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17 mar 2020




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Commenti 4 689
Gagarin523 Anno fa
Man wisp is sooo good... Even against a cheater.
tomyh5 12 giorni fa
@Askire wisp said that. but he was cheating his reaction when he was in his inv was to quick and it was very suspicious. also there was no reason for him to kill the horse. if he had kill aura though...
Shark Tonic098
Shark Tonic098 17 giorni fa
LoL yeah wisp is great
Gaming with Gurmehar
you right bruh
Hdawg Gaming
Hdawg Gaming 7 mesi fa
Realizing he's a cheater
Ki Ko
Ki Ko 7 mesi fa
super g-rex
super g-rex 8 mesi fa
Me watching wisp grind for xp when he had bottles of enchanting in his inventory
Konu 23 giorni fa
@Mavericktroyrainbow YT thats a lot
Mavericktroyrainbow YT
he only had 14 that barely anything
SiimplyKiana 29 giorni fa
Konu 3 mesi fa
@Courtney Chance there wee 14 enchantment bottles too
Jake Gourley
Jake Gourley 3 mesi fa
Lol it I'd painful to watch xD
The Last Knight
The Last Knight 10 mesi fa
Wisp spent the entire game praying for Nether Wart, then when he got them he threw them out at 8:52. GG
yei 5 mesi fa
@Tammy is “don’t remember asking” an opinion? eh…
Nick Plays
Nick Plays 5 mesi fa
@Tammy he didnt say an opinion dummy
Iris Cairns
Iris Cairns 8 mesi fa
And again when he got the brewing stand he got them and threw them out just before
Tammy 8 mesi fa
@Yaola P4 welp u can’t expect a lot from a dummy :(
Tammy 8 mesi fa
@yaola P4 I don’t remember asking ur opinion
Greekfirewater YT
“I have no pearls.” *HAS A STACK* two seconds later: “Let’s just pearl away....”
Michael Jackson Fan
Isobel is cool 😎
loool Edit:loool
Zain Koita
Zain Koita 9 mesi fa
KawaiiStarPlays 10 mesi fa
He ran out of stacks in his hotbar
Wafflez 10 mesi fa
Alternative title: Wisp Battling CaptainPeter for 18 minutes
ItsLOLJay 4 mesi fa
@Armysqueaky jeez at least he admitted it damn
Armysqueaky 4 mesi fa
@Rayyan Riyaz it's called "looking" Try it
Rayyan Riyaz
Rayyan Riyaz 5 mesi fa
@TealArrow44 how did u know?
TealArrow44 6 mesi fa
@Rayyan Riyaz bro you copy pasted someones reply without the ngl
Rayyan Riyaz
Rayyan Riyaz 6 mesi fa
it was quite embarrassing for a hacker to be quite low when he has cheats on
Ethan Zhu
Ethan Zhu Anno fa
Wisp: Farms levels Also Wisp: Has 14 Exp bottles in his inventory
Zhaklina Celaj
Richie Queally
sharky 55
sharky 55 Anno fa
3 levels tho
Cerulity Anno fa
Xacvy never because you can't just ask for subs on another person's channel
Lava Sheep
Lava Sheep Anno fa
@Xacvy toxic fortnite creeper
pIzburpnow 10 mesi fa
Alternative title: wisp doesn't know that he has a bow with power 2 in his inventory
Bruhv 8 mesi fa
MYSTICAL 8 mesi fa
Alternate title: human doesn’t realize he doesn’t have arrows
Rowan Steiner
Rowan Steiner 11 mesi fa
Wisp: combos someone and has full hearts when they have 3 “AHH IM DEAD”
I_hate_people Lol
Wisp: ugh.. music disc dont need Tommyinnit: HUH?!?
The Cat
The Cat 11 mesi fa
“If I had string he wouldn’t stand a chance” he says with cobwebs in his inventory. 😆
June 4 mesi fa
He said strength, why would he need string?
toshio 5 mesi fa
he said strength, and why would he even need string in the first place
RoNika 10 mesi fa
*facepalm* pls tell me it's a joke (firstly its "strength" secondly read the title
Bruh that guy was hacking he had the following: Reach, aimbot, and kill aura (He had kill aura which is what killed the horse) ~it targets all entities~
Στέφανος FC
@Wesam Sawyer the other guy
Wesam Sawyer
Wesam Sawyer 4 mesi fa
Who wisp or the other guys
nickboi 4 mesi fa
pretty sure he used like some rly small reach hack like vape client tbh idk if he was using reach at all but his head snapping was sus as hell so idk if he was using reach nor kill aura but def aim assisr
Bowser Junior Neko
Wisp literally had bookshelves and did not 30 level xp as soon as he got the enchantment table
Heyya 9 mesi fa
“Dragon egg really? Their useless! Im gonna keep them.” Wait a damn minute
South shields-crews
You ain't wrong
cringeman 11 mesi fa
Imagine putting the stacked armor and it increased your defense So you take less damage lol
GamePixel PW
GamePixel PW Anno fa
Wisp: *wants a fun and fair game* CaptainPeter: Well yes, but actually no.
Peter Wille
Peter Wille Mese fa
Siddharth Rahul
@Sean zc there is some space when u open inventory in that little space he might have seen wisp. You cant just hackusate ppl
Bonnie Playz
Bonnie Playz 8 mesi fa
Uhhhhh wisp... used the lightning command on that guy.............
WRECKONMC 8 mesi fa
he was hqcking he killed the horse at theend due to aimbot
peter is got creatve mod
Doodle dot
Doodle dot 5 mesi fa
Wisp: throws away 46 beacons. Everyone in Hermitcraft: NOOOOOOOOO
Drift_ Rider
Drift_ Rider 11 mesi fa
Captain Peter was extremely sus to me because they would always ender pearl away at either 7 or 8 hearts. Now, ik anyone who is low will ender pearl away if they have some, but he never seemed to go any lower than 7 or 8 hearts.
Zacherel Mackerel
Wisp: *loses one heart* Also wisp: im ded im ded, i dont stand a chance, holy smokes, jeez louise, im a gonner!
Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson 8 mesi fa
9:23 I just gotta say I adore the maple treeway in the background it’s reminds me of simpler times with my Mario kart wii as a child I’m 18 now and miss those days a lot I’m genuinely tearing up thinking about it
Arnav Ambare
Arnav Ambare Anno fa
Wisp: "I am out of pearls, oh no" 5 seconds later... Also Wisp: "Let's get the pearls in"
orange Anno fa
@oboe ? shut up no one asked you
Maple Anno fa
You to
Radify Anno fa
TheMapleKing I am just used to writing long comments anyways have a good day
Radify Anno fa
TheMapleKing Dude I said I was mocking how people saying no one asked usually contradict themselves since you don’t have to be asked to comment something. You do know I did this because you and another person were being very rude to RiceCakePlayz for no reason at all so I just stated what I thought. Though since you consider it “cyber bullying” I will delete my comment since I don’t want to get in a heated argument over something I made 3 hours ago.
Chill Anno fa
Lol more like 2 seconds
Nyle 4 mesi fa
14:35 if you inspect this clip in 0.25x speed, you can see that he was hitting you from a different angle, which proves he was cheating
Sem 8 mesi fa
What he didn’t notice is that he could’ve put on the stacked armor so if it breaks it uses another armor piece so it goes from 47 diamond boots to 46 without him having to replace the boots
hellothere 11 mesi fa
You can tell he’s hacking because at the end there he was fighting you but that horse that was blocks away was killed by him. A sword like his even with sharp five wouldn’t insta kill a horse in one hit. He was definitely kill aura-ing
Animated created Stories • 12 years ago
Person: what armour do you have equipped Me: 47 diamond boots and 25 diamond chest plates and 11 chain mail leggings
HostDev Anno fa
Heres a fact. Captain Peter should be banned from your server for cheating.
Aman 10 giorni fa
@X_Risen_X he had kill aura stoopid
Gloria Camarillo
@Ben Articolo yeah he was.
Ben Articolo
Ben Articolo Mese fa
Captain Peter was the first person to die, then he hacked back in and killed people by hacking
Gloria Camarillo
@Chocolatee_mlkky he was cheating
Gloria Camarillo
@X_Risen_X noooooo you DON'T understand. He WAS cheating.
Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar 11 mesi fa
0:36 skeletons having a time of their life
KARTHICK LR 8 mesi fa
Wisp: my armour is dieing as well Me: you have 64 chestplates lol
Seeree 9 mesi fa
14:22 No way that’s not a cheat -Was looking the other way -Angle snapped perfectly onto Wisp, there was no turning, literally it just snapped. -They turned before the hit even registered enough to make a sound
GackZyborg 11 mesi fa
Wisp: Slime blocks lets go The iron he got at the same time: sadness
Poptart plays Roblox And More.
Peter: Lol I shall kill wisp and he will never know I'm cheating Wisp: I'm a strong boi
ItsUnxknowz 8 mesi fa
Idk why is funny, cuz he killed Wisp?
Pro PLAYZ YT gaming
@JP Remixes yeah
Pyrrhic 8 mesi fa
He lost tho???
Quix 8 mesi fa
People are saying its not funny but i laughed-
Skyler 9 mesi fa
Ya he’s cheating
Lucas S
Lucas S 8 mesi fa
"everything but the one thing I want" proceeds to name two things
Victor hjort
Victor hjort 11 mesi fa
My man is so good. 64 bookshelves and does raw enchants instead....
Phazonboy Mese fa
CaptainPeter: *cheats his a$$ off* Wisp: still manages to nearly beat him even though he's cheating
Brine Anno fa
here is a tip: use diamond axe because it gives the opponent more damage try it.
Assassin Games
Assassin Games 10 mesi fa
Wisp: I’m dead Also wisp: 10 hearts
Nuke 10 mesi fa
Wisp: let's aim for 20k likes. People: best we can do is 90k.
Siobhan Devilee
Siobhan Devilee 2 mesi fa
Best we can do is 156 K
Drifty_Boi 4 mesi fa
@Gloria Camarillo it was old
Gloria Camarillo
@Drifty_Boi yall can look at the like count
Drifty_Boi 5 mesi fa
Best WE can do 150k.
Liam J
Liam J 9 mesi fa
best we can do is 110k.
Souhail abbad
Souhail abbad 7 mesi fa
Game Breaking Note: Stacked Wooden hoe!(unstackable normally)
AlbertTheScout 6 mesi fa
The thumbnail recipe is the enchanted gapple recipe, for all newcomers
BlackOutGamez 9 mesi fa
Fun fact: wisp is just dropping random items in the intro
Sprinkles20 10 mesi fa
ya know whats funny i searched up something and it said a wooden axe does the same amount of damage as a diamond sword
Hermione 11 mesi fa
He chucked out the netherwart at 8:52 for anyone who's wondering
Siobhan Devilee
Siobhan Devilee 2 mesi fa
Wisp: finds nether wart and skips trough it Wisp: find brewing stand Also wisp: I nEed tO FiNd NeThEr wArt
Humzah V
Humzah V Anno fa
The dude was definitely cheating, seemed like he had kill aura on when you attacked him that time, plus how he was switching from rod to sword was pretty much instantaneous.
The Last Knight
You can use number keys to switch instantaneous.. but I agree he was definitely hacking
Miss M
Miss M Anno fa
@Karim Fahmy the player got banned from the server for cheating.
Javarafi MC
Javarafi MC Anno fa
Humzah V maybe he had a sword and a fishing rod in his hotbar and kept on switching it
Crabby Splatty
bruh u got my discord profile pic I've never seen it anywhere else nice
jos de ruiter
The switching thing is Just pressing 1 and then 2 real quick but the other things were very obviusly hacks
What am I anymore? Where am I?
WAIT A M I N U T E... If you put a stack of armor pieces on, when it breaks does the rest of stack stay on?
trinidjnick 2 mesi fa
Eastoman 8 mesi fa
he's not cheating he can just go to the game really quick
The Beachy Fam
The Beachy Fam 11 mesi fa
There needs to be Random crafts Block randomiser random enchants And random block that replace the old blocks E.g. grass merges to obsidian or BEDROCK
POGIFY 11 mesi fa
Imagine he makes a bedrock room and stays in it!
Chanelva Kertopawiro
Chanelva Kertopawiro
omg Wisp how are you jam a fan omg
Rachel R
Rachel R 9 mesi fa
@vDoqsVibes not if he would be in the middle 😂🤫
vDoqsVibes 9 mesi fa
And then the border comes in 😂
JustRocky Anno fa
wisp: where is everyone captainpeter: gone reduced to atoms
Christie Poh
Christie Poh 10 mesi fa
Im 399814224323m for map minecraft
Christie Poh
Christie Poh 10 mesi fa
@l'mako you are rubbish bin
Christie Poh
Christie Poh 10 mesi fa
You are rubbish bin
Ibrahim Sheikh
@l'mako no shoot
l'mako Anno fa
No that was thanos
Sammy Cal
Sammy Cal 9 mesi fa
He should’ve kept the armour stacked so when it broke it didn’t break if that makes sende
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming 8 mesi fa
He could have trapped a player in the cobweb and placed bedrock around them
Timothy J. Morris
Wisp forgot that the blaze rods would be randomized since he had no blaze powder
Maldive_ 9 mesi fa
14:50 my dude casually walking while eating a gapple
PokePro 4 mesi fa
Content are being amazing day by day
10 mesi fa
6:07 you couldve got the iron pick in ur hotbar than place diamnd ores than mined them
Anastasia Logan
Anastasia Logan 11 mesi fa
Those worksheets if you going to 2.5 speed on the video his head is turning so fast that you can still not see it turned that's how you know he's using hacks because he turned immediately towards you and then started hitting you over and over again
Michael Jeffry
Michael Jeffry 10 mesi fa
Idea: Camp at zero-zero and lock yourself with bedo K or barier blocks
Captain Peter is cheating: According to UHC History, he did use a hack called "Inventory for PVP" and "360° view" which he can open inventory while on PVP easily and looking at the surrounding easily without using F5 (third person). The display is not on the center, but it's on the side so he can see almost everything. He got banned cuz of this.
Trex&Tynie gammer
Dəvëłpřø07 4 mesi fa
@White_Mittens idk, ask them
White_Mittens 4 mesi fa
Why would people cheat...
Mr.monkey 4 mesi fa
We found our savior
zila ziman
zila ziman 5 mesi fa
You are very smart
the running man
the running man 10 mesi fa
Great video I enjoy the content
Aarnav K
Aarnav K 8 mesi fa
Me watching him enchant his sword when he had bookshelves
ahh🙂 4 mesi fa
wisspp i love ur videos and watch them every day
deysen marshall
deysen marshall 11 mesi fa
Thhe fact he gets so distracted looking for a diamond seord and helmet and get diamond ore that he can place and break triggers me
P. Anno fa
I honestly miss the old wisp and his strip mining...
infinity Anno fa
miss him at 20k he’s changed his editing style and behavior but i’ll keep watching
Zukunft Anno fa
He will do it. If he remembers what episode is it lol
Nataly Flores
Xacvy You can’t force me
Oops A Typo
Oops A Typo Anno fa
@Xacvy Hahahaha NO.
IDoArtMaybe Anno fa
me to buddy me to
Phillip Tyndall
Phillip Tyndall 11 mesi fa
that guy was absolutely hacking, played it on 0.25x speed and the second you hit him he was looking at you the head didnt even move it just teleported around, and he was hitting you instantly. no way he's legit
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming 2 mesi fa
It made me triggered cause with all of those spawners, diamond and emerald ore wisp had, he easily could of become well over level 50, and then with all of his bookshelf’s he could of made a level 30 enchant table and then had protection 4 throughout the fight
0Frxnzy0 9 mesi fa
He was so cheating, he had his sword equipped whilst using the fishing rod in same exact hand
Malik Mailloux
Malik Mailloux 8 mesi fa
It was a good fight but im not sure he was chesting. That inventory turn was questionable but then again im sure with loud sounds he or she could hear u
neesha solanki
neesha solanki 11 mesi fa
I think you should do it with a axe
Kin Yu
Kin Yu 9 mesi fa
Imagine first time u craft something then get a stack of eye of ender
Adrian Beckett
Adrian Beckett 9 mesi fa
I really thought that guy was cheating and wisp shouldve won
Someshwar Koshti
This is the first video UHC I've ever saw that wisp lost
JDG Moneyyy
JDG Moneyyy Anno fa
When Wisp picked up nether warts when he found the brewing stand... Bruh moment
TheComentGuy 11 mesi fa
Random crafts are fair and balanced
Watching YouTube
Watching YouTube 11 mesi fa
Watching wisp against that cheater makes me realize how bad I really am at Minecraft😢
Anne-marie Scholey
Wisps videos are so good
Yy Joshua?
Yy Joshua? 9 mesi fa
hey wisp! what is your texture pack and controls?
ckaire Anno fa
Wisp: gets a stack of 66 diamond chest plates Me: hold up
Nounch Pola
Nounch Pola 9 mesi fa
*the time has come*
Autumn 9 mesi fa
a v o c a d o
Supa Dupa
Supa Dupa Anno fa
Hol' up
The ducky monster
an axe does more damage than a sword
Shard 9 mesi fa
Wisp: I NEED A DIAMOND HELMET!! The viewers: He has 40 something diamond ore in his inverntory
juliette oneiromancy
Its because there are random crafts, so it's not guaranteed he will get the diamond helment from crafting it
Anja 8 mesi fa
change “the viewers” to just you,cause its just you
Parker Smith
Parker Smith 9 mesi fa
You could use the dead bush for items
Riskhan Gaming
Riskhan Gaming 11 mesi fa
Hey you can use gold block to turn them in yo gold inget to get more item Instant of picking Flowers
IsaacDIboss Anno fa
Wisp: "this seems so fishy..." Captain Peter: (uses a fishing rod)
IsaacDIboss Anno fa
@Andre why
Sphade ?
Sphade ? Anno fa
the funny thing is that the guy was actually cheating
IsaacDIboss Anno fa
@Musashi oof
Musashi Anno fa
@IsaacDIboss cuz someone disliked☹️
IsaacDIboss Anno fa
@Musashi no ur not it's at 99
Preston Copestake
i dont think he thought about mining his dimond ore for a enchantment tables
robert_thelama 11 mesi fa
Wisp:casually has 100+ dragon eggs...
WishingStar Kyla
1:34 when someone said wisp adopt me I was dying
meta 1022
meta 1022 10 mesi fa
I just realized that he could’ve just boxed himself in right in the middle with bedrock and he would win
meta 1022
meta 1022 10 mesi fa
Oh yeah true
yumei 10 mesi fa
Well like that guy with the barriers that wouldn't work
That moment when he realizes he actually might want proj prot
Luca Hu
Luca Hu 9 mesi fa
Mateoacda1 ́
Mateoacda1 ́ 9 mesi fa
ItsZack 9 mesi fa
Painty Anno fa
pol pot 🇰🇭
Michael Fielding
Michael Fielding 11 mesi fa
Wisp: I’m dead I’m dead! His health: 8 harts
crepg (now 1000% more cowboi)
9:28 Im triggered by him not using the bookshelves
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 11 mesi fa
They were kill auraing i noticed through the video. I play on many anarchy servers without hax and I know when someones cheating. If u had very quickly sword strafed throughout that fight u would've won
Hold up how did he stack things that can't stack
NoobGyver Anno fa
Remember back when wisp was still on hypixel and was running around yelling "OOOOHHH WE JUST NEED ANOTHER FEATHER FOR AN ANDRIL"
SKS 1 Anno fa
Xacvy your video are bad anyways so is your grammar
raxu Anno fa
@Squidge-BrawlStars zoomer not old wisp viewer
What is an anduril
Nataly Flores
Xacvy Y Yo You You’ You’re a bot and should stop
raxu Anno fa
Tomiante 9 mesi fa
1:14 jschlatt would not be happy 😂
Nick 1234
Nick 1234 11 mesi fa
The thumbnail actually used to be how you crafted the enchanted golden apple
Thanos 10 mesi fa
It still is
HzKid 5 mesi fa
Projectile protection is the best protection enchantment
1720sude11 Roblox
Yes, Captain Peter [A guy with no skill] was using cheats. He was using a kill aura as his head was shaking around and his sword and bow shots were very accurate. Only missed a couple of times. He was cheating.
Michew Anno fa
He was using kill aura. His head was shaking a lot so there’s the proof right there that he’s bhopping!
Bru LEGEND 10 mesi fa
@Biggie Cheese ohhhhhhh
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 10 mesi fa
@Bru LEGEND Netherite isn’t even in that version
Hyper Phobic
Hyper Phobic 10 mesi fa
There is a chance cuz the way he killed the horse at the end
ジェームズ 10 mesi fa
@Bru LEGEND its a wooden axe - _-
Bru LEGEND 10 mesi fa
He threw away Netherite Axe at 3:13
tblacher 10 mesi fa
It is also a coincidence how the guy who might have hacked got a lot of kills
CruelDrop 6 mesi fa
Wisp: gets a hoe* this is not a great start TapL: gets a hoe* this is an amazing start
Spamton G Spamton
is that an enchanted diamond in the thumbnail? “watch out, this diamond has fire aspect!”
TheShadowDasher 2 mesi fa
My diamond has loyalty III
Rajma iOS
Rajma iOS 8 mesi fa
0:37 look closely their are 2 skeletons doing something something 🤣🤣
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