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Quavo Feat. Yung Miami ""Strub Tha Ground"" Lyrics

Strub tha ground (strub tha ground) x8
Pop it, don’t stop it
Shake that ass, strub tha ground
I didn’t bring my wallet
I’m a deal, strub tha ground
Took it to the top
I say swoop, strub tha ground
She put on them 40 inches
I say woo, and strub tha ground

(Quavo Verse)
Ever sit in a Lamb
Ever been on the stage or the supersonic screen
Look up baby, touch the ground
Pick up baby, that shit green
Then it turnt to the blue, then it turnt to the white
Damn near scrape the ground
Never been a strub, but I make her strub tha ground
Straight up out that norf norf
Make your bitch my stomping ground
Bitch I’m on the scoreboard, yes I up the score for now
Bitch I told you strub the ground
Then I’m coming to sweep the town
Meg Thee Stallion, them knees go down
Meg Thee Stallion, them knees go strong
Ain’t got time, can’t be here for long
Did my straightening then I’ma go on and on

Strub tha ground (strub tha ground) x8
Pop it, don’t stop it
Shake that ass, strub tha ground
I didn’t bring my wallet
I’m a deal, strub tha ground
Took it to the top
I say swoop, strub tha ground
She put on them 40 inches
I say woo, and strub tha ground

(Yung Miami)
Petty as hell and perfect
This pussy for sale ain’t worth it
Saw that bitch talking online
Caught her in person, she begging for mercy
Wrapping my legs on the back of his neck
And my feet by the name on the jersey
Got me a condo in Jersey
He wanted to lease it, but I made him purchase
Strub tha ground, for them bands, I want ‘em now
Thotiana, my baguettes said buss it down
My old n****s can’t fuck with me
I need 100k for a shopping spree
Fuckn***a why you callin’ me
I need a brand new whip for apology
Shake that ass, throw that cash, watch me throw it back
This that WAP, pussy fat, don’t be coming fast

Strub tha ground (strub tha ground) x8
Pop it, don’t stop it
Shake that ass, strub tha ground
I didn’t bring my wallet
I’m a deal, strub tha ground
Took it to the top
I say swoop, strub tha ground
She put on them 40 inches
I say woo, and strub tha ground

Music video by Quavo, Yung Miami performing Strub Tha Ground. Quality Control Music/Motown Records; © 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.






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Little Flower
Little Flower 5 ore fa
They damn sure didn’t promote this enough
Little Flower
Little Flower 5 ore fa
This man holding her ponytail just funny as shit
Melani Eakes
Melani Eakes 11 ore fa
Godwin Nwaobasi
Godwin Nwaobasi 15 ore fa
Wow a whole month and no dislike, this is like the only music video to have this record..
Heather Giorno fa
This straight Fireee bout to Bop it Summer 2022🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💅👑💵💵💵
Towonda Grant
Towonda Grant Giorno fa
Scrub the ground🥰😍
Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods Giorno fa
Isn’t that a snake
BUUYETTI Giorno fa
Neacy Giorno fa
Can we get megan on this remix please
Natsu Giorno fa
Lana del rey said she loves you so I love you too
Kenny McBair
Kenny McBair 2 giorni fa
🦦Deja 👅Vu 👀
Rico Kendrick
Rico Kendrick 2 giorni fa
Dope collabo
charlita25 2 giorni fa
This video gives me inspiration to my body together 💃🏽
King Asa
King Asa 2 giorni fa
Jacksonville born and raised Duvalllllll County and I approve this message....
Lauren Kidd
Lauren Kidd 2 giorni fa
Get it @Miami.
music Game
music Game 2 giorni fa
music Game
music Game 2 giorni fa
B R I 2 giorni fa
Young Miami can’t rap to save her life😭
Sita N
Sita N 2 giorni fa
Huncho 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Team Toney
Team Toney 2 giorni fa
Vanessa Tube official
Rooster Rhody
Rooster Rhody 3 giorni fa
3 JL's W 8's running on Odd Numbers With 2 18 Ev's this rgt Heer B.a.s.s is $weet NastyY..
Tieishier White
Tieishier White 3 giorni fa
It’s the bald headed blonde for me
Mrs.Vernon 4 giorni fa
Miami understood the assignment!!!
Andrea Burrell
Andrea Burrell 4 giorni fa
KANDYLAND 4 giorni fa
All that twerking is tired I'm not feeling it 🤭
Baby Face
Baby Face 4 giorni fa
He took it back to the freaknic days in Atlanta Ga it started in 1983 and ended on 1999 it started as a spring break picnic etc etc
Six Cents
Six Cents 4 giorni fa
Is it scrub the ground or strub the ground I'm confused???
Leroy Worsley
Leroy Worsley 4 giorni fa
Young Miami is Hot!!!!
Joshua Chandler
Joshua Chandler 5 giorni fa
Alicia Waites
Alicia Waites 5 giorni fa
Gina D
Gina D 5 giorni fa
Abran Adams
Abran Adams 5 giorni fa
Breon Smith
Breon Smith 5 giorni fa
alberto guedes
alberto guedes 5 giorni fa
Samere Smith
Samere Smith 5 giorni fa
Love the bitty
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno 5 giorni fa
y esas mierdas de uñas? x'D
DrStreamx 5 giorni fa
Beat is fire
Future_Teknokrat 5 giorni fa
One plastic chick in the video and it's the guest artist.....lol....but she still kinda tight
brandt smith
brandt smith 6 giorni fa
Miami sounds better always room for improvement she rap for a reason
I'm subscribing to anyone who subbs me
Before 2022 let's see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece 🖤 this track is so addictive.🌹🌹🌹
Artistry T
Artistry T 6 giorni fa
Darrell Booker
Darrell Booker 6 giorni fa
Then bitces phat
Stanford Willis
Stanford Willis 6 giorni fa
Miami 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 think I got a crush
Rora 6 giorni fa
This what you guys like, disappointing
Patrice Austin
Patrice Austin 6 giorni fa
I didn't finish it
William Green
William Green 7 giorni fa
Don't fu@k wth a Southern classic song, what y'all did sounded like the Alphabet itvid.net/video/video-aEIGBPyz9EA.html
Tasheem Christian
Tasheem Christian 7 giorni fa
She def got better but still need more but quavo fucking traaash dis nikka ain’t say nothing like wtf
Bigwyske G
Bigwyske G 7 giorni fa
Texas girls uh kill that video seriously
John Ha’san
John Ha’san 7 giorni fa
Still a bop
T A 7 giorni fa
How old are the people listening and watching this? What's the average age? The grammar is very simple and the message is non existant.
Lexi Myhand
Lexi Myhand 7 giorni fa
This that Trina energy WE NEED MORE OF! 🔥
famous Personality
famous Personality 7 giorni fa
Miami PeriodT
Ayush 7 giorni fa
Fatimah Gadson
Fatimah Gadson 8 giorni fa
Did she say, “the puxxy for sale, it’s worth it”????????
The Warrior
The Warrior 8 giorni fa
Smh. Our people
theeco Dna Plus
theeco Dna Plus 8 giorni fa
The return of the freaknik they ain't never going to happen too much b******* going on
Monkey 8 giorni fa
Safe to say this isn’t kid friendly 🥱
Montero Kirilenko
Montero Kirilenko 8 giorni fa
I like Yung Miami. Here voice is so unique!
Rob Tor
Rob Tor 9 giorni fa
Does anybody know what kind of sunglasses quavo is wearing
Mosloomy lyrics
Mosloomy lyrics 9 giorni fa
Lucas Pereira dos santos
23:20 27/11/2021 Brasil 💥⚡⚡🇧🇷🇧🇷🙅🏽‍♂️🚀
Tyrese Brinson
Tyrese Brinson 9 giorni fa
They weren’t born when we had This. But they nailed the assignment.
Adam Young
Adam Young 9 giorni fa
PETTY BAE 9 giorni fa
I love this song
Anjelique Braxton
Anjelique Braxton 9 giorni fa
Remixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRINA AND TRICK DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allan 9 giorni fa
Love the bars and cakes in this song bro
Termaine Iriarte
Termaine Iriarte 9 giorni fa
Real shit he's one that never miss since day one
Naveah Youtube Channel Grannie Haggerty
This song a whole vibe 😏💃🏾
Liiq Mariie
Liiq Mariie 9 giorni fa
Zeid Dambo
Zeid Dambo 9 giorni fa
Apryl Vaughn
Apryl Vaughn 9 giorni fa
Let me just say Bravo 2 Mr. Quavo !!! And Miss Beautiful Yung Miami .y'all did a bad thee f**k ass remake of a old school classic right here !!! I remember my sis putting me up on Scrub the ground - good memories.r.i.p. sis Alyssa 143 4ever
charlita25 10 giorni fa
Miami or Careesha is gorgeous 🤩
Okaydee Muzik
Okaydee Muzik 10 giorni fa
Scroll tha gram
mary belle
mary belle 10 giorni fa
This cool fr
Redz KissMe
Redz KissMe 10 giorni fa
Let’s Goooooo 📝📝📝📝 🧽
Mark Talbert
Mark Talbert 10 giorni fa
Still sounds like trash but she is patient ass he'll.
Tricklarock 10 giorni fa
Every aspect of this is hot garbage.
LAGU DARI PAPUA 10 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-D3nuEbJpSGY.html itvid.net/video/video-D3nuEbJpSGY.html
Quade Vellacott
Quade Vellacott 10 giorni fa
We all know or should that he wants to make strub a new popular saying that ain't working
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 10 giorni fa
Adam & Eve 🌎
Adam & Eve 🌎 10 giorni fa
She killed this sh** & Giving me Player Club Vibes & Ronnie & Trix . Yeah Yung Miami & Did it by herself. She ain’t need her Homegirl 🎉🎉🎉💯
it's Crazy-x6
it's Crazy-x6 10 giorni fa
fuck what "thee stallion thing😒" saays i love yung miami🤤😍
Dj Vick nice aka callofduty zombie master, mancave
My new mix. I will blend this with drake way too sexi 💪
Christina 10 giorni fa
You are the boss, but I am the leader... itvid.net/video/video-x9MP3IlcCqo.html
Dominique Curry
Dominique Curry 10 giorni fa
The only reason to watch this video it’s because of young Miami that bitch went to work
Maureen Katiku
Maureen Katiku 11 giorni fa
Lit 🔥 🔥
Alannah Sisco
Alannah Sisco 11 giorni fa
Alannah Sisco
Alannah Sisco 11 giorni fa
Alannah Sisco
Alannah Sisco 11 giorni fa
Alannah Sisco
Alannah Sisco 11 giorni fa
Alannah Sisco
Alannah Sisco 11 giorni fa
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner 10 giorni fa
Starts wt a Plus then one with four definitely zero with two and five then two with zero lastly a seven then one of course nine and finally three. Send us a text, might be a lucky one
Alannah Sisco
Alannah Sisco 11 giorni fa
Ghost9419 11 giorni fa
2:27 😍🤩
BobuYEGA 11 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-diqdS2J_oag.html Best follow up
ptownbrown 11 giorni fa
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