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On this episode of Basics, I want to show you how you can make a better pizza pie (and a calzone!) at home than anything that you could have delivered.
Watch the rebroadcast of the Twitch livestream for this episode here: itvid.net/video/video-JLlL_a0PX98.html
Grocery List:
Pizza Dough Ingredients (makes 4 pizzas):
500g Bread flour
16g kosher salt
1g active dry yeast
350 ml water
Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
Extra virgin olive oil
Garlic cloves
Red pepper flakes
28oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes
Onion powder
Dried oregano
Other ingredients:
Low-moisture mozzarella cheese (shredded)
Fresh basil
Spicy soppressata (optional)
Fresh burrata cheese (optional)
Calzone fillings (optional)
Special equipment:
Pizza peel
"Golden Hours" Broke for Free
"Wash Out" Broke for Free
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8 feb 2018

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Sir Dresari
Sir Dresari 6 ore fa
Babish, I know this recipe works out amazingly but I gotta ask... I thought adding salt and yeast at the same time was bad? Thought salt killed yeast?
Monica King
Monica King Giorno fa
What brand of pizza stone do you use? I’ve been looking for a good one and couldn’t find it in your list of kitchen utensils.
J Farm98
J Farm98 2 giorni fa
No offense bruv but your pizza looks pretty trash
Ben Sears
Ben Sears 6 giorni fa
isnt jim lahey that guy from the trailer park boys?
Adam St.Pierre
Adam St.Pierre 7 giorni fa
You are legit the only youtuber I will +1 whenever I remember the function exists. All props to ya man! keep it up
AK SUN 8 giorni fa
Just made this for pizza night with the littles and it was a total success! Pizza dough and sauce turned out amazing! Thank you!!
snowpaletehdog 12 giorni fa
Love your channel but as someone from an Italian family I was very unhappy seeing what could have been an amazing sauce go into a blender. Next time crush the tomato by hand or get strained tomatoes so you don't end up with the ugly orange sauce. And basil goes towards the end or after the pizza is done so it doesn't shrivel and burn
K for the Win
K for the Win 12 giorni fa
whats kosher salt?
El Narcotraficante
El Narcotraficante 6 giorni fa
normal salt but it doesnt have any additives such as iodine
Keith Szkodny
Keith Szkodny 13 giorni fa
Why don’t you proof the yeast in water/flour/sugar slurry before proofing? I’ve seen some other no knead videos that do that but curious as to why you do not. I had a bad batch of yeast once so I do that now to make sure.
Brian Joseph
Brian Joseph 13 giorni fa
I can make a burger better than store bought, Ran-ran bo-bandy man -Jim Lahey
TheAlabamaHero 14 giorni fa
Wouldn’t you need to poke a hole in the calzone so it won’t explode?
Alex Gantsidis
Alex Gantsidis 16 giorni fa
I followed the recipe (350gr water) and the dough was very and did not look like pizza dough like yours after the rest. What mistake did I probably made? Please answer, love your channel !
Diederik 17 giorni fa
Do you NEED a pizza stone for this?
Graham D
Graham D 18 giorni fa
I'm sorry Babish. I like your videos. But if you were to make that in Naples, you'd be tried for treason. That is NOT Pizza. Your dough is wrong; No Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan) (at least you put on fresh basil) .... But Now I take it all back. That last Pizza you made looked awesome. ;)
Marieke De Kock
Marieke De Kock 19 giorni fa
1:24 Shimmer... not simmer. too much white wine in the sauce i suppose.
Indian Mart
Indian Mart 20 giorni fa
Definitely giving this a try!
GOD GOD 20 giorni fa
2:14 needs to say "pizza time" (Spiderman 2 pizza theme plays)
OreoTheGod YT
OreoTheGod YT 21 giorno fa
500 grams is how many cups of flour?
CALEB Stanley
CALEB Stanley 23 giorni fa
I love how my first ad on the video was a dominos ad, in case I suck at making pizza and quit
John Sandoval
John Sandoval 25 giorni fa
My dough won't stretch?
EggSquad 26 giorni fa
Are you How To Basic?
Chase Legoman
Chase Legoman 26 giorni fa
"Pizza is the life blood of New Yorkers." Hmm... (stab a New Yorker in the gut) (pizza spills out everywhere) With their last dying breath, the Yorker whispers, "I'm walkin' here!"
VINCE NET 26 giorni fa
I don't have a pizza peel and I don't have a pizza stone, what now.
MetaBloxer 27 giorni fa
"This is a great way to use leftover ingredients from other recipes" *Makes frosting calzone*
_*Lois*_ TheLiker
_*Lois*_ TheLiker 27 giorni fa
pizza time
Christian R
Christian R 28 giorni fa
*A fellow New Yorker has approved of this video*
Mike P
Mike P 29 giorni fa
RIP Jim Lahey
Kazza FDM
Kazza FDM Mese fa
crhasty12 Mese fa
Any recommendation about what to do with leftover dough? (i.e. I followed the specifications and tomorrow will have dough for 4 small pizzas. Planning on using 2 of them. Will the other two keep well in the freezer?)
sagich dirdochnicht
Stumbled accross random youtobe cooking video. Now the secret of a GOOD pizza is the dough. And as a baker I was genuinly supprised, that you got it wright. Many Methods and Doughs will work, but the best Pizzas has one thing in common: Long fermentation. You could add extra flavour by adding yeast sponges (Biga or Poolish) and cold long time fermentation over a couple of days...But bloody hell, this seems like a good dough for that purpose! But what I would highly suggest ist stretching and folding. Just fold the dough a couple of times, maybe 2-3 times in the first couple of hours. Because it doesn't seem like the gluten structure was fully there when you worked with. Stretchin and folding will do this job - and takes like 10 seconds to do :) Oh and other then that... Nice ingredients, nicly prepared... GREAT Pizza. But still genuninly supprised you got a (very likely) nice tasting dough. Unfortunately, most people on TV and youtube get this horribly wrong, which hurts my bakers soul. Really thank you for that! Not that I'd care for myself, because I am capable of making good doughs... But for anyone that tries this! This is not the typicall shitty put flour water salt and 10 tons of yeast and bake it within an hour bullshit. Really thank you! For anyone trying to make Pizza at home: If you wanna have a delicious Pizza... Go ahead. this will come out very very very good.
24 HOURS!!! But i'm hungry NOW!!!
Dashing Steel
"You can put pineapple on there for all i care" and there i thought that you have a refined pallet, Oliver
Lil Trappy
Lil Trappy Mese fa
Give this mana tv show already
Achyran Mese fa
For how Long can you keep the dough? I mean if you are alone and wannt pizza multiple Times for the next days ?
Caroline Cheung
Have you fermented it for longer than overnight? I have one in my fridge now that I might let go for a day or two. Also, I love basics with babish and especially the bread baking episodes. Keep up the good work!
4:44 don’t do that
what temperature is the oven preheated to for baking the pizza?
lilfate1991 Mese fa
You should try recipes from an anime called Food Wars, Shokugeki
xGxPhantom Zzz
Sad fact my favourite cheese (because I only know like 7 different cheeses) doesn't melt no matter what I try to do with it. Parmegiano Regiano (fancy and way more expensive version of Parmesan)...pretty sure most of the cheeses I know aren't a thing in the US because I never heard someone talk about Edam, Tilsit, Gouda (well yes thats basically the most common cheese on the planet), Mozarella, Camenbert, Haloumi which isnt cheese but ok, Emmental and Feta cheese.
xGxPhantom Zzz
Also most of the cheeses used in US Cooking videos are rare in Germany, went to many cheese stores and they all didnt have montreal Jack etc...or they are called way different in Germany
Da Tellysayhi
For the calzone: Instead of extra virgin olive oil, brush it down with garlic butter and grate a little bit of parmasean in top, as well as addinv a little bit of oregano. It will taste like the lovechild of garlic bread and a pizza
Chibi Ayano
Chibi Ayano Mese fa
What did the librarian say to the student? *Read more*
gabby tjk
gabby tjk 2 ore fa
the librarian said THIS IS RIBRARY
apelsinas 15 ore fa
The second one looks like american cheburek
Matthias Mese fa
very nice recipe, will try it out next week. I am a little concerned that you add the salt straight away, shouldn't you let the yeast activate before adding the salts?
James Gain
James Gain Mese fa
I've always seen pizza dough recipes call for oiling the bowl and the dough ball before letting proof. I've seen Jim Lahey's method used in several different places, like here and Serious Eats, and in every case they don't do that. Any reason why?
The best worst
Watch babish casually killing fast food chains
Miccalex S
Miccalex S Mese fa
High altitude changes...? (I'm at about 6000ft up here)
Sprunk Soda
Sprunk Soda Mese fa
Putting some olive oil before putting in oven did some good.
My Thoughts
My Thoughts Mese fa
Green basic and red tomato makes for a yellow sauce don't make that mistake
Hessed3712 Mese fa
Definitely doing the calzone.
ChitChatCAT Mese fa
That sauce looks really orange, someone confirm because I'm tired and can't tell
ChitChatCAT Mese fa
Got a Disorgno ad
Gone Zapatero
Why has the red tomato turned brown, I will not eat a brown tomato pizza, no way
Bhatt Hole
Bhatt Hole Mese fa
Sweet baby Jesus...Why did the sauce turn into yellowish-orange baby diarrhea? There were no yellow ingredients. What the reason for this visual abomination? WTF!? Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Daniel
Scott Daniel Mese fa
What do I do with the left over dough? If I freeze it, how long is it good for and how long to defrost?
B Q Mese fa
Bro you’re fantastic
Dylan H
Dylan H Mese fa
Love this video though...I now know how to make a quality pizza.
Dylan H
Dylan H Mese fa
Dont fret if you dont have yeast or baking powder...also an egg might help with your crust if you cant make a pizza crust that holds together...if you want a fluffly or thick crust then you will need yeast or baking powder.
Yall horny for that cross section?
g0dSLAYER 2 mesi fa
Ok so basically I’m monky
Carl Weathers
Carl Weathers 2 mesi fa
Are you cucking, afterwards?
James Irwin
James Irwin 2 mesi fa
Tip for easier pizza transfer from peel to stone: Parchment Paper. Spread dough out to desired size, place on a sheet of parchment paper, and trim the paper to roughly match the dough shape. No need for corn meal or semolina flour, added bonus is less mess with the powder inevitably going all over the oven. I've personally found this to be MUCH easier to get the pizza on to the baking stone and taking it off. No more disappointment from prepping a pizza to perfection, then accidentally launching the pizza half past the stone : ^)
small startups
small startups 2 mesi fa
Actually Costco the pre-shredded cheese does not have any potato starch on it
Harish Dixit
Harish Dixit 2 mesi fa
Or Lembas bread from Lord of the Rings?
Harish Dixit
Harish Dixit 2 mesi fa
Could you do the "sweet calzone" from Parks and Recreation?
Headless Chicken
I wish I had 24hrs to let dough ferment. I toss the dough in a metal bowl, covered with a damp towel, and throw the whole thing in my toaster oven at 200F for 20mins. Seems to work nicely and my kids love it.
NMKS 2 mesi fa
My pizza doesn't brown like yours does, it stays white and soft, but the toppings get burned if I keep it in too long, what am I doing wrong? Oven is at like 180* C.
Rob Earl
Rob Earl 2 mesi fa
Because i tried it with regular flour and it came out really dry
Rob Earl
Rob Earl 2 mesi fa
And use only bread flour or a high gluten flour
Rob Earl
Rob Earl 2 mesi fa
NMKS yeah but let it ferment for like 2-4 days in the fridge and it’ll come out great
NMKS 2 mesi fa
Rob Earl Isn't that the buzzfeed recipe? Cuz I tried that one.
Rob Earl
Rob Earl 2 mesi fa
NMKS try 1-1/4 cup of semi hot water (not too hot around 60-65 degrees) with 1/2 a tsp of sugar and 1tsp of active dry yeast in one cup. While that sits for a minute, mix 3-1/2 cups of bread flour/all purpose flour mixed in with 3/4 tsp salt and then Make sure the yeast is bubbling (otherwise it might be on the old side so you might wanna get some new yeast) and pour it in with the flour and knead for at least ten minutes then allow to sit for at least 24 hours in your fridge in a well olive oiled bowl covered with Saran Wrap. After at least 24 hours knead it again for another minute using more flour so it doesn’t stick and then cut it and 2 and you got 2 decent sized pizza doughs
itsjustgary407 _
0:43 trailer park boys reference?
Molly Millions
Molly Millions 2 mesi fa
Only 1 gram of yeast, wasn't that 10 grams?
Choun Rithypung
Choun Rithypung 2 mesi fa
no salt in the sauce?
NTH THN 2 mesi fa
Marissa van Eck
Marissa van Eck 2 mesi fa
How do you stay so thin?
Delekham 1
Delekham 1 2 mesi fa
I am sorry, but that pizza sauce(3:25) looks like......BLEEP!!! It may taste good, but pizza sauce is red... not an off colored Orange. I am thinking that some San Marzano paste, added to the sauce would have created something much more eye appealing. ARRRRGH...I am not even sure I want to continue!
Ben - Jamin'
Ben - Jamin' 2 mesi fa
He doesn't say how much garlic or olive oil you should add to the sauce, does anyone have a rough estimate of what it might be?
Michael M
Michael M 2 mesi fa
2:54 VERY important part *DO NOT MISS THIS*
low level otaku
low level otaku 2 mesi fa
"you can put pineapple on there for all I care" *SEVERAL PEOPLE ARE TYPING*
North Sea Brent
North Sea Brent 2 mesi fa
Don’t put fucking pineapple on a pizza.
Tugboat 2 mesi fa
how the fuck is a pizza a pie?!?!?! Do Americans know what a pie is?
Thomas 2 mesi fa
What about being better than anything delivered through my window?
Everything Gaming
Isn't bread flour going to make it taste like bread? I think you should use white flour
Luksuzna Kanta
Luksuzna Kanta 2 mesi fa
Does anyone else watch this but doesn't ever make any of this
jbbgod 0
jbbgod 0 2 mesi fa
Your videos are perfect my man. You probably already know, but you have perfected the art of perfection with humor and humbleness.
Garry Bee
Garry Bee 2 mesi fa
Scuffed Steve Jobs CX
Dillon Fuksa
Dillon Fuksa 2 mesi fa
Ben wyatt must be running the camera on this episode, or at least walked in torwards the end, saw what was left over, and went “WAIT! Make a calzone.”
Lightman 3D
Lightman 3D 2 mesi fa
DragonGuy GTO
DragonGuy GTO 2 mesi fa
Are Calzone fillings supposed to be that empty?
Siraphon 2 mesi fa
No need to score the calzone? It won't explode?
Alianora Linn
Alianora Linn 2 mesi fa
depends on how much you stuffed it. if you want a heavier calzone, score it.
Miko Brown
Miko Brown 2 mesi fa
Hey babish I've been watching your show for sometime now but wanted to know can you make a zetti pizza thanks an advance
ivorydragon 3 mesi fa
I think I heard that as basis with babish and I had to keep rewinding that just to make sure- that aside- back to learning how to pizza
Penguinz Best
Penguinz Best 3 mesi fa
Wyatt Oxley
Wyatt Oxley 3 mesi fa
I like replacing the tomato sauce with alfredo sauce and putting chicken on top
Martin 3 mesi fa
Why does the sauce look more orange than red?
Elijahn Ritarita
I thought you weren't supposed to put salt and yeast together like that?
Leone Tassinari
Leone Tassinari 2 mesi fa
In fact you shouldn't. It kills the yeast. Add the salt when the dough is already pretty consistent
HASSENDZ 3 mesi fa
Anglo-Saxon want to teach how make a pizza, it is the end of the world !!
aingea v
aingea v 3 mesi fa
there was a time about 4 years ago that my dad was raving about trying "pizza on the grill", where you take a baking tray and make fresh pizza on the grill. when the day came to make said magical pizza, he bought what were basically the most disgusting, pre-made pizza crusts (a la sandwich bread for your failing diet), used pasta sauce and romano cheese. it was so gross
cubitme 3 mesi fa
I am sorry but everything about this is wrong. Orange sauce looks unappetising. You need to rest the dough longer than 30mins.
Ben Maliqi
Ben Maliqi 3 mesi fa
My ears are soo fucking blocked dont know what to do nothing works killing myself bye 😵😡😠
Robin Marquardt
Robin Marquardt 3 mesi fa
Dont call it pie
ZORIXZ 3 mesi fa
Jay Fry
Jay Fry 3 mesi fa
I dont believe you actually pointed at a front door.
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 3 mesi fa
When I try to stretch out this dough, I always rip it. What's that mean?
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