Police vs Supercars in Monaco - Top Marques 2018

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MY BEST VIDEO !!! Thug drivers in front of police : burnouts, revs ... ! No respect at Top Marques Monaco 2018 !

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19 giu 2018




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Commenti 752
x xx
x xx 2 ore fa
la policia es una mierda
Berner Yb
Berner Yb 9 ore fa
Globalplayer1966 2 giorni fa
Quite cool!👑
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 2 giorni fa
Monaco loves jet set and money but god forbid showing money off..LoL..
Jay Kaye
Jay Kaye 2 giorni fa
Most of these aren't even supercars
Bernt 4 giorni fa
1:05 really? they go after him cause the exchaust made some crackling sound???
martinez safeng
martinez safeng 8 giorni fa
Kagcha amin nengkakukulangan ya kwis c chakentalampag..
Azlan Merah
Azlan Merah 10 giorni fa
Macam pundek sialll
My Channel
My Channel 10 giorni fa
Half cars are driven by Albanians and Switzerland drug dealers 😂🇨🇭 🇦🇱
Richard Kučera
Richard Kučera 16 giorni fa
Bad Boys and girls in power car up to 300 Kph new under 30 kph.
saniok7676 19 giorni fa
2.54 Русо туристо, облико морале. )
Nanditha Malagamuwa
Nanditha Malagamuwa 19 giorni fa
cops may look bad and annoying right now but... itvid.net/video/video-vTSIevUU7Eo.html #RespectTheBlue
Mudri 20 giorni fa
MC POG hahah
Чертов НАХАЛ
нагибают за прямотоки
Yuriy Mekshun
Yuriy Mekshun 22 giorni fa
5:02 the very first time i see someone on a BMW using turn signals.
Ismael Lancoud
Ismael Lancoud 22 giorni fa
9:23 c'est pog wesh 😂😂
Юрген 21
Юрген 21 23 giorni fa
Купив спортивные тачки,ты же нарушил пдд?😂
C D 24 giorni fa
Great job from the street police. Car noise was unbearable last year. There's a much welcome peaceful difference in the noise level. Bravo Monaco, and cleaning the streets of rubbish too, today. Hopefully all the rubbish will be cleaned up soon. Inane super car drivers, rev your engine on the motor way, and keep driving! selfish greedy pigs, assaulting our senses.
Darko S
Darko S 25 giorni fa
Where are the super cars? Only saw 2 lambos
nvu nvu
nvu nvu Mese fa
i think people that live in USA don't understand whats happening... they would have been shot already 10 times before doing that hahaha
georges Tchianga
if ego was a country
Dave Newman
Dave Newman Mese fa
A shining example of how Monaco is up its own ass
tomaz cerar
tomaz cerar Mese fa
Person 1: we are going to monaco person 2: what do we do in monaco? Person 1:we are watching how cops stop the best marques of cars
Pain Pixel
Pain Pixel Mese fa
Anda si son españoles
Tech Tutorials
So many jealous people in the comments. Wtf calm your poor asses down, the people who have good cars worked for it. So shut up and go back to silently driving your Volkswagen.
Volkan Yavuz
Volkan Yavuz Mese fa
if this was in the US (aka the police state), they'd be making a lot of money, most cops here just warning people, not issuing $600 tickets with 5 insurance increasing points.
Radu Marian Rus
Police of France she need money this 🖕🖕🖕
Maya Aisyah
Maya Aisyah Mese fa
I think the cops hate the rich.. not bcoz of the ANNOYING SOUND & TRAFFIC
Ezra Tambo
Ezra Tambo Mese fa
there was not a single TOYOTA...Jesus, what is the GDP in this country?
Tony Lai
Tony Lai Mese fa
la claas
la claas 2 mesi fa
9:36 #pog
Milan Spasic
Milan Spasic 2 mesi fa
Mislio sam da se samo Srbi kurce ali vidim ima i drugih
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia 3 mesi fa
Mientras tanto en el tercer mundo te roban el tsuru tuneado, y eso que le compraste el bastón de seguridad.
cataloni Swaĝg
cataloni Swaĝg 3 mesi fa
Police fuck you
Alexandru Stefanescu
Everywhere around the world Cops are same bastards. And fuck all of them Cocky motherfuckers
52haron 3 mesi fa
Monaco should place a 30 kmh radar to the beginning of the tunnel and get rich📸🚗💨💰
Ferdynand Kiepski
It's like saying: let Bill Gates fights the piracy, he'll get rich thanks to this...
Rahim Wlodi
Rahim Wlodi 3 mesi fa
J u
Patrick Punzenberger
Wenn die Aargauer Jugos mit Ihren alten BMW M3 nach Monaco fahren und denken sie würden auffallen. In Monaco gibt es ja sonst keine guten Autos :-)))))))))
Sandra Maria Sampaio Rodrigues
Caramba nós passamos nesse circuito no 24 de junho desse ano de 2019. Estavam preparando para a corrida.
John McDiarmid
John McDiarmid 3 mesi fa
I people didn’t stand around video recording these twats, they wouldn’t have a reason to drive around like pampered cunts.
BalaGanesh G
BalaGanesh G 3 mesi fa
Super cars ??? Where???
SUPERCARS & Co 3 mesi fa
There is a Ferrari 488 and other supercars like that and also some hypercars as a 918 or a Laferrari.
Heiko Leiss
Heiko Leiss 3 mesi fa
Lot's of them have heads like a box :-) You can see where they are from :-) And the car's belong to the bank.
BirKulumIste 3 mesi fa
what an idiots all of them
Dridi Kabil
Dridi Kabil 3 mesi fa
Striker Rc4
Striker Rc4 3 mesi fa
Fuck the POLICE .I.
Escenas Eliminadas
Hahahaha !!!! Idiots!!!
BloodyRiper DZ
BloodyRiper DZ 3 mesi fa
Subscribe ib my channel
La Ola
La Ola 3 mesi fa
Hannover Hardcore greetings from Location Hannover Vahrenwalder Straße - our last Ride for those spott after 2 years of having fun on Vahrenwalder Straße. itvid.net/video/video-bPcbfSjf1RM.html
Superpapá torno a correre VLOG
Non ci fossero sti "ricchi cafoni" manco esisterebbe monaco...ma che andassero a fanculo e facessero qualcosa di utile a parte stracciare multe a chi gliene frega un cazzo di pagarle..dovrebbero fare le strisce pedonali di bamba e rirpistinarle ad ogni folata di vento...mongoloidi
Sanny Reinhardt Maiero
0:41 this Bus is from the Future
Adam Bartkowski
Adam Bartkowski 4 mesi fa
Adam Bartkowski
Adam Bartkowski 4 mesi fa
Yoshan Bisanka
Yoshan Bisanka 4 mesi fa
like it
Ибрагим Башир
Я не пойму что они нарушают?
OnkelsTIPPS 4 mesi fa
9:18 *Police Controll*
Carlos García
Carlos García 4 mesi fa
Oleeee ahí esos españoles !! Cómo siempre dando la nota jaja
Sociopathic Narcissist
Hard to work out who are the biggest wankers, the drivers or the spectators.
Marc Streiff
Marc Streiff 4 mesi fa
Monaco is not the place to show off too loudly. That has always been one of the reasons I love the place. There are multiple races each year from the Monte Carlo Rally to Porsche Supercup, FI & historical GP. If you've ever lived there it can become insane as the sound of open exhausts reverberate up into the buildings & the rock faces behind. Since Monaco is built in semicircular design it works like an amphitheater. There is nothing quite like being woken up @ 6:00am by FI's firing up... So the authorities in Monaco want visitors to understand they are certainly not on an open racing circuit..
SUPERCARS & Co 4 mesi fa
Yes, but this event is one week after the GP, it's not every day and swiss people are crazy !
Paul Shalom
Paul Shalom 4 mesi fa
SICK effect on the rear of that Porsche at 10:59. Is that a carbon fiber wrap?
nansi bg
nansi bg 4 mesi fa
εκνευριστικα στρουμφ οπως παντα
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