Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES!

Drew Gooden
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15 giu 2019

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Commenti 4 964
Alex Mese fa
Before you and Amanda got married you called her your wife. So now that you guys are married are you going to start calling her your girlfriend?
Kit Warrior4life
Eamo when they start dating again she’ll be his sister.
SA gacha queen
SA gacha queen 4 giorni fa
Drew Gooden please DO 🤣🤣🤣
Adrian Mata
Adrian Mata 5 giorni fa
@Drew Gooden *WHEN*
Hoe Hunter
Hoe Hunter 9 giorni fa
Payton Redman
Payton Redman 4 ore fa
I am currently 14 years old. My dad is a national guard and was in active duty, when I was 3 he left for almost 2 years to go to Afghanistan. I was very young and didn’t know what was happening, all I knew is that my dad was fine and there was a possibility that he wouldn’t come back. It was just my mom, brother, and I and he misses two of my birthdays which is worse than you could imagine. I love my dad and can’t imagine him having to leave again, and I definitely can’t imagine the pain of losing him. Seeing people joke about having to be deployed really hurts me personally because it’s not something to joke about. It really truly hurts when someone you loves leaves and may or may not come back. These ITvidrs are disrespectful and extremely ignorant, they shouldn’t joke about this or anything like it. Thanks for coming to my ted talk, have a great day
Sammy May
Sammy May 4 ore fa
14:06 I knew Danny and Drew were dating. They totally just gave it away!
egg yolk
egg yolk 5 ore fa
petition to bring back ms paint drawings
Darknighted -
Darknighted - 15 ore fa
Thats messed up man..
Gay Retard
Gay Retard 17 ore fa
Good job for the 100 mph!
Snowy Slam
Snowy Slam 21 ora fa
Telling my mom I'm joining the army! *She cried* Mom: "yOu'Re 3, iLLegAl!!!"
Anon Geno
Anon Geno Giorno fa
Your cheekbones are fantastic
iDk WhAt To NaMe ThIs
Drew like turns into JD from Heather's randomly 😂🤣
Munjee Syed
Munjee Syed Giorno fa
11:38 why is he standing above the sofa instead of sitting down on it lol
Tamrha Echols
Tamrha Echols Giorno fa
I didn't even know these kinds of pranks existed until this video but as a military spouse, I have to say I had an almost instantaneous visceral reaction to these manipulative pieces of shit capitalizing on the very real emotional and mental stress that comes with having someone you love shipped off for fucking views. As of right now, my husband has been gone for over a year and is hoping to come back in the next couple of weeks. If I was any one of these women, I would be out the fucking door as soon as he told me it was a prank. That's some grade-A gas-lighting bullshit that screams narcissistic sociopath behavior to me. I'm feeling physically feverish with how angry I am.
doga kurklu
doga kurklu Giorno fa
I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!💚
lizzy Giorno fa
When he kept saying “she cried,and she cried,and she cried” It reminded me of that Ariana grande song 🤣🤣
take a BREAK
take a BREAK Giorno fa
Wait where the fuck did you get 10 euros from?
Nick Pirro
Nick Pirro Giorno fa
Amazing prank sketch 😭
"This is, like, fighting for our country?" These people should not breed. Can you imagine what that would be like? Would that child be eating ? or bbreathing
Cornelius Pipington
Did he add those effects as a joke or are the effects there in the actual video
"are you crying? Look i got pants"
kb86 2 giorni fa
Those kicks are pretty fresh though
S.D gaming and more
0:13 when SML Mario actually pays Goodman his house payment
Elena Potato
Elena Potato 2 giorni fa
Ah yes the new challenge, being an asshole to my girlfriend so she’ll break up with me AGAIN. All these guys are dickwads that obviously don’t respect their girlfriends or anyone who actually joins the military and leaves their loved ones behind.
Chris' Fish Tanks
Chris' Fish Tanks 2 giorni fa
Isnt it a felony to say you're in an armed force when you're not?
zoobify112 2 giorni fa
This dude straight up said "can you stop acting like a crazy woman" I am unreasonably angry
nhi nguyen
nhi nguyen 2 giorni fa
my rent is also 10 dollars ! drew thank you for this representation in the 10 dollar rent community, a community that is real
Kit Warrior4life
Lol I believe you.
m j
m j 2 giorni fa
Yeah my dad is ACTUALLY in the army No joke this is actually true and these vids are really insensitive
N/A 2 giorni fa
What fucking asshats
Tea Alert
Tea Alert 3 giorni fa
Thank you for your service🤪
Am I hooman
Am I hooman 3 giorni fa
This is confirmed danny "prank my friend so hard he'll cry" from his music video prank my friend and "pranking my girlfriend so hard she cries" can confirm danny is drew and drew is danny
Lucy Thomas
Lucy Thomas 3 giorni fa
8:37 literally made me jump and scream AHHHHHHH
Sean Whearty
Sean Whearty 3 giorni fa
Wait. Drew isn’t the one who goes to Afghanistan
Sean Whearty
Sean Whearty 3 giorni fa
His boy Chris is wearing an Air Force uniform
Blue 3 giorni fa
the first guy’s intro looked like he watched one ryan trahan video and thought he could be as funny as him but completely failed
Unclegiuseppe 41
Unclegiuseppe 41 3 giorni fa
He should have gone with the marine corps
The.Salty.Sarlacc 3 giorni fa
Wait ... Is Danny Gonzalez your landlord?
Aidan Moyer
Aidan Moyer 4 giorni fa
How come youtubers never go on tour to NC I'm so alone in this empty state
Fabulous Killjoy
Fabulous Killjoy 2 giorni fa
They never visit Tennessee, either. They only ever visit Nashville when they do
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 4 giorni fa
I laughed at the first dudes edit that was played at the beginning thinking it was your editing, but then I realized it wasn’t and it wasn’t funny anymore
Kłōvęr Ćhåñ
Kłōvęr Ćhåñ 4 giorni fa
There’s no tour date in my state😐😕
An Unnoticed BEANZ
An Unnoticed BEANZ 4 giorni fa
Can you please make a video about the dolphin movie?
Nick Molnar
Nick Molnar 4 giorni fa
The double prank gag was genius bro
Daniel Rivas
Daniel Rivas 4 giorni fa
why marvel just say action movie
Ferris Guse
Ferris Guse 4 giorni fa
Does it matter?
Abby Flynn
Abby Flynn 4 giorni fa
Army Prank!!!!! *She broke up with me*
-E • Motion-
-E • Motion- 4 giorni fa
Honestly these people are such douchebags. Many men aren’t emotionally intelligent, and these types of videos prove that exact point. #squadfan
Julian Musson
Julian Musson 4 giorni fa
Please do the dolphin movie review
Constance Keller
Constance Keller 4 giorni fa
The subscribe bombs literally almost killed me. Damn mountain dew and their lack of putting warnings on it, like "Hey, stupid. Dont drink while watching Drew's videos or you might die!"
112358132134 55
112358132134 55 4 giorni fa
Elvis Ramirez
Elvis Ramirez 4 giorni fa
5:20 had me on floor laughing 😂
The Riot House
The Riot House 4 giorni fa
My dad, pops, and uncle were all in the army and my uncle got blown up by a bomb. It almost killed him, and nearly shattered his spine, so I find these pranks saying they joined the army and shit pretty disrespectful, especially when ppl say thank you for your service to ppl pretending to be in there army.
Kyle Puang
Kyle Puang 4 giorni fa
thank you for your service drew!
Apocalypse Phil
Apocalypse Phil 5 giorni fa
Wow so fast
RENpire94 5 giorni fa
Why did the first guy say "if yall are watching this, quick shoutout to chris" like obviously we are watching it....
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