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Wedding video coming NEXT!!!
Sophia: sophiahilll...
Taylor: taylorrwatt...
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21 mar 2023




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Thirsa 6 mesi fa
So cute to see how much Taylor is in love with her and cherishes her ❤️
Thirsa 6 mesi fa
and of course how Soph loves her new hubby also hahah
Emily Shaw
Emily Shaw 6 mesi fa
so impressed that ya'll waited til you got married. not many people do anymore. so happy for you
Erika Williamson
There’s nothing wrong with not waiting! Everyone has their own timeline for it
Brooks 6 mesi fa
@Erika Williamson well people who are really religious definitely wait- I’m definitely waiting till marriage.
WoahZoeyy 6 mesi fa
@Erika Williamson if u have a religion it’s a lot wrong with not waiting.
Erika Williamson
​@WoahZoeyy I know this might be shocking to you, but there are religions that do not ban sex before marriage
6R Me Bratz
6R Me Bratz 6 mesi fa
Sophia and Taylor. Congratulations on your marriage. I got married to the love of my life at 18 and now we have been married for 27 years. I love watching your channel ❤❤
Dorothy DeMario
Dorothy DeMario 5 mesi fa
Thank you for this!!! With a country full of despair and division, you guys are so sweet and uplifting ❤
ChitChat With Blondies
I love how you guys just stare into each others eyes while the other is talking❤
Audrey Belanger
Audrey Belanger 6 mesi fa
I'm so beyond happy for you both, you both deserve the world and each other ❤❤
Arabella's Place
Congrats on your marriage❤ you all are so cute.
JoLynn Davis
JoLynn Davis 6 mesi fa
Congratulations! Me & my husband are the old couple! 😂 We have been married for 24 years and together for 28. It is so nice to see to young people in love and living their life for Christ! May God Bless you always! ✝️
Nicole Tarlton
Nicole Tarlton 6 mesi fa
My hubby and I have been married 13 years. What is one piece of advice you’d give to those couples that only have a bit of time under their belts!? How to keep it alive and how to be one of those couples that last til death do you part?
JoLynn Davis
JoLynn Davis 3 mesi fa
@Nicole Tarlton Never go to bed mad at each other. Whatever you may be mad about talk about it. Communication!! Open-mindedness.
Caroline Grace
Caroline Grace 6 mesi fa
I love how genuine y’all both are! Your videos make my day💛
Cindie Moore
Cindie Moore 3 mesi fa
Always be able to talk about intimacy with each other, this is a big part of your partnership. If this one line of communication is open and comfortable, there will be nothing y'all can't talk through ♡♡♡
Kimberly Kriz
You 2 are so fantastic, making love is not supposed to be awkward, thanks for talking about it publicly.
Gabriella Dabbs
Gabriella Dabbs 6 mesi fa
Hey Taylor and Soph!!! My husband and I got married young (we were 18&19) and we’ve been married for 3 years and have had two kids in that time🫣😂 BUT we live in SC and y’all actually got married where my sis in law got married and I just absolutely love y’all and have been following along for a while and I am SO beyond happy for you guys!!! My husband and I NEED some Godly couple friends that are our age but also in the same stage as us!!! The Lord has been putting on my heart recently to reach out to y’all!!! So if you’re comfortable with it we would love to text or FaceTime or something like that!!!❤️❤️❤️
Samantha Craft
Samantha Craft 6 mesi fa
Girl me and my husband have been married for 3 years and we’ve had 2 kids together lol we have my older two bonus boys too. But we’re also in SC!! We’re 25 and 32 but so sillmilar!
Logan howe
Logan howe 6 mesi fa
Hey!! Me and my wife got married march 7th 2020 we just hit 3 years and we live in rock hill sc!! We don’t have kids yet but we are about to start trying!! We are down to be friends as well!!
Kaylee 6 mesi fa
Man I’ve been married for 4 years and have newborn triplets and a bossy 1 year old
Gracie Shemwell
Gracie Shemwell 6 mesi fa
Me an my man are engaged an abt to be married !! Wld LOVE to be friends as well .. like ft or texr an call!
Amelia Waddy
Amelia Waddy 6 mesi fa
@Logan howe oh my goodness me and my church did a mission trip to rock hill sc just last year to help Pioneer Baptist Church out!!
Arianna Fusci
Arianna Fusci 3 mesi fa
This how I wanna be with someone one day. 😍 Your guys relationship inspires me.
Kim Creech
Kim Creech 6 mesi fa
Y'all are such a cute couple. Very inspiring.
Leah Farmer
Leah Farmer 6 mesi fa
Y'all are just the cutest! ❤ Congratulations on your marriage! May God bless y'all. I was married to my sweetheart for 27 years, he passed away unexpectedly 8-25-21. We have 3 beautiful children 28, 27 & 26. They have been my rocks. ALWAYS put God first. 🙏 Pray with each other & for each other. Always love & respect each other, ALWAYS say I love you, because you just never know. (those were my husbands last words to me) Always hold hands in the car, and kiss at red lights. 😂 NEVER go to bed angry. (I don't care what anyone else tells you)
Totally_Not_L 3 mesi fa
im so sorry also that is the fay after my bday
Jessica Lyon
Jessica Lyon 5 mesi fa
Such an incredible video to watch. How sweet are all these stories 🥹 and from one mom to a hopeful mom to be for a car; I just got a new ford escape and I really love it!!! And so do my kids.
Loralii Cameron
Loralii Cameron 6 mesi fa
Hey guys!!! I love y’all so much!! Soph your wedding dress is so beautiful!!! Y’all are the perfect match!!❤️
Amelia Waddy
Amelia Waddy 6 mesi fa
So happy for y’all congratulations!!!!
L B 6 mesi fa
You two are so cute! I love how you interact with one another! Congrats!
Kipka 6 mesi fa
Hey Taylor and Soph! Congrats on the wedding. I love watching your videos, tiktoks, and following you on IG. What is one thing that each of you would recommend to our young youth who is first starting out dating, or that is dating and not wanting to be forced into bed with their partner. I think the younger generation need to hear it from people like you two who they follow on IG, Tiktok, and youtube. I think you guys need to do more meet ups! I want to meet you two, and would love to bring my little mini me with me! Also, Taylor you have to tell us after school are you going to become a small or large animal vet?
Erica Moore
Erica Moore 6 mesi fa
SOPH, YOU LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day! Congratulations! I have a dodge journey crossroad and it has a comfortable 3rd row seating! I love it and so do the kids!
Courtney Cauley
Courtney Cauley 6 mesi fa
I love you guys. I can't wait until you start having kids ❤️
Lyric Steitler
Lyric Steitler 6 mesi fa
I love y’all so much!! When we found out we were expecting our little girl, we bought a Yukon Denali! I absolutely love it and it’s definitely kid friendly. It fits 7 people comfortably. I’ve had 4 kiddos in the backseat and no one was squished. Highly recommend them 😊
Joni Blackwell
Joni Blackwell 6 mesi fa
I absolutely love y’all so very much sounds crazy I was 39 when I got married it’s my 1st marriage I know sounds crazy but god knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it I wanna be part of this girl talk video for sure sending so much love from South Carolina god bless yall
cayla shell
cayla shell 6 mesi fa
I’m so happy for y’all! Sophia i feel like I can relate to you so much! I was laughing say she sounds just like me! 😂 like I’ve said before I’m so glad I found y’all on my for you page on TikTok!
wynn lowery
wynn lowery 3 mesi fa
y’all are so cuteeee💙💙💙 y’all have said “since we’re married now” like 20 times! i love y’all!!!! 😍
Aimee Sams
Aimee Sams 6 mesi fa
Congrats on the wedding! Kia Sportages are super cute also can't wait for girl talk.
ThatRandomGeek 6 mesi fa
You guys are such a good Christian couple influence!! I only hope that my boyfriend and I can be the same on my other ITvid channel. Sounds like a deal with us watching each other's ITvid videos, lol! Congrats on the marriage!
Allison Raper
Allison Raper 6 mesi fa
hey!! i’m so happy for you!! i don’t know if this is like an awkward question, but how was it waiting for marriage? i’m really struggling as a college student waiting and i’m just looking for some encouragement lol!!
Gabriella 6 mesi fa
You both are soo funny!!!! I cannot wait to hear this girl talk Soph!! I wish I lived closer so we could be bffs. You’re such a girls girl ❤
jane lozoya
jane lozoya 6 mesi fa
Me & my love, will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this summer, Lord willing 🙌🏼💫 Congratulations to y’all 💯🙏🏼🤠🥇👍🏼💫✝️
delyparker777 6 mesi fa
My husband and I just shared our 30th wedding anniversary on March 28, 2023. Congrats to you too! Nice to find out about others celebrating 30 years or even 25 years or more.
Hayley Gillentine
I was 16 & my husband was 19 when we started dating we have been together 14 years and married 11 ❤ both our parents approved and we had our first baby when we was 20 & 23. You guys are perfect together!
PrxdaNunu 6 mesi fa
….babe your a victim
Hayley Gillentine
@PrxdaNunu my husband treats me like Taylor treats Sophia they are are 2 years apart and me and my husband are 3 years. Please explain how I’m a victim? It’s literally no different? This is a first for me ever being told this.
Issabell Revere
Issabell Revere 6 mesi fa
@PrxdaNunu Yikes.. go read Hayley’s original comment. He’s literally 3 years older then her, relax there bud. Their parent’s approval was given beforehand on their marriage + them TTC because it’s as if you just chose not read that part. 🤨
Issabell Revere
Issabell Revere 6 mesi fa
@Hayley Gillentine Ignore them babes. They’re obviously lacking common sense & their ignorance shows. There’s genuinely absolutely nothing wrong w/ being 3 years older then your partner, especially considering plenty of couples are literally decades older then one another.😅🥰
Duncan Edwards
Duncan Edwards 6 mesi fa
This is my favorite video y’all have made the first part was cracking me up, love y’all ❤
Samantha Crum
Samantha Crum 2 mesi fa
i’m cackling about your first time 😂❤️ you guys are so sweet!!!!
Anna 6 mesi fa
Congrats on marriage!
Casey Miller
Casey Miller 6 mesi fa
LOVE my Toyota Highlander! It has 3rd row! We have 3 girls! Our 2nd row is captain seats. I’ve had it for 2 years and still in love with it! So glad y’all had a great wedding. Prayers for all blessings, love, and happiness for the rest of y’alls lives!💕
UncutJems Mese fa
So random found you guys yesterday. Young love so adorable ! Hilarious too . Wow go kids what a beautiful life !
farming4jesus 6 mesi fa
Hey, I love y'all! You two have such sweet spirits. My husband and I met at 27 and 28 and we shared firsts together as well. We met on a Christian site and the rest is history. We are a homeschooling and farming family in Florida. We love Jesus too! I'm glad I found y'all. Keep your eyes on Jesus and communicate always.
Melanie Wilkes
Melanie Wilkes 6 mesi fa
Honda odyssey is the way to go by far when you have kiddos ❤️ I loved my minivan when my babies were little. Now, the Honda Pilot is great for our little family of 4! God bless y’all and congratulations on your marriage! Enjoy every moment together. Time flies!
Salena Rico
Salena Rico Mese fa
Omg yall are hilarious. Love you guys
Dawn McCowan
Dawn McCowan 6 mesi fa
Can’t wait!!! Love you youngins!!
Courtney Sullivan
Hey guys, I literally luv u so much, so forever grateful for you both always💕💗💜🫶🥰❤️💐🌹😘🥹🌺🤍💝🌷🌸🧡💙🎁🎊🎈🎉
mary billington
Women are all alike with shopping and so are husbands!❤
Jaime Genovese-Peterson
That was beautiful ❤❤❤
Danielle Barr
Danielle Barr 6 mesi fa
Y’all are the sweetest!!!
Harley Estrada
Harley Estrada 6 mesi fa
Yall are so cute and funny 😂❤
Sydney Youngblood
Y’all are the best!! Hyundai Sante Fe is such a good mom car!! I’m expecting our first and I can already tell it’s going to be a great mom car!! The back is huge for stroller and all of that! The backseat is also roomy for car seats and everything!!
Ashley Lucas
Ashley Lucas 6 mesi fa
Y'all are adorable 😍 also, the new Kia Sportages are amazing! Definitely look into them :)
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson 6 mesi fa
Y’all are adorable
Bristol Tibbitts
4 runners are wonderful or a new tahoe is amazing! Love y'all!
Meena Tomlinson
Meena Tomlinson 6 mesi fa
hey there you cute couple ive been married for 13 years march 27th and we are a christ centered marraige i am thankful for what you guys stand for life without JESUS is impossible i just started following yall ,yall are a great cutest couple ever i wish you guys well keeo livinging for him and can wait to see where GOD brings you in life i love yall and i aint even met you me and my husband met at church camp the one were we currently still go just to a different place my three boys have been apart of where we met as well since they been in the whom and we go to church faithfully cant imgaine life without it ,keep up living for him it doesnt go unnoticed
mary billington
Most husbands don’t want their wives to go hunting or fishing! I love to go fishing anytime! It’s fun!❤ Take Soph she’ll love it!
Christian Laviene
So cute ❤❤
Nikki Flores
Nikki Flores 6 mesi fa
Hi! I watched your rehearsal dinner! Congratulations on your wedding. Can you do a day in the life of a married couple! I'm assuming you guys haven't uploaded the wedding video yet? God bless you.
Avery Penelope
Avery Penelope 6 mesi fa
The way he looks at you, y’all are so cute 🥹
Carey Woodward
Carey Woodward 5 mesi fa
I could definitely see Soph rocking either a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a 4 runner! So happy for you guys by the way!!
Seara Snider
Seara Snider 6 mesi fa
The newer Buick enclaves are amazing for kids! Bucket seats, 3rd row and still lots of room in the rear for groceries! Same setup as a Youkon w/o the 80k price tag! Love it!
Caroline Hooks
Caroline Hooks 6 mesi fa
y’all are adorable!! congrats on marriage 😊for a car, i recommend a nissan armada.
Amber Falco
Amber Falco 6 mesi fa
I'm waiting on a baby announcement in the next couple of months ❤
Michelle Bly
Michelle Bly 6 mesi fa
Oh how cool, I was 16 and my husband was 18 when we met and started dating. We got married at 18 and 21(my husband had just turned 21) we are 2 1/2 years apart. We have been together for 17 years now and will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in July!
Erin Lawrence
Erin Lawrence 18 giorni fa
Lindsey Gibson
Lindsey Gibson 6 mesi fa
Y’all are my favorite couple ever
Christina Palmer
Love you guys and you guys are one of about 5 couples that inspired me to started a YT channel on my own
Taylor & Soph
Taylor & Soph 5 mesi fa
Aw we love you! We will check yours out!!❤️❤️
Christina Palmer
@Taylor & Soph awww thank you guys!! That means the world to me
Corey Windsor
Corey Windsor 2 mesi fa
It so GREAT that you are Christians! Taylor looks like Topher Grace if he was from the south. Both of you are great looking, handsome, and drop dead gorgeous! I know that God is at the center of your marriage, make sure that He stays there until the very end!
A 6 mesi fa
Hello guys nice video,blessings to you guys ❤
ArchAngel 6 mesi fa
😅 Listening to this without actually watching was like listening to a true married couple. 😂
Different Pound
Different Pound 5 mesi fa
This is rare in this generation. Good luck to you!
Jaylin Jarrell
Jaylin Jarrell 6 mesi fa
I love y’all sm❤️❤️
Ashton Duff
Ashton Duff 6 mesi fa
We have two girls (12 y/o and 10 months) and we had to get a family car. We decided on a 2022 Chevy Tahoe and let me tell you, we get compliments all the time on it and it’s literally the perfect space for a (growing) family! 2nd and 3rd rows fold down and it has air ride… easy to get in and out of 😊 hope this helps
beyourself 6 mesi fa
I love you guys so much!
Nicole Tarlton
Nicole Tarlton 6 mesi fa
Hey! So girl talk question: (hopefully not to intrusive!) Did you guys set bounds of what you both would allow and how far you’d allow things to go before needing to stop for temptation reasons?
L N S 4 mesi fa
Living nearby these people makes me feel cool 😌.
Nataly Mendoza
Nataly Mendoza 6 mesi fa
Two look so pretty ❤❤❤
heather opdyke
heather opdyke 6 mesi fa
My favorite couple ! 🤍
Shane & Hannah
Shane & Hannah 4 mesi fa
Watching this after the pregnancy announcement and when she said “I’m not pregnant” I was like but you areeee
Wendy Levvie
Wendy Levvie 6 mesi fa
You two are the cutest.
Kambrea Mitchell
My family and I have mostly had Hondas for most my life and they've been pretty good vehicles. We have had at least 3 Honda odysseys, now only two, and I have Honda Civic that's been pretty good. I think it also just depends on if you buy new, or used cuz the conditions for each are definitely different. Good luck you guys! 😊
cbartz19 6 mesi fa
You two are sweet!! Love my GMC Acadia!!
evangeline 5 mesi fa
Girl!! A great “mom” car is a Honda Pilot. My family had one when i was a kid, and there’s 8 people in my family. it sits 6 kids comfortably and is still stylish and not too big!!
Salena Rico
Salena Rico Mese fa
Yall are so cute
Hannah Diaso
Hannah Diaso 6 mesi fa
You two are the best! You both remind me of a younger version of Kristin & Marcus Johns 🥰
Kandice Burton
Kandice Burton 6 mesi fa
I just got a Kia telluride and I love it! Definitely a mom car and great call for kids, lots of room!
Samantha Voisard
Love your guys vids ITvid TikTok also congratulations on the marriage💟
Taylor Hixon
Taylor Hixon 6 mesi fa
I love you guys! Y’all are the best! Toyotas are some of the best vehicles especially in reference to mom cars❤ I’m in the process of getting a new vehicle as well❤️
Jennifer James
Jennifer James 6 mesi fa
Yall are so cute🥰🥰🥰
Hailie Eiceman
Hailie Eiceman 6 mesi fa
Matthew Richardson
Taylor, you should buy Soph a brand new Chevrolet Tahoe!!! It is most certainly is the most ideal if you're looking for long-term and has a tremendous amount of safety features that are ideal for a family.
Lauren Broadway Vilar
Love you guys!
He’s so funny❤😂
hollyloulousie 6 mesi fa
GIRL TALK Q: - How far into dating did you know each other were the one??
Kaitlyn Grossbier
Ahhhhh I've been waiting to hear from yous 😍
Olivia Andrews
Olivia Andrews 6 mesi fa
Lol 😂❤❤❤ I love you guys
Kaley Hoover
Kaley Hoover 6 mesi fa
I need the wedding video ❤❤❤
Molly Lebel
Molly Lebel 6 mesi fa
You should totally get a Volkswagen atlas, it has two seats in the front, 3 seats in the middle, 2 seats in the back, and a good amount of room all around. It is a good car for a bug sized family! 😊
Jiara Jonè Rashell
12:46 I am cryinggg😭😭 “SHUT UHP”😁🤣 Congratulations you guys! God bless you all.
Rebecca Jenkins
Rebecca Jenkins 6 mesi fa
Congrats!! My only advice is to do the house first then car afterwards! 🥰
Karla Mueller
Karla Mueller 6 mesi fa
My favorite couple 🤍
Fin🇺🇸 5 mesi fa
My mom has 4 kids including me and we have a 2019 suburban and that’s her favorite car she has ever had!! Love y’all btw!
Micah J Farmer
Micah J Farmer 6 mesi fa
I bought my gf maybe $200 worth of items for our first Christmas. A week later, her sister started wearing everything and then she broke up with me a month later. Life be like that unfortunately... Glad you guys worked out :)
Aubrie Jones
Aubrie Jones 6 mesi fa
Seeing you two bicker about the Sephora and fishing was my favorite 😂😂
Caitlynn Satterwhite
I just bought a ford expedition and it is so roomy! I love it and it's great for filling it up with kiddos!