Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

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Listen to ‘drivers license’ out now: smarturl.it/driverslicense
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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7 gen 2021




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Commenti 100
Victoria Lomeli
I love it out of my sister is due to
David Fernandez
Que me importa su vida, devuelva a dakiti de primer lugar
কাঁঠালের আমসত্ত্ব
Old queens will be dethroned, new queens will be crowned. circle of life folks :)
ange hirwa
ange hirwa 3 ore fa
This is the best song I have ever listened to. It is such a masterpiece. 🥺 Damn. I've been watching reaction videos and everyone loves the song too. On one of the comments to a reaction video, someone commented "next video, driving instructor reacts to driver's license" and it made my day 😂
Danielle Jimenez
This video has been trending so I listened to it. I love the storyline and her voice
Gus Vargas
Gus Vargas 3 ore fa
I'm sorry but I literally don't get the hype about this song like, it's not that it's bad just a regular song
katherine garcia elvira
I love you so much and I know it hurts
Sophie Stough
Sophie Stough 3 ore fa
Me, so invested with the love triangle after watching the song one time:😮😭🔎
Teehee 3 ore fa
She's gonna be the nect ariana grande y'all will see
Leilani Jones
Leilani Jones 3 ore fa
hey back again ahaha
Victor A
Victor A 3 ore fa
Just came to see what all the hype is about. Beautiful voice, but Generic sound and arrangement. The kids love her, so I guess she's the new IT girl now...
Alejandro Yurrita
AOC got range 😯😯
anne ev
anne ev 3 ore fa
i love it
Noelle !
Noelle ! 3 ore fa
SO GOOOOOOD!!!!! She really amazes me with her amazing music!!!!!
Fatima Salas Lopez
Aman Rokade
Aman Rokade 3 ore fa
Who's here after it jumps on spot #1 on HOT 100?
mira ismaili
mira ismaili 3 ore fa
Zoe Vanessa Martínez Flores
this song is something that sums up my life with my crush
Bond 3 ore fa
meh 4/10 not even, overrated song
gho0oo0ost 3 ore fa
@mira ismaili cutie
mira ismaili
mira ismaili 3 ore fa
yasmin rodrigues
enfim o Tik Tok me trouxe aqui 🤡
Owusu Kyere Prince
Damn! I can't stop listening to this song ....
gho0oo0ost 3 ore fa
this Girl is special lmao
Sam 3 ore fa
So people in comments should be like 'how many r listening to this song this second' XD
Cas 3 ore fa
this is one of the most satisfying bridges i've ever heard
da veiga
da veiga 3 ore fa
Que musica chata
Darth Pain
Darth Pain 3 ore fa
Listened to this for the 1st time this the song everyone been talking about this Sap song? hahahaha funny cuz all y'all act so tough and emotionally gangster but this y'all anthem now ? 😂 Hahahaha weak I didn't even finish the song
Mack 3 ore fa
Elephant Gaming
The talent is just *chefs kiss*
lily punk
lily punk 3 ore fa
This song is so gloomy yet gorgeous! I was watching this while making notes at midnight and meanwhile started crying.. My sister looked straight up-to my face with tears filled in my eyes.. *awkward..
mike 3 ore fa
Nice song, talented singer, but I am not ready to go to sleep or start crying.
eduardo landingin
Smart Trump Supporter 2
I find this song mediocre.
Dea Nadya
Dea Nadya 3 ore fa
Kendall S
Kendall S 3 ore fa
In my opinion you are 17 a minor he is like 20 so why wouldn’t he go to the 21 year old? They aren’t minors-
Kim HaeSu
Kim HaeSu 3 ore fa
Que música maravilhosa, ela trás uma sensação tão boa.
Maddi Christensen
I can’t remember how life was before driver’s license. How did we function?
Honey_bees123 3 ore fa
Can we just imagine her being a celebrity in the future , this girl is going places.
Arwa Feroz
Arwa Feroz 3 ore fa
She's even an actor in HSMTMTS
Arwa Feroz
Arwa Feroz 3 ore fa
She is a celebrity ....
Jorge Estevez
Jorge Estevez 3 ore fa
Song of the year. ❤️
Amai 3 ore fa
I had chills at the beginning so that meant that I liked the song but man once it hit 2:29 I had to get get a jacket cause my body felt numb for a sec! And now im in my feels so yeah...
Phoenix Whiler
She got some cracks and the choreography well exists. IDK why this deserves on trending tbh
Norish Halim
Norish Halim 3 ore fa
shes better than dixie. periodt👄
Connor Pardee
Connor Pardee 3 ore fa
Number one on billboard good job
Charlie Yates
Charlie Yates 3 ore fa
song of the century
emily ramirez
emily ramirez 3 ore fa
this song just hits dif, even if i don't have ex, but i still imagine, it hurts
Danae Andrade
Danae Andrade 3 ore fa
Aquí está el comentario en español que tanto buscabas:(
Rik Nel
Rik Nel 3 ore fa
So she has Super Rich parents.
r e t r o s p e c t i v e
Miley Cyrus: 7 things Olivia Rodrigo: License Drivers
alessandra ale
This sound is so good and addictive, you are amazing and very talented Olivia, I love you and your beautiful work!
Fernanda María Arriagada Canales
Para el Tik Tok 2:15
NoBullet 3 ore fa
Dollar Tree Lana Del Rey
Akhand 3 ore fa
I'm here before 100m views
luciana dominguez
I've never been in a relationship but it really hurts to hear this song. I really love this song
Akhand 3 ore fa
I'm Single but feel this song ❤️
idk 3 ore fa
The song is good I just feel like it's overrated, that is just my opinion.
Beatriz Silva
Beatriz Silva 3 ore fa
Vim pela Lulu Silvério 💕
the melodrama of this song and the actual contents of it actually flipping boggles my mind how ridiculous it is
Lucia_ 007
Lucia_ 007 3 ore fa
omg i love it 😍
Himakshi singh katiyar
I hope she's fine♥️
she’s probably better off cus the guy she was dating was a 20 year old while she was 16
Pieces4Minds 3 ore fa
Doggo 3 ore fa
goldmedal67 3 ore fa
This song is trash
Norish Halim
Norish Halim 3 ore fa
No it isnt,ur are
Michael Silver
Is this song good or great? Convince me.
it’s horrible, the material is shallow and the relationship she had was creepy
Xiomara Grande
Pedro Cano
Pedro Cano 3 ore fa
This actually happened to me and my Ex, so I called her. She immediately started crying, I heard this song in the background. I told her I missed her and I had to call her bc I had just listened to the song she was listening to lol amazing how music can bring ppl together
Pedro Cano
Pedro Cano 3 ore fa
I asked her why she was crying she replied "I miss you so damn much" we both very happy to be back in each others arms
Eduardo Gonzalez salcedo
Esto es muy lindo encerio 🥺
my physics
my physics 3 ore fa
Congratulations for billboard#1❤️❤️❤️
Gary Louk
Gary Louk 3 ore fa
we don’t get many songs like this these days
bjork 6
bjork 6 3 ore fa
No entiendo en verdad, he escuchado esta canción 4 veces y es muy aburrida, la letra es buena pero tampoco es la mejor, y el ritmo no es la gran cosa.
*hey hows it goin ? I know I know another self promotion, not at all, just need feedback on this audition for the next batman, it’s my brothers and he REALLY wants the world to see what he’s made of* 👇👇👇 itvid.net/video/video-nHTiwzQJxNc.html *dont hate he could be YOUR NEXT BATMAN*
Jimoh Kehinde
Jimoh Kehinde 3 ore fa
Mtcheeww I think say na one jam
Don't sub
Don't sub 3 ore fa
I live here now
Asd Saudi
Asd Saudi 3 ore fa
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamm!!!!!!💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 Awesome
Mohammad Ayaan Ali
Who’s still here for the thousandth time
venkatasai pachunoori
This song honestly is nice but why did it get so many views that’s what I don’t understand 🤔
Violeta Nedanovska
if i remembered the text to my books like i remember the lyrics to this song i'd be a GENIUS
Alexandra Caro
Yup, this song is insuperable.
Catherine Van Donsel
Im so confused about this 'drama'
Rafaelia Fideoglou
Wtf who are these 31 thousand people who disliked
Norish Halim
Norish Halim 3 ore fa
theyre blinds they wanted to press the like but they didnt see💀
Great, now I have to fake a mental breakdown
andrea jima
andrea jima 3 ore fa
Made me cry 😢
Folken Hellfang
Compelling evidence that giving the babysitter a ride home is a bad idea.
Blossom & Pandas
Here for the 24 times today Will edit when I come back
Hunzala Bukhari
HOT 100 #1
Lauralita 3 ore fa
Is it only me who only like part 02:29 till 03:20 :)
Lisa Samaroo
Lisa Samaroo 3 ore fa
Just wait till you get older young lady. Then you can sing about experiences.
Loco Tx
Loco Tx 3 ore fa
Ah yeah . . the ex-gf that can't move on stalking song
Reyanderson Rodrigues
A genuine feeling of a Pisces, I understand you guuuurl 💅👁️👄👁️
Sara gh
Sara gh 3 ore fa
Wow 👏 please check my channel 🙏
Memeact Fartface
This the song you dont tell the homies about.
mocha singingxx
so we all here rn?
Abby 3 ore fa
This wants me to go hop in a car and drive past my ex I'm 13 and never been in a relationship
Adriana Ruiz
Adriana Ruiz 3 ore fa
HeS pRoBlE wHiTh ThAt BlOnD gIrL
Jennifer Hernandez
I use to be the person commenting me crying but I've never been in a relationship I know now it's better to wonder what a heartbreak is than go through one. It hurts like hell
Mari C
Mari C 3 ore fa
This feels like a song T swift would write... the lyrics remind me of young T swift making songs for heart broken 15 year olds
David Bosquette
This song makes me want to listen to "Birdy", the original of this kinda angst. If this is this generation's "Baby one more time" we are in for a right lot of depressive's!. Jeezz, haven't we all suffered enough 🙄
Lillia 3 ore fa
I cant stop listening to this
Olivia Saenz
Olivia Saenz 3 ore fa
i am so happy for u, you made it this far that i am so happy you made me feel what you feel and i cant stop listening to it
Laura Knox
Laura Knox 3 ore fa
This song is so revolutionary, it defines 2020, this song isn't a song, it's a feeling.
brian carrington
Shut up bro you sound cringe
dainaris torres beaton
This song gives me a "end of summer" vibes Is beautiful tho
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