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On this episode of Basics, I want to show you how you can make a better pizza pie (and a calzone!) at home than anything that you could have delivered.
Watch the rebroadcast of the Twitch livestream for this episode here: itvid.net/video/video-JLlL_a0PX98.html
Grocery List:
Pizza Dough Ingredients (makes 4 pizzas):
500g Bread flour
16g kosher salt
1g active dry yeast
350 ml water
Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
Extra virgin olive oil
Garlic cloves
Red pepper flakes
28oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes
Onion powder
Dried oregano
Other ingredients:
Low-moisture mozzarella cheese (shredded)
Fresh basil
Spicy soppressata (optional)
Fresh burrata cheese (optional)
Calzone fillings (optional)
Special equipment:
Pizza peel
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"Wash Out" Broke for Free
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Commenti 4 764
James Buchanan
James Buchanan Giorno fa
Okay so I’ve tried this recipe a few times with varying degrees on success. My main issue at the moment is stretching the doughy to the right size. It always seems to either rip in the middle or its won’t stretch out to a big enough size.
Jennifer Pimm
Jennifer Pimm 2 giorni fa
Can you store the extra dough? Does it keep well in the freezer?
Extremely_Tired 3 giorni fa
pineapple belongs on pizza
dev ed
dev ed 4 giorni fa
Pineapple on pizza? Everything you said is a lie. Shame...
Ben Baldwin
Ben Baldwin 4 giorni fa
I didn't use my knuckles and just used a rolling pin
Moe Aln
Moe Aln 4 giorni fa
You sir, are terrible at making pizza, I’m sorry but it’s true, good day.
Jason Madinya
Jason Madinya 5 giorni fa
After proofing, can the dough be kept in the fridge for a few days?
PINK CIRCLE 5 giorni fa
This guy looks like vsauce.
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 8 giorni fa
So a calzone is an Italian pasty/cheburek?
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 8 giorni fa
*_none pizza with left beef_*
ImDragonized 10 giorni fa
You should make a basics with babish for bread sticks
Filo Salvini
Filo Salvini 10 giorni fa
In Italy we cook the pizza first only with tomato sauce and a second time with mozzarella
Tyler DeVeau
Tyler DeVeau 11 giorni fa
Can you do Milan Style? I heard that it was like cooking a soufle.
Andrew Slemmer
Andrew Slemmer 12 giorni fa
Made it. Used a really good store sauce to save a little time and $. The dough and the fresh grated mozz definitely makes a huge difference. Thanks Andrew
Ticket Tocket
Ticket Tocket 12 giorni fa
Jeremy! *There's been a terrible Ham Mistake!!!*
Andy Kohring
Andy Kohring 13 giorni fa
"it's really really very good" when you need to fit a word quota in a essay
aravind sn
aravind sn 13 giorni fa
I tried this. But didn't work exactly. How much didgree should be the oven Heated. You never mentioned in your Video nor in the Comment nor the others commented it out. I was suggested for 175 Degrees and it was a flop
Michael Matta
Michael Matta 14 giorni fa
I'm making this tonight Is it just me or does 16g of salt sound like a lot?
The video before was a guy talking about san marzano shit
Constant Chaos
Constant Chaos 16 giorni fa
princesayoleasa 17 giorni fa
This recipe saved my imaginary marriage
Lekha Pratap
Lekha Pratap 18 giorni fa
5:44 Twitch does what now?!
JJ Flash
JJ Flash 19 giorni fa
I've never seen orange pizza sauce. Interesting.
garruk wildspeaker
garruk wildspeaker 20 giorni fa
So I can never get the water temp right, and every pizza I've made, I've killed the yeast. Any tips?
L DJ 19 giorni fa
the water should be warm enough to comfortably place your hand in. if it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for yeast. that's the general rule i follow and it's held true so far.
cristian carcamo
cristian carcamo 20 giorni fa
Is that the same sauce you blended?
mukkaar 21 giorno fa
Almost same as my pizza, I just make my sauce different. I use 400g of whole canned tomatoes, add 0.5-1tsp of salt, 2 tbsp of extra virgin oli oil, blend it all up. Then 1-2 whole crushed garlic and some teared up basil. Let it sit overnight in sealed container and remove garlic cloves before use. I find this makes bit more "fresh" tasting pizza and not leaving garlic in gives nice note of garlic without it being too pronounced. It also preserves taste of tomatoes. Doesn't really matter what you use actually, I would recommend trying out local and organic canned tomatoes. I use both low moisture and normal mozzarella, but prefer fresh.
NathanDrake5 22 giorni fa
Plastic + hot food = BIG NO !!!
hackhenk 22 giorni fa
In my opinion, kneading the dough after it's raised is a huge no-no. Why destroy all the air pockets you've spent so much time cultivating? Stretch it only!
hackhenk 19 giorni fa
+SE FullmetalJake Good luck!
SE FullmetalJake
SE FullmetalJake 19 giorni fa
hackhenk So do I! I actually think I may have over-proofed it out of the fridge, hoping that a 18 hour cold proof can keep it well. I’ll find out if my dough is good tomorrow!
hackhenk 19 giorni fa
+SE FullmetalJake Yep. I have preportioned dough in the fridge right now. 24hr rising makes superior fluffyness.
SE FullmetalJake
SE FullmetalJake 19 giorni fa
It depends really. He should have mixed it, left it for about an hour only, kneaded it ( he didn’t knead it enough at all) then portion and leave for a second proof. You can tell that his dough is bad from the way his crust came out. It looked thick, dry, dense and no airiness to it.
Sherine P.
Sherine P. 23 giorni fa
can i use all purpose flour if i dont have bread flour?
Duc Huy Ly
Duc Huy Ly 21 giorno fa
Yeah it worked just fine for me, next time i'll try bread flour, how did it go?
Henry Nickerson
Henry Nickerson 23 giorni fa
I couldnt get my dough to increase in size during the ferment. Anybody got some pointers? This is my first time making any kind of bread I have no clue what to do
The Looinrims
The Looinrims 22 giorni fa
Henry Nickerson yeast probably
Emily Snell
Emily Snell 25 giorni fa
Babish doesn't eat meals, he eats recipies
Elliott Grey
Elliott Grey 26 giorni fa
your tomatoes are probably fake 🤔
Ye Yeet
Ye Yeet 28 giorni fa
I don’t use grams 😩
Jainni Patel
Jainni Patel 28 giorni fa
just wanted to say I made this last night and holy f'kin GOD it was good.
For Valgoria
For Valgoria 29 giorni fa
No vent holes in the calzone?
Oskar Koponen
Oskar Koponen 29 giorni fa
You forgot the olive oil
Katie Brown
Katie Brown Mese fa
This is the first ever babish video that I tried in real life, and holy cow it was amazing !!! I'm a student so I had to get the dough to prove in my room (it did make my room smell like fresh bread which was amazing) and then I invited friends over and made a whole evening out of making our own pizza/garlic pizza bread, and hot DAMN this is SUCH a good dough recipe, so easy and tasty, so rare that the actual dough tastes good too, the sauce was wild (I added a little bit of sugar as it was quite acidic, and tasted Amazing) and then went ham on the toppings (haha) and man, it was just amazing, thank you for this video !!
The Phenomenal John
i’m supposed to be cleaning my room rn buuttt
Pingviinipoiss Neemo
Instructions really don't... I can't... Little bit of dried garlic powder *TROWS IN THREE TONNES*
Ivvie 24 giorni fa
spices are to taste. I'm making pizza for dinner and I'm over here peeling a whole big head of garlic for mine lol
CST1992 Mese fa
Another video I watched told me all that packing liquid was bitter. Anyone know about this?
MikeBingo1 Mese fa
Made this today. Base was too salty and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil will help the dough stretch
Neekie K3
Neekie K3 Mese fa
Do you have to weight it. I dont have a scale
Audie Arts
Audie Arts Mese fa
If you want it to be stuffed crust, then make the crust extra big, then fold it over a cheese stick
Jxnas p
Jxnas p Mese fa
disgusting tomato sauce
Jxnas p
Jxnas p Mese fa
too much cheese
Jxnas p
Jxnas p Mese fa
you add way to much salt
Cody Heimbach
So I followed this recipe and my dough looks runny. Help.
idiegogaming Mese fa
What yeast did you use?
Viyanna Koul
Viyanna Koul Mese fa
Did you pee in the sauce behind the scenes???
S-Boy 23 giorni fa
It's because he blended the sauce, the introduced air is what gave it that orange color.
Maruf Abdullah
The tomato sauce looks eeuww...
Dog of Wisdom
How long can the extra dough last in the fridge?
Janessa Cimfl
yo most beginner cooks don't have scales. Can you at least put the standard cup measurements on your website?
Evildaave Mese fa
Cheap pizza stone. 3 tries later and I'll rarely pay for restaurant pizza ever again. Thank you so much. Only question is how long does the dough last?
The Crazed Canadian
I use melted butter in my dough, cus im a fat ass
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake Mese fa
Vsauce of cooking
sniper _XCORE
This channel helps me learn so much about cooking thank you
Lauren Choy
Lauren Choy Mese fa
Can you freeze this dough and thaw it out for later use?
Lauren Choy
Lauren Choy Mese fa
+lord tachanka yeah, the recipe is for four pizzas though. I'm not eating four pizzas in one week Haha. I don't imagine that it lasts very long in the fridge. That's why I wanted to know if it freezes, or if maybe anyone has halved the recipe with success. I know some recipes don't half well.
lord tachanka
i personally keep it refrigerated
joe guy
joe guy Mese fa
why is it orange ?????
Danposting Mese fa
Idk, i made the sauce before and mine turned out red. Maybe his camera picked it off as orange or something like that?
Cordale Smith
Better than Chuck E Cheese's
JennPipp Mese fa
Here’s the correct recipe for Americans with no scale: 3 1/3 cups bread flour 2 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon active dry yeast 1 1/2 cups water
Ryan Mese fa
Slightly different than the Jim Lahey recipe but pretty much correct. Babish gives us a recipe for goop.
Tyler Baxter
Tyler Baxter Mese fa
The outside of my dough is kinda dry and chunky after resting. Any suggestions? I thought it might be because it's too cold in the room it's resting.
YaBoiAkira Mese fa
starts with a Pizza, ended in a calzone. like every Italian related vid needs to.
Swag. Galore
Swag. Galore Mese fa
Jorge Yan
Jorge Yan Mese fa
Don’t worry too much about this comment
Jorge Yan
Jorge Yan Mese fa
+Damian Louden Don't worry too much about this reply
Damian Louden
OP, are you okay? Please respond!
Man of Hokuto
You saying that is making me worry about it
Kyrie Eleison Espayos
vinny must have watched this
Gonzalo Diaz
Gonzalo Diaz Mese fa
its so funny how americans love to add his powders to the food and call it "traditional"... bro traditional pizza souce its just fresh tomato and fresh basil
Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis Mese fa
Hey Oliver ! You should stretch with corn meal and hold your pizza with your left hand at the top left corner. Than taking your right hand and making a circular motion out to stretch! I work for dominoes and this is how we stretch.
Majid Alawadhi
If delivery papa johns but if it’s fresh pizza hut all the way
ann f
ann f Mese fa
Can you teach us how to make a none pizza with left beef???
fish Mese fa
I don't have a pizza stone or pizza peel, what do I do?
tranquil Nice
whenever he says "let the flavor get to know each other" i cringe
Helton Furtado
You are telling me that I don't have to knee the dough just let it rest for 24 hours? That is magic!
Erik Truchinskas
0:49 jim laheys recipe? So basically it calls for getting blackout drunk, and talking a lot about shit?
Patrick Guilford
When are you going to be doing deep dish?
Adrian Brodsky-Weiszmann
If I was trying to just make 2 pizzas should I just cut the required items in half?
Jordan Vasquez
Kaido 2 mesi fa
Such a good chef. Well done.
*internal screaming*
is it just me or is he daddy?
Chao Tee
Chao Tee 2 mesi fa
What's the oven temperature?
Adam smith
Adam smith 2 mesi fa
your pizza recipe doesnt work man... its too salty and too chewy to consume :(
Jikook can step on my poor ass
If its too chewy cook it more and if its too salty make another batch of dough and add less salt than you would normally do if fails again I don't know what your doing wrong
Senor Poole
Senor Poole 2 mesi fa
Ya know I’ve watched every season of trailer park boys around 3 times and I don’t get the him Lahey reference at around 40 seconds in, can someone explain?
MusicCovers 2 mesi fa
I thought that salt kills yeast.
KevinField 2 mesi fa
Does anyone know what brand of pizza stone he uses
satan and demon
satan and demon 2 mesi fa
Please dislike me I like pineapple pizza
satan and demon
satan and demon 2 mesi fa
And i think hes how to basic
BigNick 1864
BigNick 1864 2 mesi fa
James Gramalia
James Gramalia 2 mesi fa
This dough comes out even better if you let it cold ferment for one more day in the fridge. I cook pizzas 2-3 times a week at home. I’d recommend cast iron or stainless steel rather than using a pizza stone as well. Those give you the best crust. You can also add olive oil to the dough and it will result in more of a Roman style pizza
Morgan Allsop
Morgan Allsop 2 mesi fa
Some one should show this to chuck-e-cheese
Merple Turple
Merple Turple 2 mesi fa
5:04 fun fact, calzone used to be considered as poor persons food in italy, farmers would take the remains of dinner, wrap it in dough to form a calzone and take it with them so they dont have to return to their houses for lunch.
Ronald Polhos
Ronald Polhos 2 mesi fa
Who is binge watching with babish
Christopher C.
Christopher C. 2 mesi fa
Was the sauce actually that orange, or was that a trick of the camera?
BMoto 2 mesi fa
I'm not buying this. The marinara is yellow and this guy is just some millenial that does not appear to be a) Italian or b) from NY.
Sal Sidari
Sal Sidari 2 mesi fa
If this was really Jim Lahey’s recipe, there would’ve been a lot more liquor randers
Matt Blake
Matt Blake 2 mesi fa
Is anyone getting that weird glitch where you here country music behind every vid
FueryMist 2 mesi fa
The Low Cal Calzone Zone
Maroc plays
Maroc plays 2 mesi fa
Sauce looks like diahrrea
seddik bouriga
seddik bouriga 2 mesi fa
You ruined it with saying " you can put pineapple " -_-
James Iyer
James Iyer 2 mesi fa
I'm so happy this exists. Thank you Andrew, for inspiring me to cook. I am forever indebted to this great channel
h1mb 2 mesi fa
don't puree the sauce at all. just made the pizza today - didn't look like diarrhoea and was more condensed.
Delchi _
Delchi _ 2 mesi fa
It ain’t bad🇮🇹
I have a 3 story house but no oven :(
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