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Perfect - Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)

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Perfect - Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)
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29 nov 2017




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Commenti 96 837
Cindy Mayers
Cindy Mayers 18 minuti fa
Claudia Aust
Claudia Aust 26 minuti fa
♥️♥️♥️i will not give u up this time ♥️♥️💝
Taylor Guevara
Taylor Guevara 27 minuti fa
Jennifer❤️🥺 Sánchez 😍🥺❤️
rayan AA
rayan AA 30 minuti fa
know way
Chrisjay Macabacyao
Chrisjay Macabacyao 38 minuti fa
Glenn Johnson
Glenn Johnson 48 minuti fa
This song is awesome
Paige Peidton
Paige Peidton 57 minuti fa
Miss Shannon I miss you
kaayzeee 57 minuti fa
2019 anyone?
Anthony Byrne
Up to e dubs Scotchie
Brisa Bravo
Talita souza
Talita souza 2 ore fa
Abigail Juarez
Forever Ed Sheeran
Yasmim Star
Yasmim Star 2 ore fa
Essa música eu amei de paixão,incrivelmente linda. Quem gostou e tá em 2019 deixa seu like.👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Maincoffe 213
Maincoffe 213 2 ore fa
2044 any one???
alec karabajakian
Febuary 2019 anyone watching
Gaurav Kadian
Gaurav Kadian 3 ore fa
How anyone can dislike this song🤔🤔
Petate Satiera
The song is very meaning ful. So that is why my favorite song in mylife even Them song.......forever...
Lil daux Adan
Lil daux Adan 5 ore fa
Febuary 2019???
sharifa علي علي
😍😍 2019 February
malk 1632
malk 1632 5 ore fa
Happy valentine's day❤💋💏💑👅
umhaaanito bae
siyaram meena
siyaram meena 7 ore fa
The no of views just keeps on increasing
Antonet Rebello
This is the best song in the world I love this song
Maria Emilia Gomez
veve jan
veve jan 7 ore fa
找到完美情人! 完美的女主人!! 等待他的女人! 才是真正愛他的女人! 在黑夜中跳著舞! 聽著他最拿首的歌! 我也希望聽謝太陽唱歌! 哈~~~~可能嗎?
Etak Love
Etak Love 7 ore fa
PERFECT you make me always cry😭😭😭😭
Sayuri Sánchez
Esta chida xdxd
shaquana adams
🥰🥰🥰 this my song
Ambiya Halim
Ambiya Halim 8 ore fa
Sali Kouakou
Sali Kouakou 8 ore fa
2019 ?
Petate Satiera
I play the song when i do weeding by july
Kiwidoggo 9 ore fa
During a valentines dance at my school I got slow dance to this song, goals or what?
Nguyen Minhchau
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown 9 ore fa
This is a perfect song for like a wedding this song is also dope
Manjaree Jayasinghe
This song is sung by a Perfect boy for a Perfect girl! 👌. Nice choice ed! 2019?
Rashida Majid
Rashida Majid 10 ore fa
Iam in love with ed sheeran........ And this song...
Albina Suiunbekova
Ailini Faaofo
Ailini Faaofo 10 ore fa
😍😎😂😍😍😍😍😭 I laf 🤯
Denies Guzman
Denies Guzman 10 ore fa
Kimberly Tey
Kimberly Tey 10 ore fa
D0920 11 ore fa
La quiero dedicar pero miedo al rechazo
Ailini Faaofo
Ailini Faaofo 11 ore fa
Noraini Kasim
Noraini Kasim 11 ore fa
this is perfect music
Jordan Thong
Jordan Thong 11 ore fa
Any One? Love this song so much❤️ Never forget this moment and this song💗 15/02/2019
NO NAME -ノーネーム
happy Valentine's Day all 💕❤❤💓💖💗💝
Conceição Batista
Beautiful...my love...💕
Edmon Maniego
Edmon Maniego 12 ore fa
alguéin 2019?
puming sono
puming sono 13 ore fa
just........................ PERFECT BTW man......he looks good
Natacha Adjahouinou
I love you😘😘😘😘
Louis Sacdalan
Louis Sacdalan 14 ore fa
Yeah IKR
lemzkie gutual
lemzkie gutual 14 ore fa
I wish someday i could sing this song to the one i love....
David De la Cruz López
this is perfect song for wedding
Ronnie Garcia
Ronnie Garcia 14 ore fa
what a beautiful song
Grayson Ske
Grayson Ske 15 ore fa
Watched this blind busker in the city singing this song, and what a moment it was for me. Such a beautiful moment
nayef alQassim
nayef alQassim 15 ore fa
This song still touches our feelings and emotions even if we listened to it a hundred times ❤️❤️❤️
Biju Waikhom
Biju Waikhom 15 ore fa
This song is awesome...it makes me cry
Yashu 7898
Yashu 7898 16 ore fa
2020 ?? anybody watching after break up
Wacho Garcia
Wacho Garcia 16 ore fa
Hello happy day 😊❤
Mya Tran
Mya Tran 17 ore fa
Perfect for a wedding dude!
kurnia yuniarti
kurnia yuniarti 18 ore fa
Wish be my wedding song
Charlene Parubrub
I got married
Camila Castillo
Camila Castillo 19 ore fa
yes 2019
Camila Castillo
Camila Castillo 19 ore fa
si me caso quiero esta canción la amo la amo sos perfecto Colorado
Hanasyaffa 20 ore fa
February 2019❤️
Jojo Jingga
Jojo Jingga 20 ore fa
Lagu nya bagus sekalinaku suka
Muhammad Rizky Nasution
Indonesian Perfect 😍
Gregory Lane
Gregory Lane 20 ore fa
Kye Abshier
Kye Abshier 20 ore fa
Perfect thanks pal
sunni knottz
sunni knottz 20 ore fa
I almost cried 😭
Ricardo Bermeo
Ricardo Bermeo 20 ore fa
Love perfect
panquecita con pudin
*Yo jamás encontré a alguien perfecto pero si el amor de mi vida :'V soy papa casada*
Azucena Feria
Azucena Feria 21 ora fa
Today there was a dance at my school and boy asked me out and i said yes and when this song came out he asked me to be his girlfriend after 2 weeks of dating and i cryed today was the best day of my life. I love thus song
gu Three MMM
gu Three MMM 21 ora fa
Angelica Duenas
Angelica Duenas 21 ora fa
Ti aki asi maki ei sa mkso lieye
Sabhara Kapuas
Sabhara Kapuas 21 ora fa
i like its....me yati borneo city
Sabhara Kapuas
Sabhara Kapuas 21 ora fa
very2 nice....soo sweet i like its, me yati berneo city
Bikash Dutta
Bikash Dutta 21 ora fa
15 Feb 2019 any
Carlos Escalante
It is soooo sadly 😍😭😭😘
ChickenEyeFri 22 ore fa
This song would be perfect for valentine's day........... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE
Cleane Amorim
Cleane Amorim 22 ore fa
Amo essa musica Mim sinto feliz só em ouvila É cada vez mas apaixonada 😍😍😍
Rylee Bulin
Rylee Bulin 22 ore fa
I love this song
Irina Chiriac
Irina Chiriac 22 ore fa
My 4 months old baby loves this song better than any lullabies 😄❤️
Adelina Brea
Adelina Brea 23 ore fa
14 febrero valentys days 2019
Zeenat Mustapha
Zeenat Mustapha 23 ore fa
Wow Love Love this song will never get old for me
Leslie lack Brown
W HDTV dghgg •• _
christine spearing
This song will be perfect someday!
magda lorena valencia
magda lorena valencia
Me gueta esta cancion
Christian J
Christian J Giorno fa
Probably one of Ed Sheeran’s best. Powerful voice and meaningful lyrics.
Elizabeth Sena
Elizabeth Sena Giorno fa
Why me I can't found my love 😭😭😭😭
Katelyn Aguilar
Katelyn Aguilar Giorno fa
Gets me in my feelings smh😢💔
Roberto Luis
Roberto Luis Giorno fa
The best music 🎶😍💕
Moska Sulaiman
Moska Sulaiman Giorno fa
Best song for a broken relationship
Alayna Huss
Alayna Huss Giorno fa
My lonely ass sitting here playing this on Valentines Day, still mf single 🙃🔫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tima ba Ba
Tima ba Ba Giorno fa
Happy valentine day to everyone ❤️
Infires Suga
Infires Suga Giorno fa
14 February 2019... listening to this song to be more sad than I already am loll WHERES MY SINGLE FAM AT!?
Suci Widya
Suci Widya Giorno fa
This is a perfect song dont you think
fly sid
fly sid Giorno fa
I hear this song at salvation army all the time
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