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Watch the official Music Video for “B U B B L E G U M"" by Quavo.
Directed by Daps & Quavo
Produced by Sara Lacombe
Creative Directed by Joseph Desrosiers
Stream or Download “B U B B L E G U M” Now: qualitycontrol.lnk.to/QuavoNewMusic
Listen to Culture II everywhere now: Migos.lnk.to/Culture2YD
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Buddah Bless this beat
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave
Pop, pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
[Verse 1]
Hey, you got it, drop, Ferrari ('Rari)
Hey, you got it, hoes, menagin'
Hey, you got it, woah, your wallet (woah)
Two falcon fifties back to back on autopilot (woah)
Jumped on her phone and put them bands on her
Everywhere we go we see some fans for her
The plug pulled up on me wanna convo with us
Had to triumph, finesse or gon' buy 'em
Hey, you got it, trust the process (process)
Hey, you got it, whip it, hibachi (hibachi)
Hey, you got it, probably goin' through college (college)
I'm tryna figure out the best way to feed your wallet (yeah, yeah)
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (yeah, yeah)
[Verse 2]
Hey, you got it, still got it poppin' (poppin')
Hey, you got it, freeze on the diamonds (freeze)
Hey, you got it, probably got somebody (body)
That won't sacrifice it (no)
That don't satisfy you, yeah, yeah
I let her park the Benz, yeah (skr skrt)
Drop one off then go shop with friends, yeah (shop)
This the type of life we live, yeah (can't stop)
Million dollar type of M's, yeah, yeah
Put her in the light and watch her eyes glow up (glow)
Locked in tight, she like the vibe on us (oh)
When she check the gram watch her likes go up (woah)
Woah, watch her likes go up (woah)
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (yeah, yeah)
Music video by Quavo performing B U B B L E G U M. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc



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10 ott 2018

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Commenti 12 642
Alin Bogdan
Alin Bogdan 46 minuti fa
2018 music what the hell went wrong ?
candy dave
candy dave 49 minuti fa
shit rap
team MJ
team MJ Ora fa
Those are all the thots who braids his hair
thundacat hoe
2strainz.myctfocbd.com / cbd
gaara kun
gaara kun Ora fa
Best rapper in the world. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍
Elarios Drakontaidis
Why does this song remind me of butterfly effect
Corisa Yong
Corisa Yong 4 ore fa
Too much auto tune
Arturo E.
Arturo E. 5 ore fa
Beat goes hard af
Johns vlog ZD TV
Can somebody please send me a link to that jumpsuit I wanna buy one and send it to my Instagram named John_california_savage
mv c
mv c 6 ore fa
Dope video
Niall Lennon
Niall Lennon 6 ore fa
All his songs sound the same because he has the same voice 🗣lit song btw
Deogen 7 ore fa
This is horrible
AlmightyMaiiya MY MY
Draya was 🔥🔥🔥 asf
IronThug999 8 ore fa
The first time i heard this, i was eating hubba bubba. Anyways nigga, this music is dope af.
Tyuanna Brown
Tyuanna Brown 8 ore fa
Love you Quavo💪🏾💪🏾
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 8 ore fa
This that illuminati shit
Zidane Cameron
Quavo fuck off include offset and takeoff you sound without them
Nine Diamond
Nine Diamond 10 ore fa
I thought he said pop bubblegum while she don't do her weave 🤦🏾‍♀️
la_rosita_obs 10 ore fa
Songs now these days are being over produced with auto tune and shit.
Cash Money
Cash Money 10 ore fa
R. T.
R. T. 11 ore fa
Bruh lost all his lyricism after 2016
Gael Bivanga
Gael Bivanga 12 ore fa
Sick 💯💯💯
Jessi lara
Jessi lara 12 ore fa
This beat drop harder than my grandma in the shower
lil.Ulysse J.R
lil.Ulysse J.R 12 ore fa
i do a rap come see
greywolf 18
greywolf 18 12 ore fa
3 things happened today 1. My friend said he liked this song 2. My friends got hit by a bus 3. I lost my bus driving licence
Prishantha Thambaran
smashed that repeat button
Yahlandah Saunders
PoP͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Black Man
Black Man 13 ore fa
Quavo : I can do it by my self Me: u nothin without ur niggas Ofset an takeof.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 14 ore fa
lately quavo is making beautiful songs
The SALT is Real! Haters never congratulate
sagittarius queen
Queen Darya Rashid 11
I like it 🙊🙉🙈💯🔥 that's nice !!!
hard gamer
hard gamer 16 ore fa
Lil Peep god
hard gamer
hard gamer 16 ore fa
Filho da puta
hard gamer
hard gamer 16 ore fa
hard gamer
hard gamer 16 ore fa
Filho da puta
Monarch Monarch
Monarch Monarch 16 ore fa
wtf is this
Ray ray ray
Ray ray ray 16 ore fa
Quavo should make his own channel
Sureece Jeffers
Sureece Jeffers 16 ore fa
Instafamous ppl I see!
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Color 17 ore fa
Quavo trying to show y’all the wrld is about to end and all y’all Is worrying about is his lyrics🤯 🤦‍♀️
Ahmed Mohamadin
Ahmed Mohamadin 17 ore fa
I’m fuking addicted to this song 😂
Bdbd Bsbd
Bdbd Bsbd 17 ore fa
RighteouSinner 17 ore fa
I feel like Quavo always been the one that people enjoyed the most.. It don't surprise me seeing him take lead and come out with his singles. I respect the grind though! Migos really put in that work to get themselves to such a level where they made their own wave. They inspired me to keep working on my own Music. Just goes to show that anything is possible when you work hard and never give up!
Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva 18 ore fa
alien MIB cafe
Pedrito Sugar
Pedrito Sugar 19 ore fa
damn.. like this song.. and the main chick too, she's hot
madani makki
madani makki 19 ore fa
bIueprint 20 ore fa
is that draya fine ass she could get the dick for breakfast the dick for lunch and the dick for dinner biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhh
Trap LyRiCs
Trap LyRiCs 20 ore fa
itvid.net/video/video-bnf2AM0H8Ro.html Click in this link see the lyrics
The Warriorz
The Warriorz 21 ora fa
QUAVO HUNCO is batter
Bálint Tószegi
Autotune 4 life
Денис володарский
fucking retard
Serge Ariel
Serge Ariel 21 ora fa
Yawn. Same song same sounds. What’s the point of solo if you still do migos. He literally repeated the same verses 4 times. Rap is fucking dead.
Omentro 21 ora fa
Now its offset or takeoff turn to drop an album
Sir Bob
Sir Bob 21 ora fa
Put it on 1.25 speed its fire
Rafael de Jesus
Rafael de Jesus 21 ora fa
" CULRURE II " my favorite album
Haakim Lyon
Haakim Lyon 22 ore fa
That good
k3le_0ny 22 ore fa
Why the girl look a little like Ben Simmons?
Yvng Jarvis
Yvng Jarvis 23 ore fa
This catchy asf😈
Piyush Arora
Piyush Arora Giorno fa
Song is kinda lit🤘
Lucy Florin
Lucy Florin Giorno fa
Who Else listens to the music and reads the comments? Don’t lie
Rokahiya Mitchell
This guy been going off by hisself lately 🔥🔥🔥
stick fight warriors 35
That gal ✌️
laughdaily Giorno fa
andy jack parker robbinson
Help me, name of the model? Ayudenme nombre de la modelo?
Matt's rolling stone baker
L lit fick with me quavo song hard asf
Ebony Renee Martin
He should've stayed with the others for all songs. No sir
ZKOREYX ofc*_ Giorno fa
B U B L E E G U M🤓
ZKOREYX ofc*_ Giorno fa
quavo god ,_, Brs??
Rom Anjel
Rom Anjel Giorno fa
I prefer when its migos not quavo
LAsQtst and you know this
Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD
This song is lit
Beast Awaken101
Beast Awaken101 Giorno fa
Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD Not even lmao
T'Niyah Pates
T'Niyah Pates Giorno fa
HEY. You got it! Trust the process.
RAW FAME Giorno fa
Draya 👌
Z6ne23 vee
Z6ne23 vee Giorno fa
I don't know about the lyrics....but the beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michael Sommerville
All these c bitches in here are thick as hell
Michael Sommerville
This shit be banging pop bubble gum
Dilan Denis
Dilan Denis Giorno fa
I was chewing gum to
Victoria Gilmore
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥 B U B B L E G U M
Tylek Butts
Tylek Butts Giorno fa
This song is missing nicki ...🤷‍♂️
Akshat Giorno fa
go all the way please thats my fav song from your album 🙏
D Ellis
D Ellis Giorno fa
Quavo got some basic lyrics in his solo music. It all sounds alike. It also seems like its missing something in all the songs... Oh yeah, Offset & TakeOff 😂😂😂
el_posky_trap_ posky
Quavo is fantastic
FaneixGold Giorno fa
FAZ3R Giorno fa
AlphaShred TV
AlphaShred TV Giorno fa
*HERE BEFORE 20M* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marie Laurie
Marie Laurie Giorno fa
You just lost a fam 😣😞😒 The song and the title have nothing in common.and let me talk about this beat all the songs have the same soundtrack I just can't👀👀👋🙅
melly Kelly
melly Kelly Giorno fa
Who else was laughing when Quavo was in that dark house
Badishon Joe
Badishon Joe Giorno fa
They do
Osborne bn
Osborne bn Giorno fa
there’s no relation between the video and the song
anyran smith
anyran smith Giorno fa
Quavo just get back wit offset and takeoff cause this ain't it
Eliya Hadad
Eliya Hadad Giorno fa
Boring with a lot of auto tune
Brailen Redmond
Brailen Redmond Giorno fa
This ain't it cheif
Adamou Souleymane
My idol Migos
Nathan Clarke
Nathan Clarke Giorno fa
Are we just gonna act like he ain't try to make it look like WW3 in the intro?
Image prince
Image prince Giorno fa
hawwt daddy 🔥🔥🔥
roo.x. fizzle
roo.x. fizzle Giorno fa
I have never seen Quavo without sun glasses lol
Its Jazz
Its Jazz Giorno fa
12k dislikes and 12k comments and the comments I've been seeing are just saying that this song is shit 😒😒😒
Beast Awaken101
Beast Awaken101 Giorno fa
Its Jazz It’s because it is, most of his songs sound the same and are basic asf toppped with over load auto tune and mumble
Kimi Vettel-Könën
...A M E N ...
21 gang
21 gang Giorno fa
Atane Amen
Atane Amen Giorno fa
If you are interested in our today fixed soccer game WhatsApp or call +1 (757) 330-4269
Jeron White
Jeron White Giorno fa
Quavo stole Travis Scott style
Prossimi video
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