Ray Allen Hits Series Altering Three To Help Force A Game 7 |  

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Leading 3-2, the San Antonio Spurs look to close out the 2013 NBA Finals in Game 6 while the Miami Heat look to force a decisive Game 7.
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18 mar 2020




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a decade later and still so painful to watch
@phewnex7019 Anno fa
Yo idol wil!!!
yet so beautiful
@extendo1k 9 mesi fa
Feels so good to watch
Well, man, just remember the next season.
@j.l.7390 6 mesi fa
Literally bruh😭I’m glad curry changed the game. It made LeBron learn moves💯😂
@DAcrisure 3 anni fa
1:51:43 A classic. One of the best moments in NBA History. Ray Allen became insanely clutch even with age
@MrCreepYT 2 anni fa
one of the clutchest in nba history
@Haidderispro 2 anni fa
Also people missing out that bosh got a tough offensive board to make that happen
@@MrCreepYT the clutchest*
@@Haidderispro and lebron's 3
Nobody MENTION ...33...ALONZO MOURNING...which started the BIG ...3...way back Then..!?
@Putchka 2 anni fa
I've watched this game at least 5 times, since watching it in real time. One of the all time greatest Lebron performances on both ends of the floor. All time glue guy performance by Chris Bosh on D, and incredible shotmaking by Tim, Manu, Tony and Young Kawhi. I rewatch it every 6 months or so, its great inspiration for not quitting.
All time greatest ha did you ignore his performance in the clutch?
@@MarioGarcia-re6sx you mean when he brought them back from down 10 points to start the 4th, took over in ot and hit the dagger in game 7? Then yes I watched how clutch he is
@@TheFlowBrothers This is no where near a top lebron performance it was a sloppy game and couldve easily gone differently if the refs called the last 2 fouls on the spurs he shot terribly in the clutch his team had the defensive stops and he had multiple turnovers that were avoidable
@@aidanannetts2429 now say that without crying
@@aidanannetts2429 foh
@Nightowl333 Anno fa
That 3 by Ray Allen is one of the most beautiful clutch shots in NBA history. Incredible.
and best clutch rebound ever!!!!
@scatpack3342 7 mesi fa
As someone who was neutral in this matchup, this game was one of the most intense battles I’ve ever seen. Ray Allen’s 3 will forever be one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen on live TV!
@nanox4 2 anni fa
Duncan was 37 years old here. What a legend. Best PF ever. Top 10 player of all time.
@nanox4 2 anni fa
@@suborbitalpada6609 No
@nanox4 2 anni fa
@@suborbitalpada6609 sure
@mael8328 2 anni fa
@@suborbitalpada6609 oh please duncan>kd>giannis
@J2.Shifty 2 anni fa
@@suborbitalpada6609 Neither of them better than Duncan. He was a natural
@raptors4645 2 anni fa
@Amanda395 3 anni fa
So glad they played this. Should do it more often now that the season is at a halt.
Matuscara Could you be courteous enough to state "halted"? With regards to the notion that terminated season "is halted"?
@nickseda5371 3 anni fa
Matuscara Whats the difference
@@nickseda5371 exactly
@Amanda395 3 anni fa
Thanks guys. That person was annoying.
@jmoney4220 2 anni fa
I can’t even describe the excitement that ran thru my body when Ray hit that shot. Absolutely unreal. Most epic NBA moment ever.
@fromthe6477 2 anni fa
Not more than kawhi hitting that game winning shot against philly maybe I am biased I am from Toronto
@hiddenleaf2 2 anni fa
Can you try and describe it I’m curious
@jmoney4220 2 anni fa
@@hiddenleaf2 think of when you get goosebumps.. it was like that but times a hundred.. it felt like i was struggling to breathe it was such an intense moment.. my heart was pounding like crazy too.. it was just so wild man.
@hiddenleaf2 2 anni fa
@@jmoney4220 did you think it was over for the heat before the shot or you knew they could still do it?
@jonxxplaya 6 mesi fa
@@fromthe6477 if that kawhi shot was in the finals then ya, but it wasnt
All Leonard had to do was make his free throws 😅
@jaykenneth4082 5 mesi fa
and parker
@fiigueroa 5 mesi fa
same w manu
or manu, or grab a rebound, or grab another rebound, or win in ot, or win game7...so many things went the other way
@housesports000 5 mesi fa
all Popovich had to do was keep Duncan out
During this match, I was 25years old and i was detained in El Paso Processing centre, watching this match Live. This was the first basketball match I have watched in my life. From that day I have become a huge fan of this beautiful sport. Whenever I watch highlights, I regret for not playing basketball🏀 during my childhood ☹️. Tony Parker, Lebron and Ray Allen were on beast mode that day. Love from India 🇮🇳
@xavierd725 8 mesi fa
Great story man! Glad you love basketball as much as I do!
@st4r444 4 mesi fa
Why were you detained?
@@st4r444 For violating the C1D Visa
“James catches puts up a three won’t go rebound bosh back out to Allen” still gives me goosebumps
@byronsmith4350 2 anni fa
You forgot the ….. BAAAAANNNG!!!!
@Jacques1103 2 anni fa
Me too
@eddilovee Anno fa
I was in prison listening to it on the radio locked down. I wanted to break out my cell.
@gioprod4506 Anno fa
@@eddilovee actually?
@luca1565 Anno fa
His three pointer… BAAAAANG
Classic. Still give me chills. Good basketball back then no trash talks.
Damn I miss Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Timmy, Wade, Parker and Ginobli. Soon we’ll be seeing Lebron retire, it will be a sad day
@sugarlv6434 3 anni fa
Lebron will probably retire in 2025
@kennydrew6886 3 anni fa
@@sugarlv6434 Which is what I predict.
@sugarlv6434 3 anni fa
@@kennydrew6886 KD will probably retire then too
@Eye_Of_RaRa 3 anni fa
Eh. Idc tbh (and ima heat fan lol). Players always become cemented in history books and new ones emerge. It's been the law of the nba for decades. Soon enough 60 or 70 yrs from now kobe and lebron will just be seen as ghosts of the past. Rip to the great kobe.
I won't be sad
@johansailo1632 3 anni fa
I remember watching this final with my brother, look how time flies😭
@flyty7590 2 anni fa
Life man 😢
@Jacques1103 Anno fa
Time flies too fast. I was 10 years old
@@Jacques1103 I was 11 bro, it was really cool
@Jacques1103 6 mesi fa
@@justinekylle5719 it definitely was
Both teams had quality veterans. Excitement is at an all time high, LBJ and Tim are at their best. D Wade and Manu were so flashy. This flashback is the true definition of early 2010s NBA playoffs action.
nba was so different just 10 years ago. you don't see that grit. nowadays its jacking up 3's and baby fouls
I feel like tim might have been past his best already
@@thomasriishojgaard5677. But he was still a Killer even at his age.
10 years, and still the best finals game ❤
@senpaikun8976 3 anni fa
One of the most devastating loss in the finals
Ray Allen’s shot to tie is literally the greatest shot in NBA history.
@drewali7 7 mesi fa
Kyrie's "SHOT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Break Golden State's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@eshw23 6 mesi fa
Derrick White entered the chat
@@eshw23 Not in the Finals, and its legacy will depend on if the Celtics win Game 7.
@@eshw23 they didn't win the series so no
@slimc3769 3 mesi fa
His shot literally saved a future HOF's legacy as being in the top 5 or top 15.
What a time to be alive during theses times that’s for sure
Not for so long 😈😷 We are dying soon.
Take those yellow ropes back inside NOW!!
Yep spurs fan here still my favorite series of all time we redeemed ourselves the next year!
Shaq Murdock malware
@lukamagicgod 2 anni fa
2013 NBA Finals one of the best finals overall. 2016 was good but most of the games are blowout, but the game 7 was lit like this one 🔥🔥
@khravi7904 Anno fa
U a gsw fan 🤣
@krensic2660 9 mesi fa
@@khravi7904 I mean it’s 2023 everyone in 2016 was bandwagons
@zubeirjelmi Anno fa
Kawhi was only in his second season playing in such a tense situation. The pressure on him must’ve been insane.
@pcorf Anno fa
When Bosh got the rebound and kicked it out to Allen I knew it was going in. And I still think Bosh's block on Green was the play of the series. If the Heat did not have Bosh they would have not won those 2 titles in 2012 and 2013 (The Heat have 3 titles 2006 2012 2013 from 6 NBA finals appearances). Bosh was a heck of a clutch player.
@BossManFrost 4 mesi fa
Exactly his impact super underrated , Wade was my favorite player & he & Bron has their moments but Bosh definitely helped us Win in the Clutch
I watched this game together with my uncles way back when I was still in 1st year college. One of my uncles is a big Spurs fan. And I'm a heat fan. We screamed when Allen hits that bigshot late in the fourth. Time flies so fast. I miss them.😢
@libfit9068 16 giorni fa
One of the most clutchest shots in NBA history..
@Romans--xk3uu 3 anni fa
The 2012 -2015 spurs were so much fun to watch. The talent they had was unreal. The perfect balance of superstar talent, and selfless team first basketball.
In the ot parker shooting heroshots wasnt as selfless, i think it cost the game...
@sirenamiw6313 3 anni fa
Best team in term of talent when healthy was 2019 Warriors
@razkable 3 anni fa
you say that yet the 2016 spurs won 67 games and could of won 70 easily heck 73 was possible if not for load management ..
@Romans--xk3uu 3 anni fa
Asmosis Jones I didn’t include the 2016 spurs because they played too much hero ball. That team was far too reliant on Kawhi and Aldridge. They lost that unselfish playing style that made them special.
@PhantomPein 3 anni fa
All smoke and mirrors. That was an illusion to what it was really like to be on that team. We recently learned what being in that system was really like via Stephen Jackson and what recently happened with Kawhi. If you say that group was team first then that means there's equality on the team. Which we now know is untrue. There was massive favoritism for the three core players vs the rest of the team.
I literally cried during this game…I think Jimmy wanted to have a Ray Allen moment in this 2022 playoff because ain’t no way he didn’t drive to the basket
Seeing this game now and realizing how many HOF are playing gives me chills
To jest naprawdę świetna robota. Gratuluję.
Watching this live was so intense. I thought Heats was over until Ray Allen did that shot. What a comeback, i miss those times.
@WINDARSINO 2 anni fa
A very classic moment on NBA history!!!!
This was one of the greatest Finals ever..Crasy how the Spurs blew decent size leads in both the 3rd & 4th quarter especially in the last minute...
@tomcat9761 Anno fa
I watched the whole 4th Quarter man. I can't believe people saying Allen saved LeBron's Legacy when James single handledly willed his team back to the game. I can't believe people only talking about James' 2 TO's late in the 4th but they don't want to talk about when he tookover the 4th. Allen's shot wouldn't even matter if James didn't hit the 3 and vice versa. IT'S A TEAM GAME.
@khravi7904 Anno fa
Preach . People'r brain dead lmoa
@504nolafasho5 4 mesi fa
Big facts dwade and bosh was on the bench when bron was making that run down 10
@juvred228 7 mesi fa
Ray Allen's clutch shot was one of the best NBA finals history...
@asimon2006 3 anni fa
As someone born in the 90s and someone who watched Ray Allen all these years. This shot is the greatest final shot in NBA history and better than Michael's for 6th championship ring.
wouldn't go that far and say it's better than Michael's since MIchael's was a result of a ring. Allen's was a forcing of a decider game so it's not that close but it does have value
Sorry I'm a bit late here... if Allen did not hit that shot they likely lose the series. If MJ missed his shot they got OT.. Allen's was one of the most clutch shots.. if not the clutches shot in NBA history! Kyrie up there too.
@laswerv5194 2 anni fa
So many moments in this game that's worth the replay.
@ReTheMi 3 anni fa
Ahh man, Duncan, Leonard, Ginobili, Green and Parker, what a line up
@glowboys5168 3 anni fa
ReTheMi they won the year later too
@melfox215 3 anni fa
Yeah, the core of the Spurs have won 4 titles together between 2003 and 2014. This is just amazing. Coach Popovich and Duncan probably are the most important guys for these accomplishments, but using Ginobili constantly as a 6th man shows they were having deep rosters in most of these years. To me it was very impressive, how long they could keep being contenders, even with some aged stars in 2014 when Duncan already was 38 and Ginobili 36 and Parker 32. Although the Bench had been way younger, the clear result of 4 - 1 with only the 1 win being a close game, hadn't been anticipated.
@@melfox215 It should have been, D. Wade was a shot fighter the next year due to injury
Mike Killagreen the whole team was old it wasn’t just wades fault Hate this stupid narrative
@@cosmicwarrior1857 Stupid narrative my ass. This game including OT D. Wade had a pathetic 14 points and never attempted a single 3 in the entire series, his plus minus was atrocious. D. Wade is an all time great obviously but year 2 with Lebron until the end he was a shell of himself.
@XYjujuPSN Anno fa
Incredible the chemistry this Heat team had. Chris Bosh was so big this game despite his numbers. Basketball was different then man and it sounds crazy to say it like that cause its not like it was ages ago.
@adamdavis5383 4 mesi fa
Such an amazing player. He still make the hall of fame despite him having it cut to health ❤️
@litodat233 9 mesi fa
I remember watching this game live man I really thought the heat were about to lose especially when I seen them bringing the trophy out for the spurs lol this game was so awesome live
@jbizzle7497 Anno fa
I still can't believe he came to the Miami Heat, makes me smile everytime. 😁😄
@IgotAlotty 3 anni fa
Tim Duncan really impressed me ....his game is much respected 🔥
@nanox4 2 anni fa
Mind you that this is a very old version of himself, 37 years old!!
One of the greatest finals game in History...😊
@benchapuis6536 3 anni fa
Who’s watching this just for the shot
@sugarlv6434 3 anni fa
@Predator01ist 3 anni fa
Tie gameeeee
@cloudymonet 3 anni fa
Jiggy Thanos HATER ALERT!!
Immediately forwarded to it
@georgepng6814 2 anni fa
The fans punching the air after leaving the arena, they could've watch live one of the greatest sequence in NBA Finals
I will never forget how I felt watching this game, ray allen deserves the world fr
I'm watching this in July 2022, 90 + degree heat and I still remember pacing and then falling back on the sofa. "Jesus Shuttlesworth". Pure clutch. My daughter was looking at me like I was crazy talking to myself and the TV. Yes, at the moment her mother was crazy. CLASSIC.
@Colinkrauss1 5 mesi fa
The number of random 50/50 situations that favored the Heat in Game 6 and 7 was practically impossible. From the start of the 4th in Game 6 to the end of Game 7, the Heat had several 1 in a million miracles. In game 6, The Spurs just so happened to miss 3 clutch free throws from good FT shooters. Heat needed an offensive rebound desperately, and of course, they actually get it and James gets a 3 off it. With just seconds left, they get ANOTHER offensive rebound, because Bosh just so happens to be exactly where the ball goes, and just so happens to have Ray Allen right next to him, who just so happens to make the biggest shot in the history of the sport. I mean come on, 2 offensive rebounds that lead to 2 made threes when there was only 30 seconds left. The win probability for the Heat was probably under 1% with 30sec left, but they got every possible miracle. Then, in game 7, the best 3pt shooter in the series Danny Green goes 1 for 12. LeBron just so happens to have his hottest 3pt shooting night up to that point in his career, going 5-10 on threes. Battier just so happens to go SIX FOR EIGHT on threes. Heat win by only a couple points, in a game where bron and Battier combine for 11-18 on threes???? What’s the odds of that? Like .001% chance that ever happens. I mean, you couldn’t even make this up with how many insanely unlikely things all happened in a row. What a freakin series
@DakaariDenton 3 anni fa
I loved this because Miami was stacked but they were evenly matched with many teams and competition was still GREAT ... KING JAMES Lets GOOOOO.. such an EPIC SERIES
Miami was not stacked. Both Wade and bosh underperformed that whole post season.
@KingKCA Anno fa
2022 and it’s still by far the most clutch shot in NBA history
@Ham_1982 4 mesi fa
Miami and Lebron had a super team and looked to win easily but the Spurs with Duncan, Parker, Ginobili proved everyone wrong and made it a Classic for the ages, the Ray Allen shot very exciting to watch even after so many years
Game gave me chills🔥
@frans.nadeak 2 anni fa
The best & greatest NBA finals game of all time.
@tomcat9761 Anno fa
2:04:10 how quickly people forget that James is one of the best defender in NBA History in his prime.
@OGabs- 3 anni fa
I miss Tim Duncan... One of the greatest of all time.
@TheTlewis3074 3 anni fa
top 5 in my opinion
@fhk741 3 anni fa
Top 5 all time
@sirenamiw6313 3 anni fa
Hes top 10 bh accomplishments, not top 10 by stats.
@TheTlewis3074 3 anni fa
@@sirenamiw6313 it's more than just about pure stats. f you're going by stats then Westbrook is top 10. Only player to average a trip doub. Since Oscar. Wilt is the only player to score 100 in a game and averaged 50, 44...but nobody mentions his name. Timmy played 19 seasons had 5 titles, never won fewer than 50 games, except for the strike season win they won it all. Was the anchor for Spurs on O and on D and was a clutch player. Who else has done that? and made that much of a difference on a team that had no historyof winning? So now punishing being an unselfish team player. And where are the Spurs now since he retired? Top 5 bro.
@christy8141 3 anni fa
Greatest power forward of all time
@crocrivers9039 3 anni fa
Tim Duncan is definitely the greatest PF of all time. People forget how great he was.
@platform9343 2 anni fa
@astn4990 2 mesi fa
The difference in defense is crazy from then to now. The perimeter and middy get guarded so much more loosely compare foto now and the interior is guarded way heavier as the corners collapse so much more
Hell yea 😭
I never knew Ray's shot was his only made three in the game, that's wild
The tandem of bosh and James could cover half the court defensively by themselves, was crazy, didn’t matter who was there, they smothered
@2303batman 3 anni fa
When you realize why Lebrons Finals record is 3 and 6....Spurs and Golden State were absolutely a few of the most dominating/high IQ teams of all time! A young OKC had amazing talent but no mental to match it..Dallas was just Dirk Time. Besides that, I miss these days..😔
@mvpembiid8052 3 anni fa
To this day the only finals Lebron lost that he shoulda won was the Mavericks
@listeinn 3 anni fa
@@mvpembiid8052 should have lost the 2013 finals though, Ginobili was clearly fouled at the end of overtime
@gnielsen07 3 anni fa
List Einn spurs shoulda hit their free throws... watching this... kawhi picks up an absolute phantom and 1 call on Lebron in the first few minutes. Bad calls happen
​@@listeinn Like they said over and over again in the broadcast, refs swallow their whistles at the end of playoff games. Refs have never and probably will never call that in a finals game with a minute left.
My favorite series of all time😤🔥
@JJ-zy3zv 3 anni fa
One of the great games in NBA history thats for sure
Best final ever in history of basketball!!🔥🔥🔥
Before ray allen's game tying three,heat's team effort to cut down the lead was amazing
@Legendary_god2002 13 giorni fa
With lebron leading the charge
This game breaks my heart every time I see any part of it😭
@nongnori Anno fa
4쿼터부터 귀신같이 살아난 '닥돌의 르브론'. 샌안은 던컨 파커 레너드 그린 지노빌리라는 든든한 조직력이 돋보였다. 누가 이겨도 이상하지 않은 경기. 그저 알렌의 인생 클러치 3점슛이 빛났을뿐.
Wow, bosh was such an incredible player while taking such little space on this team with shots and all
Okay I'm here after stephen curry broke the 3 point record, but nobody can top this game tying 3 pointer from ray allen... So legendary 🙌🏼
@ohkiddell 9 mesi fa
i’ll never forget seeing the “fans” leave the arena before the game was over, the die hard heat fans stayed and the bandwagon fans left and couldn’t get back in after hearing that they came back. it was beautiful
Madre mía qué partidaza
Gracias NBA por ponernos partidos de este tipo para hacer más amena la cuarentena.💪💚
@petelin5924 2 anni fa
Man this series seems so not too long ago... Good times with the big 3 in Miami and in San Antonio
This game still give me chills**
@oldthug2309 Anno fa
so traumatic as a spurs fan but still an amazing game
@raeman1967 2 anni fa
This is when the NBA was at it's finest peak. After the Miami and San Antonio rivalry, the NBA underwent drastic and tremendous changes and it started becoming dull. The NBA hasn't been the same ever since that period of time.
@thomasfan0176 2 anni fa
Yeah you basic
In terms of interest and ratings, NBA was at its peak during the Bulls second three-peat
@soulzy3596 Anno fa
@@guilhermecavalcante8093 disagree , the game of basketball is so much more cultural now . Jordan was prime time tho
@Blazinup316 Anno fa
Jt'$ Shuttlesworth Epic 3 pointer still till this day gives me mad chills!!!.. Nodoubt best finals game ive watched N this lifetime👌🏼💯💯🔥🔥🔥 #MIA4Life #champs 🏆🥇🏀
@littygamer9008 3 anni fa
Anybody else miss Chris Bosh?
the REALIST 😭😭😭
@shekwes1389 3 anni fa
@SmartlyToast 3 anni fa
Me 😒
@5thgen691 3 anni fa
@KidTrigger 3 anni fa
the REALIST ☹️
Bosh was clutch on defense throughout this game. Wade wasnt his usual self. Lebron had a very hard time attacking the rim. Defense was all over him and that caused him so many turnovers and made him hesistant except for that run in the 4th quarter. So much contrast compared to how Duncan, Leonard and even Diaw scored in the paint. Allen is a streak shooter. It was all a team effort by Miami.
@meisterl0 Anno fa
That was the most clutch shot that I've ever seen. GG Allen, what a legend.
@kdme1657 4 mesi fa
@@trentonwalker8602how tf is it not😂
@clutchupty96 2 anni fa
1:50:47 “I am not putting Chris bosh in” literally the reason why Allen hit the shot ☠️
they probably didn't expect LeBron to miss in the clutch
2013 - The year known as LeBron's athletic peak. He was a beast back then.
@RJ_824 7 mesi fa
had to carry the heat most of the games of these playoffs
@Slimeszn23 3 anni fa
I love watching throwback games man.. miss basketball 😢
@Lalaphive 3 mesi fa
We really gotta talk about Chris Bosh making the right plays at the end of the stretch here. The rebound, the kick to Ray Allen, the late block on Tony Parker, and the overtime block on Danny Green to end regulation. Thats MAJOR!!!!!
@Martin-zn4qd 2 anni fa
Who's rewatching this epic moment after Ray Allen said that Lebron still thanks him up to this day because of THE SHOT.
@pacmanLINY Anno fa
this was such a great game and series.
@baiteme 6 mesi fa
Another thing to consider in retrospect about this play. Tony Parker couldn't really contest Allen's three simply because he didn't want to risk giving him a potential four point play. One can only imagine if Parker was a little more aggressive....maybe Lebron would only have 3 NBA championships....
@vidsmss7609 2 anni fa
How different things would've been if Kahwi Leonard nailed the free throw at 1:50:56.
How different would it would have been if pop put in tim
this game reminded me of the 24-second offensive rebound shot clock and how much i miss it
@RS-ti7bz 3 anni fa
Nash McElveen Why did they even get rid of that?
R S makes the game quicker
@RS-ti7bz 3 anni fa
ROZAYY FBE True, I feel like it lessens the value of the rebound. Because if you get a rebound and have 24 seconds, you can toy with the opposing team for another 24 seconds. I think that was better.
@loveless8241 3 anni fa
@@RS-ti7bz I like the new shot clock rule better. The quicker pace is absolutely refreshing and gives the situation a sense of urgency. You know what I miss? The cursive Finals logo. Such a classic.
Joshua yea I miss the playoffs and finals logo on the side, but the players said it was slippery or something
@xx-cx1eq 3 anni fa
4thQ, ray’s clutch 3pt. In OT, ray’s clutch defense & game-winning FTs. He is most clutchest player of all time
@jeevangill2041 3 anni fa
1:41:57 That sequence from Parker would've been legendary if the Spurs had been able to hold on.
I’m a spurs fan. Everyone always talks about the end of the game, but there was so many mistakes even early on. At the end of the day the best team always wins.
spurs should have fouled and sent miami to the line instead it end up being a three pointer
I remember this moment exactly as I was going home from school to watch the game, I saw the match airing at one of the houses i passed by. Last possession, miami ball, I stood there from outside watching the game with some strangers, all intense and sht. Ah good times
Best clutch shot of NBA history
Man. 7 years it’s been since this game. I was 12 years old watching this and I’m now almost 20. Miss the old school ESPN Presentation. The cursive finals logo. The absolute hype of watch a NBA finals game. It’s was unbelievable. NBA after this whole Coronavirus gets fixed. Please make the NBA watchable again. We need this essential stuff too make it great! Bring back the big Larry Obrien trophy during the announcement of the starting lineups. Make the NBA Finals feel special like you worked your ass to get there!
As a spurs fan this was brutal, we got em back though ;-) still all time clutch shot
I was at this game. The entertainment in the building was absolutely insane
@jakeyyad03 3 anni fa
Imagine you were one of the people leaving early in the 4th omg 😬😂
Was born in 98, so I never got to see Jordan live. After watching the NBA for over 14 years, this is the greatest game I’ve ever seen.
@gezza7718 3 anni fa
I dunno about the last few calls and no calls. Upon rewatching the no call on Manu was offsetting Danny’s contact on LBJ’s chest before the ball on his breakaway drive. One of the most intense elimination games I’ve seen ever.
i miss nba finals with lebron on it i hope he makes it next season
Thank you NBA for posting this game and please continue to post more. It’s funny how we’re not thankful for what we have until it’s gone, and as a Bulls fan I damn well hated the Heat but they were an exciting team to watch
@jacoblara4820 3 anni fa
I’ll never forget this day, I’m a young spurs fan and I wasn’t able to watch the game because I was on vacation at Disney and I’m in line for the tower of terror and my dad is keeping me updated on the score on through google and I was so exited because we were literally about to win a championship and we were next in line to get on the ride and right when it was our turn to get on the ride we were up by 5 with less than a minute so I was so hyped and when we checked the score when the ride was over I was in schockkk
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