Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES!

Drew Gooden
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15 giu 2019




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Commenti 5 486
Alex 4 mesi fa
Before you and Amanda got married you called her your wife. So now that you guys are married are you going to start calling her your girlfriend?
coldmocha 21 giorno fa
Wow i just relized
Dogerz Mese fa
Drew Gooden So does that mean before you met you called her your Ex?
Vol deMort
Vol deMort Mese fa
@Drew Gooden wait what
Elton Jhon
Elton Jhon Mese fa
@Sincerely Defiant kingdom
a slightly tall pansexual
ok so that reminds me i have a girlfriend now, before we got together me and my friends got ‘married’, at the time we were just doing that because why the fuck not. And i got a crush on the person i was ‘married’ to. So we both had these random ass times where we forget everyones name, so we would just call each other wifu or wifey. My other big gay friend I told just pushed me to tell her the next day... now were together? Im surprised she likes me lmao. Anyway im constantly confused so i just call her the nickname i gave her like a normal girlfriend I am.
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
*You're a sticky little boy*
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan 20 ore fa
I always love your intro to the channel after the ads/promos
emily omg
emily omg 21 ora fa
Sis just throw the whole man out
TheBestUsername Giorno fa
please make dolphin movie video
Sunday Sunlight
Sunday Sunlight Giorno fa
Who is part of the jatie fam
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
Fattie jam yo
Fab H
Fab H 3 giorni fa
My bf might join the military. It keeps me up at night. These “pranks” are so distressing to me that | *I CRIED*
Maddy Hamilton
Maddy Hamilton 5 giorni fa
I've gone through every single video desperately trying to find this intro. #StinkyLittleBoy
Foxesarefoxy 3
Foxesarefoxy 3 5 giorni fa
Don’t joke guy, I WILL DO ANYTHING SNOOP DOG SAYS. ME. I just ordered those headphones 🎧 xD I’m really excited lol
A F O O Z 5 giorni fa
dolphin movie vid pls
meNOTbejennette 5 giorni fa
His boy Chris that is "actually in the Army" is actually in an Air Force uniform.
Denny Lee-Hansberry
they’re such a cute couple omg
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
Onions mayonnaise gelatine
Giraffe Girl
Giraffe Girl 7 giorni fa
My dad actually is in the army, so people joking about it is just so rude.
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
I didn't know giraffe's could join the army?
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
*So rude*
Music_ Beauty
Music_ Beauty 9 giorni fa
What's up Danny
Hunter Harrison
Hunter Harrison 10 giorni fa
Jonathan Boy
Jonathan Boy 10 giorni fa
This video was hilarious omg this was the funniest video from you.
IcyPopsicle 13 giorni fa
“Shoutout to my boy Chris who is actually in the army-“ 1. That looks like and Air Force uniform and 2. He’s in front of a jet. I don’t think he’s in the army.
IcyPopsicle 4 giorni fa
Regan Ngo Yeah. One of the two.
Regan Ngo
Regan Ngo 4 giorni fa
I think he just thinks army is synonymous to military... or he doesn’t understand that there’s multiple branches of the military-
Bailey Mingus
Bailey Mingus 14 giorni fa
Literally got an ad for the army
MJ Bridges
MJ Bridges 14 giorni fa
Aren't all pranks terrible and insensitive?
Emma Cole
Emma Cole 16 giorni fa
drew your wife is SO CUTE
Shae Mango
Shae Mango 17 giorni fa
I’d just like to say that your responses to this video were hilarious and made me genuinely laugh out loud. Thank you for this
Shini Weebi
Shini Weebi 17 giorni fa
What's wrong with people? If someone did a prank like this, I would immediately break up with them! What the fuck?
WaterSheepREVENGE 18 giorni fa
u guys are gonna love Cleveland were great
Jona Is daddy
Jona Is daddy 18 giorni fa
Is it me or does the army dude look like a buff danny + an uglier one ( sorry 🗿 )
Chloe_221 Chloe_112
Chloe_221 Chloe_112 19 giorni fa
Drew gooden Drew goode Drew good Drew goo Drew go Drew g Drew Dre Dr Danny Gonzales
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
Congratulations on successfully using copy & paste!
jamie sreenivasan
jamie sreenivasan 18 giorni fa
spelled gonzalez wrong
insert name here
insert name here 19 giorni fa
11:40 anyone noticed that Drew was reading an Avatar The Last Airbender book? HE IS A MAN OF CULTURE!
whiterice 20 giorni fa
Why is every ad that I watch from drews channel from hooked
Astarry 21 giorno fa
You be giving them more ideas...WHY!!!!
Sanika Joshi
Sanika Joshi 21 giorno fa
at 0:13 Drew's rent is 10 dollars plus 10 euros lol
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
I wish that was my rent!
That Chick
That Chick 21 giorno fa
0:49 and Im perfectly ok with that
ares 22 giorni fa
if you join the army in the first place you’re an idiot so honestly the prank fits
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
Zhi Ruo
Zhi Ruo 23 giorni fa
He looks like a dolan twin on cocaine and meth if they were thrown into a blender and set on fire
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
Did you know the Dobre brothers are on heroin?
Kelsey Fowler
Kelsey Fowler 23 giorni fa
You don't even get the uniform until you get to boot camp 🤦
Mycroft Follower
Mycroft Follower 23 giorni fa
"Beebe, why are u crying...? Are you STUPID?" golden lol
Cassidy Mills
Cassidy Mills 23 giorni fa
If I ever had a boyfriend and he did this prank on me, I would immediatly break up with him. I couldn't take emotional abuse like this, even if it was meant to be a joke.
Trevor 23 giorni fa
When I told everyone I joined the military the general reaction was “huh, okay.” I need to start a prank channel to get the reaction I want
Cole Mansion
Cole Mansion 23 giorni fa
Am I the only one that thinks the first guy sounds exactly like Logan Paul?
rat boy
rat boy 23 giorni fa
nice video danny! i didn't notice you had a road work ahead sign next to you?? oh well
Almiller 24 giorni fa
This guy’s mannerisms and how he says “smash that subscribe button” is giving me Logan Paul de ja vu and I feel nauseous
Gacha Queens
Gacha Queens 24 giorni fa
Park Mochi
Park Mochi 25 giorni fa
My dad is in the army and I'm an army if ya know what I mean-
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
Something about army ants?
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
You are made up of loads of men?
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
What do you mean? I don't know what ya mean.... You are an army?
atara 25 giorni fa
am I the only one who thinks they’re fake/staged? like come on those can’t be real
Charlie Cooke
Charlie Cooke 8 ore fa
Yes, I'd say nearly every 'prank' video posted on ITvid over the past few years is staged and therefore fake af.
atara 25 giorni fa
um ok I’m 80% sure they’re all staged/fake right?
atara 25 giorni fa
um ok I’m 80% sure they’re all staged/fake right?
GAMEDOCTOR 26 giorni fa
This is emotional abuse. If it's real, that is. But I don't get how the fuck you could that if you actually love that person, how the fuck could you trust him anymore? If I was that girl, I'd dump that fucking asshole on the spot.
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 27 giorni fa
11:36 Your welcome
Amelia D
Amelia D 27 giorni fa
Why doesn't anybody join the airforce?🤣🤣🤣
Disturbance in the dancing place
Vince Vince
Vince Vince Mese fa
I am living in Canada and am planing to eventually to a post-doc in Europe. I started slowly telling my boyfriend that we may have to live appart for a few years which is sad. I don’t know what kind of fucked up pleasure I’d get to watch him cry if I lie about leaving for Europe but hey finally it’s not true. Well, may those incredible content creator not procreate.
MM Mese fa
anyways whERe iS thE proMIseD DOlpHIne viDeO????!111???!
Sadie Kramer
Sadie Kramer Mese fa
turned on notifications! Why are you crying r u stoopid?
Chase Anthony Brewer
3:31 That's not the Army, that's the Air Force.
Wysteria Campion
They nailed those fake channels
Andrew Long
Andrew Long Mese fa
such a sad prank 😢
Taylor Mese fa
I’m rewatching (as I always do cuz I love Drew’s videos lol) but I just now read the description & not only did he donate the Adsense money to a veteran charity but he didn’t even talk about it in the video!!! A true class act! Love you Drew, saw you in Naperville had a great time! Keep up the good work!
Jomarba2 Mese fa
So funny. Messing up someone you say you care about.... so so funny....
Blablabla Mese fa
Road work ahead?! Ah, yeah I sure hope it does?!
Collin Bybee
Collin Bybee Mese fa
2:23 what, you expected brain activity from people who enjoy prank channels? Firing synapses? Hell nah dude
abi Mese fa
my boyfriend is actually joining the army soon and its been so hard to even think about it. this is so cruel these poor girls oh my god
devon thomas
devon thomas Mese fa
petition for Amanda to start a youtube channel.
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