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Balls THROUGH the racket, funny mishaps, and unbelievable shots....one in a million tennis moments!
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24 mag 2023




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MADAN MATCHA 4 mesi fa
1:59 Monfil's reaction to Opelka's serve will always be my favorite.
Bilal Attal
Bilal Attal 4 mesi fa
There are still many other shots and moments to be added: One time Zverev didn't put himself in there Another time he did not double fault on match point down
G0LDSNAKE 4 mesi fa
2:50 I'm not sure how many realize that he switched hands to make the shot as well!
DuaSymPara 4 mesi fa
@8:00 Meddy's subtle reaction of approval is gold.
Tiago Lopes
Tiago Lopes 2 mesi fa
The Cuevas vs Tsitsipas in Estoril Open will be, for me, the best thing I've ever seen as a trick shot in tennis. Such a point!
Zane Hamilton
Zane Hamilton 4 mesi fa
Singles overall much more entertaining but doubles does produce some magical moments!
XTSY 4 mesi fa
Cuevas' no-look-tweened-dropshot was the best. Also 09:02 , 09:06 and 09:12 happened 3 times in less than a million momentssss
DuaSymPara 4 mesi fa
A 6-3 1-0 scoreline brings the magic out of Cuevas.
Thomas Delaney
Thomas Delaney 3 mesi fa
There are 68 ATP tournaments a year. Most have 32 players, so 31 matches, but some have more. Even at 31 matches, that’s 2,108 matches per ATP season. If every match ends 🎉6-0, 6-0 with the loser winning zero points (which never happens), that’s 48 points per match. Or 101,184 per ATP season. These videos look to go back to the mid 90s so let’s call that 30 years. In that case, if every match ends flawless 48 points to zero, then in the last 30 years, over 3 million points have been played. Probably 15 million strokes. So yes, 3 instances in the entire televised history of ATP still is less than one in a million
John Strombolli
John Strombolli 4 mesi fa
"shoe incident " and Isner face always makes me smile
nnog 4 mesi fa
Yeah, one of my faves. The way he tries an extra 2 times to scramble to the ball. The "wtf" from Isner, the commentator's wheezing laugh, the way he walked back to the chair like a dog in boots. 2:25
John Strombolli
John Strombolli 4 mesi fa
@nnog 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kara Keehan
Kara Keehan 29 giorni fa
Yea me too 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane 4 mesi fa
0:32 my favorite Roger shot❤ that nalbandian vs rafa is amazing! And they say Roger was a weak era champ.
Dimitris Mythos
Dimitris Mythos 4 mesi fa
It's the sportscasters that make this one even more enjoyable.
Mira Gowaikar
Mira Gowaikar 3 mesi fa
isner's reaction to Rubins shoe will forever be iconic.
JG 4 mesi fa
I think the real one in a million moment in the first Rafa clip is that he was playing doubles with tomic.
isthatrubble 3 mesi fa
that's what I thought!
puremaze 4 mesi fa
Roland Garros draw is out, those are the predicted match ups from R32 to the final: R32 🥎Alcaraz - Shapovalov 🥎Musetti - Norrie 🥎FAA - Korda 🥎Zapata Miralles - Tsitsipas 🥎Djokovic - Davidovich Fokina 🥎Bautista Agut - Griekspoor/Hurkazc 🥎Kachanov - Wawrinka 🥎Shelton - Rublev 🥎Rune - Kecmanovic 🥎Cerundolo - Fritz 🥎Paul/Jarry - Struff 🥎Van de Zandschulp - Ruud 🥎Sinner - Dimitrov 🥎Zverev - Tiafoe 🥎Coric/ Cachin - Etcheverry/De Minaur 🥎Nishioka - Medvedev R16 🥎Alcaraz - Musetti /Norrie 🥎FAA - Tsitsipas 🥎Djokovic - Bautista Agut/Griekspoor 🥎Kachanov - Rublev 🥎Rune - Cerundolo/ Fritz 🥎Struff/Jarry - Van de Zandschulp/Ruud 🥎Sinner - Zverev 🥎Coric/Cachin/ Etcheverry/De Minaur - Medvedev Quarterfinals 🥎Alcaraz - Tsitsipas 🥎Djokovic - Rublev 🥎Rune - Struff/Jarry/Ruud 🥎Sinner/Zverev - Medvedev Semifinal 🥎Alcaraz - Djokovic/Rublev 🥎Rune - Sinner/Zverev/Medvedev Final 🥎Alcaraz/Djokovic - Rune/Sinner/Zverev /Medvedev
John Strombolli
John Strombolli 4 mesi fa
good prediction bruh
puremaze 4 mesi fa
@John Strombolli Thanks Mate, I didn't take too many risks at this stage. The tournament is really open this year, so I tried to give people multiple possibilités to visualize what could happen. I will post updates on each highlight video. 😁
YDeLaFayette 4 mesi fa
So basically, out of the three favorites to win the title (top 3 seeds) Alcaraz has a tough draw from the 4th round on (Norrie or in-form Musetti, then Tsitsipas or whoever beats him), Djoko has a tough test in R3 in Davidovich Fokina and then a clear route to the semis, and Medvedev only has a potentially tough QF.
puremaze 4 mesi fa
@YDeLaFayette True but in my opinion, it doesn't really matter, if they can't make it to the quarters, they don't deserve to win the tournament anyways. The real tests start from the quarterfinals and the test is equally steep for all. And for semifinals, the field is pretty open this year because in the absence of Rafa and with a not so reassuring Djokovic, it seems very open. I can't wait for those quarter finals!! But Carlos needs to conserve energy in the earlier rounds, so he would be inspired to make quick work of Musetti.
Alexis BERNIARD 4 mesi fa
But I think and I hope that Thiem will win atleast a match
Brando N
Brando N 4 mesi fa
Love to see Opelka coming back.
Angela Tanurdzic
Wow, amazing how the rackets fly 😁
Rob Underwood
Rob Underwood 4 mesi fa
Once I was playing doubles and the opposition net player was standing right on the centre T with his foot to try force me to hit my serve to his partners FH. I said alright ballsy move trying to blatantly stop me serving down the T so went for his foot, and sure enough hit it and won the point! The net player was so pissed off having to concede the point🤣
Felix R
Felix R 4 mesi fa
nadal and Tomic as a team is also one in a million
Franky 4 mesi fa
These are remarkable, but it would be better if Andy Rodick's big serve into the ground was added.
Virat 4 mesi fa
That wasn't real, it was a commercial.
Dimitris Mythos
Dimitris Mythos 4 mesi fa
1:22 wtf... I've never seen a racket break like this.
Dman9fp Mese fa
Was probably prior racket abuse, seems to be the case more than not when this happens
HIDE _ 4 mesi fa
2:26 I strongly remember this. It always makes me laugh😂
Kara Keehan
Kara Keehan Mese fa
Me too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
L. Gyger
L. Gyger 3 mesi fa
7:43 What? I have never seen anyone do that before. It looks incredibly hard to pull off.
Gilgarth 4 mesi fa
3:48 if you look closely, it seems like Federer hit the ball twice with his racquet
Sloppy Gamer
Sloppy Gamer 4 mesi fa
Yeah, but it’s one motion, so it counts
dragicevic 4 mesi fa
@Sloppy Gamer Incorrect, that point shouldn't count
Y T 4 mesi fa
0:13 was the one in a million moment referring to nadal's racquet hitting the ball mid air or nadal ACTUALLY teaming up with the tank king tomic? I'd strongly argue for the latter.
Maciej Gudel
Maciej Gudel 4 mesi fa
Sometimes there are situations, one in a million, that can make the audience laugh. 🙄🤣 And sometimes all sorts of contortions can appear in the audience.😆😁😄
Ruth P
Ruth P 4 mesi fa
Bublik’s left foot touches the net. The point should have been awarded to Ruud.
Kara Keehan
Kara Keehan Mese fa
0:23 WHAAT!?!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!?!? 🤯🤯🤯 🤯 I’ve always gotten the ball stuck in that hole, but having it GO THROUGH THE HOLE!?!?! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Emiliano Sosa
Emiliano Sosa 4 mesi fa
My one on a million moment is Paire fighting during the covid vs the digital spectators.
John Strombolli
John Strombolli 4 mesi fa
eM_RELIQUE 4 mesi fa
what is the name of the video?
Emiliano Sosa
Emiliano Sosa 4 mesi fa
@eM_RELIQUE write that words and you cand find that and another funny videos
Marc-André Gauthier
Tsitsipas challenging the Wolf shot and not applauding IS SO TSITSIPAS.
jatojo 4 mesi fa
Very entertaining.
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen 3 mesi fa
Nadal and Tomic is already a one in a million double match up. No highlights needed
A S 4 mesi fa
0:01 Norrie did the same thing to Djokovic and he was pissed.
I knew that type of stupid comment was coming. No, it's not the same. 1. Djokovic hit the rocket, not his body. 2. Novak stopped at the net and apologized properly.
Trulaila 4 mesi fa
Norrie should have kissed Novak on his forehead,
James Carmichael
@MarkTheTranslator It's just the same hahahha, Novak wants to turn away from the ball while the point is still going
SniP3r_HavOk 4 mesi fa
@MarkTheTranslator It's the same. Norrie also apologized by the way. Racket body doesn't matter it's still at the player. You don't have to go up to the net and apologize for everything you do
@SniP3r_HavOk Racket is not the player. Racket is meant to be hit by the ball. And, once again, just raising a hand after hitting your opponent's body with the ball at high speed while turning your back at him - it's not an apology. You don't have to apologize properly, but it's expected from every respectful player.
SniP3r_HavOk 4 mesi fa
Bruh... Djokovic getting all mad at Norrie the other week for hitting him with the overhead smash, when the first clip is Djokovic doing the exact same to Sandgren.
Okuyasu 4 mesi fa
but notice how he immediately went to the net to apologise. Djokovic was more mad at the dismissive reaction from Norris I think who just went back to the baseline.
natoskull2 4 mesi fa
Not nearly the same 1.d 10 t, Djokovic didn't directly hit his opponent, and was plenty of time looking at his rival to apologize... Norie just a quick gesture where he turned his face back away immediately for directly hitting Nole. Not remotely close.
SniP3r_HavOk 4 mesi fa
@Okuyasu yeah he went back to the baseline after apologising. You don’t have to go to the net and be all sympathetic, norrie put his hand up and apologised enough said.
SniP3r_HavOk 4 mesi fa
@natoskull2 very much the same. Norrie apologised. Don’t need to come to the net, put his arm up and said sorry. Also, Djokovic turned around lol. Norrie wouldn’t have hit his racket because Nole turned his back on the point? If Sangren had turned around and started walking the direction Nole did it’s highly likely he would have been hit not on his racket
Okuyasu 4 mesi fa
@SniP3r_HavOk I mean, personally, I would do that.
WhatsTheDylBro 16 giorni fa
The lizard on the court took me out 💀
Derek Kaden
Derek Kaden 4 mesi fa
Missed Kyrigos' 120mph+ second serve ace match point down against Kudla, Cincinnati 2018
woogy 4 mesi fa
I had a tennis ball stuck in the middle empty part of the racket at the first day of playing tennis does that happen often?
Whatever 4 mesi fa
those dropshots when it comes back obviously aren't 1 in a million, judging by the fact this video is full of them
Wingduded 4 mesi fa
Im missing the shot roger put trough the net in his last ever match!
Virat 4 mesi fa
TennisTv don't have rights for laver cup.
Dinesh 4 mesi fa
Nadal and Tomic played together ? Wolah
JP Nielsen
JP Nielsen 4 mesi fa
My favourite "One In a Million Tennis Moment" was that one time an umpire actually stood up to Serena Williams and Serena couldn't stand one of the serfs holding her to account
mistahmingus 3 mesi fa
Dude I can SMELL this comment at least twice a week I think that’s reasonable for most humans
Tarako 4 mesi fa
3:11 I like Robin Haase. He's trying to be cool, but he's actually cool. Is he still active in tennis?
Virat 4 mesi fa
Missed that Dimitrov behind the back shot in Basel. And don't think Haase return winner deserves to be here.
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran 4 mesi fa
Not having Roger's shot through the netting at the Laver Cup is a criminal offence 💢😡
Leo Smileater
Leo Smileater 4 mesi fa
I’m a Novak fan, and I agree. They should also include Federer catching a tennis ball in movement and making it look like the ball slide and lay onto his racket
Tommy Salami
Tommy Salami 4 mesi fa
Not an ATP tournament
David Harmsworth
It’s. Not. ATP. Tennis TV doesn’t have the rights to it, or to any ITF events
ruo 4 mesi fa
These lists are only atp events
leech 4 mesi fa
cressy's 25km/h serve
Евгений Б
Where is amazing shot by Medvedev vs Federer
LoSamedoS TV
LoSamedoS TV 4 mesi fa
Love this video
puremaze 4 mesi fa
@3:53 Federer doing the Carlos signature move
Ale Du.
Ale Du. 4 mesi fa
You missed the Cressy Ace, Tennis TV
Leo Smileater
Leo Smileater 4 mesi fa
Vote for this
Virat 4 mesi fa
That will be in One in billion video.
Alon G
Alon G 2 mesi fa
What are you talking about? He's hit thousands of aces
HIDE _ 4 mesi fa
1:25 lol I like it
Dann_sky 4 mesi fa
Djokovic who smatch on Sandgren and later is angry when Cameron Norrie do the same 🤡
squorly 4 mesi fa
What's the deal with catching the ball in their pocket?
Marc-André Gauthier
Pretty sure Opelka foot faulted...
Sidnei Medeiros Vicente
6:36 Cuevas. wow!
isthatrubble 3 mesi fa
what happened at 3:13?
Mahesh Kotapalli
I dedicate this video to all people who believe pickleball is more fun !!!
Bram B
Bram B 4 mesi fa
Or Padel
Md Kvalitet
Md Kvalitet 4 mesi fa
Bublik is the King
Ignacio Suárez
Ignacio Suárez 4 mesi fa
3:12 "Que fantasma que sos pelotudo" jajajajaja. Eso dijo el Delpo despues
Ebmeister 4 mesi fa
What brand is that at 7:41?
Matt Howard
Matt Howard 3 mesi fa
Single only tennis courts are so disorienting to look at.
Scott Sasser
Scott Sasser 4 mesi fa
That's a good answer to my question but any of those kids yours would you like to have your kid be standing man get hit like that I wouldn't there's got to be some kind of protection for them kids how they got them in sports they got but tops for men that should be protection for women headgear it ain't going to hurt underwear no headgear as long as it covers their head they can't see the ball coming at them are they paying attention move out of the way
Shpinga let
Shpinga let 4 mesi fa
0 wta moments. Idk whether it's оprеssiоn or just harsh reality :)
Tronny 4 mesi fa
1,000th like :D
kemenez Mese fa
why use this stupid music ?? it's ruining everything...
Алексей В.
Куэвас, несомненно, 1 и 2 место )
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