Rapper 21 Savage fears deportation after ICE arrest

ABC News
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21 Savage sat down with "Good Morning America" for his first interview after he was released on bond from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.
READ MORE: gma.abc/2WZSSXj
21 Savage describes fear of deportation, says he was ‘definitely targeted’ by ICE in first interview since his release on bond
Rapper 21 Savage sat down with "Good Morning America" for his first interview one day after he was released on bond from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody on Wednesday.
The rapper, whose full name is She'yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was asked by ABC News' Linsey Davis if he's concerned that he could be deported.
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15 feb 2019




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Commenti 15 516
Patrick Cole
Patrick Cole 5 minuti fa
this is the greatest news ever and i live in australia haha he broke the law simple he has to leave crimes dont go away because your a celebrity
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez 5 minuti fa
You sound like you from LANDAN!
Jaz Simone
Jaz Simone 5 minuti fa
Uuuhhhhh... My stomach hurts. I thought it said something about 9 days but 13 YEARSSSS??? Wtf bro.
Charlie Barr
Charlie Barr 5 minuti fa
Make him donate all the proceeds from his single to fund the wall and then deport him
Casual Introvert
Casual Introvert 5 minuti fa
Even though I like his music the law is the law lol. His fault for overstaying his visa so long lol. There's literally nothing else to say about this. I don't even think a top notch legal team can even help him because this was all entirely 100% his fault.
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 5 minuti fa
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jxffy y
jxffy y 6 minuti fa
MhmmYesISaidThat YouTriggerdB
America is corrupt
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 6 minuti fa
Brad millard
Brad millard 6 minuti fa
LNxTCB 6 minuti fa
Oh, so you just gon’ keep that southern accent like we don’t know you ain’t from Britain. Bro, let that English accent out, dog. 😂
Jersey Piney
Jersey Piney 6 minuti fa
He's only 26?! Damn
Robert 97
Robert 97 6 minuti fa
21 savage seems like he contributes a lot to Society. You can tell by his inability to speak English
Jacob_ S
Jacob_ S 7 minuti fa
everybody saying alot is the best when we all know ball w/o u is the best track on the album
Freejordn 8 minuti fa
Welcome back, 21 👏🏽
i like turtles
i like turtles 8 minuti fa
Issa Brit
danman1012 8 minuti fa
Good! Get this illegal nig out of the country.
Hansen Says Take A Seat
An illegal is an illegal. Garbage music anyways. Ship his ass out to the Queen of England
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson 8 minuti fa
idk why i was expecting him to have a British accent....
GeorgeBonez 8 minuti fa
This is such Bullshit! If 21 is really here illegally then send his ass back to where ever the fuck he came from! This ain’t no Mexican thing. It’s a “ You are here illegally thang” SO GO THE FUCK HOME!
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez 8 minuti fa
Now ya know how my uncles and tias and grandmas feel😂😂😂😂
08missaka 8 minuti fa
Michael Hayward
Michael Hayward 9 minuti fa
Screw him he has money he will be just fine.
Young Speakeasy
Young Speakeasy 9 minuti fa
You guys gotta salute jay z on this one
Miss Ann Thrope
Miss Ann Thrope 9 minuti fa
CTS 10
CTS 10 9 minuti fa
He looks different lmao what did ice do to him
Marc Monson
Marc Monson 10 minuti fa
Go make your shit music somewhere else
Casanova Bell
Casanova Bell 10 minuti fa
Judge: Your looking at 47 years. 6ix9ine: You ever noticed 21 savage seems British? Judge: Your looking at 23 years. 6ix9ine: Your ever heard that YNW Melly song Murder on my mind
MTNdoge Yt
MTNdoge Yt 10 minuti fa
Sub to pew die pie
mr. not important
mr. not important 10 minuti fa
Alex is the F#%@+=* man!
James Will
James Will 10 minuti fa
rrmond 10 minuti fa
Deport all wack rappers
French Vanilla
French Vanilla 10 minuti fa
Why do these parents do this to their children. Why didn't his parents finish the required paperwork, he was a child. He should not be punished for his parents not finishing the required steps. He should not be deported.
Pa' La Raza
Pa' La Raza 11 minuti fa
Ha 21 a 🇬🇧 dude oh man who would of known!!
jayjaylen75 11 minuti fa
His "distinct voice" LMAOOOOO
Isaac Annan Jr
Isaac Annan Jr 11 minuti fa
Can’t lie tho immigration in America hasn’t been as talked about since 2016 and on....
dshew d
dshew d 12 minuti fa
Gross disgusting person
Jajajaja Jajajaja
Jajajaja Jajajaja 12 minuti fa
Oh yeah
TheSassyLibertarian 12 minuti fa
I tried to care but I honestly just don’t give a shit about this asshole. I’ll expend my emotional energy and feel bad for someone else
Johnny Money chasing
We got savage 👮 . Ya definitely exaggerated a bit, cause he still got look like a savage even tho he's from the 🇬🇧 UKK
No One Of Consequence
Some reason he couldn’t bother to become a citizen before now? Nobody asked him...
Siao Wun
Siao Wun 12 minuti fa
so renew your visa?.. my brother is fucking retarded and even he can do it. JUST RENEW THE DAMN VISA
12 37
12 37 12 minuti fa
When white people steal America from the Native Americans they didn't have a green nor a Visa but everyone else has. oh I forgot white people can't do no wrong nor do they follow the golden rules but everybody else has to
petix len
petix len 12 minuti fa
🤣🤣🤣 U can still have your career in UK.
Matthew Nichols
Matthew Nichols 12 minuti fa
He’s the thing.....don’t over stay your visa, and this wouldn’t be a problem.
Analog Defector
Analog Defector 12 minuti fa
Garbage. Who listens to this shit? Deport him. Obey the law.
ManStuff 1776
ManStuff 1776 13 minuti fa
Ice doesn’t make traffic stops. If they’re coming after you they wanted you for a reason lol and why would ice arrest someone for a song lyric? When they’ve already said his visa is expired? Not a hard concept. But im a 21 savage fan so I hope he stays here tbh.
Lamar Lee
Lamar Lee 13 minuti fa
my citizenship is up for sale.. I ain't doing nothing with it; sick and tired of being sick and tired :|
TheOneTheOnly W
TheOneTheOnly W 13 minuti fa
Who cares...
Korbes 14 minuti fa
John 3:16. God bless!
Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith 14 minuti fa
Shit anyways. Good riddance
Hey we offered an extension for people like this. He deserves all of this. There are millions of people overstaying their visas. Jay z is a thug ass loser.
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay 14 minuti fa
This situation is terrible. Fortunately, he's rich and will probably not be deported Though this is an exceptional case. All the other cases like this, were the victim isn't super rich, has already been in that detention centre and deported
The Yohanders
The Yohanders 14 minuti fa
Build that Wall!!! Keep these communists out!!! #MAGA2020
Itz MitchMitch
Itz MitchMitch 14 minuti fa
He can cry all he wants, he’s still ILLEGAL. He’s got money, should have no problem getting his citizenship.
Vince V
Vince V 14 minuti fa
This is embarrassing for him.
mistajacks 15 minuti fa
He didn't get to the Grammy's because his music didn't speak to people. Americans forget immigrants get placed in un-invested and dis-invested communities because of little or no economic and financial inclusion. Now, 21 is being used as an example for other immigrants, to scare them into subjugation and make immigrants accept abuse. Talk about 1984 Big Brother. Its 2019 and Big Brother playing God.
Jesse James
Jesse James 15 minuti fa
When Paul Revere exclaimed, “the British are coming”, I didn’t picture a bunch of 21 savages
David C
David C 15 minuti fa
“I don’t even know... I was just driving, then I saw guns & blue lights”. Done with this guy. D O N E 😂😂
Rel Kreta
Rel Kreta 15 minuti fa
That’s not 21 savage no more That’s Sir SAvAge the 21St
mobytrice 666
mobytrice 666 15 minuti fa
21 times you made bad life choices ×1000. Idiot
jayjays lifestyle
jayjays lifestyle 16 minuti fa
Me:thats what 21 savage look like??😕
dshew d
dshew d 16 minuti fa
This guy is a dirty sexist and chauvinist and misogyny piece of crap. Go fuck yourself in your rolle
Christian Ovalle
Christian Ovalle 16 minuti fa
marry a white girl and you will get your document for less than 1 year.
xXPeace 16 minuti fa
Just Glad He’s Out Man That’s Dumb 🤦🏾‍♂️
Joe Deni
Joe Deni 17 minuti fa
“We got Savage”
Christina Molina
Christina Molina 17 minuti fa
Aye my nigga since you helping that old man you putting in a home that you met during lockdown.. can you put me in a home too?
Frank Mattice
Frank Mattice 18 minuti fa
Nananana....nobody cares!
Ryan The Ready
Ryan The Ready 18 minuti fa
Deport him. We don’t need his shitty music in this country. Now,if we could only do the same to other mumble rappers...
app app
app app 18 minuti fa
And ppl still making jokes , y'all need to grow up
Jesse Cab
Jesse Cab 18 minuti fa
Black bullshit once again.
Kelebone Khabo
Kelebone Khabo 18 minuti fa
They just had to use his picture in Gucci smh
Stone fam
Stone fam 18 minuti fa
Bloody hell mate you fookin abc cunts
Sleepy Eyes
Sleepy Eyes 18 minuti fa
This lame on social media disrespectful as fuck talking bout people wives. Fuck him.
a x o l o t l
a x o l o t l 19 minuti fa
Why is everyone acting like he didnt break the law lol
Jerome Martin
Jerome Martin 8 minuti fa
He was a kid when they brought him here y’all acting like he was a grown ass man hopping the fence
The Flying Spaghetti Monster
because hes famous and rich
Jason T
Jason T 19 minuti fa
5:56 did he just called 21 son?
Johnny Money chasing
He still from Great Britain 🇬🇧
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 19 minuti fa
Hello, Humans. My time on Earth has been interesting. I've met alot of strange beings called Humans. 30 years is a long time, to stay on any planet. Perhaps, I shall move around the universe. I'm never sure what awaits me.
Angel Zaldivar
Angel Zaldivar 19 minuti fa
If this nigga get a pass so should most of latinos
Austin 19 minuti fa
Does anyone else think he looks like a fucking goofball with that hair? lol
Sleepy Eyes
Sleepy Eyes 20 minuti fa
I don't see a Savage. Just saying. He look like a good student.
Antonio Uzzle
Antonio Uzzle 20 minuti fa
nigga look intelligent
SMS2020 Brennan E
SMS2020 Brennan E 20 minuti fa
Dante Grayson
Dante Grayson 20 minuti fa
Uuuummmm... Why wasn't Melania... Deported?.... And I don't know who the fuck 21 savage is...
don brassco
don brassco 21 minuto fa
Some B.S
joseph porter
joseph porter 21 minuto fa
You need to leave this country why is he acting like he can't take his kids with him they can go with him like Pastor Troy say pack your garbage bag and go
Live From The Motherland
Anybody wanna say something real ? Or y’all just wanna keep recycling corny jokes from Instagram ?
posidena 21 minuto fa
I’m confused are we helping 21 savage get out of prison
Chaos SirM
Chaos SirM 21 minuto fa
How many ICE members outside, a lot How many years did i over stay my visa?, a lot
M. Duncan
M. Duncan 21 minuto fa
That's really fucked up.
Eddie Kagan
Eddie Kagan 22 minuti fa
Free 21
PewDiePie PewDiePie
PewDiePie PewDiePie 22 minuti fa
He overstayed he’s visa by 13 like shit he should have been deported 13 years ago
ice322 22 minuti fa
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red_ rainYt
red_ rainYt 22 minuti fa
Derrick G
Derrick G 23 minuti fa
Yeah, you were targeted for your lyrics. Like Trump listens to your shit.
daniel luc
daniel luc 23 minuti fa
Break the law you get in trouble, simple
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