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Taylor & Soph
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The best day of our entire lives! We hope you enjoy watching!
Huge shoutout to D.P. Weddings for filming our wedding!
Website: dpweddings.com
Sophia: sophiahilll...
Taylor: taylorrwatt...
FOLLOW US ON TIKTOK: www.tiktok.com/@taylorrandsoph
BUSINESS: taylorandsoph@currentsmgmt.com
Venue: heywardmanor.com
Photographer: www.ryanne.odonnell.photos
Cake: Vera's Wedding Cake Studio
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26 mar 2023




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YouTube 2 mesi fa
when taylor read the letter sophia wrote him 🥺 and the tears started flowing 🥺 so wholesome
Taylor & Soph
Taylor & Soph 2 mesi fa
Nynxile 2 mesi fa
I hope they happily ever after Edit: wtf is wrong with people
lovely confi
lovely confi Mese fa
@Nynxile holy spirit is against you
Mindy Mese fa
@lovely confi No. The Holy Spirit isn’t against anyone. ✝️💜 He/she is just clinging to Satan’s coattails. Free will, after all. Jealousy gets the best of some. So just pray for them.
husky Mese fa
@Nynxile why’d you have to ruin it😞
Els 2 mesi fa
This dress, this wedding, this venue, this aesthetic, this group of bridesmaids and groomsmen, this Christ centered relationship >>>>>>> I love you guys! ♥
Jonny Ingram
Jonny Ingram 2 mesi fa
So honored to have been your videographer. What an unforgettable day, wow 🤩 My love to you both, welcome to the good life, my friends :)
Cameron Murphy
Wonderful job!
You did an Awesome job! It was so beautiful 🥰
Sherri A
Sherri A 29 giorni fa
Great job on the touching video! Sheer perfection. It made me cry.
Alexis Kauffman
Alexis Kauffman 2 mesi fa
my favorite part is when Taylor was reading your letter you wrote about him it was so sweet!!💋💋💋✝️🤍
Amanda Swarthout
I thought that was very awesome and sweet how they both did that 🥰
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭20‬:‭28‬ ‭NIV‬‬ D
BIGFOOT 984 2 mesi fa
The way Taylor is so in love with her that the tears can't be held back is just ugh, may their lives be filled with endless bliss
Piper Bailey
Piper Bailey Mese fa
This is so beautiful. I’ll admit I definitely cried because I hope after my recovery I get to find a love like this one day.🤞🏻I will pray to God and ask him to help me find my future husband
Cate Connelly
Cate Connelly 2 mesi fa
thank you GUYS! so sweet for liking these comments! the real influencers are right here: SOPH AND TAYLOR
Taylor & Soph
Taylor & Soph 2 mesi fa
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭20‬:‭28‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
​@Taylor & Soph my goodness that was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations and God bless you both ❤ #37years for us and I'm still in love with my Darlin. 🥰
Dustin 19 ore fa
That’s the reason I like tjem because they are followers of the lord and nice and passion can’t wait to see what there journey brings one of the best wedding videos I seen ❤
Kelsi Brown
Kelsi Brown Mese fa
I started crying they read each other the letter they wrote each other. I’m glad he’s the one for her. She so beautiful inside out….. love u both
Ava Burak
Ava Burak 2 mesi fa
y’all’s wedding venue = STUNNING AND TIMELESS
《aj》 2 mesi fa
yes oh my goodness stunning truly
Taylor & Soph
Taylor & Soph 2 mesi fa
Aw so sweet🥹🫶🏼
Tara G
Tara G 2 mesi fa
I’m 39 and have never found this type of love. I pray everyday that my daughter finds a man who loves her unconditionally like this! I cried watching this entire video. ❤
Janina Haapsaari
Janina Haapsaari 13 giorni fa
Taylor reading the letter is making this one of the most emosh wedding videos of all time😭❤️ LOVE LOVE LOVE
Vanessa Soucy
I have been in tears for 7minutes congratulations you two beautiful people ❤this was a stunning day filled with truly beautiful words in the letters My heart is overflowing with happiness ❤
Jackie Garcia
Jackie Garcia 2 mesi fa
Soph is literally the prettiest and Taylor you’re so lucky to have someone so genuine and supportive!
Claire Shelton
Claire Shelton 2 mesi fa
omg i hope i find someone like taylor when i am older so we can be sole mates forever. i love y’all so much ❤
Christina Jordan
Everything about this is beautiful and amazing seeing a man so emotional that’s real love ❤️❤️
💚Calli Mae💚
This was the most beautiful wedding i have ever saw!! ❤
Ashley Bosley
Ashley Bosley 2 mesi fa
My favorite parts was Taylor reading what you wrote to him and him crying . He absolutely truly love you. I was bawling my eyes out
Claire B
Claire B 2 mesi fa
This is beautiful! Congratulations Taylor and Soph❤❤
Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson 2 mesi fa
You two have shown me what letting the lord into your life can do! Because of you I’ve found Jesus and I just wanted to say how happy I am for you two! Thank you for sharing the gospel!
Sherri A
Sherri A 29 giorni fa
I am SO happy for YOU Leah! The Bible says Angels rejoiced when you joined God's family through Jesus' - a huge redemption plan. It's more beautiful than anything else - even this wedding! Plug in where you can learn scripture and hide it in your heart forever to guide your other decisions. It's WELL worth it! God is so good and so loving! Love you! 💞 SO happy for you it brings tears to my eyes! Just remember, humans are still humans - we err. God does not. Trust Him. 💜
dragonflies_4 2 mesi fa
Literally crying with cold chills, So sweet.
Kimberly Thompson
I watched this 17 times and cried my way through each one. Congratulations! I hope God gives you both every blessing yall pray for. I'm ready for those babies now.💕💕💕
BreezySturniolo 2 mesi fa
Taylor crying reading the letter🥺this is so beautiful!
phil interisano
phil interisano 2 mesi fa
Taylor always makes me cry lol ughhhh he is just sooooo real
Chloe Masters
Chloe Masters 2 mesi fa
I'm crying this is the sweetest
Serena Schipper
Serena Schipper 2 mesi fa
Amy Milne
Amy Milne 2 mesi fa
I was bawling my eyes half way through this video! Congrats Taylor and Soph! Y'all are so cute!
this was such a beautiful wedding
Reshonna Hampton
Omg I am crying, I love this, it's so beautiful, they are married. The best cute couple
Paige Mooney
Paige Mooney 2 mesi fa
this made me cry, congrats yall❤❤❤
logan ervin
logan ervin 2 mesi fa
Taylor crying reading the letter is so precious 😍
Kimberly Donaldson
Without a doubt, the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! We are talking better than Princess Di and Will & Kate…and I am a wedding junkie. Made me go back to mine. This June would be 25 years, but I lost him in 2016. Love is timeless. Thanks for sharing and bringing those memories back. ❤🎉
Aww I'm so sorry, Honey. Sending you a big hug. ❤
Jada Miller
Jada Miller 2 mesi fa
Sobbing this is the most beautiful thing ever! ❤
Aileen bethanie c
Crying watching this. May God bless your marriage everyday. I love you guys!🥹🤍
Kaylee Dean
Kaylee Dean 2 mesi fa
Not me crying..😭 SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!❤️
Karlee Taylor
Asia Loveless
Asia Loveless 2 mesi fa
And they lived happily ever after 🎉💍
Kennie’s bloom
This is sooo beautiful 😍 😍😍😪❤️
Amanda Walter
Amanda Walter 2 mesi fa
sobbing with you both! the vows were amazing
Hayley Grotsky
Hayley Grotsky 2 mesi fa
That was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Congrats to Taylor and Sophia.
Casey Manton
Casey Manton Mese fa
Omw when Taylor started crying i almost cried!!!!😢🎉❤
dameka boyd
dameka boyd 2 mesi fa
THE AMOUNT OF TEARS IM SHEDDING 😭😭❤️ absolutely beautiful you two congratulations
Tiffany Mahon
Cried the whole time. Such a beautiful wedding ❤️
Alexandria kennedy
Thank you for sharing this special day with us!!!! Soph you looked beautiful! I pray you have a long and love filled marriage ❤️
amber christie
amber christie 2 mesi fa
This is so so beautiful! Already in tears! I wish you guys many many years to come!
Gigi Garza
Gigi Garza 2 mesi fa
So beautiful!! I’m so glad that you had a dream wedding! Congrats guys! ❤
hailey ezell
hailey ezell 2 mesi fa
such a beautiful and special video! loved it the dancing was amazing hahaha. would love to see more of taylors reaction to seeing soph for the first time! congratulations so happy for u guys ❤
Itsmehisabella 2 mesi fa
I'm sooo eager to see Taylor's reaction when he sees Sophia
Seleena Heyward
Seleena Heyward 2 mesi fa
Literally I’m not crying you are! So sweet, I’m praying that one day God will send the man that He has for me. That I will get to experience something as beautiful as this! ❤
《aj》 2 mesi fa
literally the sweetest most amazing wedding i have ever seen you were beautiful soph ,congrats guys yyall are my favorite youtube couple everrrr
Rebekah Smith
Rebekah Smith 2 mesi fa
This actually made me tear up! I love you guys so much! Congratulations! Always have Jesus in everything! I hope to find someone as you have found each other!
Jackie 2 mesi fa
You two are such amazing role models of what a healthy relationship centered around god looks like and it’s so beautiful!💞🙌Thank you for sharing this big step in your life together with us, this is so special! I was in tears within like 10 seconds of the start of the video. Wishing you lifetimes of love and happiness together.💞💞💞
MakenzieJo Inspo
This is the sweetest thing ever. 😭💗I pray to God to have a love like y’all’s someday soon.
Cameron Vasquez
Cameron Vasquez 2 mesi fa
I truly loved the video and seeing Taylor cry and Soph looked so beautiful ahh wish the video was longer!!!
Abby Lee
Abby Lee Mese fa
I cried the whole time watching this!!! Such a beautiful wedding!!! Congratulations you guys!!!🥰
Amanda Whitaker
Amanda Whitaker 2 mesi fa
Such a beautiful ceremony, you two were made for each other!! ❤️
Santana Rivera
Santana Rivera 2 mesi fa
All the emotions🥹congratulations to you both!!! I pray God blesses y’all’s marriage always!!!
Esther Guerra
Esther Guerra 2 mesi fa
I loved Soph dress❤ and when Taylor’s read soph paper when he started crying I was bowling😢
Cheryl Boubel
❤ your wedding was like the notebook ❤❤❤❤❤❤
addyy 2 mesi fa
the fact that taylor couldn’t even get but maybe 2 sentences into reading is so wholesome.
heather opdyke
heather opdyke 2 mesi fa
Absolutely beautiful, watching this gets me so emotional thinking about my big day coming up in September I can’t wait to experience this special amazing moment ❤️
Amber Falco
Amber Falco 2 mesi fa
Congratulations! Loved seeing Taylor's emotions so happy for yall.
Rose 2 mesi fa
Crying 😭 so beautiful, thank you for sharing your special day with us in this way ❤
Madeline 2 mesi fa
This Wedding could have been in a movie.... Beautiful. 😮
Jackie Montejo
Jackie Montejo 2 mesi fa
I’m crying, no I’m sobbing. I’m in love with your relationship ❤️
khloe 2 mesi fa
my favorite part was the beginning where y’all were reading each others letter or whatever they are called. I am so happy for y’all and happy to see what god has done and will do in the future!!
Brinlee 2 mesi fa
I have been waiting for this video ever since you guys got married!! Y’all are my favorite content creators and I love how you openly share your walk with Jesus ❤❤ congratulations on getting married with many years to come! I love you guys 💕💕
Olivia Hoxie
Olivia Hoxie 2 mesi fa
That had me crying y’all are perfect for each other
Malia 2 mesi fa
So happy for you two to start this new chapter in your life!
nathan castillo
So beautiful that letter Sophia wrote you had me in tears 😫❤️
kayli's Arts
kayli's Arts 2 mesi fa
Such a sweet video ❤ The vows were by far my favorite part. You can just tell how much these two love each other! May god bless y’all always ❤
Kathy Hicks
Kathy Hicks 2 mesi fa
Wow, beautiful video!! I am 63 years old and I know you probably think I am weird watching your videos at my age. Y'all remind me of the day I got married. My husband and I were married 32 years one week before he died with a heart attack in 2009. He has been gone almost 14 years and i miss him everyday. Never take each other for granted and always put God FIRST!! I pray God blesses you with a wonderful marriage with lots of kids.
Melanie Baker
This is just absolutely gorgeous, hin reading the letter is just beautiful 😍❤️
Sherry Best
Sherry Best 2 mesi fa
Not me crying cause I’m so happy for them at 3:30 am 😭♥️
Billy Bop
Billy Bop 2 mesi fa
Y’all are so amazing I can’t wait too watch this amazing video
Kelsey Brooke
Kelsey Brooke 2 mesi fa
I'm so proud of y'all for every ounce of effort you put towards the day this brought so many happy tears to my day and has inspired the best inside all of us 🥲🫂🙌🏼✨💯🌟☕😭🎶🎶🎶🌟🤍🍾🎉💍💒💕💖💞 ( I wasn't half way through and started crying 😭 ) I love y'all so much thank you for these opportunities to be along with y'all in this 💞💕🫂
Peypey Jones
Peypey Jones 2 mesi fa
I just finished it and it is AMAZING I love y’all, so happy that y’all are officially happily married you guys are the best you guys make my day better .
Brooke Benoit
Brooke Benoit 2 mesi fa
I absolutely love this!! Taylor and Soph YALL are adorable together!!
Wee Eeee
Wee Eeee 2 mesi fa
yay!! can’t wait to see Taylor’s reaction! such a happy couple!!!!💝💝💝
kennedyhopelee 2 mesi fa
Omg I just got done watching this and let me just say I've never been so happy to see someone to get married before y'all are perfect for each other and omg everyone in the video looked gorgeous I started to get so emotional! 😭
Sarah Lovern
Sarah Lovern 2 mesi fa
Sophia, your letter to Taylor was just absolutely beautiful!!
Delaney Pierce
Delaney Pierce 2 mesi fa
the way i’m so excited for two strangers wedding!!
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon 2 mesi fa
I'm crying this is so beautiful
Payton Daigrepont
y’all make my heart so happy 🫶🏻🤍 the most elegant & the most beautiful wedding video i have ever seen before. you could truly see God through y’all. my heart could explode 😭🤍🫶🏻
landent_17 2 mesi fa
I can’t wait for it to go online. I’ve been waiting for so long and I am so ready to see Taylor’s reaction.
Mandy Black
Mandy Black 2 mesi fa
So many happy tears for y’all!! It was beautiful!!
this is so beautiful!! congratulations to both of y’all!🤍
Ella 2 mesi fa
I aspire to be like this couple when I’m older! 💖
Shaday Gibson
Shaday Gibson 2 mesi fa
that was the sweetest video I’ve ever seen! you both are so meant for each other and I am so happy that Jesus is the center of your relationship!
Ashley Prestigiacomo
i’m so excited i could cry
Chesnee Roberson
This has been the highlight of my day! I love how y’all care so much for each other and have such a good relationship with God is just so incredibly amazing! My favorite part was when taylor was reading your letter and started crying had me in tears! 🥹 My favs
Amy Dugdale
Amy Dugdale 2 mesi fa
I’m gonna shed a tear I have the tissues ready I love you two so much 🥺🥺
Breanna Callaway
Absolutely beautiful, I have no words besides wow 🤩 ❤I love you guys so much!!!
Taylor Plays
Taylor Plays 2 mesi fa
literally cried the whole video. so happy for u guys !!
linkish ish
linkish ish 2 mesi fa
Congratulations 🥰u guys are the cutest
Sterling 2 mesi fa
Aww I’m already crying for yall!! Tears of joyyyyy!!🥹🥹 CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN
Kaylee Hardin
Kaylee Hardin 2 mesi fa
Taylor had in tears at the beginning of this video!! I hope to one day find a man who loves me as much as Taylor loves you Sophia. Can’t wait to see y’all grow in y’all’s marriage and can’t wait till y’all have little ones of your own
Lani Sherman
Lani Sherman 2 mesi fa
Divine 2 mesi fa
So happy for you guys and the wedding was so beautiful ❤️❤️...The dress,the venue,the people 🥰🥰..The part Taylor was reading Sophia's letter 😭😭 and her bridesmaids are the best hype women ❤️❤️❤️
💜Rebeca 2 mesi fa
2min i can’t wait to see taylor’s reaction ❤❤❤❤
Rhiannon Lafountain
My heart is crying with me ❤️
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