Optogenetics: Illuminating the Path toward Causal Neuroscience 

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The Warren Alpert Foundation Prize honors Edward Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann and Gero Miesenböck for the development of optogenetics as a way to control the activity of specific circuits in the nervous system, to determine their function and ultimately to control them to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.
Featured Speakers:
Edward Boyden, PhD, Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology at MIT, Leader of the Synthetic Neurobiology Group in the MIT Media Lab, Investigator at McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, and HHMI-Simons Faculty Scholar at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Karl Deisseroth, MD, PhD, D.H. Chen Professor of Bioengineering and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University and Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Peter Hegemann, PhD, Hertie Professor of Neuroscience and head of experimental biophysics at Humboldt University of Berlin
Gero Miesenböck, FRS, Waynflete Professor of Physiology and founding director of the Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at University of Oxford
Charlotte Arlt, PhD, Research fellow in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School
Kimberly Reinhold, PhD, Research fellow in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School
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Woke up to this and ended up watching the whole lecture.
me too
just happened to me now
@elycekaine1495 11 mesi fa
@NinasPussy 11 mesi fa
@matthensle9391 7 mesi fa
I think it might be possible that we are all waking up to this video playing because one, it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep watching YT videos, and this video starts with almost a full minute of silence. I have observed over the years that a lot of times when people fall asleep while sensory input is happening, and then all of a sudden that sensory input is halted, it somehow triggers something in the brain to wake up. When I was a kid I used to mess with this idea every time my dad fell alseep watching TV, if I was trying to wake him up by talking to him, he would not wake up, but as soon as I would hit the mute button, or if I changed the channel (initiating a silent pause while the channel flips), it's like he would instantly wake up. Orrrrr maybe we're just in a simulation.
We are all here because the algorithm works. (Roughly) All of us do nothing to the user interface, all of us get the same video. All hail the AI overlords of the coming years, or you know, start understanding how all of the information on the planet is unevenly distributed to benefit the few, and take charge of your own mind; its content and attention. I'm going with the overlords, because almost nobody here's understanding how they got here.
I always sleep best with something interesting to listen to but all of this blah blah blah talking with nothing really said my brain can't deal with it even when I'm sleeping
@@sandrayarnell270 Man doesn't understand, claims nothing was said. 🤌🤌🤌
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@ajh2_ 3 mesi fa
this literally happened to me this morning
asleep woke up to this
@katarinaa351 2 anni fa
Literally me!
@EpicLove229 2 anni fa
Lmaoooooo, same!
@demonicw33b36 2 anni fa
@noudhuyben5712 2 anni fa
@hoppomahx Anno fa
Like everyone else in the comments, I woke up to this in the morning. I’d only slept a few hours as I went to bed very late, but I had the most vivid, detailed and disturbing dream seemingly right before I woke to the words on this recording. I feel like one of the exclusive members of a mysterious phenomenon. We all have something in common, but we don’t know why.
Omg... the same thing happened to me this morning 🤯
I woke up about 30-45 minutes ago and I decided to not open my phone right away and do some task with sunlight. I just opened my ITvid channel and this is what I’m seeing 😂😂 I haven’t watched the video yet. Also, My sleeping schedule is also not in- tuned to where I’m right now which is 10 hours late. 21 Dec 2022 17:24
The fact that everyone who wakes up to this like I did doesn't realize that your cell phone can be used to record your sleep patterns and effectively calculate after enough sleep cycle patterns recorded a correct amount of time you will sleep and when you wake up. Then ITvid can calculate which videos to play while you sleep which commercials to play and cycle through videos at any time without anyone knowing because you're asleep... computers are made to do this by people who want you to think you're in a simulation because it benefits them. It makes them feel like Gods... Quit feeding their ego.
i slept at 11pm and went to work and came back and 4pm and this is what ive come back to wtf XD
Exactly the same happened to me
@LaTetraO Anno fa
Looking through my history to see if the path to this video is a logical one before I go back to sleep.
and was it
@LaTetraO 5 mesi fa
@@rochellewillis6229 absolutely not. 😂
@taylor1162 9 mesi fa
I fell asleep to a completely different video from a smallish creator and then I go to use my laptop this morning and this video was the last one playing... We must all be bonded for life in this very specific club lmao
@minibuns6220 14 giorni fa
Good morning, everyone. No joke, I just woke up and this was playing. It has nothing to do with what I was watching when I fell asleep. It is 0530 PM EST - Friday, February 9, 2024. I am going to go back to sleep because I still have an hour before I have to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone. If we are all on a similar journey in life - I hope and pray that we all have the greatest happiness and love in our lives.
@rosie5741 Anno fa
Waking up to this but you have ADHD and now you're hyper focusing on a complex medical research subject that you just learned about 👁️👄👁️
@coldsolider Anno fa
i have ADHD
Same 😂
o dang you just described a day in my life lol
@miroslavmus 7 mesi fa
I wake up to this sh about three out of four times and the fact that there are other people who share the same experience disturbs me on an inner level, not that there is anything wrong with it, but I get the damn chills every time. Makes me question life, the universe and everything to such a level, that even 42 can't explain.
just woke up to this as well, now im super interested in what the video has to say
This is a perfect demonstration of the efficiency of algorithmically targeted content to find its audience. Now imagine if you were to target content to people with malicious intent to radicalize some group, or cause misalignment within some group. The possibilities are endless, and almost nobody realizes how big of a problem this already is, which makes it so effective. Have a good end of the world y'all.
I woke up to this too. I'm a software engineer by trade, so it's obvious why we are all seemingly _magically_ waking up to this.
@miroslavmus 6 mesi fa
@@ericcricket4877 wait there mister. I'm a software engineer too. This is getting quite creepy...
The secret is to bang the rocks together, guys!
I'm also one of the people who randomly woke up to this, but this actually somewhat my field so it was a very positive surprise.
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tf me2
@pepefy3117 Anno fa
Tf me2
this just happened to me. I was dreaming about this video too!
Everyone saying they woke up to this but I use these types of videos to fall asleep😭 it’s so calming what
Bro I was watching something way different and I fell asleep and forgot I had auto play so it went through 4 videos and got to this and my phone died at 2:41:08
@saraazar223 3 mesi fa
The sleeping brain isn't exactly critical. Optogenetics tech is rooted in eugenics. They're admitting to engineering photosensitivity in brian cells using viral opsins that can transfect brain cells and allow the brain to be manipulated from outside, with light. It warrants interest, but in the most critical sense. If you're calmed by this and not filled with questions, please watch it fully awake and engage the lecture with critical thinking.
@benayers8622 15 giorni fa
Me too!! This started playing at like 2/4am and i too was watching nothing like it wtf!!??@@denilzozavala2267
@Nightxslayer420 5 giorni fa
bruh... same
Fascinating! Don’t really understand why I woke up to this ? I listened to the the entire program as it caught my interest recently a gal shared her niece had just had a device placed in brain to help control seizures and so far it’s helping.
I accidentally fell asleep while using my computer. I was listening to ASMR. I have no clue how I ended up in this lecture. Woke up in the middle of the night, to this.
Woke up to this, yeah I’m pretty much certified in the subject now 😎
I woke up to this too lol!
I woke up at 1:20:8 and where it was talking about a red light called crimson and how it's an area he didn't think about then mentioned fruit flies.
@crashtube. 11 mesi fa
same here lol
Im a nursing student last night I was watching videos on Mental health, fell asleep and woke up to this. I didn't find it weird but reading the comments.....
@nMuOS 23 giorni fa
Fell asleep listening to a video about family (how to heal) and woke to this. Are we seriously a club?
😂, yea the same thing happened to me
@saraazar223 3 mesi fa
Maybe the algo is profiling people with complex trauma and programming them to accept this radical, invasive neuroscience as positive or therapeutic. The sleeping brain isn't exactly critical and optogenetic research is rooted in eugenics. They're admitting to engineering photosensitivity in brain cells using viral opsins to manipulate the brain from outside, with light. Sleeping minds will become familiar with the term but not critical unless they watch while awake.
me too@@ForgedByFire88
Damn, that was a long nap! Looks like Its time to start a career in optogenetics...
Woke up this morning and The Diary of A DEO was on. I watched it and a Neuroscientist was expounding on the topic of relieving stress. It was so interesting and me not being anything close to anything she was talking about, was left in awe of what I did understand. The next topic that rolled down was: Optogenetics: Illuminating the Path toward Causal Neuroscience. This is so interesting. I love learning so I left it rolling. Thanks for the information.
@georgekarongo 7 mesi fa
I'm part of the club! I woke up to this too, and strangely at the point where the one of the professors was talking about sleep. Before I woke up I was having the most vivid dream about everything he was talking about. 😭Maybe we are in a simulation.
@ily9402 6 mesi fa
wth i fell asleep to this too opened my laptop to this video but i don't remember what i was dreaming about
@saraazar223 3 mesi fa
It's programming. The sleeping brain isn't exactly critical. This tech is rooted in eugenics. They're admitting to engineering photosensitivity in brain cells using viral opsins to manipulate the brain from outside, with light. Watch this again when you're fully awake, and apply your most critical thinking to it.
Can someone give me an explanation on why most people woke up to this specific video playing?
@EriPages Anno fa
I'd like an explanation too because I also woke up to this and the last video I watched before passing out had nothing to do with lectures or sleep
@@EriPages legit woke up to this this morning
@EriPages Anno fa
@@zionwethington8359 Matrix is real. Bible is real. Praise & seek YHWH through our Messiah.
was watching something WAY different and I woke up to this btw u had auto play on so yeah
And because it long and my phone died at 2:40:55
@ltannahi 2 mesi fa
I also woke up and this video was rolling. INTERESTING so many of us have been drawn into this collective!
@Nightxslayer420 5 giorni fa
same here... interesting to say the least
I just woke up to this and holy I didn’t think That there would be others that also woke up to this. Welp I guess I’m part of the sleeping neuroscience club now.
Happened to this morning! I listened to it all the way to work, wondering how I even came to this video... I'm just now reading the comments and realizing this has happened to many people 😳
same !
@crashtube. 11 mesi fa
same here right now
​@@sacredmoonlove6 all you here is a whole bunch of rambling. What is this?
@cocoelisee 10 mesi fa
me too omg
I see alot of comments about waking up to this lecture, i woke up this morning on the couch at 4am and this was playing... could be just that its a long lecture and might be 7-8 videos deep into out algorthmns, but it find it quite facinating, especially with the subject.
@benayers8622 15 giorni fa
Psyop right? Implanting new beliefs en masse id expect
@sdbadik 11 mesi fa
Looks like I'm in your club guys, i woke up to this too. Edit: Also it's weird how in my history the scipop videos about space are abruptly changed by this. Edit 2: I looked up in my history and turns out this isn't the first time i wake up to this. 1 day earlier the same happened but I didn't really notice.
@matteoruz Anno fa
It's actually scary how most of us woke up to this video..
@TheStoicFlow 3 mesi fa
I listen to it every day, and I know how to make my day better. I'm trying every day
The fact that I’m not the only one who woke up to this particular Harvard lecture let’s us all know we are in a simulation and we slipped to the sleep brain we need to use this information against them
I just woke up about maybe 30-45 minutes ago but I’ve just recently opened my ITvid channel and this is what I’m seeing 😂😂 I haven’t watched the video yet so maybe this video told me while I’m sleeping to go see the sunlight after I wake up which I did that’s why I didn’t open my phone immediately. It’s usually the first thing in the morning that I open my phone. 21 Dec 2022 17:24
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@astroboy7907 10 mesi fa
@@whitepouch0904; uuuookou ooupiouuoooooii ouoiooupuo ooupiouuoooooii Poo iniii on ouoiooupuo on! u
@astroboy7907 10 mesi fa
you uu
How and why did I wake up half way through this?????
You guys are just all kinds of awesome!!! Thank you on so many levels!!!
@overdosarN Anno fa
Can we use Optoginetics to help understand why everyone is waking up to this video?
@amara139 6 mesi fa
Today I joined the club of not paying attention and then this popped up in my YT autoplay list in the wee hours of the morning. Well met dear amateur Optogenetics scholars!
@DermDocAjay 4 mesi fa
Listening to this at 1 am in morning trying to sleep..it was surprising for me...though I am doctor who was earlier listening to dermatology lecture😮
Fell asleep to this but I'm glad I did
@cruise2kx 7 mesi fa
Not the only one opening my eyes to a video about sleep.
@alanaperez-6003 10 mesi fa
i woke up and this was paused on my computer, isin't that sick. i love it.
@EviloveMetal 15 giorni fa
I'm still asleep and just discovered this, I have now transcended
Crazy. I woke up to this at 2 AM totally random. I don't even know why I checked the comments. I was having wild, vivid dreams before I woke up about some kind of enemy planes blowing up a bridge and then searching for me and my friends with a spotlight. We sent defense missles ahead of their arrival, but they somehow got past them. I was hiding in the woods when I woke up
Some friendly gangsters were hanging with me, until one of them had stolen my wallet and phone. When i asked for them back, he gave the phone, but said that it was hacked and that they're now going to watch my every move. I was trying to figure out a safe way to retrieve important information from the phone at my dads place when i woke up. We are all here because the algorithm works. (Roughly) All of us do nothing to the user interface, all of us get the same video. All hail the AI overlords of the coming years, or you know, start understanding how all of the information on the planet is unevenly distributed to benefit the few, and take charge of your own mind; its content and attention. I'm going with the overlords, because almost nobody here's understanding how they got here.
I was dreaming about being arrested too. Held Prisoner in the Matrix I guess!
@benayers8622 15 giorni fa
Yoooo wtf... If we get enough K i think we can bust out, have u seen 'bliss' defo shud watch it i think ther onto something ngl! my 'escape buddy' has been removed from the equation by a load of random events 24 7 keeping him so distracted he can no longer function it all seems sooo much like something is behind it making sure we stay apart cos we were really making progress and this was years ago like its more common and accepted these days to explore conscious phenomena but when we studied it there wasnt this mainstream acceptance at all especially with anybody science minded they would all be fully materialist as was i until id seen so much evidence i had to accept a form of 'magic' or 'physically impossible' was indeed a fact. When stuff is proven and demonstrated to groups of people then you know your right sometimes and 'repeatability' that modern science demands is totally unfair and just used as a wsy to keep the status quo.. We knew retro causality was possible wayy before the nobel prize last year for example, and had 3 people witness a object travel 5 miles in an instant using nothing but belief and peoples conscious awareness of an items location.. We also would repeatedly communicate in silence much to the confusion of our witnesses and were able to astral project through an extra dimension that i would visualize as my ceiling vanishing and then we would go out thru the sky still with my body in a seated position my friend would say it felt like a rollercoaster climbing a slope :) we were doing a version of the cia gateway method but we taught ourselves totally by accident we had no spiritual beliefs at all it just gradually escalated as a result of trusting each other fully and following our perception bit by bit, you gradually learn to spot truth and reality even in what would be considered hallucination by some, theres a different feeling for memories and truth than dreams and imagination or deception and this gets easier and easier the more you practise also both trying to view the same thing can help improve accuracy greatly too as it allows comparing the data and quickly spotting all the matches this helps improve your self confidence too.. I learned the cia method thing existed like last year it was something id never ever looked into just accidentally taught myself and friend and wasnt until like 15 20yrs later that i saw a video explaining the gateway method and I was like nooo way theyr using slightly different methods to achieve the same things we used to do! Couldn't believe it! The fact its been govt knowledge for decades tho and they dont try teach all kids it so they can grow into the best most aware most intelligent person they possibly can says it all really.. Theyr defo the enemy thats for sure.. Time we all link hands and say no more govs no more wars before all the police and soldiers get replaced with robots because then it will be too late they wont need wage slaves to keep power anymore and I'm sure we really are running out of time@@rochellewillis6229
Fell asleep watching a video about minimalism and woke up to this
@JustinLietz 3 mesi fa
Crazy, I took a nap after listening to a podcast on psychology and then woke up to this playing at around 45 minutes in
Same just woke up to this. Months after an online friend mentioned the same had happened him. The fact that I'm not surprised says a lot.
@linus9219 Anno fa
Why do i always end up in the morning with these kind of videos😅
Second time I woke up to this video and I got to listen to this fully, what message you think we all are getting everyone. Universe works in mysterious ways!
Woke up to this too, but the video wasn’t playing it was paused on 0:00🤔
@jax6632 6 mesi fa
the recent comments about falling asleep and waking up to this video is comforting. im not alone lol
Yep, I also woke up to this. Funny how most people are here just from not shutting youtube off at night hahahaha
@llhpark 3 mesi fa
Auto play selected, I'm getting the kitchen in order before going horizontal. I'm half listening while busied but the electric. Mitochondrial @2:40 exchange description had me curious about this autoselected choice as I considered what could account for the selection and it was in milliseconds when the methylene blue supplement I prepare in my shakes came to mind. Recent research has shown some potential crossover here, b1 thiamin comes to mind.. and if I ever were to flick the switch regarding my privacy settings, years of comments would cover a number of things but dreams would likely seem prominent. I'll raise a glass to the algorithm, or the accident, neither of which having any skin in the game as it were. I subscribed to this channel though.. so yay Dutch bicycle. 😎🍺
What does any of this mean and blue methylene that stuff from the organic shop that war recommend to me was interesting but I was wondering if zeolite would do anything
@messayousa9982 6 mesi fa
I fell asleep to an @JOLLY video and woke up to this.....I also "watched" an entire hour and forty minute movie on Tiger JK's Life. I feel so enlightened.
@nhinh1108 Anno fa
i woke up to this too and reading all these comments giving me chills 💀
Yea same
@deandean5947 6 mesi fa
@@ForgedByFire88 It wasn't meant to put you back to sleep.
@lindazitha554 21 ora fa
On time 1:06:59 video still playing and never was my intention of playing it.....fell asleep than woke up to it...i noticed am not alone there must be a meaning of this.... now am gonna search the whole Harvard Medical School videos.
- Optogenetics allows researchers to control specific neural circuits and determine their function by using light to activate genetically modified neurons that express light-sensitive ion channels. - Early pioneers who developed optogenetics include Edward Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann, and Gero Miesenböck. They are being honored for their foundational work. - Optogenetics provides unprecedented cellular and circuit-level control over neural activity with high temporal and spatial precision using light. - It has revolutionized neuroscience by allowing researchers to establish causal links between neural activity patterns and behaviors/disease states. - Applications include mapping neural circuits involved in processes like learning, memory, emotion, motor control, addiction, etc. - The goal is also to use optogenetics to develop new therapies by controlling dysfunctional neural circuits underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders.
To define dysfunctional and disorder sheds light on the causal links of those established who apply it…
@tombolo4120 26 giorni fa
@@MrEStreaming All they need now is to harness the pain receptor to 5G tech. 😅
@lucidity7983 3 mesi fa
And here we are today and I woke up to this this morning. His voice sounds so familiar and I just know that I've heard it many times before. I'd be interested in if all who have been targeted by this algorithm have anything much in common.
Discovering in detailing... Helps execute ideas...
@silversoul11 5 mesi fa
I also woke up to this. I first started watching a video about the benefits of kombucha’s probiotics.
@Day2Night_ Anno fa
I too, woke up to this playing about 2 hours in. I wonder, if as anyone watching ASMR before falling asleep?
I went to sleep watching non related videos last night, woke up this morning to this video last watched 2 hours in 🤔🤯🤯🤯
So do i, i’ve been watching ASMR video before falling asleep.
@s.sharma7170 4 anni fa
Can we stimulate neuro-plasticity using light-sensitized neurons to help patients who lose pertinent motor cortex functions after a trauma?
@romiagua2746 4 anni fa
Eu não sei....
@hollya.g.86 3 anni fa
There seems to be a lot of work on restoring sight, and at least one paper 10.3389/neuro.02.018.2009 about restoring respiratory function after spinal injury, so probably
@jisunmam7686 2 anni fa
@@hollya.g.86 mmm
@@romiagua2746 va haki
illuminati loves forbidden fruit of knowledge.
The silencing of neurones is a problem of misfueling the axionial hillock with ersatz Ca2 ion rather than genuine Ca2. It's a problem of environmental inorganic neurotoxicity penetrating the T transit system. Again we seek to know EVERYTHING of complex mechanism of the neuronal function matrix, when all that is neede is an accessable tube/rail type map rather than a threedimensional ordinance survey map that shows each fitting in a door frame. In any event eventually simplification for practitioners will be necessary. Scaffold in depth is a useful image to convey the gist. Albeit scaffolding with fibre-optic recieving an sending nodes. The action potential is stymied by mis field Ca2. Action potential is not light triggered per se. The trigger is the Ca binding to the hillock. The demilinatiin causal is the missfueling 'engine' by a contaminant that the Glails cannot deal with in the usual manner of lipid wrapping and removal. Because the contaminant is attracted inexorably to the synaptic gap by the very energy of the well functioning surrounding neurons.
@WitchettyMan 6 mesi fa
Second time or more that I wake up to this particular video.
@dkierans Anno fa
Wow. That was amazing. Especially the last 5 mins.
@ThermalMermaid 20 ore fa
just woke up to this at 3 am ...... now im still watching 2 hours later
@taurus10033 3 mesi fa
I just woke up listening to this at 3:18am. I had the weirdest vivid dream. doctors wanted to work on my eyes, but I remember tell them in my dreams “why”? My eyes were fine until they touched it.
@aiextra 7 mesi fa
We don't understand why we need sleep but I wonder if it has to do with regulating our internal temperature. When we begin to get sleepy we start to feel cold. My theory is that this is the beginning of our body attempting to regulate temperature, then by shutting down the body's movement, it allows us to regulate it without causing more wasted energy that is needed for us to fend off viruses, etc.
@chasekrank 4 mesi fa
We need sleep because our brains slightly rewire and relearn at night while we are resting. Also, our ventricles are flushed with CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) when we sleep which gets rid of toxins and other stuff.
@chasekrank 3 mesi fa
@@oliverrojas3185 balls
i fell asleep watching youtube and woke up to this
Same here! Lol
@MrFentanilo Anno fa
same happened to me 15/04/2022
@252_rye Anno fa
Me to
nice pfp 🤝
@rockwelaj Anno fa
Definitely woke up to this. But, it seems fascinating so, I'm going to watch it on purpose.
@skorps7970 8 mesi fa
Woke up to this last night while leaving ITvid on autoplay
@artandsoundnet 8 mesi fa
Hahahah I woke up thinking that it was weird to remember so vividly the subject of the video, I see on the comments that I was not the only one sleeping with this background sound. Love the subject by the way! cheers everyone.
@clickaccept 4 mesi fa
I didn't drink milk in years, but found it in my fridge, with little creatures swimming in it, then I woke up to this video playing.
I turned my computer on today and this video was on stopped at 42:24. I don't watch you tube and did not have it opened the last time I used this computer. My printer also printed some papers out.
Hi! i woke up to this video, and this video started playing for me at around 4:30AM too. I had an odd and unsettling dream before i woke up at 1:43:50 on this recording. I feel like i can’t open my eyes, i tried so hard to wake up from sleep. i think it would be interesting to know what time other people clocked onto this video?
4.35 am
@paradoxicube52 8 mesi fa
so weird I slept in the morning and put on Music Videos to sleep but I woke up to this around 3:40PM I feel like were in a simulation or there's something weird going on with the ITvid Algorithm considering how many other's woke up to this. This is either terrifying, interesting or there's some sort of eldritch AI Algorithm going on here.
@@paradoxicube52 It's just an algorithmic dead end. With the same input (watch videos from start to finish without doing anything) you get the same output (this video).
@lv7998 3 mesi fa
I woke up to this video today after 3.5 hours nap and 20 seconds after this video started playing.
@s.sharma7170 4 anni fa
Is there a way we can apply optogenetics to trace how human consciousness (awake/arousal) pathways (if any) move though the brain?
@brayboy61 2 anni fa
@siyaqumza 2 anni fa
@deandean5947 6 mesi fa
@@siyaqumza WOW, Intelligence?
@Raev222 11 mesi fa
The algorithm has learned that there's maximum interaction for this video if it comes on while people sleep lmfao
@Omtatsatup 8 mesi fa
Can we sort our top drawer psychopathy now,please? Worried from Liverpool.
@grantf6687 2 mesi fa
to all you neuroscienticists remember the most important in human is the spiritual part of us, the consciousness which we;ve disconnected from(root of all disease)... And the nervous system is important part of this(spiritual anatomy). And the real brain Messing around with things you dont understand in an attempt to understand would be ok if it wasn't someones nervous system. You will damage things more important than you can comprehend.
@lorilafferty4099 10 giorni fa
The one comment on here thats rational and relevant
Phone was chilling on yt while I slept, video finished (not even this one) woke up and noticed my phone was on a video still and ignored it to sleep in… THEN THIS VIDEO SOMEHOW PLAYS AND WAKES ME UP. WHAT KIND OF SIMULATION??????? And I’m not the only one??? How did this video randomly play and wake everyone up……
Also my auto play is OFF… I’m shocked
@elycekaine1495 11 mesi fa
Apparently, I was having trouble sleeping, so I just started watching videos about random stuff hoping it would help, and I was watching a video about infant mental development, and I fell asleep, eventually and, hours later this is what was on when I woke up.
@mrcoolio556 6 mesi fa
why have so many people woken up to this? so funky
Thanks. Really need to master strees relief.
😂😆 I guess I joined the "I woke up listening...to this" club too. Listening to the rest of it. Very interesting.
I also woke up to this and immediately started reading the comments and feel even weirder. wow:D
I have no idea how this was an open screen on my computer today.
Summary: There is red snow called watermelon snow thanks to a type of algae, the same that creates red waves. The behavior of the algae depends on the light or its absence and the color of the light. Rats can learn by the stimulus of light and the color of the light also affects the brain in different ways. Molecules are more sensitive to some light color than others, including the molecules of the brain To sleep is important for us, and during sleep the brain works differently It was done a experiment with flies, using electrodes to control their neurons and measure how the neurons reacts when the light turns on and off
@andyzandyz 11 mesi fa
Also woke up to this at 3am local time in Cape Town
I woke up at 1:20:08 and where it was talking about a red light called crimson and how it's an area he didn't think about then mentioned fruit flies. I'm fairly certain that ITvid wants you on video's this long since they can 1 gain ad revenue if you don't have an ad blocker or premium on..
@MAD2CANS 5 mesi fa
Had a dream I got arrested for smoking in a public place, was understandably furious, but obeyed and was taken to the station. While I was being booked I spoke to another officer about the ridiculousness of this situation and she sympathised, but told me I was going to be here for at least a day. In absolute anger I pointed a finger gun at the officer who arrested me and 'pulled the trigger' At that moment 6 shots discharged from another place, but I couldn't tell where from. One of them hitting the officer who arrested me in the shoulder. I go into panic mode and get myself out of the room and observe what happens from it, but don't run because I realise how bad that'll look. They discover a bomb in a rucksack and I gtfo of there into like a panic shelter type area. The sympathetic officer taps me to get my attention, and starts throwing darts at a dartboard 50ft away. Completely misses the first 2, because its so far away. She gives me the third, I aim high to compensate for the distance, throw and the moment the dart leaves my hand I wake up. 3 minutes into this video.
@benayers8622 15 giorni fa
sounds familiar lol 🤣👍✌️
This is a perfect demonstration of the efficiency of algorithmically targeted content to find its audience. Now imagine if you were to target content to people with malicious intent to radicalize some group, or cause misalignment within some group. The possibilities are endless, and almost nobody realizes how big of a problem this already is. Have a good end of the world y'all.
you as well
@qwoolrat 4 mesi fa
it's not like the anti-authoritarian groups are constantly being split into left and right by social media:)
@@scotterickson6332 The algorithm doesn't choose anything. You choose and it responds _algorithmically_. You arrived here through a series of inputs and the output is this video, you're it's audience. A lightswitch doesn't choose to turn on the lights no matter how much math you put between it and the bulb.
@@scotterickson6332 The simple lack of responsibility is the reason these kinds of systems run the show, not the other way around. Nobody took over, we gave it up. You gave the information necessary for the math to optimize for output in the form of suitable content for maximizing attention retention. If it's not interesting, is it something else? Is it giving you other emotional states? It doesn't optimize for fun, it optimizes for this; us spending time here. Lots of people reached this video by giving null output, or rather, letting the videos play. That's an unusual local minimum, and it's unusual because it doesn't get data to optimize with, but it's working under the same principles regardless. Have a good one pal.
@@scotterickson6332 You dont understand how the algorithm works very well 😅 Its not showing you this because it thinks you will like it. Its showing you this because it knows you will engage and comment on it.
@SynarchAI 2 mesi fa
Blinded by the Light ⚡
@tombolo4120 26 giorni fa
... cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night ...
@Raev222 11 mesi fa
I was reading a book and almost fell asleep, while this video was randomly playing lol.
@ah2144 Anno fa
how did we all wake up to the same video, imma follow the path back through auto play. we mustve all started somewhere so very different too, this sh*t is crazy, i will now finish the lecture though
@CallyMan90 3 mesi fa
Woke up to a Dr. Gero action figure from Dragonball Z, confused about how the lecture I was hearing related to this character from my favourite anime!
@_Information_ 6 mesi fa
I might have a simple explanation. The video is almost 4 hours long. The chances of you waking up at some point during this is pretty high. All the recommended videos there > are Andrew Huberman, FoundMyFitness etc. So its quite tightly linked to some very popular youtube channels by algorithm.
@BooThing14 3 mesi fa
Woke up to this...10/31/23
@vic028 5 mesi fa
its witching hour, woke up to see the end of the mouse learning segment. not sure how a video about adderall got me here but it did. I now can reason why my addiction to investing also fueled its learning. *sigma male meme plug* do what you enjoy and get good at it, better if it moves you ahead
I also went to sleep watching non related videos last night, woke up this morning to this video last watched, 2 hours in 🤔🤯🤯🤯
The guy who did the speech is probably a little sad that everyone is asleep during the lecture 🤣
@spicedlemons 5 mesi fa
ok, i cracked the code. this video is 4 hours long, we sleep 8 hours, my yt learned to autoplay long instructional/bio documentaries in the nighttime hours, so it chose this long azz video for all of us (up next) and so it stands to reason that 4 hours is a massively long video for us to have slept through, assuming we sleep longer than 4 hours
@icarapelicana 17 giorni fa
OMG I'm part of the club now :O woke up at 3 am in 53:54 after having the weirdest dream in a while
@jayjustin6447 6 mesi fa
its kinda funny to think that harvard posts all their lectures and notes online, so if you don't want to pay for school you can just look at them online. also i did wake up to this...
@NoellaFromParis 10 mesi fa
opened my computer this morning to find this on I have no idea why, and all the comments saying the same thing is 🤯
@Sonic-BOM Anno fa
poppy playtime storm, the makeup style is so impressivevirtualhug
Subliminal programming is a real thing
I guess, but it's not necessary. People will just gobble it up consciously, they call it content and love it.
or God could be warning you