fa
Sir ako po ung tumawag
Edwin Reyes
Edwin Reyes 10 giorni fa
+bai puti Afdal 0566125628
FastKiller997 13 giorni fa
22:00 Title song please
Rama Thapa
Rama Thapa 9 giorni fa
+Manuel Pia Tablizo thanks for the songs. God may also. Bless you all the time. I love you too much keep it up and keep your relationship stronger than ever before.
FastKiller997 12 giorni fa
+Manuel Pia Tablizo Thank You :D
Manuel Pia Tablizo
Manuel Pia Tablizo 12 giorni fa
'If I could' - by Simon and gurfunkel
Bibi Kishundat
Bibi Kishundat 13 giorni fa
enjoying oldies
ellie gian
ellie gian 14 giorni fa
sarap pakinggan👌😊
Kennedick Littaua
Kennedick Littaua 14 giorni fa
Sarap maglaro ng MOBILE LEGEND habang to pinapakinggan 😊😊😊😊😊 kaka relax
monika dunns
monika dunns 15 giorni fa
who's feeling nostalgic tonight in 2019. it's so relaxing listening to these oldies after a hard days work. it keeps me from listening to the news about Brexit which can be rather depressing.
Lucy Trinidad
Lucy Trinidad 3 giorni fa
Margaret Millar
Margaret Millar 14 giorni fa
The legends never die
Airlines Daar
Airlines Daar 15 giorni fa
Abraham Villanueva
Abraham Villanueva 16 giorni fa
Richelle Rafallo
Richelle Rafallo 16 giorni fa
nice music . yan lagi pinapatugtog ng papa ko pag nabiyahe kami pauwi ng bicol. nkaka relax.
heidz bughaw
heidz bughaw 17 giorni fa
Bee gees💝💝
Mary Grace Velasco
Mary Grace Velasco 17 giorni fa
Nakakamiss yung dati😊😢
renato del rosario
renato del rosario 17 giorni fa
sarap mag music.pag ganyan ang mga kanta.
Roger Javier
Roger Javier 18 giorni fa
pano po idownload?
JE ER 16 giorni fa
click link bukas expired na yan aee.oeaa.cc/3b2b359bdcfa9578c23f72e6a6ed66c9/cyFDyXBVFaA
Nickiela Ross
Nickiela Ross 18 giorni fa
I love Oldies. I'm enjoying these. Singing and dancing while I'm cooking. Music the Food of Love.😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤
Short& Sweet
Short& Sweet 19 giorni fa
Love these songs thank you💋💓💓💕💓💕
Liezl Ondoy
Liezl Ondoy 13 giorni fa
this is the song that we played in the band before and i really love to listen and sing this songs until now. missing those days when im still 18 years old hehe
Short& Sweet
Short& Sweet 19 giorni fa
I know its been a whole year but i just found u i love this thank u
Gave Soyom
Gave Soyom 20 giorni fa
Nice song. Naaala KO dati to na song nong Bata pa Ako.
Oderfla Miuqmilac
Oderfla Miuqmilac 22 giorni fa
Sana downloadable offline para pwde sa labas makinig with my friends when drinking beer. Ok sa mga Bluetooth ko. Malinaw Ang egualizer nya.
Margaux Hebron
Margaux Hebron 25 giorni fa
meron ba nito sa spotify? anong album please...
Mlchael Wray
Mlchael Wray 26 giorni fa
federico del pilar
federico del pilar 26 giorni fa
Manny Paqpiao vs Aldrien Broner
Mlchael Wray
Mlchael Wray 26 giorni fa
victor m
victor m 26 giorni fa
I loved this music
Rafael Madiam
Rafael Madiam 26 giorni fa
Nagpahanap sa aking ang Lolo ko ng mga Kanta ng 70's 80's maganda kasi meron pa pala nitong medley na napapakinggan ko noon, salamat sa pag upload.
Chef Alan's
Chef Alan's 27 giorni fa
00:59 ?
Chef Alan's
Chef Alan's 26 giorni fa
thx 👌
Manuel Pia Tablizo
Manuel Pia Tablizo 26 giorni fa
'Don't tell me stories' by SASKIA & SERGE
Juvelyn Munafo
Juvelyn Munafo 27 giorni fa
Rudith Edulan
Rudith Edulan 28 giorni fa
The original title of these songs based on its volume is "THE GOLDEN HIT BACKS".But whatever it takes the same sounds and compilations which familiar to us gives us happiness while listening ..
Matthieu Jacquette
Matthieu Jacquette 26 giorni fa
Whitney Houston
Ronnie Peralta
Fake compilations, not original singers!
Rafael Madiam
Rafael Madiam 26 giorni fa
Pangit naman kung original na mga singers ang i Compile mo ng tuloy tuloy.
Manuel Pia Tablizo
Manuel Pia Tablizo 27 giorni fa
Pre kumakanta-kanta ka rin ba ng kanta ng ibang singers? The world is full of happiness. Dude don't be a crab mentality.. Enjoy life.
loves kita
loves kita Mese fa
Na lowbat ako kanina. I come back & finish 💜💛💚💙
loves kita
loves kita Mese fa
Norryn Labelle
Can u list down all the songs title pls? Thank you.
Melville D'Costa
There us no person singing
Alia Sophia Charise Dulay
What is the title of the song from 11:05?
Manuel Pia Tablizo
Ob-la-di ob-la-da
Fen Baker
Fen Baker Mese fa
Manuel Pia Tablizo
When I need you.
Carmen Silva
Carmen Silva Mese fa
Saludos a los que isieron que está musica se oiga. En blutu yentoda la tenologia recordar musica esvolver avivir
cha timbang
cha timbang Mese fa
Lahat ng kanta favorite ng parents q thank you i love it..
Patricia Wallace shin
Hi! Ang play nitong oldies music ay ako, pilipina from washington
Shubham Mittal
Live in present and current always.. Be real be practical.... Modernism rocks.. Sports games fun enjoyment love sex lust etc are must always... Self work self interests self style are must always..
Ruben Tan
Ruben Tan Mese fa
I cannot sleep while listening all songs it give me energy i love them hope guys you enjoy listening too thank you sir manuel for uploading this non stop song God Bless😊😊👍👍😘😘 from zamboanga
Ruben Tan
Ruben Tan Mese fa
Hi everybody im listening this musig while while in bed
Jica Jaramiel
Certainly a fan of Oldies. 😍 What a sweet and lovely people and singers we had before. The songs were pure and full of heart and soul.
rajendra mathew
This collection reminds me of stars on 45 which was something similar
Cip Patac
Cip Patac Mese fa
I remember long time ago I had the album,but I cant remember where I put it so many times that I move from one place to another, not even married at that time.
Nerkie Villegas
Nice music
Christian Lee
Oldies but GOLDIES😋😋
Yellymish Campos
favorite namin to nakakarelax...nakakamiss tuloy si dikong😔😔😔
Brithaniel Smarak
Really - Old is gold,certainly it will remind the sweet memories of the past
John Ivan Sedotes
very niceee
allan fernando
Thanks for uploads i was searching this collection for years. Stay blessed.
Ge_Lic Mese fa
This reminds me so much of home and my grandparents. Seriously I’m far from my hometown and whenever I hear these songs makes me remember my grandparents and how us kids before would be pissed whenever it’s a kids party and they play these musics lol
Beverly Mansfield
Love ❤️ my oldies makes me feels in love 😍
Astrid Gamer
Astrid Gamer Mese fa
This is my grandmas favorite songs thanks!
Mark Villanueva
Ast 2mi
nhene arcilla
Downloaded this songs because it's my father's favourite. thank you so much.
Ruben Tan
Ruben Tan Mese fa
Hi guys, this songs are compile and make it medley there are many singers involve i like all the songs very nice make you feel young again haha natatangal ng stress nice to hear during night time when you are in bed👏👏👍👍
Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong Mese fa
do u have the song list?
Google Drive
Google Drive Mese fa
What's song title at 1:22:33?
Google Drive
Google Drive Mese fa
found it "Mother and Child Reunion"
achilles pinguet
sarap makinig ng old song,nakakawala ng stress
Kampaul Pell
Kampaul Pell Mese fa
Today Christmas day late 2018 who is missed at party come to listening this love songs 🎄🎅🎶
Jonnel Villanueva
Walang kupas talaga ang old song.
Amelita Arrobang
I like it very much!... Thanks
Márcia Lopes
Quanta saudade dos Bailes dos Namorados na minha cidade!!!🎶💕 Minha geração foi muito feliz!
Sandy Villamor
gusto ko download but not available..why
ivanpRoperty Costillas
Sandy Villamor e download mupo sa vidmate na apps 😁
LightingGamerPlays MCPE
Mp3 juice sa Google po😊
Pauer Grid
Pauer Grid Mese fa
Title of the Song at 5:35 Please? #Nostalgia
mark rodriguez
mark rodriguez 2 mesi fa
Songs people loved one another back then it brakes my heart how the world is today who else agrees God bless
mark rodriguez Well only the 70's-2015 were good years so far. 1960's and below were full of Savage hating people and now a days (2016-onwards) are advancing in technology to the point the government want to chip its people (like in Sweden) and how people in China are ranked like a pre-schooler. This is real stuff search it up. The future is scary bc I think we are coming to the end, oh and the past was just a mess.
Kevin Paurillo
Kevin Paurillo 2 mesi fa
2018 there? hits like
Eloisa May
Eloisa May 2 mesi fa
still listening..Happy Sabath Day...
Joven Tomas
Joven Tomas Mese fa
Me too my friend..happy vesper sabbath
una maravilla de musica, quisiera saber quien las canta
VIVIAN L 2 mesi fa
No se que genero de musica es, pero es un deleite escucharla..Grasias
Fartini Azware
Fartini Azware 2 mesi fa
May i know the list of this ?
Ben Kaufman
Ben Kaufman 2 mesi fa
Man I love this comment
Patricia Moreno Martinez
This is the best remake what i heart it and i love it so muchos the sound and the voice are great and i feel like transporting me to another wonderful moment to my life forever the best time the music oldie.. Thank you for sharing
Estella Trevino
I'm 72 and I love listening to this songs. Makes me think I'm in this times. Thanks for sharing and Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and God bless everyone love you all. May we have a better, wonderful new year.
Artur Tilman
Artur Tilman 2 mesi fa
musik furak e hau gosta loos
Ben Kaufman
Ben Kaufman 2 mesi fa
Nah my favorites “banging rocks on sticks for 20 minutes, part 35”
ivanpRoperty Costillas
Boss manuel pia tablizo . Sinu pong artist ang kumanta simula sa una hanggang 30:53 lahat po kase ng song na yun ay favorite ng lolo at lola ko sa probinsya namin sa bohol kaya gusto kodin to salamat sa pag upload ng song . gbu always
Mba Niah
Mba Niah 2 mesi fa
Why don't you put text all the songs...
Mba Niah
Mba Niah 2 mesi fa
Sayang enggak ada text nya...
Koh Chin Meng
Koh Chin Meng 2 mesi fa
Roxy Prasad
Roxy Prasad 2 mesi fa
I am a lover of all the old english songs.
Maleeha Dahal
Maleeha Dahal 2 mesi fa
very nice songs
Elvie Caduyac
Elvie Caduyac 2 mesi fa
All english old songs
Elvie Caduyac
Elvie Caduyac 2 mesi fa
My favorite english old songs
Jovita Hera
Jovita Hera 2 mesi fa
Very nice song nakakatangal ng problema
Melody Pautu
Melody Pautu 2 mesi fa
I Love all this song...
Lucy Trinidad
Lucy Trinidad 2 mesi fa
Melody Pautu
Prossimi video