Perks of going to the Psych Ward 

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00:00 a story I rarely tell
02:26 my first admission
03:39 a troubled history
07:45 the other people there
10:02 what happens after?
12:22 my 2019 admission
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Let Me Explain Studios
This may have been one of your best and most important videos. You’re an incredible person, Illy. ❤
KCstarlywolf 2 mesi fa
Somedude 2 mesi fa
You don’t get to explain 😤
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse 2 mesi fa
Hello rebecca
Emma Milicchio
Emma Milicchio 2 mesi fa
I agree, Becca. It must not have been easy for her to talk about this topic, and yet she did. I bet it was a huge weight off her chest, and as a fan, I'm really happy and proud of her. :)
LavenderKitten 2 mesi fa
Nora Julie
Nora Julie Mese fa
It's so hard to talk about psych ward experience. I was 24, and my oldest daughter was 2, and I felt like I was going to ruin her life by being the crazy mom. One of the other patients was pregnant, and we ended up talking about her anxiety about becoming a mom, and I found that I actually had a lot of answers to her questions, which to me, meant that I was doing a decent job. Like, I didn't know everything, but my kid was happy and healthy. There was a guy who was obsessed with music, too, and I still had an old-school mp3 player instead of an iphone, so I got to keep that. I was able to play music for a bunch of us, and that gave us a lot to talk about. Also, there was the older man with tourettes who was always swearing, but played piano beautifully, and we sorta got used to the undercurrent of swearing and let it wash over us and away, and he was really sweet.
GingerVixen 8 giorni fa
Wow, they all sound like absolutely amazing people and I hope they are doing better now.
geekdivaherself 14 ore fa
Thank you! I wish you and yours, and they and theirs well. ❤
As a person who's mother has threatened to send them multiple times... Thank you. My mental health is often never taken seriously, and 'sending me away' is used as a threat rather than an option to help me. You are an amazing person, Illy!
Lily E
Lily E 25 giorni fa
mizz kwizzt
mizz kwizzt 22 giorni fa
Same, I vividly remember her telling me “that’s where crazies go. It won’t be good for you.”. It discouraged me from ever talking about this again.
ICE 21 giorno fa
U dont want to go, they dont help u, they just make sure u cant die while ur there
Same. My parents think I’m crazy because I have weird flashbacks of stuff and sometimes I question myself in very scary ways.
NekoChan 19 giorni fa
Y'all should see about getting into free online therapy. A school counselor or city resource worker should be able to direct you.
Sammy R-Lopez S.S.S -Sapphire Safari Studios
This was emotional to watch. When you said "people will miss you" and "seeking help doesn't make you a burden" just got to me This video hits like a bus.
MrBlakeBoy 13 giorni fa
you know what else hits like a bus? a bus
Warviniqa 10 giorni fa
​@MrBlakeBoy why was this funny to me my humour is broken
Pax.loserrr 2 ore fa
I began tearing up and crying when she said that, just a few days ago I was telling myself ppl wouldnt miss me, and that part made me feel like they would, I love Illyssa for the content they create
Disabled Rat
Disabled Rat 28 giorni fa
this gave me the courage to tell my mom about the thoughts i’ve been having. i just told her, we cried, she hugged me. we’re going to the doctor tomorrow
my melody
my melody 17 giorni fa
omg i hope you get well! good luck!
DaNewDoggoInTown 11 giorni fa
How did it go?
cap 11 giorni fa
I wish my mom was like that. Though I don’t know if she will handle me telling her that I have 15 disorders and bad mental health- Hopefully this video gives me courage as well
Disabled Rat
Disabled Rat 11 giorni fa
@DaNewDoggoInTown i went to the hospital for a while, got on new medicine, and i got home a couple day ago. i’m feeling a bit better and i feel like everyone in the house is a little more educated on my condition and how i’m not just “sad”.
DaNewDoggoInTown 10 giorni fa
@Disabled Rat Thats good , hope u dont die.
noir !
noir ! Mese fa
you’re so lucky that you got such a wonderful psych ward. the nurses i had barely interacted with us, did not care, were condescending & overall rude. the place was a prison, i wasn’t allowed to get extra pillows, the beds were so uncomfortable, & i had to calm my roommate down after they had an episode bc the nurses wouldn’t do anything.
{Random}{Thought§} 15 giorni fa
That sound horrible! Something should be done to prevent this bullshit from happening again!
kittyspartan143 6 giorni fa
So much this! Spreading information that these hospitals are GOOD is a big problem, it's going to end up with a lot more people who are traumatized by healthcare.
Inconvenient Facts
Inconvenient Facts 5 giorni fa
Exactly the experience for many people.. This video is horrible..
starlive13 4 giorni fa
The nurses are acting like you came here to take care of the other patients I wouldn't be surprised that some patients had to stay longer because of the terrible nurses
ParrotLover Giorno fa
how does some psych hospitals being places that create more trauma make a video like this with a person sharing HER experience with the hospital that she went to terrible?
ada kazmi
ada kazmi Mese fa
When Illy said, "People will care if you disappear one day, they will notice, they will miss you more than you will ever know" I actually burst into tears, I really needed to hear that.
Same, I never knew I needed to hear that till now
IzXodii Mese fa
bro same I cant-
Amanda Vargas
Beth Bayless
Beth Bayless Mese fa
We cry together? 😢
MooshMosh Mese fa
Same, it often feels like nobody really cares and like I'm all alone in the universe, but hearing things like this helps. Hope you're doing alright.
Nonxlotl Mese fa
I remember how scared I was when I got admitted. It was involuntary by my teachers and family. I was hugging myself so hard, trying to make myself so small so people wouldn't notice me, but one of the nurses nudged me, and just smiled. Everyone was so nice to me and I feel like I actually wouldn't have survived if I didn't go. Im so glad you are still here Illy, your videos mean a lot to me and I happy that you took care of yourself. You are amazing!
{Random}{Thought§} 15 giorni fa
My mom doesn’t take my mental health as seriously as I would like her too. She thinks that I feel like this only because of school and work but it’s more than that. I’ve tried to explain to her dozens of times, that even if my life isn’t horrible; I can still feel this way. How she sees it though is that you can only feel like this if your life isn’t great. My father is better but he doesn’t really talk about it. Honestly, when my mother says hurtful things, she wonders why I feel so depressed. She doesn’t understand I have to pretend to feel happy, so other people don’t worry about me. She still calls me selfish.
I never learn
I never learn 9 giorni fa
you should talk to someone else then
DA boi
DA boi 9 giorni fa
Yeah same, not saying we feel the same but im in the same situation.
@DA boi yeah, it’s rough
@I never learn i am. I had my first therapy session last last week
I never learn
I never learn 8 giorni fa
@{Random}{Thought§} oh, well that's good :)
kay 22 giorni fa
this has completely changed my view on mental health wards, this video needs to be shared
nymnphi Mese fa
Thanks for making this video. It not only introduced me to your channel, but really brought me comfort. I was admitted at 16 for a psychotic episode (the first of many and the scariest, especially as a kid). The first week sucked (I was extremely delusional and paranoid), but then I got medications and the help I desperately needed. One month later (and an extra semester of high school), I was out. I ended up recently graduating with honours and am on my way to university with a couple of scholarships in tow! I did have a Maria, but I also had an "Alex." Alex was another psychotic patient and arrived after me. They comforted me during my hallucinations when nurses didn't understand, let me cry on their shoulder, taught me calligraphy, drew my portrait, let me win at cards. We snuck poems into the other's room. We opened up about our past and present trauma. The nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists were amazing, but it was Alex who helped me start truly healing. I hope, wherever Alex is, that they're happy. I wish we had stayed in touch; I hope they know, somehow, how much they mean to me.
Petri Kortesuo
Petri Kortesuo 3 giorni fa
Wow you’re actually insane
Tamer's music lol
Omg this is so sweet I started tearing up looking at this story, Alex really is an amazing person!
Holly Ward
Holly Ward Mese fa
As someone who’s been to psychiatric hospitals 7 times starting when I was only 9, and had issues with family members being cruel when they found out, this is one of the best things I’ve ever watched and I think more people need to watch it.
{Random}{Thought§} 15 giorni fa
9 years old?! Oh my gosh!
-LizzyPlays- 20 minuti fa
You’re so strong! 🙏
FishFeet100 Mese fa
“Seeking help doesn’t make you a burden, it doesn’t make you a attention seeker your not being dramatic or over sensitive what your feeling is real its sad and its scary” Really made me burst into tears
Alex DahCrappyPotato
You and me both man. You and me both.
Passion8 4God
FreshWaffles Mese fa
another way to think about it, seeking help when you need it is making other people money so that they can survive
slimshady Mese fa
me too 😭
Pesha The Duck
Pesha The Duck 18 giorni fa
I feel like a lot of story time animators don’t talk about this kind of stuff, so thank you illy! You made me feel normal again
Asher Lee Kim
Thank you for posting this. I remember how scared I was before being admitted, and also I know it saved my life. Our healthcare system is still imperfect but I am grateful for the support it gave me, as incomplete and imperfect as it was, it gave me enough to keep going. I’m glad you’re still here, and I’m glad that you were able to get support and regain connection ❤
Honobread 14 giorni fa
Knowing a fellow creator had grippy sock experiences like me makes me feel so seen and happy that I can relate and more awareness is being brought to how terrible mental illness is portrayed online and in the media - but also makes me sad as someone who knows the level of pain you had to go through to get admitted there. The message in the end made me tear up, wishing you all the love and healing positivity in your life Illy ❤‍🩹✨
Kaleb Kennedy
Kaleb Kennedy 3 giorni fa
i couldnt agree more Hono :)
Tamer's music lol
Agreed 100%!!!
Maya Montas
Maya Montas Mese fa
Thanks to videos like this I feel less alone and healthier, thanks for sharing your story with people like me, who felt crazy for being in psychiatric hospitals. Good that you could recover, you are my inspiration
Chronically kawaii
I’ve been admitted ten times lol (thanks undiagnosed autism + child hood trauma.) My last time admitted was extremely traumatic. Super underfunded hospital, I was having a bad reaction to medication they gave me and the nurses not believing me was a recipe for disaster. I even had a nurse scream at me that nothing was physically wrong with me and refused for me to see a medical doctor even though at the time, I was so Ill I hadn’t been able to eat for four days and my skin felt like it was on fire I had to be coved with ice packs. I think it’s important that people aren’t afraid of going to a hospital for mental health care but also it’s not something to romanticize either. like it’s not just a fun and quirky vacation. I’m not saying this video is doing that but I have seen allot of posts on social media doing this. This incident has compounded my medical trauma (I was gaslit for years by doctors from my undiagnosed stage 4 endometriosis.) and it will now make me less likely to seek help in the future. Which is… just not good. There are still serious problems with the mental health industry and I’m not the only person who has had traumatic experiences while inpatient. Hopefully, things can change for the better for all of us.
BOSSGRAN 2 mesi fa
Everyone let’s all give a round of applause to illy for being brave ans strong to talk about her experiences with a psych ward. And to everyone else talking about their experiences,you are strong too,and we are happy to see you strong
Lilly_otter 2 mesi fa
ur_local_human 2 mesi fa
Zelex 2 mesi fa
RandomDuck Productions
Thank you thank you!!!
tsu asui
tsu asui Mese fa
This made me realise that my mental health matters because I've practically been hypnotized by ADULTS that it doesn't and they think I'm cured but really I just bottle myself up until it bursts and then I have a breakdown and fake smiling thank you so much you are the best person ever
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez 29 giorni fa
One thing I’ll never sacrifice if my mental health. It’s important to me that my mental state is better than my physical state.
I'm your local clown 💪
i had gotten out of a psych ward just today! and i saw this, thank you for actually breaking down those things. I was an un-voluntary admitted, and i was diagnosed with manic depression and it sucked being there...
Jeenifer Alberto
The little bit at the end reassuring us we're not crazy or sensitive hit me right in the feels 🥺💕
yearlywise 18 giorni fa
I’ll come back to this video in the future whenever I feel… less than happy about existing. Even though I have trouble believing (sincerely, genuinely believing) it, the thought that people will miss me when I’m gone, that there are people out there who won’t judge me for my issues… is a comfort, to say the least. Maybe I’ll admit myself to a psych ward someday. If I do, it’ll be thanks to you, Ily. Thanks for speaking out about your experiences- I feel better about going there myself now, if I ever do in the future.
Evan Hatfield
Evan Hatfield 9 giorni fa
Thank you for adressing this ❤ This was truly needed for a lot of people. Some people had to go to phyc wards and don't feel good or confident about it, but I'm sure this video helped, even if a little bit. Or at least I hope. My mom was in the phyc ward because she was struggling really, really bad. But I'm so glad she did go to one because it helped her a lot! I am so grateful for you and your videos and the mental hospitals. Love you, Illy! ❤
sevenkeys Mese fa
As a nurse that works mainly in the adolescent unit of a psychiatric hospital, I am really glad that a video like this exists. So many of the kids that come in could definitely benefit by seeing and hearing other's stories and seeing that they're not alone in their experiences.
Andy r
Andy r Mese fa
if they have TV time maybe this would be good for them!
Moises Depaz
Moises Depaz Mese fa
Claudia Withey
I have a question. I'm a teen and was thinking of becoming a nurse there. Idk if this is rude but do you get payed well? Do you enjoy your job? Have you ever been "unsuccessful" ?
JD_Kreeper Mese fa
I went once, and I spent the entire time scared and confused. I didn't get any treatment because I didn't understand how "locking me up" was supposed to help me. I then decided to never express any suicidal ideations from then on.
Ravus Sapiens
In my experience, hearing other people who is in a similar situation as one self, is the best part of therapy.
Mayflower 23 giorni fa
This helped me really badly. I was too scared to open up to my therapist in fear of being sent to a mental hospital, but now it doesn't seem so scary.
MudWithFace 28 giorni fa
When Illy said "people will care if you dissapear one day, they will noitice, they will miss you, more than you will ever know" i burst out in tears. That hit me hard. I've been really struggling and i think i might be suffering from some mental illness, but i haven't seeked help because i don't have reasons to go. What will i tell them? "oh i feel really sad, i feel like offing myself, i have no motivation, i don't want feel like eating, i hate my body and the online tests i've done have all said there's something wrong with me" that seems like attention seeking or self-diagnosing.
Robyn Drain
Robyn Drain 25 giorni fa
Self diagnosis is alright so long as you don't take it as complete gospel. Maybe you don't have what you think you have but your symptoms are definitely real. Self diagnosis can be a way to formulate your concerns to a medical professional or therapist , or a way to help accept and deal with your symptoms both internally and when explaining to others. So long as you are willing to take on the advice and any official diagnoses of doctors/therapists if/when you get it, self diagnosis is a perfectly fine first step.
MudWithFace 25 giorni fa
@Robyn Drain well, in that case yeah, it would be okay i guess. I've just had a really bad expirence with people who take self-diagnosing too far.
Mx Pants
Mx Pants 12 ore fa
It's okay to seek attention. Also, it's self-diagnosis to decide that what's bothering you isn't real/bad enough to need help.
MaknCheese 13 giorni fa
When you said "People will care if your disapear" i just wanna thank you because that made me cry and was something I really really really needed to hear rn
Gandalf The Grey
I've just discovered this channel and man, this really hits. I've never been admitted to a psych ward, but I've struggled with pretty bad mental health issues the past year (bad enough that I had to put my life on hold), and definitely felt like no one understood what I was going through. I hid the severity of my condition from my parents, and it was only through taking that first step and going to a therapist that helped me through it. Mental health is REAL and getting help (the right help) is so important.
beanz Mese fa
this is literally so relatable. i was first admitted when i was 13 and when i got out i told everyone i was sick. each time i have been admitted it is so scary, but i knew that it would keep me safe. it isn't bad to have mental health issues, there are always ppl that care about u, even if you don't see it
T. Fairuz
T. Fairuz Mese fa
Speaking as someone from Bangladesh, a third world country, this is something we so desperately need. But we're stuck in the (in the American context) 1950s when in comes to mental healthcare. Just knowing that this type of acceptance exists somewhere on this planet is immensely helpful. Sending this to all my depressed friends. ♥️
Justin Mese fa
I hope Bangladesh gets better mental care soon
Someone who can't make up their mind onausername
yeah, some as a middle eastern. mental health in asia has a loooong way to go
im bangladeshi :)
notmeeeee Mese fa
haha im from south asia as well, mental healthcare is so very underdeveloped
Jakey Mese fa
I hope your country can get good mental Healthcare in the near future, the one thing everyone should be able to get is adequate and accessible mental Healthcare without persecution or judgment. My country still has so far to go in getting great mental Healthcare, but I bet most people here would come to appreciate how incredible our system is compared to the developing world
Amanda Barkley
Amanda Barkley 4 giorni fa
I was bawling by the end of this. Thank you for making this beautiful, real, raw and poignant reminder that we are all human and are simply doing the best we can, and that we don't have to do it all on our own. I'm so happy for you that you've come to so far, and just in case you need or want to hear it, I'm really, really proud of you. 💙
Clare Nahrwold
Clare Nahrwold 3 giorni fa
As someone who has been admitted many many times, this is amazing. I really wish I had something like this before I got admitted. This made me see my admissions as something other than embarrassing for the first time in a while. I also feel like I’m not so much of a burden if I need to ask for help. I’m really glad you’re still here and doing so much good for this world.
This made me feel better and finally ask my mother if I can get help and go to therapy, she said she’ll see but still lily thank u for helping me feel better and being more brave
MS MS Mese fa
“People will care if you disappear one day, they will notice, they will miss you, more than you will ever know.” I really needed that, I think we all did.
sWooZie 2 mesi fa
Great vid Illy!
Nezuko ❤️
Nezuko ❤️ 2 mesi fa
This is such a great video and it helps so much. Thanks illy!
Just Some Gal
Just Some Gal 2 mesi fa
Oh my, it's the all powerful swoozie
childmuncher420 2 mesi fa
I agree, this really helped me
Kurotae 2 mesi fa
This video is a W
Sebastian Mejia
Sebastian Mejia 2 mesi fa
Yep fr it was quite crazy!!!!!!
eden. Mese fa
i recently just got back from one and honestly i still struggle but going there genuinely helped me think to myself and realize that doing things i enjoy and hanging out with the right people make a big difference with how i viewed the world around me. mental institutions get such a bad reputation and the first time i went my parents were one of the people who believed those rumors and things about it so i was worried but once there i felt like i had time to think to myself, read a book, not have to worry about whose texting me and who isnt, and have a break from it all. yea there were some downs but everyone there was struggling with something i was as well and made me feel like i was heard. my parents learned how to be there for me and support me and i learned how to take their comfort and be there as well. not telling anyone was something i regret. so if you are struggling do mot be afraid to tell someone like i was. even if it is just going to a doctors appt and telling your doctor you are worried about your mental health it can be scary and you will feel guilt but i truly felt like i learned something going there. i felt like i was heard and i was surrounded by people who understood. i am 15 and now have my first job, i volunteer at a hospital, my scabs turn into scars, my grades are higher, i frequently talke to my parents when i do feel the ways i did before and i found someone who loves me for who i am. never be afraid to talk.
Olivia S
Olivia S 18 giorni fa
the :what happens after" got me. I cant explain how important content like this is. No matter how comfortble i get in my mental illness, it still has a strong and powerful doubt
TRYtube Giorno fa
I’ve been admitted to multiple psych wards throughout the years and you described how things are done there perfectly. You also did a good job debunking the stigma these places have had. Videos like this are important because it can make people feel more comfortable with getting the help they need, when they need it.
Megs🌈 19 giorni fa
This is a really good video, and it sends out a really good message. Your a good person Illy. P.S. My favourite part: "Be a Maria, not a Susan"
Iris Whitson
Iris Whitson 22 giorni fa
as a person who, being only 16, has stayed in a psych ward twice, this is very helpful and accurate
Tyler Edge
Tyler Edge Mese fa
I'm a counseling intern at a psych hospital. Genuinely thank you for trying to break the stigma. More people need to be like you. This was extremely brave. Another banger as always.
sopgiav Mese fa
Hey sorry if this is weird, but can I ask what degree you got to intern at a psych hospital? I’m only in my first year of a Bachelors of Arts psych study, but I feel like I don’t have much direction rn
Tyler Edge
Tyler Edge Mese fa
@sopgiav yeah no problem! I'm in my first intern class for my masters in counseling degree. I got my bachelors in psychology as well so thats a good path to the clinical route if that's what you wanna do. Still got a year until I get my license and degree though.
Darko Mese fa
are you a mariah or a susan
Aubrey Large
Aubrey Large Mese fa
Being sent to a Mental hospital is one of the reasons I don’t open up to anyone Idk why but I’m afraid of hospitals. I find it so relieving to know that it’s not bad. I’ll still prob never tell anyone what I’m feeling not even my therapist but it’s nice to know.
ghost light
ghost light 26 giorni fa
feel like I might have depression but i’ve always been to scared to say anything in fear i’d be sent to one of these. i was heavily under influence of the stigmas, and i just want to thank you for educating me and everyone else. i feel inspired to actually talk it out with someone. thanks again
TheDudeloooor 19 giorni fa
Thank you for this (: I can’t imagine how scary your first time was thank you for spreading awareness
Gie S.
Gie S. 10 giorni fa
I gained a bit of trauma from my most recent visit but I really learned a lot. Im so happy that you're speaking about this. I appreciate you so much!
Kids Ortiz
Kids Ortiz 6 giorni fa
This is actually an amazing thing to talk about
I needed this. This is amazing, truly. You are going somewhere, Illy. 💗 thank you
Cyan Skies
Cyan Skies Mese fa
so glad i clicked on this video, im going through a lot rn and i need to remind myself i’m not the only one who feels this way
M X Mese fa
I remember when I got involuntary admitted. It was scary for me and my family.
WolfieHP55🍕🐺 3 giorni fa
As someone who's struggled with anxiety, I have often wondered if anyone would care if I wasn't here or if anyone noticed I was here at all. I thank you, Illy so much for drawing awareness to mental health and not being scared to seek help. I feel a lot of people needed this message including myself. Keep making these amazing videos! :)
Alex Bentsman
Alex Bentsman 15 giorni fa
The line at 10:30 made me instantly tear up. On a Sunday morning too. Wow, thank you Ilyssa, much love
Z Mese fa
Using an anonymous account because I don't usually comment, but I just wanted to say thank you. As a 15 year old that has been contemplating suicide for the last year or so, hearing that "people will miss you" made me realize that there is people I have in my life to live for. I've been afraid of telling a therapist or my parents about being suicidal, because I was afraid of being admitted to a psych ward, but after seeing this I might decide to be a little more open with them. Thank you so much
Bear Loir
Bear Loir Mese fa
Yes get help if you need it!!! There is always at least one person who will be willing to listen and maybe even help you get help
brøkøli Mese fa
I know it is difficult, but please get help if you can! Sending lots of love to you 💖
im an eclair
im an eclair Mese fa
yes i’m 100% sure you have people to live for! like the other comments said, it’s really important to get help, i hope everything goes well for you 💕
SerenityM16 Mese fa
In my experience by far the worst part of psych wards (I’ve been in 6 times) is the mind numbing boredom, bring books and/or coloring books
Oliv Mese fa
dont tell ur parents or a therapist, thats one of the dumbest things u could do. u dont want to talk to ppl who dont understand and also you'd just be reaffirming stigmas that all young ppl are mentally ill. plus, therapy is way too expensive
Tember Art
Tember Art 23 giorni fa
Me being a person that is plagued with several mental illnesses (all of them undiagnosed) and someone who has had four of my siblings gone to a mental hospital, i am still terrified.
Crown Mese fa
I understand. I've been in a psychiatry hospital twice. (First time I was 12, and the second was when I was 14). I can definitely say it's not a fun experience, but it helped me. It saved my life. And it made me realize that people actually care. You aren't alone. Stay safe, everyone!
cap 11 giorni fa
“People will care if you disappear one day. They will notice. They will miss you more than you will ever know.” This was extremely inspirational especially for me who is severely depressed, and has lost hope in anyone caring for me, or life in general. Thanks for the reminder :)
Every day I think about how the people around me would react if I were to go missing and how the world would be better off if I never existed but I really needed to hear someone tell me that it would be a big deal and that people would notice and care if I were just gone. When she said that people would notice and would care it actually made me cry
I think I swallowed a hammer
As someone who’s also been admitted several times, it’s very comforting in a strange way to know that I am not alone and that one of my favorite ITvidrs has a similar experience to me. I know this must be extremely difficult to talk about, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing and making so many people feel less alone. This feels very de-stigmatizing and again, (I know I sound like a broken record,) thank you, you amazing person!
AmberwinterCove Ayers
Bruhhhh ^^.
Bethany that's me
Ashy 2 mesi fa
I’ve also been admitted a couple of times and it’s nice that it’s talked about in a better way now :)
moon 2 mesi fa
Like all of your videos, you did not have to share this. The fact you did is incredible. I am glad you are still here, and wish you all the best no matter where your life takes you Illy.
Drawfru 2 mesi fa
I was put into one because I was having a panic attack at school and some stupid day one police officer called a ambulance and I was put in my opinion unrighteously and it was horrible I peed on a man but as of now I’m so happy and much better I was supposedly need it too stay for a month but my father was so stressed out he had a seizure and I left along with him
urmom Mese fa
Thank you so much for sharing your story this had me tearing up and made me realize asking for help doesn't make me a burden
Samantha animates
Samantha animates 17 giorni fa
Im extremely happy you're mentally and physically comfortable with telling us this. I hope you're doing well.😊
Gracie 14 giorni fa
I relate to this video SO MUCH! I am someone who struggles with my mental health constantly. I have too many diagnosis’s to count, and been in and out of hospitals, residentials, day programs, groups, and outpatient treatments since I was 12 (I’m now 21 now). It’s still a heck of a ride. But knowing that I’m not alone, makes me feel a little more understood. Even though I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through upon anyone, others sharing makes me feel like there may still be hope. And strangely enough, my goal in life is to become a psychiatric nurse who works on a mental health unit. I feel like my empathy can be positively used to help others in similar situations. But first I need to continue to work on myself, before I help others. Because you can’t pour from an empty cup. Thank you so much for sharing part of your story! It really does mean a lot, and helps shed light on an really important topic! Sending much love, hugs, and support your way! -Gracie 🥹🥰😘😇
Memerer 13 giorni fa
It’s so nice I went back! But for real though as someone who’s gone to the psych ward I wanna thank you for making this video and helping to break the stigma surrounding mental health❤
kati 26 giorni fa
This video helped me so much, I’m gonna ramble a little bit here :,) When this video came out, I was at my very worst and just felt hopeless. I was terrified of asking for help, but this video gave me courage and the stength to ask for help. I stayed at the hospital for 2 weeks and got significantly better. Thank you, Illy.
Bopply Mese fa
I hate them being called insane asylums. It makes them seem scary and a horrible place. I had to spend quite a bit of time in a mental health hospital and for the first few weeks, I was terrified because I kept thinking to myself "everyone here is crazy and could lash out at any moment". In reality, they are just like regular hospitals but for people with some issues. No psychopathic cannibals strapped to chairs or screaming people ripping themselves apart. Just a place to help people get better
brix Mese fa
Tell that to the people who got into a fight there every other day. I've watched way to many feral teenagers get there pants oull down and shot in the ass with a syringe to beleive this. The name is warrented
Bopply Mese fa
@brix yes, people with major issues do go there, but the name makes it seem like the people that go there are crazy. I went there stressing that maybe I was insane which makes you worse. But most of the people I ended up meeting were at least nice. The hospital I was at wasn't exactly as nice in the video as we were separated a lot more, but it's not as scary as the word asylum suggests
MissMoontree Mese fa
tbh, some have pretty nice things. Heard they have rooms that have powerful lamps. People with severe winterdepression can sit there for a short while and it is like having an instant summer :) Some have nice gardens or activities. Though they are less nice than that retirement home with hot tubs or residential kittens.
Bopply Mese fa
@MissMoontree the one I went to wasn't as nice because it was basically a few repurposed hospital rooms
coryman125 Mese fa
@Bopply Actually, the word "asylum" originally means essentially a place to find peace and safety. People fleeing from a country can seek asylum in a safer place, for instance. It's a bit of a shame that it's taken on a less friendly connotation lately. I wonder if Batman (and the whole Arkham asylum thing) is partially to blame? Cause really, it should be such a nice term. I mean minus the "insane" part anyways, that's not helping anyone :/
Loraine Collins
Loraine Collins 8 giorni fa
Depending on the facility you go to you might have fun & meet some dope people. We had a day room so we would play board games, talk crap about tv shows, draw, paint, color, listen to music of our choice, do yoga routines with our yoga instructor & go on smoke breaks 4 times a day. Our favorite part of each day was the great food they had with a soda machine in the cafeteria as well. We would all ask each other about our lives & how we ended up being there. It felt good to be heard & to hear other people’s stories.
Crimson_Sakura 25 giorni fa
Wow, this had me re-live a lot. I had pretty much the exact same experiences a few years ago in high school. Anyway, thanks so much for bringing attention to this! (And um, thanks for that message at the end about how people will miss you. Even though I'm okay now, it's still really nice to hear.)
RandomRockerGirl 20 giorni fa
Thank you Illy for telling us. Now, if I ever go in a Psych Ward ill know there's nothing to worry about ❤❤
Alexander Roman
Thank you for being willing to be open and honest about your experiences - the good, the bad, and the complex. You've endured so much and remained yourself, like you said. I've learned a lot about myself as a result, and I thank you for that too. We're glad to have you on this site
Goose Mese fa
This video is so important to me, and thank you for making it. I was under house hospitalization (due to Covid, I couldn’t go into the hospital due to lack of beds) and it’s happened twice- but I wish I had the courage to ask for help before and after those. I love this video, so thank you so much 💜
Jazzy Royal
Jazzy Royal Mese fa
Hey Illy! I’m currently 12 and have been admitted to a mental hospital twice. It really has been damaging to tell people but this video really made me realize that needing help isn’t something to be ashamed of. Thank you so much for this video. I really needed it.❤
Liddon Burns
Liddon Burns Mese fa
i hope youre doing a bit better now !
quinevere Mese fa
hope you are doing ok!
Hi random person reading this
I hope you’re doing well
Justin Mese fa
People like Illy really need to be heard by the community.
Screamin’ Dog
I hope the leaves crunch just right and the netflix logo hits the precise corner of the screen for you
Meh 17 giorni fa
I’ve never seen a video that’s so gentle yet so powerful. Thank you for sharing your experience and taking the time to educate others.
Sun_Girl 4 giorni fa
this girl is a legend, funny, energetic, and emotional. 😄
LoSt GuRL 13 giorni fa
I also was hospitalized when I was 13-14 and the experience was scary but I was never ashamed. It’s not bc I had a safe space to open up but bc I always believe to create a safe place for people to open up. Through me being open about it I discovered SO SO SO many people have gone and just felt so ashamed to talk about it but the smile in their face when we talk about it reminding them that they have gone far from that moment is so worth it.
sxdsouls Mese fa
This genuinely made me cry. I've been trying to seek help for so long, I had a therapist for a few weeks, but not even he helped. Asking for help is scary, I've asked my parents for help and was ignored. For years, I've been ignored about my mental health until one day in 2022, but not even my mother took me in. She just threatened evaluation. For anyone struggling out there, reach out for help if you can. Find someone you can trust and talk to them. Even if it's family, friends, or a professional.
CorruptedSystem32 🎵
I live in an "open living group" which is basically the dutch equivalent of a less restrictive psych ward, with "closed living group" being more like what you describe. Honestly, even if it's not exactly the same, I am so happy that you made this video as it really comforts me. Thanks, Illy. Really.
Gabe Benson
Gabe Benson Mese fa
I almost cried when you said, "People will care if you disappear one day, they will notice, they will miss you more than you will ever know." I needed to hear that! Thank you for helping to destigmatize mental health hospitals, and for having the strength to tell your story! You seem like an amazing person! ❤️
Ruby Rider
Ruby Rider Mese fa
Same, but I actually did start crying.
beiond_ Mese fa
It's interesting to me to hear and see this from a more western pov, here in the balkans it truly is no one really cares where or what you're doing, people you've grown a connection to seemingly just drop you outright like a toy they don't have any interest anymore, psyc wards I'd say are similar to how they are in the west but the stigma is even stronger then it ever has been, you are treated as if you're an outcast of sociaty the moment you mention you have any issues or have tried getting help, as someone that suffers from very visceral schizophrenic episodes and adhd it's frustrating to see and just makes me want to leave this shithole of a culture even more.
retaka on the crime
@runningtoastgirl77 me too
Wolfynet Mese fa
Wasteland Drifter
Oddly enough, my time in psych wards have probably been some of my best experiences in my life so far. I made some really good friends there, and even had my first kiss in my 2nd stay
Alastor 4 giorni fa
I've never been to a pysch ward before but god damn I didn't realise how much I needed to hear these words atm. Thank you for sharing your story you're really an amazing person :]
The Anime Protagonist
i hope that more and more funding goes into spreading the importance of mental health 😭💙
Alexis Margoles
Alexis Margoles Giorno fa
It’s crazy how someone can be going through so much pain and on the outside it looks like they are all good and ok
Monchy Tales
Monchy Tales 19 giorni fa
When I was 16 I was sent to a hospital without seeing a doctor because my mom's boyfriend had some kind of magistrate friend write up a bullshit reason about me trying to kill my mother after a week the nurse knew it was bullshit and I ended up in a series of sessions with lots of people I didn't know who asked me lots of questions about my home life, then they left me alone 2 months I stayed in that hospital, before I found out the staff had reached out to my grandparents and had the state put me in their custody because they knew I had been abused as a kid and wasn't dangerous at all it was the most peaceful 2 months of my life, so calm, so regular, no stressors at all
ishrat  Fatima
Everyone let's give a round of applause to lily for being brave and strong to talk
Zoë Mese fa
Broadway Girl 27
Cristal Clear
Lily? Who's that? Also 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Pernille Aalbu
jella_jb Mese fa
👏👏👏👏👏👏 and btw it's Illysa, (pronounced alyssa)
10:30 hit hard for me I really needed that I'm not saying I've ever been to psych ward or even been diagnosed with depression, but times are hard sometimes and getting told by someone that people care. It made me cry instantly. Thank you
kusasajou Mese fa
literally gonna bawl my eyes out thank you for sharing your experience and saying such kind words
faye Mese fa
im in the hospital, im probably getting put in a psych ward soon and this helped me calm down. thank you for posting this :3
Robinhlb 29 giorni fa
You are not someone who should be frowned upon because you decided to get help. You go girl!
Sage 3 giorni fa
I had a 90 day stay and I got out exactly a week ago, this video helped me feel not alone knowing people are really talking about the stigma
Hoo boy, nearly 40 year old here who was admitted to the psych ward at 17 and 23. Man, this is relatable! Dealt with a ton of depression and anxiety stuff that sent me to very bad places, and both times really helped me get back on track. And people will notice that you’re gone. No one is an island. This society is just geared to make it feel that way.
clumsy squad
clumsy squad Mese fa
Rip ur notifications 💔 💀
Wah! 😲 Wow you’re right! But it’s in a good way. Got to say that, in the early-mid 2000’s the fear of what people thought about mental health issues was like a storm cloud hovering over you. So glad that people are more honest with themselves!
Ally 9 giorni fa
Im so glad you decided to talk about this. Ive been threatened to be sent there before.. but if it ever happens, i won't be scared! Thank you, illy
海豚ちゃん 22 ore fa
I find it a bit crazy how algorithm works because I randomly found your channel and to say the least, the style of your videos reminds me of the youtube videos i used to watch when i was in middle school and it brings me a lot of comfort. It heals me a lot. Your tone in your videos, the art style, everything really brings back memories. Definitely subscribing
H M 16 giorni fa
Never feel ashamed about being in a psych ward , and getting help . Please remember mental health is important and there’s no shame. We all need help and it’s perfectly ok to ask for that help. There’s a lot of great nurses and doctors who are ready to help you at any given moment . You’re not alone in this 😊 May god bless you and I hope all gets better for you
Mimi Da Artist
We’re here for you and all your supporters, friends, family and everybody around you you don’t feel like you have nobody and by the way, one of my favourite ITvidrs thanks for playing a huge role in my life and the way I got from my own struggle by listening to yours. Thank you.💗
KCDash4400cw Mese fa
As a person who has been to a psych ward atleast 7 times alot of this stuff mentioned here hits hard and it's good that people are finally starting to realize that mental health is an actual thing that needs to be taken seriously. Awesome video aswell.
Illy, thank you for making this. I'm 13 and I've been admitted too a psyche ward twice. I don't think I can explain how much seeing one of my favorite animators talk about this kind of experience means to me.
No-Notebook Mese fa
Same im also 13 and have been to a psych word twice it is very difficult
Beretta ♞
Beretta ♞ Mese fa
SkyNinja357 Mese fa
​@Beretta ♞ really?
Matthew Whitaker
i am also thirteen i've been admitted once but i can agree with you
C3c1_Cos Mese fa
@Beretta ♞ can you just like not?
Bubblies005 18 giorni fa
Thank you for sharing your experiences. I was hospitalized in a psych unit voluntarily back in 2015. Halloween is my least favorite time of year frankly. And thank you so much for saying the things I’m sure a lot of us need to hear but don’t.❤
Milk_way 29 giorni fa
This happened to me, it was ok but my friends left me because I was rumored about. It’s nice to see someone to know this 😊
Cyann 22 giorni fa
This video really made me wanna cry. Thank you. Raising awareness is so important. I went to a place for 7 days here in Oklahoma and was diagnosed Bipolar & ADHD. First time I’ve ever got medications/help/free vacation haha. 😂 but it started my path to self awareness and discipline… I’ll be starting anger management classes soon… something’s better than nothing right?
Cleo C
Cleo C 6 giorni fa
I don't know you and not even sure how this video came to me but I'm so glad it did. Thank you for telling your story. As I've gotten older I've come to realize that the scariest part about facing difficult situations is the presumption of what could happen and that the reality is almost always way less scary than what we make something in our minds. Self care isn't all manicures and lattes, it's about recognizing that you need to do something for yourself that isn't the easiest thing to do. But you are a wonderful example courage and self-love and I know that there will be many other people who seek treatment because you were willing to talk about it. If you have a bad day, just try and think about the fact that you are making a huge difference just by being you.
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