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This movie have SEASON 1 to 22, See the movie as shown below...
PRISON BREAK SEASON 1 itvid.net/video/video-adi79ouoqYg.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 2 itvid.net/video/video-0rFZ7_YIg5I.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 3 itvid.net/video/video-FI7eXCmc3Qw.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 4 itvid.net/video/video-F2usGS9maC4.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 5 itvid.net/video/video-UTIgbXbYZgc.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 6 itvid.net/video/video-Gzdkzv09yyM.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 7 itvid.net/video/video-eXtKKXdWPFU.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 8 itvid.net/video/video-0qxlMovd5bA.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 9 itvid.net/video/video-g3_cp6gmIi4.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 10 itvid.net/video/video-8-WIGNMU0s8.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 11 itvid.net/video/video-ORJGl8khnCA.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 12 itvid.net/video/video-HzL-MeDE86I.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 13 itvid.net/video/video-JN0Knk95o9A.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 14 itvid.net/video/video-AbtzmTuZGlU.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 15 itvid.net/video/video-ORYHxfsiblg.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 16 itvid.net/video/video-AT8kZ3Q4e0k.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 17 itvid.net/video/video-XSOp9a4Wwu0.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 18 itvid.net/video/video-BtffX4FkHVw.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 19 itvid.net/video/video-MAR3asB0aUQ.html
PRISON BREAK SEASON 20 itvid.net/video/video-s4piJSjUE6w.html
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8 ago 2018

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Commenti 418
alisa lily
alisa lily 8 ore fa
I don't like this movie again too long
Terry uwadiae
Terry uwadiae 2 giorni fa
Next part please
Jennifer Nwali
Jennifer Nwali 4 giorni fa
My own be say i done tired for dis movie but anytime is out are try to look at it nd again actor can never die in own movie only government will dying with him if his headache is too much .nd loveth is a little cat comper to zubby side on less zubby don't want to kill her
Gordon King
Gordon King 6 giorni fa
0gieriakhi Omon
0gieriakhi Omon 6 giorni fa
Next part please
Alex Kwabena
Alex Kwabena 7 giorni fa
Strong one oooo
Monday Daniel
Monday Daniel 7 giorni fa
Pleas season 20 never comout?
Evans Chiwendu Ohia
Love this movies joor pls we need season episode 20
Prince Mavid
Prince Mavid 7 giorni fa
Can you guys just replace this so called Loverth for God'sake 😪
Queen Esther
Queen Esther 8 giorni fa
Please I have finished watching from 1 to 19 ..were are the rest of the parts?
SANNI ALIYU 8 giorni fa
Kim kOKm 30.....King Eze...zubbi
mhiz pino fino
mhiz pino fino 8 giorni fa
This loveth of a girl is just a noise maker, she doesn't fit in dis part... Nd her talk is too long... pls let dis movie end already...
jennifer ogbes
jennifer ogbes 8 giorni fa
Interesting movie wow
Unity Erhabor
Unity Erhabor 8 giorni fa
I'm going to get a new one for the first time I was just wondering how to make sure I can stay alive with my 👪 and children.
Gift Ebose
Gift Ebose 9 giorni fa
Hmmmm part 20
Lansana Gottor
Lansana Gottor 9 giorni fa
This loveth of a girl spoil the movie her voice is mad annoying and shouldn’t have played this action role🙅‍♂️🤷‍♂️👊
Jesty Baba
Jesty Baba 9 giorni fa
Wow Chioma you are such talented actresses.........I'm always happy whenever i see you in any movie more Grace
Nice one... Next pls...
Bridget Be
Bridget Be 9 giorni fa
Someone please help me
Bridget Be
Bridget Be 9 giorni fa
Where is season 20please
Doreen Mbaisa
Doreen Mbaisa 9 giorni fa
You girl is here am late
Mana Marong
Mana Marong 9 giorni fa
Wow thanks guys nice movie
Enerst Yankson
Enerst Yankson 9 giorni fa
I'm a Ghanaian born in Germany...I no get joy.but I get peace ...I really like this lady
Irene Okpomo
Irene Okpomo 2 giorni fa
Who care where dey born you.
Papilo Okafor
Papilo Okafor 9 giorni fa
Zubby me.... Just that this ITvid nodey upload fast, for years now no comment from me..
Evangelist Dominic
Evangelist Dominic 9 giorni fa
Sunday Lawrence
Sunday Lawrence 9 giorni fa
Please next part ooooo
OLUWA NONI 9 giorni fa
The reason why this movie has no end is because they didn't see how they will end it😉😉
secretTV fun & entertainment
Watching One man squad and this movie makes me confused with how both started
nkechi joy
nkechi joy 9 giorni fa
Upload next part nd notify me thks
Ekuase Carol
Ekuase Carol 9 giorni fa
Loveth go sleep
Ekuase Carol
Ekuase Carol 9 giorni fa
I am here for zubby,Who nor go nor no☺️☺️☺️
Own 0000
Own 0000 9 giorni fa
Wow trama ed effetti pazzeschi.....brividi per questo capolavoro
Sandra Josh
Sandra Josh 9 giorni fa
that guy said madam weldone oooo lol
Ifeanyi Bread
Ifeanyi Bread 10 giorni fa
Too God, when there's no zubby there will be no movie,
ukwueze kingsley
ukwueze kingsley 10 giorni fa
this loveth of a girl too talk self
Princess John
Princess John 10 giorni fa
Abeg next part
Princess John
Princess John 10 giorni fa
Zubby you too much
Florence Chippsah
Florence Chippsah 10 giorni fa
Trinity Nancy
Trinity Nancy 10 giorni fa
Please O ooo, next part ooo? Please I can't wait
Trinity Nancy
Trinity Nancy 10 giorni fa
I love this movie in particular
Murphy morgan
Murphy morgan 10 giorni fa
Thanks for uploading, please we the rest come out? I really need it
Precious Emafoh
Precious Emafoh 10 giorni fa
Loveth 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lucky God's will
Lucky God's will 10 giorni fa
This loveth of a Girl she talk tooo much,hit de like botten if yhu agree with me.
Adeleke Azeez
Adeleke Azeez 10 giorni fa
Abeg where's king Kong
Ounora Royal
Ounora Royal 10 giorni fa
High chief ezekudele is not a guy name if I tell you e easy na set up who no go no no............. Up u zubby
Baboucarr67 10 giorni fa
I miss k k
Gift Westerm
Gift Westerm 10 giorni fa
I like the way loveth talk on this movie
Gift Westerm
Gift Westerm 10 giorni fa
Nice movie next part please oooooo
Blessing Ojobo Ene
Blessing Ojobo Ene 10 giorni fa
Nice one
Love Nkem
Love Nkem 10 giorni fa
my guy zubby is at it again ooh, who nor go nor no if I tell u say easy na setup
Osagie Festus
Osagie Festus 10 giorni fa
Loveth no get peace but she her joy still yet she dey run
MICHAEL HYCIENT 10 giorni fa
Me I don't want to die yet!
Torty Udoka
Torty Udoka 10 giorni fa
I dey vex but I get joy but if you try me I give you five euro
itz-baby-anita iluobe
This movie is so easy go call pastor abeg who agree they need God not juju anymore ah
Draco Boss
Draco Boss 10 giorni fa
Native doctor wey do strong jazz for u. Na one hand u take kill am.. Lol 😂 😂
Promise Love
Promise Love 10 giorni fa
Nice 1....next part plsss
Godwin Igoh
Godwin Igoh 10 giorni fa
Finish the movie n let someone rest. Jare. Loveth sef na fake
mc kboy
mc kboy 10 giorni fa
this loveth talk dey disturb my ears pls
Prisca Pweedie
Prisca Pweedie 10 giorni fa
Next oooooooooooo
Jennifer Love
Jennifer Love 10 giorni fa
Wow, nice one dear❤
Nelson Chukwu
Nelson Chukwu 10 giorni fa
ezekudele is not a guy-name, the end sweet me pass, hut like if your for uzbby
Emmanuel Chidi
Emmanuel Chidi 10 giorni fa
na only for Nigeria movie where I dey see actor dey die for film
Roland Mariah
Roland Mariah 10 giorni fa
Madam I nor get joy but I get peace abeg nor vex you need to get out after he killed your two good friends and your brother you nor fit do anything with the snake princess way you say you be no level abeg mr director you need to end this idiot part she don try thank you
olivia jose
olivia jose 10 giorni fa
So kimkong just die like dat😂😂country wey nor get visa😂okada wey kill traler ,police dog wey kill lion😂😂😂
Pretty Tracy
Pretty Tracy 10 giorni fa
I don't like that loveth of a girl she is so local and dull
Osifo Evans
Osifo Evans 10 giorni fa
Next part pls
Queen Sarafina
Queen Sarafina 10 giorni fa
This gun big pass loveth na 😂😂😂 if I tell you say he easy na set up who not go not know 😂😂 who is here for zubby hit me ❤️❤️❤️
Iyobosa Douglas
Iyobosa Douglas 10 giorni fa
The drama too long I don't even forget how the part 1 ta start
John Silvelster
John Silvelster 10 giorni fa
The girl loveth is just a joke in the movie idiot
Ifeyinwa John
Ifeyinwa John 10 giorni fa
Nice movie 👍👍👍
Akhigbe Paul
Akhigbe Paul 10 giorni fa
dis loveth part is so boring😠😠😬😬
K . OBA'SON GARUBA 10 giorni fa
Na wao everyone is here since am late 2day, any way am here for EZEKUDENE.
Uche Eric
Uche Eric 10 giorni fa
Nice move
Anointed Sparta
Anointed Sparta 10 giorni fa
Who know where this movie wan for end pls tell me ooo... 😪😪
Wxx63 10 giorni fa
Beb you want die abi, you go spy on ezekudeneh
Easy Blink
Easy Blink 10 giorni fa
Abeg make una bring all d seasons out. I don't like this suspense ooh
Akaraka Favour wicked father
pls guys next part
Christopher Sunny
Christopher Sunny 10 giorni fa
You guys stop keep me wait I’m enjoying the movies please 20
mide Germany
mide Germany 10 giorni fa
zubby you too much
nkechi joy
nkechi joy 10 giorni fa
Please try nd upload 20 to 22 nd notify me thks.. I'll be waiting please
Liberty Daniel Jonathan
Loveth is trying
Bridget Patrick
Bridget Patrick 10 giorni fa
I really like the movies,nice bro ezekudele
elvis247 omoregie
elvis247 omoregie 10 giorni fa
Nigerian movies done gets level oo😁😁😁first time to seen Nigerian movies having season 1 to 19th what's a world👍👍👍
Abaala .M. Awenlie queen
Wooow fantastic waiting for season 20 and the rest
God's love Ilovemybaby1
If you do bad prison waiting for you 😂😂
Kc Sureboy
Kc Sureboy 10 giorni fa
Na me kc I no get time to check time all join
Godwin Samuel
Godwin Samuel 10 giorni fa
Some people dey sleep inside ITvid ooo
Emeke Emeke
Emeke Emeke 10 giorni fa
Next part pls
greathouse ofComedy
greathouse ofComedy 10 giorni fa
Loveth ooooooo!!!! Please die your part is totally useless & boring .
San David
San David 10 giorni fa
Nice one kudos to zubby if you like zubby eje na muo hit the like button
Justina Omoha
Justina Omoha 10 giorni fa
Mehnn this movie is very hot Zuby you are my best actor but Kim kom should not have died like dat naw
Blessing Enofe
Blessing Enofe 10 giorni fa
Next part please
Promise Kpedzo
Promise Kpedzo 10 giorni fa
I belong to comment readers association our duty is to read,hit like,smile and pass. we no dey find trouble oo also try to be very brief so we can move to other comments tnx. please if you are a member of this association, #hitlikeandpass # no find trouble oo
Promise Kpedzo
Promise Kpedzo 10 giorni fa
I belong to comment readers association our duty is to read,hit like,smile and pass. we no dey find trouble oo also try to be very brief so we can move to other comments tnx. please if you are a member of this association, #hitlikeandpass # no find trouble oo
Nianakoro Togola
Nianakoro Togola 10 giorni fa
My man zubby you are too much🌷
Nianakoro Togola
Nianakoro Togola 10 giorni fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣if you do bat pressione d waintin you if you do well no more prisson
Henry nice vevo
Henry nice vevo 10 giorni fa
I think king kong and ezekudene have problem. Because King Kong don't need to die like dat. U can search it on Google
Henry nice vevo
Henry nice vevo 10 giorni fa
This movie strong ooo if you believe HIT LIKE
Inikoro Brodrick
Inikoro Brodrick 10 giorni fa
Oya na nice 1 guys,thanks for uploading💕✌
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