Pixel 4 XL Teardown! - Why does Google's Phone Snap?

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Today we are going to take apart the Pixel 4 XL and review it from the inside. The Pixel 4 XL Broke in four places during my durability test. All along the frame next to the antenna lines. Obvioulsy this isnt ideal when you are buying a phone that is supposed to last a few years. Check out the Pixel 4 XL durability test here: itvid.net/video/video-yyqNR6W_MUQ.html
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Commenti 80
Daerrian gibbons
It hurts me so much because I have a pixel 4 and I love it
Raaz Muir
Raaz Muir 12 giorni fa
Nexus 4 was the best pixel. I got it the month of its release and still use it in 2020 for my travels to foreign lands using foreign SIMs.
Raaz Muir
Raaz Muir 12 giorni fa
7"33' licking balls or leaking balls neither make sense...
Harold Captivate
Harold Captivate 13 giorni fa
Such innovation in design at the Apple Stu...wait I mean Google studio!
Mar Aus
Mar Aus 16 giorni fa
04:53 pahah that was funny :D
K. W.
K. W. 19 giorni fa
InfiniWolf 21 giorno fa
2:19 lol
TYP TheYoloPanda
TYP TheYoloPanda 24 giorni fa
Param Thakkar
Param Thakkar 24 giorni fa
Why does the Pixel 4XL Snap? If you're gonna insult it like that, what do you expect?
gustavo garcia
gustavo garcia 26 giorni fa
I need parts of that pixel to repair mine ... please.
gustavo garcia
gustavo garcia 26 giorni fa
I need parts of that pixel to repair mine ... please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
makeminefreedom 29 giorni fa
I can't see myself tearing 1000 dollars into tiny pieces. It is very interesting to see all the working parts but I would only dissect the phone if I knew it was finished.
Peter Ford
Peter Ford Mese fa
All i know is as long as you ve been doin this, you sure trust the glass on these phones to not chip when u first open the phone using razor knives and blades. I replace a lot of glass as a remodeling contractor. And i know glass and metal blades aren't friends. Course i don't repair a lot of tempered glass. But when you contact glass with the razor knife blades,, it makes me cringe like when I'm doing it. But u know your limitations. I remember before you started using the suction cup. I can see why the 4xl broke in so many spots. I didn't see any big chunk of metal, like the 3xl. Luckily we don't forcefully bend our phone's. nice one Zack, take care.
mathew .D
mathew .D Mese fa
i snapped my phone in 4 pieces like a little lego
Yogesh sain
Yogesh sain Mese fa
T3N8CH Mese fa
At least he knows how to manage a screw driver , hope he didn't get tired after all those screws he removed, remember kids "don't do drugs"
Nazar Mese fa
omg i HATE those sounds of scratching!
disynthetic Mese fa
Just bought one of these for $300 off MSRP. Still not sure if it was a good idea. Guess it comes down to how long it ends up lasting me.
DON LAI Mese fa
Says "let's get started".... Switches off the phone...
Ya know... As I sit here in Quarantine, I can't help but comment... and maybe take a good dive into the "Extended Coverage" thing they offer. I have the Pixel XL. Not the 2, 3, or 4 I was paying for the extra coverage on it, I Should make a video on this, but seeing as though I kinda made sure that bridge was burned, I'll just give a quick story about their "$5 Extended Coverage Warranty" or whatever TF they call it, because here's why its BullShit! So, some Context... The Week before Thanksgiving 2019 and 3 Months after Epstein Didn't Kill Himself, I just moved and my my bills for the End of Month came due early, and some waited until after the holiday, I dropped my phone because for the First Effin time throughout the 3-4 years I had the phone, I actually took it out of the case, carried it outside in my shirt pocket, bent over to pick something up, and it Effin fell TF to the ground, breaking the screen. I will admit to MY FAULTS in this, more than happily! I WAS paying for the extended coverage, however I found it's basically GOOGLE's way of "Wealth Checking" people to make sure they wont steal the phone and to make sure you feel bad about being broke and/or poor, along with how much they DON'T CARE about someone's well being, over a $98 phone. The "Extended Coverage" works like this, and I can PROMISE, GUARANTEE, or use whatever language you want me to in order to ensure the accuracy of what I'm saying :) So, I bought the phone when it was first released for $749. The "Extended Coverage" or whatever, covered the damage and would replace the phone. In order to receive the NEW phone in 2-3 days and have time to transfer the old phones data/settings, I have to fork over $749 for them to "Hold" for the duration of the exchange in order to ensure they receive MY broken phone back, so around 7-10 business days of GOOGLE "HOLDING" my $749 hostage... OR I can send MY phone back to them first, wait for them to receive it, process it, then ship out a new phone to me, about 7-10 WITH NO PHONE... Take your pick... I was broke AF. November of 2019, the phone is worth $98 on Amazon, I didn't have the $749 for them to hold for 12 days... about the time everything took. So, after begging and pleading because I literally had NOTHING else in the way of properly working electronic communicating device, Couldn't call family, couldn't call emergency services if something happened, Google tells me this. "WE REQUIRE $749 IN ORDER TO ADVANCE YOU A NEW PHONE" "POLICY IS POLICY" "PLEASE RESPECT OUR LIMITATIONS" "THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO" That was it. nothing really more than that... just assuring me that their thumbs are up their asses... I worked in Customer service (not at google), I know the tactics. they don't "Talk to a manager", they sit there on Mute and ignore you for a moment, then tell you the same thing above, but with "My manager Informed me that..." Here's why Thanksgiving getting in the was WAS NOT the issue at all. I sent my phone back, got to them 2 days BEFORE Thanksgiving and WAS SIGNED FOR and ACKNOWLEDGED by someone at Google. they waited 3 days after Thanksgiving to process the phone. then took additional time to send out the phone by the Slowest means possible. they deliberately made sure it took 5 days to get to me. Why? because I talked to a friend of mine who I convinced to get on Project Fi (yeah, that long ago), got his replaced in 3 days with NO HOLD NECESSARY... All the while, I had no phone to call people, I couldn't call for help when my car broke down, I just moved to an unfamiliar city, almost lost my job because I couldn't call my boss and let them know I was having issues. all because I didn't have $749 to replace a $98 phone... I couldn't even buy a new phone, plus if I'm paying for "Extended Coverage", then why do I have to pick between potentially loosing $749 because Google "found" a "Non-Covered" issue, or having No means of communication for 2 weeks. Google made my life hell on purpose, all the wile knowingly deprived me of a means of communicating beyond email. Laptop charging port is broke, Desktop computer was burned out, Tablet was 7 years old and didn't have a functioning mic or reliable Bluetooth, Google knew this too, and still did nothing but stretch everything to as long as they could and openly lied about someone "Inspecting" the phone... Google is Evil, Greedy, Lies, and DOES NOT actually innovate, just do some Circuit reshuffle and call it an $800 phone they had built for less than half that price.
Piro Stavri
Piro Stavri Mese fa
Pixel 2 was the best hands down.
alec thenice
alec thenice Mese fa
I watch these vids to make clear editions. Thank you
Christopher Jordan Samuel
Epstein didn't kill himself!! 👍🏼👍🏼
Adel Al Jammal
Adel Al Jammal 2 mesi fa
iPhone clone???? Do you even know what clone means?
Federico Cao
Federico Cao 2 mesi fa
2 XL it's the best
Akshay Sardar
Akshay Sardar 2 mesi fa
world top mobile google pixle4 xl ultra amazing mobile i saw review best mobile ever
g King
g King 2 mesi fa
@4:50 🤣nice
HydroxidOH 2 mesi fa
less metal and more plastic sounds better for the environment or not ?
egs1505 2 mesi fa
The only time iPhone and Samsung users can band together is to mock the Pixel
Jack L
Jack L 2 mesi fa
Anyone else absolutely hate the sound of that razor on every metal surface????
Fellow Citizen
Fellow Citizen 2 mesi fa
Percy Reddy
Percy Reddy 2 mesi fa
I’ve dropped my pixel 4xl down multiple flights of stairs and it’s fine
DryLife 2 mesi fa
Me & My mom have pixel 4s and she cringed at this lol I only disliked the vid cuz I am bias to this concidering I own the pixel 4 xl
Caden Churchill
Caden Churchill 2 mesi fa
I want so bad for there to be an awesome Google flagship. Would be nice to be able to have an Android and have basically iPhone-level software support! Maybe they should team up with OnePlus?
Brian Pepin
Brian Pepin 2 mesi fa
The original Pixel was by far the best.
Wild Exploration
Pixel 4 trash😂😂😂
Nicholas Nelson
Nicholas Nelson 3 mesi fa
Worst flagship of 2019
Zackery Madsen
Zackery Madsen 3 mesi fa
4:54 😂😂😂😂😂
Heather Brown
Heather Brown 3 mesi fa
Liked for the Epstein reference alone 👌💯
Dhruv Kansal
Dhruv Kansal 3 mesi fa
2:25 damn Zack, solid roast
Ghost out
Ghost out 3 mesi fa
Who else saw a goddamn raid shadow Legends add before this
JDL 3 mesi fa
Watching on my 4XL. Looks and sounds great. I owned the original G1.
Drew 3 mesi fa
I think the only good thing about this pixel is that it doesn't have a notch... But then again there's the top bezel sooo...
Drew 3 mesi fa
I really hope that since this phone was so shit, the next pixel will be a drastic improvement- maybe even a good phone...
Drew 3 mesi fa
Ah yes, radar- Something we all want in a smartphone
sour tooth
sour tooth 3 mesi fa
So much savagery hahaha
Lonnie Kingery
Lonnie Kingery 3 mesi fa
I don't know what you do as a job, But, I know what ever it is, you do it very well.
wojtekone88 ???
wojtekone88 ??? 3 mesi fa
I appreciate you taking the time to articulate the fact that Epstein did not kill himself. . . .. . . What you failed to mention was Hillary Clinton did it . . . . . Vermin supreme 2020
dailykaran 3 mesi fa
No wonder why it breaks easily...just cheap plastic frame ...hope Google takes a note of it and understands how structural integrity is very important for durability of a smart phone. Google can better come up with fiber glass or something for frame all around inside if they really are worried about wifi/lte signal interference due to metal frame.
Jacob Laduke
Jacob Laduke 4 mesi fa
Damn dude did Google stop sending your paychecks or what 😆
RoyansYT 4 mesi fa
Hi Sir Jerry can you please try to teardown xiaomi mi 10 pro? PLEASE! :) thank you
REWIND 4 mesi fa
6:24 ahhh.. 6:26 AHHH
gdlywom 4 mesi fa
Trash 🚮
x Hate
x Hate 4 mesi fa
Fuck epstein
nafeesthe rager
nafeesthe rager 4 mesi fa
It's snapped cah it a clone u said
RKGSD 4 mesi fa
7:09 Yes Google started Android, yet they won't support their own phones with updates for as many years as Apple supports iPhones.
Yash Tiwari
Yash Tiwari Mese fa
Gidelix And you can turn it off in settings, every phone company slows older phones down
Gidelix 3 mesi fa
RKGSD which is because Apple needs to send out updates since it can’t slow down older phones and force you to buy the new one otherwise. Google that, it’s a thing.
RKGSD 4 mesi fa
Google sold Motorola to Lenovo and it shows. They should've kept Motorola and their engineers. This looks like some cheaply engineered HTC crap inside.
Yash Tiwari
Yash Tiwari Mese fa
Actually this was developed in house, they sold Motorola long before the pixel line was even started. HTC only manufactured one phone for the pixel line which was the 2.
J3 4 mesi fa
I do like the squeezable sides, used that a lot
J3 4 mesi fa
I know I'm a little late, but I've been watching a lot of your videos and loved the pixel 1 and 2 in their own times, but this is disappointing compared to some other phones I have watched you teardown.. hope the 5 is a lot better
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 4 mesi fa
My wife's son suggested this phone so she bought it to replace her other broken phone. Some two weeks later, I saw this video and how it faired in the durability test among all the other phones for 2019 with this one being the second worst at breaking rather easily. I want to see the look on my wife's face when I show her this and the other two videos that cover the Pixel 4 XL.
Died Happily
Died Happily 4 mesi fa
Jacob Heddens
Jacob Heddens 4 mesi fa
lousyskater 4 mesi fa
I actually really like my Pixel 4 XL, but I also didn't pay anywhere close to full price for it lol.
Andrew james Inocentes
Pls teardown samsung a10s
v4ctor 4 mesi fa
im using 1xl & 2xl , on my opinion second is a little bit better than first
Jesus L.
Jesus L. 4 mesi fa
My Pixel 4 XLs power button is really mushy and doesnt really click like a normal button does compared to other Pixel 4s not really sure why. Been trying to understand it, after contacting google they recommend bringing it into a UBreakIFit location and I was told at UBreakIFit that to do the power button assembly they would have to do a screen replacement on the device. Sounds a bit aggressive to me just figure out why my power button does really have a spring/click to it when you press it.
Josep Rodriguez
Josep Rodriguez 4 mesi fa
"which for the pixel is like....2 weeks" Fukin Savage 😂😂😂
Fate Breaker
Fate Breaker 4 mesi fa
Google cheaped out on material worse than apple and still charged more? Talk about setting a new standard for ripping off their customers.
Brian 4 mesi fa
Epstein didn't kill himself...LMAO!!!
Kra fstoff
Kra fstoff 4 mesi fa
at 2:21 the phone looks like travis scott
abnuo2 4 mesi fa
LifeofMichal 4 mesi fa
Antoniverse 5 mesi fa
3:07 unsnap snap psna psna psna
Yeshua Martinez
Yeshua Martinez 5 mesi fa
Wait! Epstein didnt kill himself?
Cosmo DiCiurcio
Cosmo DiCiurcio 5 mesi fa
I will say about the radar thing that I wish Samsung with implemented because when youwalk away from the phone and knows you're walking away and it turns the always on display it also knows when you're reaching for the phone to quiet down stuff like rings all different things
Cosmo DiCiurcio
Cosmo DiCiurcio 5 mesi fa
It takes so for sucks I'll stick with my OnePlus 7 pro until the note 11 although I am tempted for the s20 ultra but I think I'll wait if I'm going to spend $1,100 $1,200 on the phone I think I would rather have the note
ahsan khan
ahsan khan 5 mesi fa
looks like battery is made in India
Federal 2000
Federal 2000 5 mesi fa
Tiny balls
jamesrod 5 mesi fa
epic comments
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The Pixel 4 XL has 4 little problems...
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