Pray - DDE x Teni x Phyno

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Dr Dolor Entertainment present the official release single for Pray DDE x Teni x Phyno.
Produced by JaySynths.
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1 dic 2018




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Commenti 601
Fabrice Anthony
Fabrice Anthony 6 giorni fa
I don't really understand the language.. But teni u r bless. You feel my eyes of tears.. Keep it up🔥✌
Nife Temitayo
Nife Temitayo 6 giorni fa
Lord bless me so that I can take care of my family 😭😭(God bless you teniola for this song you are wonderful, love you )
Oladejo Tolani
Oladejo Tolani 8 giorni fa
I like dis song God we bless teni ur time have come
ahmed karage
ahmed karage 11 giorni fa
Her parents would be proud of her.
Samgenius the story teller
Teni and Phyno, God bless you guys for this
Melaine Kamdem
Melaine Kamdem 16 giorni fa
AM TIRED! have wwaited for this video! uumm!
Nonso Brave
Nonso Brave 17 giorni fa
hit likes if you're still playing this song in 2019
Best Godwins
Best Godwins 21 giorno fa
God nor let's my children ask me where I dey when dem dey work, lord give me money make I take spoil my mama Amen
Samson Omotayo Omotosho
Teni your time has come, Rock it well. She's a good musical artist.
Rebecca RIOL
Rebecca RIOL 22 giorni fa
Can't wait for the video 😭
irenee AGOSSA
irenee AGOSSA 24 giorni fa
amen pas la grâce de Dieu on va tous réussi.
Chidex Moses
Chidex Moses 24 giorni fa
So my pikin no go ask me were i dey when them dey work ##
Rae Swiss
Rae Swiss 24 giorni fa
Can’t wait to hear wiz ft Teni
NollyTube Best Of African Movies
This song needs a video before its too late...
Hermann Apasewh
Hermann Apasewh 28 giorni fa
From English Cameroon base in Dubai as i lack words 4 take discribe this our Africa loving Sis wth Loving music as na ei b my rebeated ring tune sha u Million much. Thnk u Legend Phyno fr making this our sis shine.we need more ton press like n commnt my West African pipo💋💪💪
obia remmy
obia remmy Giorno fa
Na ambas bay you fear for tok. Hahahaha
ogbuefi chukwu ne ke okezie epke azu
hey love 😍😍😍
golden brown
golden brown 29 giorni fa
Teni God bless u for this song🙏phyno i see u too, E sure for me this year, my children no go ask me were i dey wey my mate they make money🙏
Uche Wilson
Uche Wilson Mese fa
Phyno said after all the suffer that he suffered, las las he still blow. Ahh Lord let my time come. 🙏
Kingsley Arinze
Kingsley Arinze 29 giorni fa
You must blow Uche Wilson, nothing will hinder you again, Receive your blessings
COKE & FANTA Mese fa
Some body should please send me teni contact I want to marry her
Rose Kl
Rose Kl 29 giorni fa
Maccarthy Bruce 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emmy Obi
Emmy Obi Mese fa
Song so lit
Emmy Obi
Emmy Obi Mese fa
Why no video yet???
kelvin de brune
I shed tears of joy while listening to this inspirational song
Stephen Boateng
I'm here bcos Teni Ola 😍🤩😍💕🤟
rafiu kazeem
rafiu kazeem Mese fa
keep winning my dear
African music 👏👏🔥🔥🔥
Amanda Eva
Amanda Eva Mese fa
As I dey ooo, I think money ehhhh. Becos who nol get money nobody wan play with am
Uyanwanne Nice
Uyanwanne Nice
I receive 9
West Tara
West Tara Mese fa
please why no video naaaa?
cocopops Nnadi
I love this song. I like song that use to touch me
Ibrahim Shorunke
Most dislikes are a mistake, people should look well, a normal human being can't dislike this song, but if you dislike it willingly, you need a psychiatrist 24/7
Joseph Akiti
Joseph Akiti Mese fa
J'adore aussi
Ibrahim Shorunke
+Sunday Priscillia Oluchi 😁😁😁
Sunday Priscillia Oluchi
Ibrahim Shorunke 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I concur
Maïmouna Fofana
J'adore...même si je ne comprends pas.
Joseph Akiti
Joseph Akiti Mese fa
J'adore aussi
Maïmouna Fofana
Edward Nwafor je t'en prie.
Edward Nwafor
Merci beaucoup mai
Martin Nara
Martin Nara Mese fa
Ce la Maggie de song ma sr
Moses Progress
Hit like if you love teni & phyno❤❤❤
Mercy Larose
Mercy Larose Mese fa
I love the 2 of them
Nell Leo
Nell Leo Mese fa
De video plss
STAR DJ Mese fa
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Living in US and seeing Afrobeat playing on radios here makes me believe that AFRICA music is taking over and soon our artists will be paid for collabo. There are more talented young artists coming like this itvid.net/video/video-hu-5y4neLRI.html 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Gideon Okeke
Gideon Okeke Mese fa
The latest burna boy release wishes2.com/22Di2 kudos brov for your efforts.
Speranza Diamond
I dont understand all of the song but i so much love it.Teni love you 2 much.
Desmond Ubliz
All I think is money, na prayer sure pass ooh teni x phyno 👍👍
clabzy caleb
clabzy caleb Mese fa
When will the video come out
Lorraine Ajifoh
Teni is an inspiration to me and my mother 🤗😍😅
Isioma Lilian
anderson parkar
Phyno you too much. Proud lgbos we shall always be
Daniel Oburu
Daniel Oburu Mese fa
If you are here for phyno give me like
Damon Frank
Damon Frank Mese fa
I can't stop playing this music i swear to God
adejimi sunday
Vida Vida
Vida Vida Mese fa
I dey play this song every day by day
Oluwatosin Aina
Oluwatosin Aina 2 mesi fa
If I know comment wetin I gain
Olabiyi Emmanuel
Olabiyi Emmanuel 26 giorni fa
Lols...... Nice one bro
ginika onyenuforo
Dr Ray Williams
Dr Ray Williams 2 mesi fa
So cool 🙌
Olowookere toyosi
Hearing this song makes me remember my past 😢
Dennis Bulgado
Dennis Bulgado 2 mesi fa
I pray I pray
Mavis Phologwane
JIZOOOOOZ!! I Love this song so much, DDE, Teni and Phyno may the good Lord be with ya'll
Olugbenga Babatunde
Okawa Teni, DDE, and Phyno
Olugbenga Babatunde
I listen to this song every time I Cry
Olugbenga Babatunde
I would say everything he has said but I don't think I'm a really good typer I would say it all in English but I'm not a good typer
Olugbenga Babatunde
One thing he said is that my mommy is not rich my daddy is not rich
Olugbenga Babatunde
Best song ever created
+Olugbenga Babatunde thank u sir , I can now enjoy it
Olugbenga Babatunde
He's basically saying my daddy is not rich and mommy is not rich but I will be rich then he says I pray I pray I pray one day one day one day
Gudevening sir, I love this song can u help translate the Yoruba words so I can understand better
Danty David
Danty David 2 mesi fa
Nice song, keep on moving.
Alexiss Alexa
Alexiss Alexa 2 mesi fa
Jangboy Peace
Jangboy Peace 2 mesi fa
Teni will u marry me Biko 💍❤️️?
Don Lorenzo
Don Lorenzo Mese fa
JACK M MC 2 mesi fa
sweetie blessings yedydyath
Alex Big Brother Naija sent me here . she listened this song on her song.... I got chills I love this song I came again to re listen cause I love it and her birthdayyy is coming
Ako Aya
Ako Aya 2 mesi fa
This get voice will keep on this for more than 20k years
Shedrack Odiete
Shedrack Odiete 2 mesi fa
The money go enter one day
Shedrack Odiete
Shedrack Odiete 4 giorni fa
City lights e go better for us ooo
City Light
City Light 4 giorni fa
Shedrack Odiete
Shedrack Odiete 2 mesi fa
Hv be been for dis song
Beloved Wilson
Beloved Wilson 2 mesi fa
Am here for the two they are my role model especially Teni than comes my oga
Chi Baby
Chi Baby 2 mesi fa
WWE Raw Nov and
Osas John
Osas John 2 mesi fa
Once God answer prayer e sure for me 🙏🏾
Constantino Maria Ondo Obiang
Naija has the best music industry in Africa 🇳🇬🇳🇬🔥💪🏽🎼
Anita Joseph
Anita Joseph Mese fa
Very true
Joyce Esinam
Joyce Esinam Mese fa
Constantino Maria Ondo Obiang very true
Shaniz Cele
Shaniz Cele 2 mesi fa
I'm a Kenyan but I agree 🙌🙌😜
Joseph Nelly
Joseph Nelly 2 mesi fa
Teni my love goes to you
Gerald Nzewuji
Gerald Nzewuji 2 mesi fa
Anointing follow this song
Kay Wizzie
Kay Wizzie 2 mesi fa
Teni is one niaja artist that sing meaningful song
anna amos
anna amos 2 mesi fa
Yes you will
Eweka Bella
Eweka Bella 2 mesi fa
Mc doro boss Vevo
I am short of words i don't know what to say about teni voice... Nice one dear keep it up
phyllis Nkechi
phyllis Nkechi 2 mesi fa
Teni and Phyno 💣💣
Destiny Gobe
Destiny Gobe 2 mesi fa
Teni and phyno nice one
Melvin Edosa
Melvin Edosa 2 mesi fa
Teni nice song
Beatracy Boateng
Emmanuel Nwafor
Emmanuel Nwafor 2 mesi fa
I swear down Teni is just awesome
Will Ifeanyi
Will Ifeanyi 2 mesi fa
Anytime phyno sings (Jesus). Teni had that chorus 🔥🔥🔥
Benco Dollars
Benco Dollars 2 mesi fa
If I no comment waiting i gain...more blessings to my king & queen (T&P)❤❤❤❤
Patricia Mbaire
Patricia Mbaire 2 mesi fa
Teni pooping please come to Kenya.. I love this song.. Cheiiiii the voice is on point... Kudos
Austin Fires
Austin Fires 2 mesi fa
Please someone give me the meaning of the yoruba in the chorus .. tnks in advance !
Austin Fires
Austin Fires 2 mesi fa
+Anjola Adeyemo thanks dear
Anjola Adeyemo
Anjola Adeyemo 2 mesi fa
My Daddy got no money, buh I got God My Mummy got no money, buh I got God My Father got no money, buh I got God I will have money. because I have God.... lemme hear you Sayyyy.....
BIBI MBILE 2 mesi fa
Chaii!! This is music, with this voice, sis you have been elevated. I love girl, keep it up!!
Dayo Oluwaseun
Dayo Oluwaseun 2 mesi fa
wow this is so amazing seriously this girl is going somewhere
Ihezie Dannyboy
Ihezie Dannyboy 2 mesi fa
By God's grace we go hammer this year if u believe say amen
Nelson Peter
Nelson Peter 2 mesi fa
jack daniel
jack daniel 2 mesi fa
Arrey Stev
Arrey Stev 2 mesi fa
Ihezie Dannyboy amen
Najeemdeen Sekinat Adedoyin
This is the first time I will listen to Teni music and I love this song like
Funmilayo Awoniyi
Najeemdeen Sekinat Adedoyin listen to her ...wait and uyo meyo . They are nice
Wizflash Vevo
Wizflash Vevo 2 mesi fa
You have the calls
Natasha Ojone
Natasha Ojone 2 mesi fa
Who else is dancing right now?
superAweber 2 mesi fa
She's a tremendous vocalist.
Vitus Onyeoma
Vitus Onyeoma 3 mesi fa
One Nigeria, one love, one pray.
Ogechukwu Akalonu
Daddy mi olowo sugbon mo oloun Mommy mi olowo sugbon mo oloun Baba mi olow sugbon mo oloun E mi alowo tori mo oloun Let me hear you say I pray, I pray, I pray.... If e dey for back, I go dey for front Chineke ebuliewom elu wee si m nwa buru gawa oo... Afufu m tachalu wey mesia wey bute ite o I know say I no deserve your blessings but you dey still support Now I’m living life like a holiday Now I no dey fear because money dey Onye ife mmelu biko ya ribe Onye olu ya kulukwo ya ribe Papa no get o Money no dey o But I go hard o And make my mama proud o Eh Blessings follow me and follow Teni o Imana chukwu emegonu I want many oo Eh
Okoye Obinna
Okoye Obinna 3 mesi fa
I swear this song dey break my screen guard,,, hustle tight make your pikin nor go ask you were you dey wen dem dey work,,,, is a wahala something
Shalom Wokoma
Shalom Wokoma 3 mesi fa
Lovely song
Mary Obilor
Mary Obilor 3 mesi fa
Magnificent Collaboration🤩🤩This song is amazing 😉 Please we need a music video 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Ige Babatunde
Ige Babatunde 2 mesi fa
Hit song
Udo Ibe
Udo Ibe 3 mesi fa
This is nice
Ada Esther
Ada Esther 3 mesi fa
teni teni u are d bomb girl
Nurat Adedokun
Nurat Adedokun 2 mesi fa
Inspirational teni i pray u will be number one love
Smart Associates
😋😋 love this song alot..... #phyno #teni makanaki
I might need security
This is my song of the year!!!! CHAIIIIIIII God is wonderful! Phyno and teni you guys are going far!
Sandra Sandy
Sandra Sandy 2 mesi fa
Charles Ibe
Charles Ibe 3 mesi fa
I think i prefer the slower version of this song...it would have made much if they did it same way they it in video teni posted on Instagram....it was soul lifting and more captivating. It's a nice song though...but the slower version would have been the bomb....My thoughts though
I might need security
i like both versions , the song is simply firee
Ola Adabonyan
Ola Adabonyan 3 mesi fa
been searching for this song...Saw a short clips on instagram
Emeka Jonathan
Emeka Jonathan 2 mesi fa
Exactly my case
Iliyasu Suleman
Iliyasu Suleman 3 mesi fa
I love you so much teni
Dennis Okonkwo
Dennis Okonkwo 3 mesi fa
Nice voice Teni I wish you the best
Olayiwola Abisola
Love this so much
Stephen Ileogben
One love teni after tiwa is you joor
Green_Lght_ Prod
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