PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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8 ott 2019




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Commenti 80
Teun koolen
Teun koolen 11 giorni fa
Can you use the ps4 controller on the ps5?
Darth emoji
Darth emoji 13 giorni fa
Xbox been quit lately I think Xbox is about to pull a reverse card on PS5
Darth emoji
Darth emoji 13 giorni fa
But whatever
Janille Plummer
Blue point might be remaking zelda, it's a huge classic one of the best games from when I was a kid. Along with street fighters, DK, super smash, Mortal Kombat etc....
TheChillestPopsiecle {TCP}
Ps4 sucks nowadays..now it’s ps5 XD
Trevor Wallace
I've got to say i'm a little worried about the triggers being harder to push with their new resistance feature. I already feel like Assassin's Creed Odyssey is going to give me carpel tunnel and I'm 21.
I​ just​ bought ps4​ and​ I​ watch this...
Power Games
Power Games Mese fa
Why am I here, I’m a Xbox player XD
Rolando Montana
Rolando Montana 3 mesi fa
So can you transfer your ps4 account to your ps5 since que coulnt pass our ps3 rata to ps4
cYo Official
cYo Official 3 mesi fa
Me: Am going 5o buy this when it release My Bank Balance: Frwixk you
Doc Venom
Doc Venom 3 mesi fa
I want games like Squad and tarkov on PS5
Legit Shooter
Legit Shooter 3 mesi fa
They pushed the ps5 back because of this dumb ass corona virus 😔
Chris Grey
Chris Grey 3 mesi fa
I think they should wait a couple more years to come up with a new Playstation system. In just right now fix their Network that has been completely screwed up since December 2019.
Dorman Bowman
Dorman Bowman 3 mesi fa
It would be nice if the ps5 would be compatible with the ps3 games....i so many games i miss.
blncoj 3 mesi fa
People complaining about not having the ps4, I have it and I don't even use it😂
Trae Tyrelle Ogle
This is nonsense
Josh Stephens
Josh Stephens 3 mesi fa
Ps5 releases My Ps4 game progress: sad music plays
I_look dumber_in_person
Sodom navy seals
muhd jefri
muhd jefri 3 mesi fa
Im more insterested if ps+ subscription was remove to play online.
Ben Robertson
Ben Robertson 3 mesi fa
All I want are my violent video games.THE PUNISHER GAME PLEASE I BEG YOU.
Cody Hostler
Cody Hostler 3 mesi fa
Hope they remastered breath of fire
G King
G King 3 mesi fa
Jack and daxter please
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson 3 mesi fa
It's like 2 months late
Charles Bloomer
Charles Bloomer 3 mesi fa
Might not be Holiday 2020 anymore. The corona virus outbreak, and the subsequent manufacturing plant shutdowns and mass quarantine measures in China, might has serious consequences for Sony’s launch plans. Same for Xbox Series X.
Joe C
Joe C 3 mesi fa
Ur voice is annoying. Anyway you got it all wrong and backwards, you said the DS5 controller is gonna be lighter than the ds4 controller and heavier than the xbox series x controller..not true its actually gonna be heavier than the ds4 and lighter than an xbox one controller... so there i corrected u. U need some work on these videos bud. Stop clickbaiting for views im sure your subscribers would appreciate it
justin brown
justin brown 3 mesi fa
i.m looking forward to that systems that can do backwards like ps 4 ps3 ps2 and ps1 i have all of those classic games because my ps2 is not working anymore and my ps3 is too not working. i.m saving lots of money. i.ll vote for YES for ps5 . go for it ps5.
Julius Sneed
Julius Sneed 3 mesi fa
Xbox beats playstation consoles play more older games then playstation that wont play ps3 games on ps5 so that's a waste just like ps 4 it sucks
NeXt_ GeneRaTion
Max brown
Max brown 4 mesi fa
A reboot of socom
Luke Kewang Xu
Luke Kewang Xu 4 mesi fa
Yo I have an Xbox one X if anybody wants to trade for a ps4 pro or not i will give you my Xbox one X
Kaegan Thornhill
From what is know (so far) The PS5 could "Easily" be Backwards Compatible with PS1, PS2, P4, PSVR and PSVita (via crossplay) -- But it will be the PS3 that will prevent it from archiving the "Fully Backwards Compatibility" Sticker. (At launch). However they could make the PS5 --PS3 compatible post launch with a firmware update/emulation. ( much like Microsoft did with the Xbox One)
sam apple
sam apple 4 mesi fa
Can’t wait for Skyrim....again
Karim El Dimashki
I actually really liked the ps5 console leak that looked really retro
James Zezulinski
They wanted to add extra weight to the controllers so when you throw them, they cause more damage resulting in more spending later on.
Oscar Aguilar
Oscar Aguilar 4 mesi fa
Medievil and medievil 2 on ps5. Free to download full game to play
Eugene Booth
Eugene Booth 4 mesi fa
Maaannn really
OneBigMeatball 4 mesi fa
Oh man I cant wait to get the rumble pack
OneBigMeatball 4 mesi fa
I hope it doesnt look like the one in the thumbnail
Tyomyc 4 mesi fa
I am predicts 🔮: After PS5, GTA 6 will appear.
Cathy Friend
Cathy Friend 4 mesi fa
Guess what I'm getting for Christmas😁
Dragunovskii 4 mesi fa
Looks like i can finally afford the ps1
H B 4 mesi fa
How much will they cost???? $400 or 500..
Cheshy_boi 4 mesi fa
Bruh it will be so hard to switch my console
Cheshy_boi 4 mesi fa
Now I’m gonna have to try and not call it ps4 5
Pandora Phantom666
I hate buying a new playsation and I'll be happy a new controller
NOVA LEY 4 mesi fa
I always turn off the vibration
LiangHuBBB 4 mesi fa
can ps5 run ps4 games?
KRISSX 4 mesi fa
Is it gonna be backwards compatible for reals tho!!! I got MVC 2 for ps2 to play !!!! Whoo hoo
Jeramy Grajiola
Jeramy Grajiola 4 mesi fa
Just signed up for the preorder
Recycle Bin
Recycle Bin 4 mesi fa
haptic feedback are tiny rumble motors lol
nyo29 5 mesi fa
They need to bring up a XL controller, i'm tired of these finger cramps... lol
Van Darkholme
Van Darkholme 5 mesi fa
I hope the real version looks more modest
Kosta Mickov
Kosta Mickov 5 mesi fa
When is release date
Ferrdg 5 mesi fa
Why in the demo videos its always someone riding a horse
Mr Murdock2u
Mr Murdock2u 5 mesi fa
Playstation just fucked up with me The only reason I kept getting a PlayStation because they never change the joystick I like the joystick now I'm considering on getting an Xbox
Dylan Prince
Dylan Prince 5 mesi fa
Laylow deal
Laylow deal 5 mesi fa
New midnight club
Eliazer Modz
Eliazer Modz 5 mesi fa
PlayStation or Xbox
Nehh Ver
Nehh Ver 5 mesi fa
Xbox: Starts spitting out random consoles with little upgrades PlayStation: Works on next console for multiple years and gets tons of improvements and upgrades *Xbox quivers in their shoes*
Matt K
Matt K 5 mesi fa
It's still the same amount of consoles haha
Nehh Ver
Nehh Ver 5 mesi fa
Matt K I'm an about making a simple joke, and if Xbox had a management change then it's still Xbox no matter what.
Matt K
Matt K 5 mesi fa
@Nehh Ver unfortunately that was due to a change in microsoft. After the original xbox one was released the guy left the company (most likely forced out) then phill Spencer came on board and released the consoles that should have been released from day one. So yes they released one extra console at the beginning but not sure how that's spitting out tones of consoles as sony has had 3. Ps4(original), ps4 slim & ps4 pro. So it's the same amount? Also if your referring to the PS5 & Series X then they have both developed a console for a while that is going to be next gen. Not really sure what your on about.
Nehh Ver
Nehh Ver 5 mesi fa
Matt K I was talking about the Ps5, the PS4 Pro was made for the users that wanted better graphics and their TVs could handle it. I said the Xbox was spitting out tons of consoles because they kept calling their consoles different names such as the Xbox 1, Xbox 1X, and the Xbox 1S, while the PS4 only made the PS4 Pro. But in the end I still was only talking about the PS5, and if anything, Xbox would be the one quivering due to the PlayStation's lead in sales, exclusives, and new upgrade, the PS5
Matt K
Matt K 5 mesi fa
If you call the Ps4 Pro a big improvement then you got those captions round the wrong way. They rushed the sandwich pro and xbox came out with the One X a year later which surpassed the pro by a lot.
Edward Davis
Edward Davis 5 mesi fa
I need a new Metal Gear on the PS5 or Ace Combat. If you're going to do it. Do it big!!
Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn 5 mesi fa
How much ? Pounds / sterling .
SERAJ AHMED 5 mesi fa
darkside1473jd 5 mesi fa
Hopefully you're able to download the PS 1 2 3 and 4 games to the five
xx_Shock _xx
xx_Shock _xx 5 mesi fa
I hope It gets the same amount of hype the PS2 got
sherwin logan
sherwin logan 5 mesi fa
Blue point: remaster MW2
Drew Jackman
Drew Jackman 5 mesi fa
I'm sorry but why are there no comments about how fugly this console is
Michael Littler
Michael Littler 5 mesi fa
A pull out fan would be amazing
Ken Lim
Ken Lim 5 mesi fa
I Want It NOW!!!
Yeet 5 mesi fa
My uncle works for Sony and it is coming before December 2020
Royal_Mav 5 mesi fa
i m saving up for the ps5 now i currently have $120 :/ but i will try to get a summer job
plot vibes
plot vibes 5 mesi fa
I'm still waiting for the ps5 comes out so the price on the ps4 could go down and i can finally afford the ps3 jesus bud!!
*Content Deleted*
0:15 ngl that play station looks sexy
Rakeeb Yusuf
Rakeeb Yusuf 5 mesi fa
So I shouldn’t buy a New ps4
stanley oleyte
stanley oleyte 5 mesi fa
Finally I can soon jump ship from Xbox to ps5 Xbox literally has no gamez
Chris C
Chris C 5 mesi fa
Should I keep the ps4 or save for the ps5
Tangowhiskey3a8 5 mesi fa
Let me guess the reason to why they are holding it off all the way until it’s November because they want to make sure there is no problems trust guys this is one of the reason to why it’s coming out in holiday 2020
Lima Honkai player_Lv79
I have a PS4:P
Robert Kamminga
Robert Kamminga 5 mesi fa
This means this will be the end of the p s 4 the players joke...
lenny juice
lenny juice 5 mesi fa
Meanwhile I still have a ps3
Michael Gamings
Michael Gamings 5 mesi fa
PS 1 will free 😂
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