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Post Malone Pranks People with Undercover Record Store Surprise // Omaze

Post Malone
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Post Malone goes undercover as an aspiring hip-hop artist. He workshops lyrics, talks about Bentleys and surprises fans-all to support his Omaze campaign where you could ride with him in a Bentley and win your own! For your chance to win, ENTER: bit.ly/Post-Malone-Bentley-YOU
Every donation supports Folds of Honor.
-Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships to the children and spouses of our fallen and disabled service members while serving our nation.
#PostMalone #Omaze #Bentley
Post Malone Pranks People with Undercover Record Store Surprise // Omaze


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16 ott 2018




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Commenti 15 624
Jloofaz Ora fa
Unless you are like an older person how tf wouldn't you know it's him
Nichlas Gjeding
I mean does he take into account that if he was to pick a winner from Denmark. The taxes would be 150% extra on top of the price of the car. So if the costs 300.000$ That's another 450.000$ on top. making it 750.000$ This is before shipping
Nicole M.
Nicole M. 5 ore fa
What part is undercover lmao
Ninja Puppy
Ninja Puppy 10 ore fa
This was posted a while back I think I lost my chance
G. HF 12 ore fa
I love it
janice iz bak yo
fizz 14 ore fa
Young Fleshlight less gooo
Dawid Wiśniewski
Tyson Dougherty
Tyson Dougherty 19 ore fa
Post Malone I'm still on that that hard time shit ya hear me this guy giving away a Bentley @momma oldest of 7 Maan I'm only 18 dropped out school all dat
Paitra Giorno fa
hi hi I covered a Posty song and would really appreciate it if any of you checked it out cause I made a fool of myself to make it lol CHEERS
Hell Bent
Hell Bent Giorno fa
Looks like your average dipshit to me.
A Cat
A Cat Giorno fa
*”Deep undercover”*
S. K. J.
S. K. J. Giorno fa
I’m fuckin laughing in the dark like a weirdo
unlimitedpubes Giorno fa
Ya kinda dropped the ball not putting a link on the description
Rizwan Ul-Haq
Rizwan Ul-Haq Giorno fa
yogesh pancholi
yogesh pancholi Giorno fa
Post malone is humble
Angelo Picasso
Angelo Picasso Giorno fa
Posti malone
Juan Ungria
Juan Ungria Giorno fa
Post malone im a big fan of your song psycho😍😍😍
Angie Vano
Angie Vano Giorno fa
😂😂😂 he's fucking hilarious
Ernesto Powers
Ernesto Powers Giorno fa
What's up with all these face tat crackheads that cant grow a beard getting famous. There's too many to keep track of now
ThinK BiG
ThinK BiG Giorno fa
Sounds like he smoke ganja oll day oll night yo
ThinK BiG
ThinK BiG Giorno fa
This motha Fuka is a youtuber
0:17 Post malone 😅
Welo Melo
Welo Melo Giorno fa
that first blond girl is soo cute and hot
şampiyon özçam
şampiyon özçam 2 giorni fa
🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 Yeah bro😁😁😁😁
Sabrina Amaro
Sabrina Amaro 2 giorni fa
Lmao. Hella smelled him to clarify
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 giorni fa
I want the car plz
Jeremy Sandidge
Jeremy Sandidge 2 giorni fa
Post Malone is just a chill dude!
Chicken Grease
Chicken Grease 2 giorni fa
So who won the Bentley
Victoria Reynaga
Victoria Reynaga 2 giorni fa
i love POSTY
Deanna Coker
Deanna Coker 2 giorni fa
Prank Roseville,CA
Deanna Coker
Deanna Coker 2 giorni fa
So funny...
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells 2 giorni fa
Who won the damn car
Daniel JOSEPH 2 giorni fa
it's too late ?
Mohammad Kamran
Mohammad Kamran 2 giorni fa
Thubnail looks like carry minati.
Khushi Jeny
Khushi Jeny 2 giorni fa
Yo man it's ended up 2018 itself 😭
Ali Kameh
Ali Kameh 2 giorni fa
I know post malone from miles away ❤🌷 I want to say that I love you so much from Lebanon 💎
Brasileiros ?😞
nel c
nel c 2 giorni fa
Imagine your daughter bring such full of tattoos back to home.
Pravin Esthak
Pravin Esthak 2 giorni fa
He gets copyrighted for his own song 😂
Romeo 2 giorni fa
Hahahhaah... Posty❤️❤️
Asura 2 giorni fa
0:16 , this is so true
Liping Zhai
Liping Zhai 2 giorni fa
I. Like post melon
Itsjustme Christian
Homeless prank next posty
Kara Nelson
Kara Nelson 3 giorni fa
“you interested?” “no” “just think about it” “no” “yeah, just think about it”
Josue Trejo
Josue Trejo 3 giorni fa
So weird when the old men mentioned, he need more Jesus he's anger 3:27 seconds later malone is talking alone weird,weird, the old men is right and he now he now.
Arbaz Ahmad
Arbaz Ahmad 3 giorni fa
Pretty girl by ur side.
Bill Togas
Bill Togas 3 giorni fa
That's crazy.
Mark Tereschenko
Mark Tereschenko 3 giorni fa
Justin Bieber send this long hair grandpa
Dave Cheney
Dave Cheney 3 giorni fa
Love me some Post ❤
sabhuhi kaintura
sabhuhi kaintura 3 giorni fa
Special Man 6
Special Man 6 3 giorni fa
What the fuck bro
Pierre Cline
Pierre Cline 3 giorni fa
Thank you. From all veterans
Hamad Gmgm
Hamad Gmgm 3 giorni fa
3:19 the kid has problems
ojojoseph606 3 giorni fa
My rap name young Rubix cube
MrCringeGaming 4 giorni fa
That blonde chick eavesdropping on the conversation so she kinda got a heads up
Addy adnan
Addy adnan 4 giorni fa
sunflower is my fav and my wife's Post Malone bro U killed it
Pan Pan
Pan Pan 3 giorni fa
Addy adnan wadefuk
mayank kumar
mayank kumar 4 giorni fa
Help me to find the grey t shirt girl 😍
mayank kumar
mayank kumar 4 giorni fa
Girl in the grey t shirt, she's so cute 🙈🙈
Rita Ainsworth
Rita Ainsworth 4 giorni fa
I just know him like yesterday so if ever I’m in that store at that time and he come to me, I wouldn’t know who he is :/
Mary Lulubell
Mary Lulubell 4 giorni fa
Am I too late for the Bentley? 🤔🤣
Liya Rose
Liya Rose 4 giorni fa
He is soooo attractive omg
Jody Boggs
Jody Boggs 4 giorni fa
How are there still record stores?????
Wowtiktok Musers
Wowtiktok Musers 4 giorni fa
Those tattoos 😡😡😡so ugly
Akshatha Ashok
Akshatha Ashok 4 giorni fa
I don't want d car ... N I can't even afford d fly thr.. but if u ever come in front of me I will recognize you .. n give you a tight hug.... Love ur song... They sometimes speak for my heart when I don't know d words to say ...
Mariah 4 giorni fa
Young penis enlargement pills
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta 4 giorni fa
Post Malone with his low waist pant and belt is amazing
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta 4 giorni fa
How can someone not spot Post Malone with his tattoo!
Kat Y
Kat Y 5 giorni fa
Honestly, I think you need more Jesus.
Grim Sleeper
Grim Sleeper 5 giorni fa
Post: Puts on glasses 👓 No one will ever recognize me.
jiminshobi ASMR
jiminshobi ASMR 5 giorni fa
Flesh light!????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ana CG
Ana CG 5 giorni fa
jajaj lo amo.
Always Fremione
Always Fremione 5 giorni fa
Bruh Logan Paul has a more sub's than you
hee 9292
hee 9292 5 giorni fa
Christian Carrasco
Christian Carrasco 5 giorni fa
ShinjiIkariFTW 5 giorni fa
That girl at the beginning was fine
Nishank Sharma
Nishank Sharma 5 giorni fa
So who won the Bentley?
Avradeep Sarkar
Avradeep Sarkar 5 giorni fa
The way that girl looked at him was beautiful and she too.
ilpaolo topleggend
ilpaolo topleggend 5 giorni fa
give me a benkley
Fright Bat
Fright Bat 5 giorni fa
Young Fleshlight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
sooser 5 giorni fa
Im like the Yung Milkshake
Joed de Guia
Joed de Guia 5 giorni fa
Anybody knows the name of that girl in grey? Damn
Lorrainy Lanza
Lorrainy Lanza 5 giorni fa
Klara Korkees
Klara Korkees 5 giorni fa
Y is this recommended???
Nicoke Auld
Nicoke Auld 5 giorni fa
It’s so easy legit his voice and his face tats like wearing glasses dude c’mon 😂
Joey Frank
Joey Frank 6 giorni fa
Big fan
JESSEverything 6 giorni fa
Young Fleshlight, sounds kind of sick.
Paula Lorenzo
Paula Lorenzo 6 giorni fa
No se ponen los putos subtítulos
Christian Hardwick
Christian Hardwick 6 giorni fa
He needs more Jesus
CAfakmykak 6 giorni fa
holy fuck i forget about Post Malone for a fucking year and all of a sudden he looks like lil peep but kinda chubby.... What the actual fuck is up with all these artists just getting face tats willy nilly? The only people they are impressing are like young kids, and in the most idiotic way too. "yeah man ill get a buncha face tats, cause if they dont pay attention to my music, they gotta pay attention to my face tats right??"
Benoît CHENU
Benoît CHENU 6 giorni fa
Duh, he look like Bernard from Westworld
Parminder singh
Parminder singh 6 giorni fa
love you men your music is like that you slap to your compitetor
Jehan Amil
Jehan Amil 6 giorni fa
I love his voice 💖
Cvb Xcvbn
Cvb Xcvbn 6 giorni fa
Wash yourself
Justin Greaves
Justin Greaves 6 giorni fa
if u donate money to anything when u are broke, u deserve to be broke. These songs that they come out with on the charts are not music its a product.
samuel nair
samuel nair 6 giorni fa
I wish I could gift that to my great grandfather ,war veterans deserves more 😭
ok 6 giorni fa
this is like those cartoons where dudes go on disguises wearing caps or glasses and people cant tell their in disguise
Zham 6 giorni fa
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 OH MY LOVEE!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Santiago Rengifo
Santiago Rengifo 6 giorni fa
++++++ plisss
nostickpeople 6 giorni fa
How can he fool anyone? He's an idiot white guy with prison tats on his face! Thank god he has money today cause he couldn't get another job anywhere
theblckpearl 6 giorni fa
You seem really upset about someone else's life choices.
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