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Hey Everybody!
I filmed this in a rush as I was packing & organizing, so I may seem a little stressed!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more! xoxo
Jaclynhill -----
Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on ITvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.

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Commenti 2 562
lulucci 2 mesi fa
"I am not a salesperson" 😂😂😂😂😂
333EEE333 3 mesi fa
I only want to sell you what you want... like moldy lipsticks stored in rat infested warehouse ?
lyn nikki
lyn nikki 7 mesi fa
When people say Jaclyn isn’t the same, come back and watch this video. She’s just more comfortable in her skin, and we should all be okay with that. I still see the same woman.
Whitney Budgets
Whitney Budgets 8 mesi fa
Need a new Jaclyn videoooo BUT until then, I’ll go back to the oldiessss.
The Mitchell
The Mitchell 10 mesi fa
You should do a video with these same questions and see if your answers are the same!!! ❤️
JacVaz Anno fa
Tanner Phillipp
Whose watching in 2018? You've grown so much Jaclyn I'm so proud of you and what you've accomplished in your life. Your such an inspiration. Love you boo #Hillster4life
Arshad Mahmood
Awww so sweet
愛JB Anno fa
brianna ramirez
To this day nov6 2017 will you do people’s makeup for events
Isabel Ramirez
Isabel Ramirez 2 anni fa
she used to be way more beautiful with out all them fillers. such a shame now she looks all swollen
That Jamerican Kidd
Love that strawberry makeup ❤️
sade laniyan
sade laniyan 2 anni fa
I really enjoy the personal stories..... such inspiration. thank you :)
Hannah Clunk
Hannah Clunk 2 anni fa
I love you Jaclyn omg 😭😍
Harlie DeRosa
Harlie DeRosa 2 anni fa
Jaclyn is not just beautiful on the outside but her inside as well I love how humble she is. On the first video I watched of Jaclyn's it was a Q&A she was asked why she hasn't moved to CA. And her answer was so genuine I loved that she didn't want to leave her family. I love you Jaclyn!!!
Daniela Castro
Daniela Castro 2 anni fa
can we have this in 2017?
StarkeyShadow 2 anni fa
Throw back!! Love her!
Mariah Lopez
Mariah Lopez 2 anni fa
Watching old videos and seeing how far you have come in your professional and personal life is such an inspiration! I love you💘
Lorilee Coffey
Lorilee Coffey 2 anni fa
how were you a cheerleader if you were homeschooled? love you make up!
Taylor Barnes
Taylor Barnes 2 anni fa
Lorilee Coffey cheerleading is actually more popular outside of high school there are thousands of competitive teams around the world!
Jocelin lavin
Jocelin lavin 2 anni fa
when you mentioned human trafficking I teared up... and at that moment I fell in love with your personality and heart
Kim me T
Kim me T 2 anni fa
Wish you would do a Q&A on make up and tips around makeup
Kayla Chaisson
Kayla Chaisson 3 anni fa
Anyone else just watched her snap about meeting the detective who deals with human trafficking? And she says on here that it's her passion.
Niharika Lokhande
You travelling the world to give free hugs was very inspiring and touching to hear. Keep it up!
Niharika Lokhande
Ohmygod!! I'm from India!! When did you come here? Any chance you gonna be coming to Mumbai soon??
allielongsdorf 3 anni fa
YAAAASS Tom Delonge and blink-182 in general!! :)
Denisse G
Denisse G 3 anni fa
what is your hair color?!!
Mary Gomez
Mary Gomez 3 anni fa
shes amazing
the Chishire cat
I am amazed by your talent. every night I watch your videos. i am not a makeup artist (literally don't have all the brushes needed) but i Really love the things you've done. You're funny, i don't have issues or anything that against your work. @Jaclyn Hill From: Jacque (Philippines)
Nicolette Choi
Nicolette Choi 3 anni fa
I can not believe I have not seen this video yet! If I didn't already love you enough before...I adore you so much more now! I am an advocate for Compassion Int'l and I LOVE the A21 campaign. I would sit in front of the computer for hours just crying over the pain that people go through. It reminds me that no matter what I am going through in life, I am still so VERY blessed! Also, I love this look on you. But lets get real, I love every look on you...so. Yeah. You are stunning! Farm girl, LOVE it! I wish I lived on a farm!! I just wanted to say thank you again for being such an awesome inspiration in so many ways! XO
Michelle Sinclair
Watching this video today I noticed how much your confidence has grown!! You've become so comfortable with your subscribers (aka family) and I absolutely love it! It's so nice to see how much you've grown as a youtuber and it's so inspiring! Love you Jaclyn keep inspiring us all❤️
Ag Neha
Ag Neha 3 anni fa
Hi Jaclyn, You are really pretttyyyyy!! I am obsessed with your channel. I actually got interested in makeup because of all your videos. I learned so much from you.. A BIG Thumbs up for all that you do. How do you do your eyebrows(pluck,wax,thread)??
Kortney La Rosa
Kortney La Rosa 3 anni fa
I'm confused
Vape Girl Review
hey girl, would you mind sharing what video editing software you use? please pretty please lol xoxo
Tiffsfam 2 anni fa
Vape Girl Review She uses Final Cut Pro.
hannahk harden
hannahk harden 3 anni fa
you're such an inspiration to me. I live in a small town in Kentucky and have been here for most of my life. I deal with very similar issues severe anxiety etc, but your positivity reminds me so much of how great life is and how blessed I am behind all of the small stuff now that seem huge. I'm defiantly not a makeup person but I'm an aspiring artist. to me, make up is defiantly another form of art just different mediums and canvas. I watch all of your videos and they're so creative!!! I love the looks you come up! I REALLLLY enjoy the chit chats and vlogs and you and your husband and defiantly stuff about you, your life, daily worries and stuff. you're a great person, with so so much love from a fellow small town girl 😭❤️❤️❤️ you do you boo 😇
PrettyD 3 anni fa
I got married at 18. We've been married for 5 years and still going strong. 🙆🏻
Nikki B
Nikki B 3 anni fa
3 years later and you're doing your second becca collab!! SO AMAZING JACLYN!
maha younis
maha younis 3 anni fa
Omg ... I really like your makeup very very much You always look beautiful
bekkydorothea 3 anni fa
You're so great, Jac! ❤️ wish we could be friends
Sarah Juden
Sarah Juden 3 anni fa
Can we please watch modern family and friends and eat Mexican food??💕😍 I swear we are soooooo similar and I love you
Katarina Ryan
Katarina Ryan 3 anni fa
That is sooo weird! My John, who I am marrying soon, proposed to me on the 4th of July as well :) after the fireworks
Kara Briane
Kara Briane 3 anni fa
Jaclyn, wondering how you filled your lip ring hole? Did you have it done by a dermatologist?
Bree Kennett
Bree Kennett 3 anni fa
Three years ago today you posted this video. I was just wondering if maybe you could make a video/ snapchat about your life behind the camera during this video. It would also be really cool if you could maybe talk more about why you and your family spent so much time in third world countries. :) Thanks, love you, so happy for your success today with Becca. I'm celebrating you in spirit!
Abi Huff
Abi Huff 3 anni fa
I love these older video just as much as the new ones. ❤️
Andrea Bosch
Andrea Bosch 3 anni fa
I've only been watching your videos for a few months now, but immediately fell in love with your infectiously positive and energetic happy personality. And after watching a couple of these kinds of videos, especially this one, I have so much respect for you as a person. I love everything you stand for and the way you handle all the unnecessary hatred makes me so happy that a person like you is in the position you're in so that you can be a role model for all kinds of people. Just watching your videos makes me want to go out there and be a good person.
Birta Rakel
Birta Rakel 3 anni fa
watching every episode of friends 50 times would take 4.250 hours! haha :D..... yes I just googled that....
Kacy Aragon
Kacy Aragon 2 anni fa
Claudia Butcher I think she meant 4,250 hours. 🤔
Claudia Butcher
Claudia Butcher 3 anni fa
This doesn't even make sense
Bonnie Ruba
Bonnie Ruba 3 anni fa
Awe Jaclyn you have came so far in your ITvid career! Deff the same person! Love ya Jaclyn❤️❤️❤️
Jiselle 3 anni fa
and you said you are going blonde next month 😍😍😍👌😄 YES MOMMA YAAAAAS
Dani 3 anni fa
Watching all your Q&As today and I can't believe how different you are here compared to now! You seem soo much more yourself and comfortable on camera now. Even your voice sounds different here. Love you Jac! 😙
Kayy 3 anni fa
Yassss light blue by Dolce Gabana. My signature scent for ever. ❤️❤️😘😘💘
Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown 3 anni fa
I just want to know where she got her shirt 😣❤
Ciara Stucki
Ciara Stucki 3 anni fa
Dying to know what lipstick you're wearing here
Nina Carpanzano
Nina Carpanzano 3 anni fa
Hi Jaclyn! You are so beautiful. I am going back and watching your video. I live in the Chicago area. I wish you would have stayed here, I have trouble with my make up! Your makeup looks so amazing. I feel like the looks that you wear but I feel like it wont look right on me because I am a little darker than you. Any tips/advice?
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor 3 anni fa
I know this is an older video but could you recreate this look? It's honestly one of my favorites I watch this over and over. Looove it, and love you! Not only so proud of the woman you've become but so proud of the person you have always been. Such an inspiration Jaclyn.
Erin Stanton
Erin Stanton 3 anni fa
I know this is an old post, however I feel I should express something. This last year has been my hardest and I've always loved makeup I was just uncomfortable with myself and my ability. Finding your ITvid channel fairly recently has truly inspired me and I really appreciate how personable you are. I'm 19 and I hope to become a makeup artist, it recently hit me that although I've always thought about it I know it's what I really would love to do. I'm not sure where to start, I suppose I'll just keep my head up and continue watching your videos. You don't know how much they help me ☺️
Jessica M
Jessica M 3 anni fa
what color and brand do you use for your RECENT Hair color??
Mark Morales
Mark Morales 3 anni fa
hv n. N ch
Gema Fdez
Gema Fdez 3 anni fa
OMG most beautiful lipstick EVER !!!
Melannie Winter
Melannie Winter 3 anni fa
I know this video is old, but a tutorial like this eye look would be appreciated!! 🐣
Muñoz Fam Life
Muñoz Fam Life 3 anni fa
Yes! I love friends and Modern Family! You're an amazing person, I'm really enjoying your videos! -Lynneth
Samantha Michelle
I've been watching since day one and you literally made me want to do make up for a living. I'm trying to start my own channel and I always felt like why? Everyone is so HD and their videos are flawless. But then I re watch your old videos and realize we all need to start somewhere, that motivates me to do it! One day Jaclyn I'll be able to meet you in person and say thank you for being my inspiration! And one day I'll be hanging out with you and manny at an Anastasia party haha hopefully. Love you.
Krystal Pineapple
+Samie Michelle I am right there with you! Just came across this vid trying to see what type of camera she started with. :)
Samantha Michelle
@jaclyn hill
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