PlayStation 5 Showcase - Wednesday, September 16

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Before PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, we wanted to give you one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!).
Our next digital showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes, and feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners.
Tune in live on Twitch or ITvid this Wednesday, September 16 at 1pm PDT / 9pm BST / 10pm CEST to see what’s next for PS5


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Josh Foust
Josh Foust 7 ore fa
Hhii PlayStation! Ever since I was aa kiiid, I loved playstation! I bought a PlayStation 1, and 2! And it was the best gaming i have ever experienced! Then I hear about the PlayStation 3! I bought it, and it had nnoo compatibility on the PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 1 had a green screen, and the battery don't laasst lloonng! And it don't feel feel lliike the PlayStation that I grew uup with! I never bought a PlayStation again! Fast forward to today, and I find out that the PlayStation 5 is going back to it's roots, and I'm waiting for compatibility of PlayStation 1 and 2 games! I hear rumors about compatibility, and I find out it's False! I really think this is a missed opportunity Sony! You have sssooo many new players, and Legacy players! I really think you should dooo full compatibility of the PlayStation 5! I think it would bring-inn wwaay mmoorre players to buy your System! Even II want to buy iit! Buut I'm waiting for compatibility news! As soon as I here that the PlayStation 5 has compatibility of PlayStation 1 and 2 games! I will buy your console daayy 1! Even if it's later down the read, I'll still buy iit! Juusst please realize that you can make ssoo many people happy juusst by saayiinng Playstation 5 has full compatibility!
FrosT HunterZz
FrosT HunterZz 10 ore fa
The trailer music was better in D2
The Peeping Man
The Peeping Man Giorno fa
This black 1 is more powerful because it can say n word
12345678 9
12345678 9 2 giorni fa
I love Black ps5
Ivan Machuca
Ivan Machuca 2 giorni fa
I already want to buy the Playstation modem
Juan Fernando Vidal marin
el que ledi no me gusta al video es una rrata
Juan Fernando Vidal marin
boy y vendo el ps4 y me compro el 5
Juan Fernando Vidal marin
esta ba estar bien chingon
Zdan Jaffrey
Zdan Jaffrey 3 giorni fa
Did anyone see the thumbnail and thought it was grey or black?
Yes yes yes yes the PS5 let's gooooooo
Jogos & Games
Jogos & Games 3 giorni fa
єиєх 3 giorni fa
I love u 😍🥰🥰🥰🤤🤤🥴
Alex McHugh
Alex McHugh 3 giorni fa
Gamers: Wait It’s all PS4 Games?! Sony: It always has been.
Crazyy Films
Crazyy Films 4 giorni fa
me: what’s the price? Sony: It’s on sale for 0% off!
Joshua Purry
Joshua Purry 4 giorni fa
I love ps4 but soons it comes out we buy the ps4...
Klara 5 giorni fa
Hopefully I will be able to buy ps plus on the ps5... 🙃
Rosa mejias
Rosa mejias 5 giorni fa
PlayStation: the Router returns
Beat YT
Beat YT 5 giorni fa
Drey Robert
Drey Robert 5 giorni fa
Compare whoever with *smarttecko* on Instagram and you will know why she is recommended as the best female hacker involving psn issues
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 5 giorni fa
Ahh you mean PS10?
Wes 5 giorni fa
Don’t get it yet wait until it comes out and look how it is on ITvid and if the PS4 plays the exact same games it does on the ps5 then there’s no point of getting the ps5
monkeyDsoña 5 giorni fa
Martialouit 5 giorni fa
2000 subs without vids
Bro the PS5 is looking like iron-man but white😂😂
Gabriellogo Pictures
The DualSense is the New DualShock
Samurasa 5 giorni fa
Music Please?
Pavan Hebballi
Pavan Hebballi 5 giorni fa
opoi42 playz
opoi42 playz 5 giorni fa
This video was uploaded on my birthday 🎂
LumpFN 5 giorni fa
Who got this in Thier recommend ?
Degol Hidru
Degol Hidru 5 giorni fa
Be a little faster
Lester 5 giorni fa
Let’s buy it for christmas!!!! Please dad🙏🙏🙏
Pixels play
Pixels play 5 giorni fa
Nihan Sadat
Nihan Sadat 5 giorni fa
Love it, love it, love it because it is my dream ...it's our dream...❤❤❤👏
US Store
US Store 5 giorni fa
Solid_Dotted 5 giorni fa
Ahh you mean PS10?
Drew Mcintyre
Drew Mcintyre 5 giorni fa
Can't wait when this gets recommended to me in 7 years when PS6 launches.
Drew Mcintyre
Drew Mcintyre 5 giorni fa
Can't wait when this gets recommended to me in 7 years when PS6 launches.
Drew Mcintyre
Drew Mcintyre 5 giorni fa
Can't wait when this gets recommended to me in 7 years when PS6 launches.
Drew Mcintyre
Drew Mcintyre 5 giorni fa
Can't wait when this gets recommended to me in 7 years when PS6 launches.
samy osman
samy osman 5 giorni fa
دەستت خۆش دڵم
Glitch Prince
Glitch Prince 5 giorni fa
wait so i can get a ps3
Froggy 5 giorni fa
So it went from What’s the price?? To bankrupt people And then comments say it’s gonna be free And then Free rocket league U see the more lower price it is the more people will buy it The more higher the less And even if it’s for free everyone will buy it and the games they sell they’d get trillions See if ps5 did that then Sony just be able to buy a company Common sense
Azurakk 6 giorni fa
Vive Xbox
Mr_Uz 6 giorni fa
want a PS5? just buy a PS3 + PS2
XFCiyc 6 giorni fa
Well I’m about to get it soon
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 5 giorni fa
I have it already
ElMarkGeek 6 giorni fa
Chequen mi canal tengo hambre :,v doy noticias sobre el mundo gaming :)
Laki Luke
Laki Luke 6 giorni fa
We need getaway.!!!!!!!! On PS5 !!!!!!!!
CS3 That Goat
CS3 That Goat 6 giorni fa
Me: exited to get ps5 My bank account: I dont think so
Ije_boi 6 giorni fa
PS5: its the time PS4: ik Also PS4: where i am? PS3: hey bro! PS2: this is where the legends are PS1: look at my age copied on tiktok lol
almbf 6 giorni fa
who hates the ps5 and likes theps4 better??
Kidd Grim999
Kidd Grim999 6 giorni fa
Aw now time to buy a ps3 and ps2 🤠👍🏾 thanks for the pre-orders Sony
Cookie Bandit
Cookie Bandit 6 giorni fa
I’m getting the Xbox sorry PlayStation I’ll play the irrelevant ps4 when this comes out
GR Liquid
GR Liquid 6 giorni fa
Ima buy a ps1 real quick. After all, 4+1=5 ☺️☺️
zoobia safdar
zoobia safdar 6 giorni fa
I came cause in the thumbnail it looked the like ps5 had a black cover instead of the white one
RedoLutze 6 giorni fa
I thought they revealed the black version but it was just shadows edit: I hope there is a black variant coming
Rualix Friends
Rualix Friends 6 giorni fa
Wait wasn't it whit and black before?? I liked the white and black one more or will they do 1 with the all black and 1 with white and black?
Rylan God
Rylan God 6 giorni fa
Mr king
Mr king 6 giorni fa
Woooow 😱 😱
Ayden Cohrac
Ayden Cohrac 6 giorni fa
Lets all be honest. All the dislikes are Xbox players
gabriel hynes
gabriel hynes 6 giorni fa
Still horrible
Bolar Pear
Bolar Pear 6 giorni fa
You don’t need you describe yourself tbh
Softwash Ireland
Softwash Ireland 6 giorni fa
I have it already
Matheo Færø Jensen
salih er
salih er 6 giorni fa
Muslims be like I have ps5 Praying Salah 5 times a day
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 6 giorni fa
It’s price is 499 dollars ps5 second ps5 cost 399 dollars
Veera hanuman constructions
Memers are you ready
fayer 06
fayer 06 6 giorni fa
Yeeeee ps5
Pinx 6 giorni fa
CROWN NINJA 6 giorni fa
RTJTheophelus 6 giorni fa
Rondilo crack
Rondilo crack 6 giorni fa
yesssssssssssssssssssssss play station 5
Heramba Sharma
Heramba Sharma 6 giorni fa
Everything is ok in the end,If its not ok its not the end -Anonymous
iDevn 6 giorni fa
I missed out on preorders :(
iDevn 6 giorni fa
Flo play'n
Flo play'n 6 giorni fa
I love PlayStation
Aleks The Gamer
Aleks The Gamer 6 giorni fa
Xbox is better Then ps becouse ps caught xbox Shape controler
Enrique Martin Chales
and no, its not a copy. it still has different joystick placements, and more features than the xbox controller, so no its not a copy you fanboy
G4PT3CH Z0N3 6 giorni fa
Sony you are the best
Floxirity 6 giorni fa
As an xbox player i confirm that this looks way better than xsx
MATI 22 6 giorni fa
thanks playstation
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 6 giorni fa
And I thought this was the release of the black version •-•
Drew Mcintyre
Drew Mcintyre 6 giorni fa
Can't wait when this gets recommended to me in 7 years when PS6 launches.
AzzA 248
AzzA 248 Giorno fa
DelinquentPlays 6 giorni fa
actually its maybe 550$ i think
DelinquentPlays 6 giorni fa
The price is on UK: 500 ounds and idk about USA sorry
superibee 6 giorni fa
Karim xd
Karim xd 6 giorni fa
I am buying the digital edition
A_FK RyZz3
A_FK RyZz3 6 giorni fa
It's still a radio box
2k subs with no video Challenge
Lebanese gang where are you
2k subs with no video Challenge
That's how many people want the ps5 ⬇️
Varox 6 giorni fa
Y el gta pa cuando
MIrulROlve 6 giorni fa
Lil_kid352 L
Lil_kid352 L 6 giorni fa
No way!!!!!!😱😱
Shahmeer Haris
Shahmeer Haris 6 giorni fa
Oh nice time to get ps3 yas son
Indra Priyatna Darmawan
finaly ps5
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 giorni fa
Me woa a comprar la de disco xdxd
language stadies
language stadies 6 giorni fa
I dont have many 🙂..i'll watching you guys playing it
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 giorni fa
i cant wait when it comes out
Ur lil gamer
Ur lil gamer 6 giorni fa
Yup I am buying that ❌🧢
pro100 prohod
pro100 prohod 6 giorni fa
Yes PS5
YOU SAIDWHATTT!!! 7 giorni fa
I going buy the ps5 next year
i am not you
i am not you 7 giorni fa
For everyone who doesnt know how much is it is more than 1 dolar
Kyle Vahagn
Kyle Vahagn 7 giorni fa
At this point I gotta save up for the PS6
Quivety 7 giorni fa
I hope this one wont be a jet engine
? ¿
? ¿ 7 giorni fa
Yay I can afford PPSSPP xd
ARace863 7 giorni fa
This is on my bday :)
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