Race Highlights | 2021 Monaco Grand Prix

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F1's most famous race returned with emotion from lights out to the chequered flag; check out highlights from Monaco!

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23 mag 2021




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Commenti 7 867
estbecks 3 giorni fa
2:54 this is were Red Bull pit stops were jinxed
Vijay Shelke
Vijay Shelke 15 giorni fa
Same thing happened in 2012 Sebastian Vettel wins for Redbull Fernando Alonso gets 2nd place for Ferrari Jenson Button for McLaren
Pablo 16 giorni fa
"Bottas isnt unlucky"
Charly M.77
Charly M.77 16 giorni fa
Vamos 💪Max sii wins 👍👌🏎👊
Marjan B
Marjan B 17 giorni fa
Max really agressive, shut up
Guido Guido
Guido Guido 19 giorni fa
Rewatching this, yes, this is a bad track to race on…
Ralph Knuever
Ralph Knuever 21 giorno fa
Gefeliciteerd met 6 miljoen
F.R.Y 22 giorni fa
Until now lewis antics here is still exaggerate :). But who cares about it
Formula Ultra Official Motorsport
At least in the highlights they showed the entire battle between Seb and Gasly
F.R.Y 25 giorni fa
Tbh i was exciting for this until leclerc didnt start and whole excitenment were ruined
SPAWN X 25 giorni fa
Leclerc was my favourite driver And he didn’t even start my fav race on the calendar now that’s Sadness
Agz Plays
Agz Plays 29 giorni fa
I swear bottas' fastest pit stop is like 20 seconds 😭
Pablo 16 giorni fa
His luck is unbelievable
João Pedro Gonçalves
They should keep that McLaren livery
Mikhail Mania
F1 drivers are really impressive. I have problems winning in Monte Carlo in Real Racing 3.
mauladul abdullah
Monaco flag same or indonesia
Eldhose Cheladan
What happend to Lewis Hamilton ????????????????????? Now Max is the winner
The Trading Cartel
Hi Valterri, it's James
Felix Chuah
Felix Chuah Mese fa
Dissapointed for Bottas and Leclerc. Gearbox failed and unproperly wheel nut COME ON
Shankhodeep Mondal
Thsi podium is a flashback to 2011 podium I believe
Janhavi Salvi
Lando was waving at Ricardo to say thank you because he let him pass. He wasn't mocking him. Lando was a lap ahead of Ric.
Grant England
SUNy bunny
SUNy bunny Mese fa
nobody americans hearing the name buttass
Charly M.
Charly M. Mese fa
Amo GP de monaco 😉👌👍 y nice con ferrari.
Charly M.
Charly M. Mese fa
Vamos máx amo monaco 🙃😉😎👍👍👍👍👍 vamos Máx Yesss Max
Beakr Customs
Always love seeing Carlos and Lando on the podium
Jesus Garza
Jesus Garza Mese fa
me, who’s never seen an f1 race before, seeing how fast the pit stops are: 👁👄👁
Exactly 6m views
Diether Santos
F1: It's so hard to overtake in Monaco Formula E: Hold my batteries
Old friend
Old friend Mese fa
It's incredible​ how Carlos was almost never mentioned in every video. Please give this guy more credit
Muhammad Ryan Adrian Kamarudin
That pit lane is unfair bc it's corner cutting
Mese fa
Hamilton crashing. P20 to P7 Hamilton: oh sorry guys, im so trash
F.R.Y 22 giorni fa
He is great lol
JRC 29
JRC 29 Mese fa
Bottas should be given this year's Nobel peace prize, considering how peaceful he reacted to the situation, seriously the other 99.9% of the population would jump out of the car and start yelling at the operators
Luke Lyall
Luke Lyall Mese fa
Wheres lance stroll?
selenexx Mese fa
them tryna create team tension for norris and danny norris: eYoO mAte beEep bEeep (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)
Tion White
Tion White Mese fa
Who else was waiting for Mazepin to crash😂💀💀💀
Sujith muthukumarana
my best car
Billy J. Causey, Video Guy
leclerc should have done like they did in the 90s and just ran in the backup car till he was black flagged xp
DJ RISTA Mese fa
I'm confused don't they have an extra car each
unknown. userexe.
Go on and interrupt everyone, stroll
Sia Mandhaniya
Sia Mandhaniya 2 mesi fa
That McLaren was absolutely gorgeous .
RizMeg 2 mesi fa
serrena is the only williams on the podium i think atleast got the chequered flag
albert mudzingwa
Bottas being sabotaged
Magnus Moldmaker
Was there something to remember? Thought so.
Isha Shahid
Isha Shahid 2 mesi fa
It's funny how everyone would be talking if Bottas and Hamilton were in 2nd or 3rd place but non of the commentators spoke about Sainz being 2nd during the entire race.
2 mesi fa
Norris was ahead of Hamilton because someone told me that mclaren has a Mercedes engine, so their faster
C0BRA_ CLUTCH 2 mesi fa
Well that's bottas fault cause he didn't check every Wheel gun before the race.. - Toto
Josh Swain
Josh Swain 2 mesi fa
Who comes back to this to see the gulf livery
Voin Radu Cristian
Giga Chad
Giga Chad 2 mesi fa
Feel bad for Ricciardo
WRX 2 mesi fa
01:37 valteri, it's james
Kat 2 mesi fa
Verstappen is turning out to be the new champion
村形修聡 2 mesi fa
刃 鬼滅
刃 鬼滅 2 mesi fa
The ambitious double relatedly chew because roll scully trap lest a overjoyed stage. historical, poised nancy
Jeffrey du 56 ARBREIZH
X Coroleu
X Coroleu 2 mesi fa
Here after France I will watch every Max Verstappen Victory now😍😍
sepic gamer
sepic gamer 2 mesi fa
QUANG ANH LE 2 mesi fa
yes seeing hamilton in peril is my dream since 2018
Satyam Pandey
Satyam Pandey 2 mesi fa
Feeling sad for bottas, such a nice guy but bad luck
Hughesy Plays
Hughesy Plays 2 mesi fa
Japanese Friction
Charly M.
Charly M. 3 mesi fa
Csippi24 2 mesi fa
Tom Bailey
Tom Bailey 3 mesi fa
Too much yelling by that announcer !!!
Dpmaster9 Smh
Dpmaster9 Smh 3 mesi fa
You know if leclerc replaced the gearbox and took the penalty, he would’ve had a chance for some points
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 3 mesi fa
George comforting Charles at 0:15 is so wholesome This race is such a heartbreaking one for some of my favorite drivers 💔
Central Azeri
Central Azeri 3 mesi fa
Baku is way better.
El Jefe
El Jefe 3 mesi fa
Let’s go max
Yohan Jayawardana
Amazed by the way that nobody is talking about Ricciardo...
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 mesi fa
"grand piri", I just couldn't get enough!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 3 mesi fa
Driving in a wedge of. . . Max verstappen . . . . . . 😆
【Mensajes Bonitos】
--- ARE HERE ------THE TRUE FANATICS -------- FROM FORMULA 1 )))))))))))))))
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 mesi fa
"grand piri", I just couldn't get enough!
Huseynov Yasar
Huseynov Yasar 3 mesi fa
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 mesi fa
Mi 🏎️🏎️🏎️
tgasoul16 3 mesi fa
No mention to the Rick Stroll
ㅅㅂ보타스 ㅈㄴ 불쌍하네
Danko 3 mesi fa
Hamilton when finishing P1: "This is for all the kids out there..." Hamilton when finishing P7: Sits in the car, moping.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 mesi fa
Nice to see Sainz and Norris on the same podium )
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 mesi fa
with a two handed back hander.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 3 mesi fa
Shame Leclerc didnt start. Reminds me a lot to Dani Pedrosa in Misano 2012.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 mesi fa
race thrill ends here
arthur g
arthur g 3 mesi fa
On a track where driver skills matter more than the car speed and performance, Hamilton falls flat on face. Don't know why he gets the credit for all the wins when 90% job is done by the car and any half decent driver can do the same thing in that car.
chipapa0812 3 mesi fa
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 mesi fa
I Always loose the race in this track. This track to to hard...🚙
Rasmus Thomsen
Rasmus Thomsen 3 mesi fa
Why does Lewis allways whine so much? ..
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 mesi fa
the team.
Gergő Horváth
Gergő Horváth 3 mesi fa
Max is a shot the only best is Lewis Hamilton!!
eric 3 mesi fa
Driving in a wedge of. . . Max verstappen . . . . . . 😆
Marco Galione
Marco Galione 3 mesi fa
I came to see the lance Stroll même at 2:41 but they cut it
Jeison Rubio
Jeison Rubio 3 mesi fa
Verstappen and Hamilton have been going toe to toe
Jeison Rubio
Jeison Rubio 3 mesi fa
@zijuiy wttuy huh
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 mesi fa
him.waiting for him to slip up kind of attitude.He’s fathers much warmer.
KEVIN Kevin 3 mesi fa
grande boysse
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 3 mesi fa
Mi 🏎️🏎️🏎️
Jordan 3 mesi fa
seeing lewis not on the podium is so rare
Charming nowhere to hide
Nice to see Sainz and Norris on the same podium )
Nithin Chitcha
Nithin Chitcha 3 mesi fa
The racetrack itself is like a pitlane No one can overtake other unless their team does a great pit stop It's more like a pit wall and crew challenge than a race 😂😂😂😂 I guess the race thrill ends here
Charming nowhere to hide
can't wait to watch the drive to survive episode for this race
B-Bek Mallik
B-Bek Mallik 3 mesi fa
I Always loose the race in this track. This track to to hard...🚙
Henk&Nel eastwood
Hamilton...yeah well he is still the only female F1 driver that has 7 world titlles
arbor vitae
arbor vitae 3 mesi fa
neden istanbulda değil neden :(( umarim seneye bu sesi duyar bu heyecanı yaşarız beleş tepede görüşmek üzere :)
sofiene abbene
sofiene abbene 3 mesi fa
Bravoooooo vettel
David Ellis
David Ellis 3 mesi fa
Lewis could learn a thing or two about being interviewed from he’s farther, who is a lot more natural in front of the camera, Lewis always looks like the worlds against him.waiting for him to slip up kind of attitude.He’s fathers much warmer.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 mesi fa
Not gonna lie, seeing Hamilton frustrated while in the middle of the pack makes me happy
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
Yeah gutted for Charles leclerc
BIJIGUE 3 mesi fa
Nooooooo!!!! Lewis Hamilton!!!!!!
Martín Gustavo Narváez
What a Checo
Pedro Umburanas
Pedro Umburanas 3 mesi fa
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 mesi fa
Hamilton is super lucky he got team like Mercedes. They are literally working night and day so he can win.
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