Post Malone Pranks People with Undercover Record Store Surprise // Omaze

Post Malone
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Post Malone goes undercover as an aspiring hip-hop artist. He workshops lyrics, talks about Bentleys and surprises fans-all to support his Omaze campaign where you could ride with him in a Bentley and win your own! For your chance to win, ENTER: bit.ly/Post-Malone-Bentley-YOU
Every donation supports Folds of Honor.
-Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships to the children and spouses of our fallen and disabled service members while serving our nation.
#PostMalone #Omaze #Bentley
Post Malone Pranks People with Undercover Record Store Surprise // Omaze


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16 ott 2018

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Commenti 13 082
Justin Meza
Justin Meza 31 minuto fa
3:35 the way he fell😂
michaftf.ツ 4 ore fa
Stop smoke, we love you! :(
BeeJar 10 ore fa
starting at 3:00 made me tear up for my heart got too soft in that moment :3
Gia Loc Duong
Gia Loc Duong 10 ore fa
at least cover up the tattoos lol
alex nes
alex nes 14 ore fa
who is the name of the blonde girl?
kim대한 15 ore fa
3:40에 포스트 말론 왜 화난거임?
Cara Is ur mom
Cara Is ur mom 15 ore fa
This is why I love post malone
Nikolas Gonzalez
0:11 if I was there I would be like no it isn't it's Austin
what the name of the bentle
madalitso maddie Simelane
When that man said U need more Jesus
Huzaif wani
Huzaif wani 21 ora fa
Crazyy white ass with wonderful heart alone post malone 😛😛
Mesrop Madxharyan
He is good rapper but I don’t get this new trend with all the face tattoos ect..
Deranged MTG
Deranged MTG 21 ora fa
Deranged MTG
Deranged MTG 21 ora fa
Lil Squirt
Lil Squirt Giorno fa
Parul Soyantar
Parul Soyantar Giorno fa
I need a Bentley and your song os awesome
3:16 ow...tell me he did not know who he was from the start...cause he looked completely unrecognisable without the cap...
DJ Dudx
DJ Dudx Giorno fa
The19pumas Giorno fa
Man o man he looks so crusty i can smell him through the phone i herd somebody that met him said he smells really bad take a shower bro clean up
the end
the end Giorno fa
you need jesus
lil scuffed emo boi 111
By @Adamdegross
sister xan
sister xan Giorno fa
yung fleshlight stoooppppp
Aryanna Mitchell
If I ever see post Malone In person I’m going to say your young flashlight 🔦 right
Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore Giorno fa
your name is god on World Of Warcraft; there is a NPC called 'Postermaster Malone'; i feel its irrelevant but i thought to say, you're big on the gaming scene, need the legit postmaster Malone to clarify y'know. MY MAN
Stephen Douglas
Stephen Douglas Giorno fa
how does she not know about Romeo Skylark's accounting??
Luke Gomer
Luke Gomer Giorno fa
All it takes is for someone to just know who Post is LOL WHAT IS THIS
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Giorno fa
Mad respect for you Post Malone
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Giorno fa
What's funny is how people say no to free stuff so often. I tried to give away a free gold coin worth $1500 no one wanted it!
Awe C'mon
Awe C'mon Giorno fa
Malone's friends after the parlor "yo man, looks like you got something nasty on your...ooohhh you got, OOOh my bad, you crazy ,it looks good though , no really , looks great , i mean it..awesome design choice.... "
Nikolas Gonzalez
Man that's omazeing
patty felker
patty felker Giorno fa
Nerd Off
Nerd Off Giorno fa
So eu que sou Br e assisti sem entender nada,so pq gosta do post malone?
The Daily Meme
The Daily Meme Giorno fa
That was hilarious 😂
mxrdergxng 666
mxrdergxng 666 Giorno fa
"yung fleshlight"
drawmusic me
drawmusic me Giorno fa
Hey post malone you should watch this itvid.net/video/video-itBnma9BSr4.html
The MOMO 2 giorni fa
I have 26 subscribers, 1 sub i will add a cookie lets start:
o Spaceyy
o Spaceyy 2 giorni fa
Henkka 2 giorni fa
Young fleshlight LMAO
Kermit Big booty
Kermit Big booty 2 giorni fa
Nigga just put a hat and glasses on.
Awkwyrd 2 giorni fa
So non of them were curious on how a guy with face tattoos got a job?
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 giorni fa
How do you not just Love Post??? How?? 😁😍😁😍😁
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 giorni fa
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 giorni fa
😂😂😂love this
Tonverändert stinkt
Austin Maes-Valley
Austin Maes-Valley 2 giorni fa
That's guy "You need Jesus" lmao 😂😂😂
FrostWizard91 2 giorni fa
That kids reaction
Timmy Krummeck
Timmy Krummeck 2 giorni fa
Lol I love how that old dude was reading molones lyrics
blahblah man
blahblah man 2 giorni fa
press like and subcribe this is epic!
Angie Fowler
Angie Fowler 2 giorni fa
Post Malone I saw you last week it was cool
Vicente Cortez
Vicente Cortez 2 giorni fa
Who doesn’t like Post Malone?
KING LION ROBLOX 2 giorni fa
Young flashlight
TTVKRAZY Kill 2 giorni fa
Post Malone I’m ur biggest fan come to Houston and make a new song called u r a hoe/ she’s a hoe
He sangin hard af lol...... No fucks givin .....lol
Jhonba Hoyos
Jhonba Hoyos 3 giorni fa
Like si buscabas u comentario en español
Arnold Schwarzenegger Boczek
Mogl spiewac
TZ TZ 3 giorni fa
Nice prank postt
Kry 3 giorni fa
メRazorBladeメ 3 giorni fa
These people with tattoos look so ugly. they ruin their faces with ink
o h
o h 3 giorni fa
Wow just a kid noticed him lol how embarrassing
Charlie Hollings
Charlie Hollings 3 giorni fa
I gotta find me one of those cigarette voice changers
Futuristic Handgun
Futuristic Handgun 3 giorni fa
Post Malone looks like a rich homeless man
Tiffany Ann
Tiffany Ann 3 giorni fa
This is why we love him💜
mili fact Porn
mili fact Porn 3 giorni fa
Love you Guy's Kisses
Labax 3 giorni fa
No one else notice the dude wearing his shirt inside out? @ 2:02
Mr Imo officiel
Mr Imo officiel 3 giorni fa
I jast have a watche Bentley jast give me thé car
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy 3 giorni fa
Post malone walks out wearing white cap Stealth plus 100
DORITOS DO POVO 3 giorni fa
bassplayinggoalie 3 giorni fa
You can almost see his eyes!
KM Youtuber
KM Youtuber 3 giorni fa
Wizzer Krizzer
Wizzer Krizzer 4 giorni fa
*Yung Flashlight*
EvilGrin 4 giorni fa
HE meant "deep" undercover into the first girl with huge tits I mean just pause at 0:18 XD
Versace versace
Versace versace 4 giorni fa
The people on here can go as far back as when rockstar came out.
Cristal Valadez
Cristal Valadez 4 giorni fa
I love him.. I am currently obsessed with him
Versace versace
Versace versace 4 giorni fa
Band wagon
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez 4 giorni fa
I’m ah pull up in a Bentley with a f$$$ing hundred thosand in my pocket
Kevin Embleton
Kevin Embleton 4 giorni fa
Extreme accounting. I’m dying.
Iyana Crawford
Iyana Crawford 4 giorni fa
OMG I love psycho
Dab Cat
Dab Cat 4 giorni fa
*"My friend named Colton was Post Malone for halloween."*
Genji Tv
Genji Tv 4 giorni fa
Kick it Jackie chaaaaan
Duong Sahra
Duong Sahra 5 giorni fa
Ok deeeeep under cover but it’s just a white t shirt with hat next time maybe try to hide ur tattoos
Allen Crespo
Allen Crespo 5 giorni fa
What if i won a bently😳😳😆
Joel Delgado
Joel Delgado 5 giorni fa
Cant hide that fuckin face man lmao
Peter Abouchedid
Peter Abouchedid 5 giorni fa
3:27 said it all
Forrest Bros
Forrest Bros 5 giorni fa
You think you are better now better now
DA way
DA way 5 giorni fa
Good shit
the all of the above
sup post
Tali Uili
Tali Uili 5 giorni fa
"And I ain't got no bra"... 😂
Casper Audi
Casper Audi 5 giorni fa
You speaking to old people no one knows You bruh
Rachelle Gelston
Rachelle Gelston 5 giorni fa
Stutter • Allan Scott
🎆🎆👍Post 👍🎆🎆
Luke Ruddick
Luke Ruddick 5 giorni fa
You need more of Jesus! haha the best
Giselle Lopez
Giselle Lopez 5 giorni fa
Make more videos like this
amerthebird 5 giorni fa
Bruno 77
Bruno 77 6 giorni fa
Byon Boy
Byon Boy 6 giorni fa
young flashligt lmao dude
Rafal Zielinski
Rafal Zielinski 6 giorni fa
Mavrick Chill
Mavrick Chill 6 giorni fa
When your man titties are poppin out like that, u know nobody's buying the disguise.
Viviane Monteiro
Viviane Monteiro 6 giorni fa
Lion Wolf
Lion Wolf 6 giorni fa
Who is that adorable girl at the beginning?
JanLeannArt 6 giorni fa
He lookin hella cute with them glasses haha
DerVorsitzender 6 giorni fa
I think this is what he's doing for #BLM
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