OMB Peezy - I'm Straight (feat. T.I.) [Official Video]

OMB Peezy
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23 mag 2019

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Commenti 600
OMB Peezy
OMB Peezy 25 giorni fa
Get tickets to "The Preacher to The Streets" Tour | ombpeezy.ffm.to/pttstour
mick world
mick world 20 giorni fa
Respect bruh hit my email so we can murder something together mme6500@gmail.com
Angie Newsom
Angie Newsom 20 giorni fa
My guys!💯💕
Play Boy
Play Boy 20 giorni fa
Omb Peezy would be a stand up dude if he took real care of his son. And yes I'm his son Uncle. we don't need nothing from you but your son does. You doing your son the same way them niggas would have did you when u had nothing.pass him rite on by tell your friends and fans that you don't really fuck wit your son.how you str8 brah
Derrick Drumgoole
Derrick Drumgoole 22 giorni fa
Hey man this song make me smile i play this shit EVERYDAY! Every since i heard it game over THIS A BANGERRRRRRR
Young Ace
Young Ace 13 ore fa
This songs trash. Lyrics coo but ehh
DRAMA FUSION 14 ore fa
Ain't gon' talk 'bout shit you got after you dead and gone Just what you did for people and where you there when they needed you? How you impact the lives of the niggas we used to see with you Every day life'll test you, you see what the root of evil do Doin' dirt, pressure comin', and everyone ain't gon' keep it true No matter how much you ran up, nigga Don't let it keep you from bein' a stand-up nigga And shawty, you can take the fame and the clothes, the diamonds and the gold All I need is a bankroll, drop me off at the corner And I'm straight It ain't what's on you, it's what's in you It ain't what's on you, it's what's in you And you can take the mansion, the Benz, all the millions I spend Blindfold me, drop me at the bottom, I can get it again Bitch, I'm straight 🙏🏾🤩💯💯💯.
Ruben Quezada
Ruben Quezada 2 giorni fa
It sound like he's saying it's skrate
Mik'Hail SMULAS Sandals
Make the same mistake twice it ain't a mistake.. realest quote ever
Vick Salaza
Vick Salaza 2 giorni fa
Real Peezy fan. vsalaa5 add me on Snapchat I promote omb Peezy in my city. 309 shit. This man pezzy so slept on. They ain’t listening to his message. “Even if I’m broke they still gunna hate”
Dillon Atchison
Dillon Atchison 3 giorni fa
this that shit right here
KTG Packed Up
KTG Packed Up 3 giorni fa
Bog boss shit
JUULIE WWANI 3 giorni fa
Mandem a skraight
Nõvèņță Tres
Nõvèņță Tres 3 giorni fa
Remake of t.i. I'm straight from king album
ASolidProduction 3 giorni fa
this shit go hard asf.. and bring it back to TI's infamous album.. I'm straaaiiigghhhtt
yousef ahmed
yousef ahmed 6 giorni fa
Fuck TI he ruined the song should of been a single
Tiffany Coney
Tiffany Coney 6 giorni fa
I love this song, 🔥feature. Sounds like dat old TIP rubberband man tracks.
Melanin Poppin
Melanin Poppin 6 giorni fa
They sleeping on my nigga peezy.🔥🤦🏾‍♀️👏🏾! shit slaps this album was really hittin.💯#PTTS
Henn Essy
Henn Essy 7 giorni fa
Ay, you can take the fame and the clothes The diamonds and the gold All I need is a bankroll Drop me off on a corner and I'm straight (and I'm straight) And I'm straight (and I'm straight) Ay, they don't want to see you win Enemies really your friends Had to cut them niggas off 'Cause I won't need 'em in the end I'm straight (ay I'm straight) Ay I'm straight (ay I'm straight) 🔥🔥🔥 #FACTS
hypocritnotme n/a
hypocritnotme n/a 9 giorni fa
Mr Streamy
Mr Streamy 10 giorni fa
Crazy how real shit like this don’t hit 1 mill in a day but nonsense ass rap bullshit does
GamingWithKae 10 giorni fa
Here's a message to my lil' nigga You become a dumb nigga tryna prove to a dumb nigga that you a real nigga~T.I.P
YMS RP 11 giorni fa
Xant even hate on that omb peezy .keep going thug.
Ky Savvy
Ky Savvy 11 giorni fa
What’s that ignorant sound dat shit fye 🔥🔥🔥
Akiba Simmons
Akiba Simmons 11 giorni fa
Who ever directed the video murder it
Akiba Simmons
Akiba Simmons 11 giorni fa
Classic.. ignant colabo Louisville collabo
julian carter
julian carter 11 giorni fa
Ti back 🔥🔥🐐
Qban BeeBee
Qban BeeBee 12 giorni fa
“Put em in the basement with no chairs and they still aint understand”🗣💯
Poo Poo
Poo Poo 13 giorni fa
young why u do song with a 🐀
TEE BABY 13 giorni fa
James Flores
James Flores 15 giorni fa
This mf a instant classic
Tha Taurus
Tha Taurus 15 giorni fa
when Tip switch his hat he lettin niggas know I'd still snatch u up
Season 89
Season 89 15 giorni fa
Nigga T.I.P threw the beanie on for this one
Zane Hoover
Zane Hoover 15 giorni fa
Lovin this, why isn't it poppin???
Jermaine Moore
Jermaine Moore 15 giorni fa
This is what I been waiting on
Gino White #SMSEnt
Gino White #SMSEnt 16 giorni fa
This hard.
blackbird608 16 giorni fa
Dope ass remix!..
KING KALIKush 16 giorni fa
Kendrick Green
Kendrick Green 17 giorni fa
T Nash
T Nash 17 giorni fa
COD4LIFE 17 giorni fa
TI = 🐐
fat chino
fat chino 17 giorni fa
U raw your voice is raw
Clifford Arrington
Clifford Arrington 17 giorni fa
Im straightttttttttttt💯💯💯💪
Washay McDonald
Washay McDonald 18 giorni fa
Sauce walker or rj do a son will LA need it Texas la omb pezzy
A L 18 giorni fa
Peezy ou
Caliwarlord 40831510
Gee Sauce
Gee Sauce 18 giorni fa
Not understanding why we ain't got ten mill views yet....
CaRon Lewis
CaRon Lewis 18 giorni fa
Gee Sauce cuz they actually talking about something. Niggas these days will rather listen to sum dum shit
BIG ANKH 18 giorni fa
Sounding Like The Old TIP ! 🐐
Onetae1k / F14 Tv
Onetae1k / F14 Tv 18 giorni fa
King Tone
King Tone 19 giorni fa
I'm fooling with this here my G I live like this daily
Markel Robinson
Markel Robinson 19 giorni fa
Wow this 🎵🎧🎤🔒
Markel Robinson
Markel Robinson 19 giorni fa
Lavesha Thornton
Lavesha Thornton 19 giorni fa
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Yung Weird
Yung Weird 19 giorni fa
Good shit, peezy . Mobile next up fr. But I’m the hardest out the city
Yung Weird
Yung Weird 19 giorni fa
😵😵😵😵 man I Ik this a dream come true for him. I love t.i. Go look up “yung weird” next up fr
el_b5000 19 giorni fa
13 years since King dropped? Wtf! #kingofthasouth
Deyjon Townsend
Deyjon Townsend 19 giorni fa
Derrick Rutledge
Derrick Rutledge 19 giorni fa
Arthur Fincher
Arthur Fincher 19 giorni fa
Susan Jude
Susan Jude 19 giorni fa
As usual love n e thing WIT Ti in it or Tiny truly I'm Team them. Like OMB Peezy its 🔥🔥🔥on a 😢 note Ti my son rite there in Decatur in Emory Decatur hospital fighting for his life. I was there all last wk and I'm coming back this weekend. I shut down all visitation so that he can actually rest before my family comes from Flint,Mi where my boi Sir Clyde Roby was FILA and he does. We talk bout yall all the time. I told him I wanna meet Both you and my girl Tiny I just love her to my 💚!!!! He's critical but I kno he will love this joint as I do...... Sir stop posting on his fb after mother day where he upload a pic of me. I don't kno the out come for him I'm praying and so is Many others. We refer to him as our Superstar!!!! He grind and hustle had 2 potential artists under his belt. He's my only child. He's 38 yrs old .
Alumni Society Beats
That old T.I. Vibe
Anthony Jones Robinson
TI took me back in the day
Robert patterson
Robert patterson 19 giorni fa
Im str8!!
Sony Be Wavy
Sony Be Wavy 19 giorni fa
Not only did he redid T.I. song but had him featured in it this dope
Gino White #SMSEnt
Gino White #SMSEnt 16 giorni fa
Sony Be Wavy legendary.
Trevion Travis
Trevion Travis 19 giorni fa
Why peezy so under rated ill wait
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 20 giorni fa
I Rather Have Peezy Underrated Than Have a Shit Load Of FuckBoys Listening 2 Him😑😑😆😆
Denzel Hawkins
Denzel Hawkins 20 giorni fa
That young Nigga peezy
Fred Dixon
Fred Dixon 20 giorni fa
Pezzy making money moves
Money Mess
Money Mess 20 giorni fa
T.I still raw. 🥩
O 2x
O 2x 20 giorni fa
T.I.P need to drop more
Ankh Sheshonq Ra Nanya Basul El
Tip.... Stay you bro!
snl funny videos
snl funny videos 20 giorni fa
Justin Valenzuela
Justin Valenzuela 20 giorni fa
YoU become a dumb nigga tryna prove to a dumb nigga that you a real nigga #facts
WILL STEEL 20 giorni fa
Str8 gas
Angie Newsom
Angie Newsom 20 giorni fa
I've been telling folks I'm straight since I was a lil girl back in the days..😂💯🔥
Iam_ Titan__
Iam_ Titan__ 20 giorni fa
Sickof Yamfz
Sickof Yamfz 20 giorni fa
I think ti snitched on kodack black how you gone let another nigga tell you what to wear gucchi clean SF go you just mad cus yo face ain't on gucchi to you say they racist down south if it's crooket cops call them by name don't say all cops cus why people riot and geting in trouble by cops you gone be at home smokin crack wit tiny you really seem like a crack head. You and jayz need to stop hating g on these youngsters take care if your wifez and tell yo kids what to do cus you ain't no fuckin role model period y'all just tricks
Mauricio Fernandez
Mauricio Fernandez 20 giorni fa
You know when TI rocks his beanie like that .... 🔥
Tavon Cool
Tavon Cool 20 giorni fa
Baltimore fucking with this young nizza need to hear this 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Super Dad
Super Dad 20 giorni fa
Solid verse Ti
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 20 giorni fa
This dope
Neezy941 lets get it
I love this t.i went back to the old t.i 🗣🗣
Nick Schultz
Nick Schultz 19 giorni fa
Neezy941 lets get it Slowdak punchin the air rn
James Wardjr
James Wardjr 20 giorni fa
Bish I'm Straighttttttt!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯❗❗❗❗
PaPa Lo Laveaux
PaPa Lo Laveaux 21 giorno fa
OMB 💪💪💪💪💪 mob town shit...251 stand up doe
Jorge Gutierrez
Jorge Gutierrez 21 giorno fa
T.I still be on tht " Motivation" music and getting tht "ASAP" Money Patna.... #respects to tht
passdablunt 90xx
passdablunt 90xx 21 giorno fa
Peezy so slept on
gs 7
gs 7 21 giorno fa
Peezys good !! Peezys good .
TaterHead CuHHH
TaterHead CuHHH 21 giorno fa
Fire Azz Callabo. It's tHa King BitcH!
amircle205 21 giorno fa
Anais Green
Anais Green 21 giorno fa
Gadah Patton
Gadah Patton 21 giorno fa
Damn this hea fire..
Tbone LA
Tbone LA 21 giorno fa
Mister Allen
Mister Allen 21 giorno fa
This muthafucka slappin
damont perkins
damont perkins 21 giorno fa
SickMike07 21 giorno fa
So glad I clicked on this! T.I. is one of the realest men in the game!!
mike jones
mike jones 21 giorno fa
The message is so perfect an clear.... GROWTH! Now at first T.I. dropped I'm straight, he was the huslla on the grind saying fuck all the fame if it all goes out the window one day he all to familiar with this shit cuz he going back to the boss basics... He gone be straight regardless! But now Peezy that nigga TIP used to be an he teaching him to move an be different, have yo own identity! Words of encouragement & wisdom from a wise man!#GROWTH-LISTEN-LEARN-SOMETHING-LIL'NIGGA
Cole Wolfmon
Cole Wolfmon 21 giorno fa
Is T.I. tho?
EL BOZAKITE 21 giorno fa
Snitch i smh
Hi I'm Mr. Meeseks
Hi I'm Mr. Meeseks 21 giorno fa
Yo I thought that was that nigga from Get Out for a minute in the thumbnail💀😂
calvin marks
calvin marks 21 giorno fa
Whenever a song make the hairs on my arms stand up I kno it’s real. 🔥🔥
Lope Dog
Lope Dog 21 giorno fa
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