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Barcelona Master League Playlist:
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15 set 2019




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Commenti 80
Aris eFootball
Aris eFootball 17 giorni fa
Good video!!!
Ranjit Kumar Shrivastva
On what are you playing pes...is it pc or PS4
Arpan Goswami_2H_14
Plss tell me how to add real tournament logo,scorecard,team name,team jersey of UCL,Laliga etc. Plssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
JuanYuliuz Mese fa
Why all career modes on Barcelona sign Neymar? It is unoriginal and it ruins the club xd
Greg deReyna
Greg deReyna 2 mesi fa
For Messi
Greg deReyna
Greg deReyna 2 mesi fa
YES!!!!!!!AND YES!!!!!!!
Adams Liady
Adams Liady 3 mesi fa
Please send me the link to download pes 2020 on my pc I tried different sites but it's a scam please send me the direct link to download the game and how many GB's will it consume to download this game
Olivia Skippers
Olivia Skippers 4 mesi fa
Neymar score Neymar scored
RIBKILLER YT 4 mesi fa
Playstation 4
4:10 he blends in perfectly with Messi’s body 😂😂
TJ's Gaming
TJ's Gaming 4 mesi fa
Love your videos bro 🔥🔥
Yu Tian Sheng
Yu Tian Sheng 5 mesi fa
Use rakatic
Yu Tian Sheng
Yu Tian Sheng 5 mesi fa
Hide your big face please
MJ tv
MJ tv 5 mesi fa
Play master on Android phone.. available orr
Khalid gaming
Khalid gaming 6 mesi fa
I remember when this channel was called dtt
George Kex
George Kex 6 mesi fa
pes 2020 have to copyrights of uefa champions league to? I think fifa has it.
Rizqi Abu Tholib
Selling Luiz Suarez bro
Üro 8 mesi fa
How on Earth did u manage to sign Neymar?? I always get "The player rejected our offer due to doubts over his appearance opportunities" :/ any tips? Also tried signing him first on loan without any success lol
Üro 8 mesi fa
KC12 HD haha ye ive had that message aswell! But I managed to sign him! All i did was to select to buy him for the release clause, but when they accepted it, I just changed it to around 210 mill, and they still accepted it so 😂
Acr Respect
Acr Respect 8 mesi fa
Lol . it always says " we have rejected your offer because he's an important player for our club"
Alpron 10
Alpron 10 8 mesi fa
Is this like career mode like in fifa ? (Never played PES, but this year I might give it a try)
lil guy
lil guy 8 mesi fa
I love this series keep going
Just For Fun
Just For Fun 8 mesi fa
Give neto a play
Vibudhendran Nair
you can slide tackle the goalie and score it worked for me but be careful,,,, you have to time it perfectly
Skerr 00
Skerr 00 8 mesi fa
Turn your web cam off when you play because it makes the gameplay lag
PhillySportspassion 85
Two things I don’t like about PES is the schedules aren’t the real ones and you after download the updated kits/league logos from a cpu and save it on a usb and then upload it. Why can’t you just upload it from a vault like they do in MLB the show
Arnav Raj
Arnav Raj 8 mesi fa
Give neymar the number 11 Jersey
MHeitz93 8 mesi fa
Change gameplay camera angle please!
Hunter Shame
Hunter Shame 8 mesi fa
When does the next video come?
Hunter Shame
Hunter Shame 8 mesi fa
Nice looking forward to it❤️
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
Tomorrow! Long episode, 5 matches :)
Gowtham R Nair
Gowtham R Nair 8 mesi fa
Brother play Arthur rakitic is a bench warmer in real file
Victor Clark
Victor Clark 8 mesi fa
fortnite ErBeast
Du er fra norge da det er enkelt å høre på aksangen din
Youssef Elghndour
What is the name of the song in 28:05
Youssef Elghndour
Please anyone answer
Saphal Baral
Saphal Baral 8 mesi fa
Try getting De Ligt in the future!
J. Jr.
J. Jr. 8 mesi fa
Good video mate, keep it up
Ebune Namata
Ebune Namata 8 mesi fa
Barca vs Villarreal Over 1.5 (Odds: 1.05 odds) The f!!!!
Toye Fagbulu
Toye Fagbulu 8 mesi fa
buy Mbappe
Earn Ace
Earn Ace 8 mesi fa
Closed Caption on 0:06 😂🤣
NinjaMohamed321 8 mesi fa
My friend came and saw the part Neymar just signed and he asked me did he go to Barca really and I told him it’s pes 20 It is really like the real life
Skkyy 8 mesi fa
Increase the difficulty bro..you using Barca
Myself Is
Myself Is 8 mesi fa
I like DTT
Miska Sarja
Miska Sarja 8 mesi fa
u should focus on getting possession like real barca instead of going straight forward its easier
Miska Sarja
Miska Sarja 8 mesi fa
and more realistic
Bro try also to buy some young lads
Jepina Matanga
Jepina Matanga 8 mesi fa
Wait is this DDT
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
Jin Jin
Jin Jin 8 mesi fa
I've figured as much ur gonna sign Neymar Jr that's what's up
Justin Tan
Justin Tan 8 mesi fa
Name: Doggo League: Super League Age: 17 Ovr: 73 Nationality: Portuguese Weak Foot accuracy: 4 Club: Benfica (First half) Lilie (Second Half) Super League Teams: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Manchester Untied, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Altetico Madrid, Sevilla, Juventus, Napoli, Ac Milan, Inter Milan, Roma, PSG, Porto, Benfica, Zenit (A super league two is created in The Spanish 2nd division) After creation, you will join Benfica which will allow you to play in the International Champions Cup and the first 19 league games and 4 cup games If done right, join Lilie in the English league to allow yourself to play in the Champions League. In the second half of the season for Lilie. Play the games and progress to all the individual titles and awards possible. Win the league and the cup (Lilie) If done right, Lilie will meet either Barça or Real Madrid in the final and lose to them You will also get called up and play for the World Selection (Sub) after the season ends The main aim is for either Barça or Real Madrid to win the league and the champions league so they are able to qualify for the community shield, super cup and the International Champions Cup next season Individually after doing all these in the first season, you will be crowned the Europe Best player and crowned World Best Player in the second season. Representing Portugal is the key as they only have Andre Silva as their best striker Second Season After winning everything except the Champions League, make a transfer request to either Real Madrid or Barcelona and they should want to buy you. And the aim to maximise your potential would be the key: International Champions Cup: 3 games European Super Cup: 1 game Super League Community Shield: 2 games Club World Cup: 4 games UEFA Champions League: 13 games Super League Super Cup: 10 games (nornally no round 1) Super League: 38 games Internationals: X amount of games World Selection: 1 game 72 + X = Amount of games in the season to play From the third season onwards is the same, the only difference is you will be planning to win the Euros and the World Cup. Conclusion: In the first season: Results for Lilie, Barcelona/Real Madrid will have to work for you in order to make the above work
Elton Ven
Elton Ven 8 mesi fa
FM Galactico
FM Galactico 8 mesi fa
Good start to the series man! I’ve just started a master league with Milan
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
Thanks! Good luck with your season :)
BIG MIKE 8 mesi fa
Difficulty to easy
Jordan 11
Jordan 11 8 mesi fa
Give Neymar the 11 kit ,Griezmann 7 and Dembele the 17 or 20 kit
MyNoseisDirty 8 mesi fa
Dembele the 16
Miska Sarja
Miska Sarja 8 mesi fa
celebrating against worst difficulty
Miska Sarja
Miska Sarja 8 mesi fa
@2SANDER7 ok keep up the good work my bad
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
I play on the second highest difficulty. But ill change it to super star in next episode.
Gareth Guest
Gareth Guest 8 mesi fa
Check out my channel for master league content. Got 2 episodes on right now !!
mgpant mg
mgpant mg 8 mesi fa
How happen and you have the license for champions league and all the teams?
Masih 505
Masih 505 8 mesi fa
You can download it from a website called pesuniverse
Farid Manafli
Farid Manafli 8 mesi fa
Why did you choose Barca (who lost to Liverpool 4-0), not Liverpool?
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
I support Liverpool, but since Anfield is not in the game I chose Barcelona. Will do a Liverpool Career Mode on FIFA 20!
Syed Daim Hassan
U did what bartomeu couldn’t do
Justin Broughton
Nice man 😎😎😀👊👊🔥🔥
Arianhq 8 mesi fa
Pes 2020 champions league ?
Marin Tvrdinić
Marin Tvrdinić 8 mesi fa
@Miska Sarja thank you 😁
Miska Sarja
Miska Sarja 8 mesi fa
@Marin Tvrdinić yes
Marin Tvrdinić
Marin Tvrdinić 8 mesi fa
@Miska Sarja can I download that file if I buy original Pes 2020?
Miska Sarja
Miska Sarja 8 mesi fa
@Marin Tvrdinić there is tutorials on ITvid
Marin Tvrdinić
Marin Tvrdinić 8 mesi fa
@Miska Sarja how to download?
Yves Vranken
Yves Vranken 8 mesi fa
Why uses pes stil official champions league logo?
damian 376
damian 376 8 mesi fa
Option File added.
Sajay boss
Sajay boss 8 mesi fa
Make a next video today
Sajay boss
Sajay boss 8 mesi fa
What about fati
Mordecai Onyeka
Mordecai Onyeka 8 mesi fa
Love ur video Is this ps4
Mordecai Onyeka
Mordecai Onyeka 8 mesi fa
Ok tanxs
A Dam
A Dam 8 mesi fa
Mordecai Onyeka it is PS4 he had PES universe downloaded for full licensing and you can see the circle and square button
Jean Kisose
Jean Kisose 8 mesi fa
Don't get me wrong....I love these career mode series, but it's too long.
chizzyglow o
chizzyglow o 8 mesi fa
Complain about everything
lilpeep mk
lilpeep mk 8 mesi fa
R. A.Raza
R. A.Raza 8 mesi fa
3rd episode plzzzz
Thanos Birbas
Thanos Birbas 8 mesi fa
Dude that camera angle is so trash
Fun Unlimited
Fun Unlimited 8 mesi fa
Please get a haircut
Benjamin Asmah
Benjamin Asmah 8 mesi fa
Can you increase the number of plays per episode
Hasan Dadoush
Hasan Dadoush 8 mesi fa
I offered PSG ا 240 million + rakitic 150 million + semedo none of them were accepted
Marlon Thieras
Marlon Thieras 8 mesi fa
Messi is the best
kidfromda st
kidfromda st 8 mesi fa
Was the champions league a mod or option file? Are on ps4?
kidfromda st
kidfromda st 8 mesi fa
@2SANDER7 how did u get the blue background the same color of the champions league?
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
Also for PS4.
mgpant mg
mgpant mg 8 mesi fa
@2SANDER7 this is only for pc?
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
PESUniverse option file :)
Saksham Shrestha
Love you bro! New subscriber I love your pes carrier
2SANDER7 8 mesi fa
Thank you! Welcome to the channel :)
Liam Damster
Liam Damster 8 mesi fa
start Arthur instead of Rakitic please and Semedo instead of Roberto
Billy Blight
Billy Blight 8 mesi fa
Sign Kante or kdb
Fatima Farrukh
Fatima Farrukh 8 mesi fa
Play Arthur instead of Rakitic please
Josh Reilly
Josh Reilly 8 mesi fa
And everything like that
Leshiv Hansraj
Leshiv Hansraj 8 mesi fa
I love your PES carrers!❤️
Rooney Wong
Rooney Wong 8 mesi fa
Where can I download the kit
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell 8 mesi fa
Should try sign Salah
Saikou 93
Saikou 93 8 mesi fa
1.Jaivanth Alladi
Use ansu fati
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell 8 mesi fa
Im the 21st comment! what's 9+10? Comment below! 👌
Not MainManMané hth
At least you got Neymar though I don't get how Rakitic plays ahead of Arthur. At last, a good PES Gamer on YT 💘
Jürgen Man
Jürgen Man 8 mesi fa
If only Neymar went to Barça in real life
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