Pixel 4 XL Teardown! - Why does Google's Phone Snap?

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Today we are going to take apart the Pixel 4 XL and review it from the inside. The Pixel 4 XL Broke in four places during my durability test. All along the frame next to the antenna lines. Obvioulsy this isnt ideal when you are buying a phone that is supposed to last a few years. Check out the Pixel 4 XL durability test here: itvid.net/video/video-yyqNR6W_MUQ.html
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Commenti 3 477
Ben Hawthorne
Ben Hawthorne 5 ore fa
Damn Zack, 0:03 and you've already torn it down. Wait, what do you mean you haven't disassembled it yet?
Mikael Andersson
The Google Pixel 4 is a severly overpriced budget phone.
Christopher Haib
Like a little lego...😁 i love that
the bamboozler
the bamboozler Giorno fa
4:55 made me cringe
Kumar Vikash
Kumar Vikash 3 giorni fa
2 weeks....that's what it takes
Jon S
Jon S 4 giorni fa
"When people are asked what they would like improved on their next smartphone, I would say most mentioned battery life, more storage, or better cameras, so, Pixel went ahead and added some radar" lmao
Michael18751 4 giorni fa
2:23 Yikes
balaji balakrishnan
Samsung m30s show
Felix Lopez
Felix Lopez 5 giorni fa
Epstein comment awesome man!!! 🤣
Roshan More
Roshan More 5 giorni fa
2.10 ...RIP headphone users
Mangalytical 5 giorni fa
4:53 =gold
unrefusableoffer 5 giorni fa
please do audio books
Jplay 5 giorni fa
has anyone ever noticed there's so many qr codes inside the phone.
P SD 7 ore fa
Probably inventory management at the factory. Smaller than normal barcodes
Chris Cabrera
Chris Cabrera 5 giorni fa
Sahil Sawant
Sahil Sawant 6 giorni fa
oneplus 7t pro video please
Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim 6 giorni fa
Legend has it that Jerry is still unsnapping connectors..
Victor X
Victor X 6 giorni fa
Thanks to this video, I found out where the NFC antenna on 4 XL. I thought it is not working on my device. :)
Darciukas 6 giorni fa
"You should wait for it to drop value, which for Pixels should be about 2 weeks" I'm dying XD
joseph medel
joseph medel 6 giorni fa
Dont do drugs kids It made me laugh.
RIT HEAD 7 giorni fa
Can I have a phone instead of u destroying it plz 🙃
Lord Kermit
Lord Kermit 7 giorni fa
Can you make a durability test on the Samsung a10e and Epstein indeed did not kill himself
Shomrat Khan
Shomrat Khan 7 giorni fa
Pls give me one phon.
bob the dolphin pro
Pixel 4xl shame on it
Me Still
Me Still 8 giorni fa
Like a little lego
Swaggaboa 8 giorni fa
RIP Epstein
DHANUSH 8 giorni fa
Jerry please make video on REALME X2 PRO Flagship killer!
Jonathan Francisco
Jonathan Francisco 8 giorni fa
4:55 WTF
TimBo 9 giorni fa
Is the plastic that goes completely around the phone part of the antenna system?
Ajit Mishra
Ajit Mishra 9 giorni fa
Please make s10 plus teardown video and check front camera and rear camera "ois"
Steven S
Steven S 9 giorni fa
How hot do you heat the back glass up to?
Skoot and Heem
Skoot and Heem 10 giorni fa
Yall Get my channel to 1k pls
Phoenix591 10 giorni fa
Very disappointed in amount of plastic , but at least the battery is replaceable without breaking things so in a few years that's an option. Mostly bought it for the software, a nice clean Android with 3 years of actually getting security updates every month and not whenever the manufacturer gets around to it (LG at best updated the H918 every 3-4ish months and the US996 every 6 (both V20, one of their flagships) and getting major Android updates too. The battery in actual use seems fine for me, but I drive, so car charging is an option and when out and about or work I watch maybe 10 minutes of video and do light web browsing. Get home with 30-40% (without car charging) and do my heavy video watching while charging.
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 10 giorni fa
It snaps because of the snapdragon 855
James Samuel
James Samuel 10 giorni fa
Transparent edition of Google pixel 4 XL.....😂😂😂
razgriz 121
razgriz 121 10 giorni fa
Sir jerry, can you do a tear down on phone called realme x2 pro? I want to know if the cooling system trully exist in it.
Owen Dieterle
Owen Dieterle 10 giorni fa
TBH I don't love how big the top bezel is. Like the went for the notch but i feel like they shoul've gone for a pop-up camera or some other solution instead of the bezel
Twitch.GreenLyfe 10 giorni fa
Are you the person that tells us to fasten our seatbelts in the airplane? Lmao
Keeth Franc Malcolm
Keeth Franc Malcolm 10 giorni fa
Jerry please try MI a3. Please. ❤️
Wolffe Crowe
Wolffe Crowe 10 giorni fa
If it had a wide angle lens and wasn't so flimsy I might CONSIDER buying it. But the lack of a headphone jack and fingerprint sensor would be annoying.
Manjunath D
Manjunath D 10 giorni fa
Can you do test on realme X2 Pro ?
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