Puppy Meets Wolf!

Joey Graceffa
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The day is finally here! After almost 2 months some of the puppies meet my dog Wolf for the first time!!
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20 ott 2019




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Commenti 4 584
Joey Graceffa
Joey Graceffa 7 mesi fa
Should I introduce the rest of the puppies to wolf on vlog channel?
Gavin davis
Gavin davis 5 mesi fa
Carly Wieslander
Best part of this entire channel:::: JOEY’S IMPRESSION OF EACH OF THE DOGS/PUPS!!! Toooo funny!!!
Puglover54rules Puglover54rules
The puppy’s got so big
Tatia's Travels!
Joey Graceffa please keep pink
Abigaga does gaming
Joey Graceffa yes
Julia Jaguszewski
Red and joey Bonding 😊😊😊😊😊😊
um no
um no 5 giorni fa
9:20 get a knife? h m
Kiruramitsu 5 giorni fa
Such a wonderful husky puppy kingdom
giuseppe ferrara
giuseppe ferrara 9 giorni fa
You are a bisex, OH MY GOD.
Sabina Yasmin
Sabina Yasmin 10 giorni fa
Why are ur nails painted 😂
Alex the wolf
Alex the wolf 10 giorni fa
there adorable i want to smother all of them with love
fun-sized-bish 24
fun-sized-bish 24 11 giorni fa
wait...whos the dad? XD
Sheyla Serrano Cambronero
Naomi Odoi
Naomi Odoi 15 giorni fa
This isnt a friggin wolf its a husky. I think he feels disrespected
TheMaskKid 15 giorni fa
Wait wait wait you have nail polish on 🤢🤮
vk venkatesan
vk venkatesan 15 giorni fa
Wolf. The pups are fresh meat 🥩 Joey. They Are not fresh meat 🥩 Wolf. They are fresh meat 🥩 for me Joey . Oh wolf always thinking of food I I I I I 👇🏻 for those who agree
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 15 giorni fa
Ha Gayeeeeeee
Warren Crowther
Warren Crowther 17 giorni fa
Love your videos
blessings worship
blessings worship 18 giorni fa
Angela Reeves
Angela Reeves 18 giorni fa
Love your. Show. Love. The animals
The wolf’s was just tasting the guy
off forever
off forever 21 giorno fa
their so cute
Tess Salisbury
Tess Salisbury 23 giorni fa
Awwwww they are so cute!
New Chees
New Chees 24 giorni fa
phudi de kusary 😍😍
Colton Yonesferguson
Teal be like nope not jumping
Caitlynn Wehr
Caitlynn Wehr 26 giorni fa
Make a videdo that you swich livs with a dog
shiba inu
shiba inu 27 giorni fa
Proč mají zavřeno uvažuješ
shiba inu
shiba inu 27 giorni fa
Proč máš nalakované nehty🤔😐
Amy Sturgill
Amy Sturgill 27 giorni fa
It's so so funny
So many puppy’s 🐶🐶🐶🐶📱📱📱📱📱
Justin V
Justin V Mese fa
“A few dogs and a fruit”
hall hilla
hall hilla Mese fa
I think wolfie and green would've gotten along
Sahan Warnakulasuriya
the owner sounds like a fruit cake 🍰 but a cool video. Lol
liliana anderson
Wolfy's eyes are so beautiful~ 😍😭💓
M P Mese fa
Wait , baby dog=puppy A wolf baby= a cub Sooo are they dogs or wolves
Danny Ramirez
You guys have a pet dragon show me that video next time
Mags Loves horses
IZZYBe3 Chanel
If Wolf the dad then why wasn’t he there when the mom gave birth
hall hilla
hall hilla Mese fa
Wolfie isnt the dad it was a random dog at larks daycare
Rheanna Jordan
Giulia Mese fa
wolfie being attitude for 20 minutes
XxDire WolfiexX
Never wear shorts around excited puppies
Spurs Mese fa
Wolf are not pets
Doom cat girl 123
Can u look at my vids please
Painter's brush 16
After all these months I'm still in love with Green 😭🥰
Stephen Honaker
i think you should put wolfy lark and storm on puppy craft
Linda Raney
Linda Raney Mese fa
yes you should
How much it cost when you buy hybrid wolf and husky wolf
Btw the pups are SO CUUUUuuuUuuUUUuuTE
zuru gacha studios
😣i forgot that you had a wolf XD
Jade Grant
Jade Grant Mese fa
joey when you saw lurck(sorry if i spelled her name worng) biting pink she was trying to pick up pink many dogs do that to there pups
Mykah Hall
Mykah Hall Mese fa
i love wolves thx for wolf and puppy meeting XD
Aexthetic Akarii :3
I’m am jealous of the wolf’s eye bcs it’s diff color!! And I liked it
Jnn Mllr
Jnn Mllr 2 mesi fa
your dogs are cute
깜쥬와나나 -black and white
Tengku Mohd Shahrizan
so cute can i have
The wonder squade
Joey) say hi wolfie Wolfie ) say hi wolfie Joey)...
Emmas World
Emmas World 2 mesi fa
Wolf seems like such a good well behaved dog
Đạt Nguyên
Đạt Nguyên 2 mesi fa
Are you kill matpat ?
Azul Nandin
Azul Nandin 2 mesi fa
Help the puppy
Samantha Munoz
Samantha Munoz 2 mesi fa
How the dog dad 😕😐🐺🐶🐺🐶🐺🐶🐺🐶
Miss silly batミスシリーバット
Huskies are wolves but more friendly right?
JanielPredaceffa DanielPreda ForeverLove
Miss silly batミスシリーバット no
Kaybear YT8
Kaybear YT8 2 mesi fa
The other boy puppies are overprotective of pink lol 😂
Gacha Wolfie
Gacha Wolfie 2 mesi fa
Joey u should breed Wolfie and Lark they would make BEAUTIFUL puppies. If they can breed.
no no
no no 2 mesi fa
What pups did u pick?? I hope you did pink and teal😊😊😊😁😁😁😁
Brittany Vasquez
ClaryFlynn98 2 mesi fa
They were so small 😭
The Lemonade
The Lemonade 2 mesi fa
It has heterochromia! *-*
Jocelyn Colina
Jocelyn Colina 2 mesi fa
Cute give me 1
Me Mr.Misfit
Me Mr.Misfit 2 mesi fa
Ashleigh lyons!!!!!
Me Mr.Misfit
Me Mr.Misfit 2 mesi fa
i like you puppy
Alyssa Leigh
Alyssa Leigh 2 mesi fa
I'm so happy that Joey has always done the same voice for wolf💕
Marybeth Santiago
I love you Joey!! Im an 60 year old woman and love this channel! you are so much fun! Thanks!
LadyK1903 2 mesi fa
Puppieeeeees! I wanna love them and cuddle them and never let them go and never let them grow....I don't care if it's not possible 😀😍😍😍😍
ShaGab Forever
ShaGab Forever 2 mesi fa
Pls shoutout guys
ShaGab Forever
ShaGab Forever 2 mesi fa
Oh cute puppy
Tommy Moore
Tommy Moore 2 mesi fa
My kitten protected me from my nasty mean cat today and I’m on my dads account so ....
Bevan Williams
Bevan Williams 2 mesi fa
That's not a wolf it's a dog
chae 2 mesi fa
hes a wolfdog not a wolf
ica 2 mesi fa
You were really doing a great job by letting them together and given all attention so no one gets jealous your a awesome owner
Denver Dela cruz
Cyut 😄😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😀😀🐶
Shivansh Gade
Shivansh Gade 3 mesi fa
That iant wolf... Its a Siberian husky
TheDiamondWolf 3 mesi fa
Are they wolfs or huskys??
JanielPredaceffa DanielPreda ForeverLove
TheDiamondWolf huskies you can’t have a wolf as a pet
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