Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

Polo G
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Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.
Listen & Download 'THE GOAT' out now: PoloG.lnk.to/GOAT
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Produced by: The Superiors
Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
Additional production by: Priority Beats
Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER
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20 mag 2020




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Commenti 100
Blinkk 40 minuti fa
if polo like this comment I'll become a rapper
Noel _
Noel _ Ora fa
i didnt even know king von was in dis vid until now damn
Davion Nelson
See see this is why I love his shit cuz he say faxsssssss not cap like a lot of rappers
Jayden Pearson
king von was in there
Bigpuffyblue 2 ore fa
Why are there so many W
Daniel Jørgensen
Polo G you did it again tour Music Holy shit is fucking fire. The fire right from the heart tupac Proud og you mann you really the G.O.A.T all gongrats to you mann i Wish i could meget you one day Bro maybe one day
Acey 4 ore fa
Love the king von cameo
S Prince
S Prince 4 ore fa
Love from the uk!! Just discovered polo and he has an awesome flow, heavy lyrics aswell sick stuff i would love to work with him if he ever wants to collab on some uk hip hop ♡☆☆☆♡
RandomVids 5 ore fa
Fun fact polo made this song from, tupacs song - changes
Haiden Morgan
Haiden Morgan 11 ore fa
Damn you are unstoppable 👀
heyy ass
heyy ass 12 ore fa
Hella underrated
Ramsés Calderón
2pac? BRUCE HORNSBY, please
Solid Gli22Y
Solid Gli22Y 14 ore fa
Imagine polo g like it
GTBSimply- 14 ore fa
Solid Gli22Y
Solid Gli22Y 14 ore fa
Ikr but why king von is the vid???
Rzzz Gang
Rzzz Gang 15 ore fa
Rip king von 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Polo g, we are all proud of u for breaking silence 😇
Crooked Smile
Crooked Smile 16 ore fa
rip von....this shit dont feel real BLM
idunnowattoput 19 ore fa
I can't believe there is 3.3 thousand people in the world that can listen to this masterpiece and then just dislike it. I can't think of a possible reason of y u could dislike it. It's sad.
king 19 ore fa
This song was going to get a remix polo g wishing for a hero ft. 2pac
king 20 ore fa
And still see no change can brother get a little peace
Aaron 20 ore fa
von is in this to rip kin von
Just noticed that king von
ReaPeR Gaming
ReaPeR Gaming 22 ore fa
Darkskin_ Janyia
I like how king von was in the video #LLV love this song🥺❤️
Jeremiah Saiz
Jeremiah Saiz Giorno fa
Damn mann polo is a goat. RIP VON
yodda iskiosh
yodda iskiosh Giorno fa
See as I said right
lil walk
lil walk Giorno fa
RIP my nigga von rest in peace
Rendell Pajota
Rendell Pajota Giorno fa
Gappin Giorno fa
Hope For Peace Boys Rest Up
Lxrd Stìmåh jñr
Im proud of Polo G 💙💙 this is too much it reminds me of 2puc 👑
Leland Sharp
Leland Sharp Giorno fa
Peep von 😅😅
SiN SnXgz
SiN SnXgz Giorno fa
So funny 🖕
37k GG
37k GG Giorno fa
When I saw king von I cried
Vaxyy Giorno fa
"Why would the devil take my brother if he close to me" Damn RIP von ...
Vaxyy Giorno fa
This is why we call him the 🐐
Janiya Green
Janiya Green Giorno fa
I just realized that was King Von! R.I.P
csm go
csm go Giorno fa
2 pac
8D Music
8D Music Giorno fa
rest in peace grandson
8D Music
8D Music Giorno fa
rip von :(
Kelly Haase
Kelly Haase Giorno fa
Hits me hard
extraalarge Giorno fa
Black Lives Matter. Fuck Racism.
QUEEN KALI Giorno fa
Legendary ✨🐐💜
ILY Kay Giorno fa
we all know he'll be at the top of the mf universe within a year.
Scape Goat
Scape Goat Giorno fa
I literally just realised King Von was in this, RIP. If Polo G dies I quit listening to rap
rocco g
rocco g Giorno fa
re watching this seeing von ...
Bader Abdulaziz
Bader Abdulaziz 2 giorni fa
Ed Kingstoner
Ed Kingstoner 2 giorni fa
Good job brother well done ! I am so proud of the music u make Man U are my new fav rapper and I actually look up to u with the bars bro !
Jazhir ABRAHAM 2 giorni fa
good job polo 2pac looking at you
Kostadino Kottaras
Kostadino Kottaras 2 giorni fa
Nah this ain’t it
Ps4gamer And more
Ps4gamer And more 2 giorni fa
I heard 2 pac song after a while of not hearing this I was like this alike to a song I like so then a listen to this and I was like that cool 2 pac is probably smiling
aye Choo
aye Choo 2 giorni fa
''if the police shootin my one of my brothers, im blickin back'' I felt that
Carmelo Flores
Carmelo Flores 2 giorni fa
I cant even think of one song of his that is average or under.
Baby Pluto
Baby Pluto 2 giorni fa
Keep polo safe 🥺🥺
eroçi west
eroçi west 2 giorni fa
Ghouliee 2 giorni fa
this should’ve been song of the year
Void Plays
Void Plays 2 giorni fa
Best line: “ you ain’t my color then you don’t know the struggle of living black”. ✊🏿 0:17
HotHead 2 giorni fa
Long live the king 😔🦅
S Prince
S Prince 2 giorni fa
Remember Tupac sampled this skng from someone else too stop hating everyone doing it nowadays
Ping Pong Chanel
Ping Pong Chanel 2 giorni fa
Robin Di nicola
Robin Di nicola 2 giorni fa
rip king von
lil lalø 1113
lil lalø 1113 2 giorni fa
Tupac is grateful for dis 1
petar cemovic
petar cemovic 2 giorni fa
Man this song hit different
Yaboispotup 2 giorni fa
Shit rest up king von but I could’ve sworn the first 18 times I saw this cause this used to be my favorite song no cap I did not see King Von there I swear to god
Imq gaming
Imq gaming 2 giorni fa
R.I.P von at 0:38
savage_xd dogs
savage_xd dogs 2 giorni fa
Tupac is looking down at you polo and smiling♥️♥️♥️
Tay Ak
Tay Ak 2 giorni fa
“We die young so I can’t picture an older me” , that shit cut deep ..
Rxcord Crxnks
Rxcord Crxnks 2 giorni fa
Polo gotta be the best rappers of all time !! Rip KING VON🕊❤️
Synapletic !
Synapletic ! 2 giorni fa
tupac gave it to kanye,kanye gave it to drake, drake will now give it to polo.
Ant Vlogs
Ant Vlogs 2 giorni fa
you killed it bro
Ant Vlogs
Ant Vlogs 2 giorni fa
My friend loves all your music, i do too
Maleehah Roshan
Maleehah Roshan 2 giorni fa
2pac looking down with his bright smile, knowing what he did was hopefully enough.
lilducklinn 2 giorni fa
We can't loose this GOAT. Guard Polo G at all costs.
Paul Dieme
Paul Dieme 2 giorni fa
This song is for king von my his soul Rest In Peace in heaven
Camden Hendrick
Camden Hendrick 2 giorni fa
No it's not
Noah Levy
Noah Levy 2 giorni fa
i had no idea king von was in this video
Drippxy _games
Drippxy _games 2 giorni fa
Rip Von fly high bro 🕊🖤
Ethan Stans
Ethan Stans 3 giorni fa
Beautiful song, hands down one of the best freestyle that was made into a song EVER
Robert Sparks
Robert Sparks 3 giorni fa
Your telling me Megan the stallion beat this🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Nikolas NunnFears
Nikolas NunnFears 3 giorni fa
why they happy about singing things will never change fucked up
Ahmed bullock
Ahmed bullock 3 giorni fa
0:37 bro just realized it's von R.I.P.
I watch this video 20’000 times and I didn’t see 👑 king von R.I.P. 🕊🕊🖤❤️🖤❤️
Sierra BMGO
Sierra BMGO 3 giorni fa
Never realized King Von was in the vid
Angel Cordova
Angel Cordova 3 giorni fa
Become The Greatest Polo💯🙌🏽
Wali Naghmouchi
Wali Naghmouchi 3 giorni fa
0:54 R.I.P
St3ffy 3 giorni fa
I think this his best song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
FLEX 3 giorni fa
Gronk for using that beat
Ikaros Apollo
Ikaros Apollo 3 giorni fa
rip king von smh he was really every where before he blew up
Burgum Gaming
Burgum Gaming 3 giorni fa
Polo is the goat in his songs he never lies and doesn't make a bad song 2pac passed the goat title to polo
Jimbo jimmy
Jimbo jimmy 3 giorni fa
I was been knowing von was in the video
Danyale Manuel
Danyale Manuel 3 giorni fa
BLM RIP king von
Swift Nova
Swift Nova 4 giorni fa
Rip king von
Nas& Val
Nas& Val 4 giorni fa
Reb king von
nathan 071
nathan 071 4 giorni fa
Like just see how underrated this song is butt its like his best martin and gina dropped 3 months ago and has 30 mill this dropped 6 and got 10 like don't get me wrong martin and gina is fire butt this this is some vulcano level shit
Nashawn Minniefeld
Nashawn Minniefeld 4 giorni fa
Souhaib elghrifi
Souhaib elghrifi 4 giorni fa
Goat 🖤
Nic 13
Nic 13 4 giorni fa
dang polo is definitely one of the best rappers around he raps about real life in all of his songs and puts out a message
nathan 071
nathan 071 4 giorni fa
He puts passion in every lyric❤️
Collin Morrissey
Collin Morrissey 4 giorni fa
this is the same best as Changed by Tupac. i just realized this wtf
Erase Brown
Erase Brown 4 giorni fa
Ja Morant
Ja Morant 4 giorni fa
If your black and you disliked this song something wrong with you
Ja Morant
Ja Morant 3 giorni fa
@ANTHONY C you right
ANTHONY C 4 giorni fa
it dont matter what coler u are if u dislike it at all you have sum wrong wit u
Filip P. Mitev
Filip P. Mitev 4 giorni fa
This is serious. 150% of those lyrics are “spitting facts” like Polo said in the song. It truly is obsurd that cops kill black people, when the point of the cops is to protect people. Also, RIP King Von. 26 is too young.
XdTrix 4 giorni fa
This dude not from 63th and a legend
TheyLuvDrizzle -
TheyLuvDrizzle - 4 giorni fa
It's still Crazy that The Police still don't get the message. They better Understand before We want Revenge and not peace
tak 5 giorni fa
Polo the goat and standing up for his people !
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