React and Evade Challenge: Boxer vs Muay Thai Fighter in an Epic Ball Dodging Showdown  

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12 mag 2023




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Vinson Boys
Vinson Boys 4 mesi fa
Proof the camera man never dies
ׂׂׂׂׂ 4 mesi fa
María Diaz
María Diaz 4 mesi fa
​@ׂׂׂׂׂ 🤡
Vergil 4 mesi fa
​@María Diaz🤓
Shazia Zafar
Shazia Zafar 4 mesi fa
@Vergil 🤡
Tom De Ruiter
Tom De Ruiter 4 mesi fa
That elbow was impressive asf
Biken Nembang
Biken Nembang 4 mesi fa
Ros 4 mesi fa
I do muay thai and even if its hard to do them i am scared of getting one of that elbow hits every second
Tom De Ruiter
Tom De Ruiter 4 mesi fa
@Ros understandable
Gigachad 4 mesi fa
​@Ros can you explain how to not hit "the nerve"? I'm fine when doing it in the air, but on the heavybag it's 50/50 if my elbow hates me or not😂
V23 !
V23 ! 4 mesi fa
@Gigachadtry using the outmost part of your elbow bc the nerve is more inwards on your elbow
Guardian 4 mesi fa
I feel like Muay Thai Dude did the last one on purpose (Edit) to everyone being sarcastic explain why he got a checkmark
Thearapat Thongkham
That's call elbow strike or "ศอกกลับหลัง"
Iwi 4 mesi fa
He did bruv
ohio 4 mesi fa
He's sent to backrooms
Zoinks 4 mesi fa
He did.
RIPPER 4 mesi fa
He did
Patrick Sandeberg
That spinning elbow 👌🏾
Permanent 4 mesi fa
i mean imagine countering a jab or a back hand with that... NOW THAT IS SEXY
Patrick Sandeberg
@Permanent 👌🏾😂
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 3 mesi fa
@Permanent you wanna see what’s sexy? Look up Brown Pinas vs Yohann Fairtex Drai KNOCK-OUT.
Nisowyd 4 mesi fa
The backwards elbow was so clean
NYCKilla 3 mesi fa
It’s called a spinning elbow🤓🤓
HC_ Jiymister
HC_ Jiymister 3 mesi fa
@NYCKilla su bro
MATTSUN095 4 mesi fa
Muay Thai guy has them smooth dodges
You 3 mesi fa
Yeah and the boxer uses too much energy to dodge
Nervous Panic528
​@You also where he moved his entire body like that hed get blasted with a right hook or a straight so fast if he did that in a fight
You 3 mesi fa
@Nervous Panic528 big respect that you know what pro fighters would do if their opponent moved like that. You know how to fight 🥶
Nervous Panic528
@You yea I've started training kickboxing and I've been watching mma for years so I know a thing or 2 lol
Nervous Panic528
@You yea I've started training kickboxing and I've been watching mma for years so I know a thing or 2 lol
Violet 4 mesi fa
Both did the last one on purpose. The Muay Thai fighter did a spinning elbow counter, the Boxer did a shoulder block.
N4VE 3 mesi fa
nah boxer just didn’t dodge fully
Yrn Quin
Yrn Quin 3 mesi fa
@N4VE nah you know nothing about boxing, stop talking
N4VE 3 mesi fa
@Yrn Quin nah i’m a five time back to back world class elite alpha youtube commenter. i know what i’m talking about
Chris Sego
Chris Sego 3 mesi fa
@N4VE 🤣🤣🤣
molemohi tsebela
​@N4VEyou don't know boxing do you
Raphael Clements
Reverse elbow & shoulder roll was clean asl
maulsolos 3 mesi fa
King Crimson
King Crimson 3 mesi fa
@maulsolos je mean asf hahaha
maulsolos 3 mesi fa
@King Crimson no i meant whats does asl mean
ThaKid Shmeaty
ThaKid Shmeaty 3 mesi fa
@maulsolosit means as hell but like as L , yu get me ?😂
maulsolos 3 mesi fa
@ThaKid Shmeaty yes
Bihhh Ggc
Bihhh Ggc 4 mesi fa
Thanks you from Thailand
tangpanithan suebkid
wond 4 mesi fa
honey bee
honey bee 4 mesi fa
Thanks muay run
Jax 4 mesi fa
​@TOP DG ทีคนไทย?
Ja Ck
Ja Ck 4 mesi fa
​@honey bee ohhhh wanna cry?😂
obaje Gerrard
obaje Gerrard 3 mesi fa
The only thing that should be said or asked is "WHY????!!!!!!"
Dylan 4 mesi fa
Them boys have more hours in the tattoo parlor than I’ve got in GTA 5
CrazyCreedo 4 mesi fa
This is why Leon Edwards has the best physique in the universe
Charles L
Charles L 4 mesi fa
Wrong comment section bro.
Raizo Is Safe
Raizo Is Safe 4 mesi fa
Jawon Watkins
Jawon Watkins 4 mesi fa
Shit ain’t even funny
Noah Lanford
Noah Lanford 3 mesi fa
i love how the muy thais “hit” was just a perfect counter and the boxers “hit” was a perfect slip 😅
17Hyperion71 3 mesi fa
Yea the boxers one was literally a shoulder roll lol
Eve IQU 4 mesi fa
I love it when everyone admires Muay Thai. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Zaza 3 mesi fa
Muay Thai definitely won that. He made the smallest movements yet dodged it completely. If you think about it, in a normal fight the boxers dodges would take a long time to recover and counter but for Muay Thai he could counter it easily and effectively. Also that elbow was sick af
Pack 3 mesi fa
Stick to gaming
Chicken Nuggie
Chicken Nuggie 2 mesi fa
I don’t know much about either but it looks like they made mostly the same movement, except for the headshot the boxer got, and the boxer also seems more excited/energized
Tran 4 mesi fa
Legend says that the boxer still dodging those balls
vastjonea 4 mesi fa
Eduardo Dias
Eduardo Dias 4 mesi fa
"There's two types of men..."
JaMarcus Evans
JaMarcus Evans 4 mesi fa
Yeah I'm learning muay Thai now! No way bro just reverse elbowed a flying object😂👀
Zoinks 4 mesi fa
Muay Thai guy did an elbow strike on the last one. Whoever put ✅️ is on something stronger than my will to live. Why the fuck do I have 1.3k likes.
MichiB202 4 mesi fa
He literally did a reverse elbow goal bruh how tf could that count💀😂
nice name
Zoinks 4 mesi fa
@random💩postaltaccount Thanks
Rick spanish
Rick spanish 3 mesi fa
An the boxer shoulder rolled the last one. I'm not sure what this checks are for anymore lol
@Zoinks yw man
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 4 mesi fa
Muay Thai's last elbow hit looked cold asf😳😳
Dead channel
Dead channel 3 mesi fa
And that’s why Leon Edwards has the most aesthetic physique
MADRIDISTA 4 mesi fa
“Turn it 120 mph “ 💀
egg 4 mesi fa
R.I. Pcamera
Seba 4 mesi fa
Cameraman went to Backrooms
Pro Baloola
Pro Baloola 4 mesi fa
I don’t understand why the first ones were crosses and were wrong on when at the same time they did the exact same thing at the last one and got a point
LUKK Edits
LUKK Edits 4 mesi fa
Bro really tried to sneak in backrooms at the end 💀
Ben Wallace
Ben Wallace 4 mesi fa
That shoulder block at the end right in the camera…Maywhether would be proud 😂
Kohen Tran
Kohen Tran 2 mesi fa
That elbow what clean af
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 4 mesi fa
Muay Thai dude was insane
Zinjinx 3 mesi fa
Muay Thai is so smooth with it, minimal effort every time
That guy that did muay Thai was just way more collected and in control
El Hombre Paja
El Hombre Paja 4 mesi fa
Si, la explicación es la diferencia entre el arte marcial y el deporte, el boxeo trabaja más reflejos, puños y juego de piernas ( por eso se mueve más) y el thai claramente es un arte marcial para matar y no de enfoca en los esquive o juego de piernas.
Quintin Vasquez
Quintin Vasquez 4 mesi fa
Different sports for a reason
Nagi Seishiro
Nagi Seishiro 4 mesi fa
Legends who dodged their phone🗿
just3nzo 2 mesi fa
that shoulder tap on that last hit is underrated
James Sullivan
James Sullivan 4 mesi fa
everyone talking bout the elbow, but the aimed shoulder roll is also pretty impressive
Faded_Ace 3 mesi fa
Tht 2nd dodge by the muay thai guy was actually smooth as hell
UwU19 4 mesi fa
My favorite difference between boxing and Muay Thai, footwork!! A boxer has to be light on his feet and then needs to shift his body weight into his hip movement, but a Muay Thai fighter needs to be on the heels of his feel to check kicks and deliver a solid roundhouse. Footwork 💪🏽
ThirteenNote32 0
Muay Thai is smooth and chill with the dodging
Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson 4 mesi fa
The shoulder roll at the end was sweet
seti3bb 4 mesi fa
That spinning elbow clean as hell
dad's belt
dad's belt 4 mesi fa
Class we are playing dodge ball 12 year old Mohamed Ali (Awakens ultra instinct)
trezslowasf 3 mesi fa
The spinning back elbow from Muay Thai 🔥
Manasse Ngangu
Manasse Ngangu 4 mesi fa
That elbow though
Dan's Exit Strategy
This will come in handy if anyone is trying to punch you from 30 feet away
Khalifah Malik
Khalifah Malik 3 mesi fa
Those people have more ink in their body than in my pen☠️☠️☠️
Guardian 3 mesi fa
Bruh that spinning back elbow was crazy
unknown 01
unknown 01 3 mesi fa
Achievement unlocked: you have killed the cameraman.
Seph raijin Baluyot
Bro sent him to backrooms 💀
sakthi raj
sakthi raj 2 mesi fa
Back spin elbow was 🔥
INIEILILY 4 mesi fa
The slip and elbow would catch pretty much everyone out in a street fight
Chef dat boi rd 3
I feel like a lot of people missed the fact that not only was the elbow clean but ye elbowed it perfectly into the green square
Davi TGM
Davi TGM 4 mesi fa
The best fighter in Ohio:
Jzaquaxn Raroa
Jzaquaxn Raroa 4 mesi fa
Boxer had a perfect moment to hit the ball with Cuban hook 😅
Lyric Provider
Lyric Provider 4 mesi fa
ngl shout out to all camera guys fr cuz without them some videos wouldn’t be filmed rn
Malicious Mike
Malicious Mike 3 mesi fa
-what’s ur fav sport? -I like football and boxing:
InternationEX - (New Woly)
This is too much fun! I need to do it too as I'm a boxer.
C∆SU∆L 2 mesi fa
The Muay Thai guy did an elbow strike in the end
Skee Skee
Skee Skee 3 mesi fa
The fact it went in from the elbow is impressive
Devontae Wheeler
Bro that elbow was cleaner then me after a shower
Benjamin Peera
Benjamin Peera 4 mesi fa
Man did a spinning back elbow, into the green square, that was nice
☆こーた☆ 4 mesi fa
I do Thai irl so I can actually confirm that the last one with the elbow was on purpose, because in Muay Thai we train to use our elbows in a fight.
Wynoglia 3 mesi fa
The muay thai guy is so much more efficient in his movements
Hamm Akeim
Hamm Akeim 3 mesi fa
nah that muay guy is a big flex. man's was calm and smooth
educationalxx 4 mesi fa
Muay Thai looks smoother 🙎🏽‍♀️💃🏽
ZomB_0126 3 mesi fa
so the knee wasn’t a hit but the well placed spinning elbow was?
Mon 4 mesi fa
Bu antreman güzelmiş keşke her salonda olsa😢
Erxn.d 3 mesi fa
New Title Unlocked: Observation haki
Lorenzo Zanni
Lorenzo Zanni 3 mesi fa
The audacity he had to count last muay thai one as a hit
Samuel Lian
Samuel Lian 3 mesi fa
That elbow goes crazy
Nik 4 mesi fa
Legend says that the boxer likes balls scraping his chest so much it has become his full time career
NeoSfps 4 mesi fa
Muay Thai Guy actually Put the ball in the Green Box where it needs to be
TheRealSwisher 4 mesi fa
The camera man: a bulletproof ox
Kakyoin 4 mesi fa
Observation haki training irl be like:
Ayaan Nadeem
Ayaan Nadeem 4 mesi fa
The only reason i love Muay thai those elbows 🔥
CloudyB MT
CloudyB MT 3 mesi fa
Way more discipline in Muay Thai. Reason being is there's 8 possible threats during a fight compared to boxing. Not downplaying boxing at all, just love and train Muay Thai with a passion.
DoZeR Pb
DoZeR Pb 4 mesi fa
That elbow was clean
Kxos 4 mesi fa
How the muay thai moves are just cold asf
CLXXIII 3 mesi fa
That knee was effortless
OnlyGains 3 mesi fa
Muay Thai don’t really move or care if they get hit lol , they take a hit and hit right back instantly 😂
Jamie 3 mesi fa
muay thai guy actually hit the target aswell on the bottom right 🤝🏻🤝🏻
Rockyyz Mese fa
I’d be impressed if this were at a batting cage 😂
King Gtasa
King Gtasa 4 mesi fa
Yall dont know how much I would like one of those to train with my katana 🔥
Jayden Defreece
Jayden Defreece 4 mesi fa
Imagine the ball actually hits your face😭
ทุกอย่างล้วน สุด ยอดแล้ว❤❤❤🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭💪💪💪
Jay ZM
Jay ZM 3 mesi fa
If only they shot 3 at a time then they'd unlock ultra instinct 😂
Oliver Requena Gómez
Muay Thai is god
Naf 4 mesi fa
Bro just wanna counter the ball💀🥶
bird 3 mesi fa
Bro killed the cameraman with only a headshot 💀
Craig Madembo
Craig Madembo 3 mesi fa
😂😂 this comment is killing me
Craig Madembo
Craig Madembo 3 mesi fa
Steez 4 mesi fa
Shoulder roll was smooth
Moss02 00
Moss02 00 3 mesi fa
Shoulder roll is crazy 😂😂
Josh Markham
Josh Markham 4 mesi fa
That spinning back elbow tho😱😱😱
kyami 4 mesi fa
Muay thai dude dodge that ball so smoothly
Benji Panda
Benji Panda 2 mesi fa
i just wanted to see someone go full force and punch mid air
Blacky play_z
Blacky play_z 3 mesi fa
From Thailand 👇🏻
x-days 4 mesi fa
muay thai fighters r just built different in every category
Shiløh~ 4 mesi fa
Get closer, let's see y'all active ultra instinct
Blue falcon
Blue falcon 4 mesi fa
Muay Thai dude too smooth
Axolotl Shuniji
Axolotl Shuniji 4 mesi fa
There's a green box they're supposed to hit the ball into when they're meant to hit it rather than evade. Muay Thai guy did a spin elbow and got it in, shit is crazy
TheGato 4 mesi fa
Camera: 😴
Luffy 4 mesi fa
Did he...did he just hurt the cameraman...IS THIS THS POWER OF A GOD
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