[ REACTION ] Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc‼ Epic Rap Battles of History‼ With Behind The Scenes‼

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Commenti 975
xavier lindsey
xavier lindsey 3 giorni fa
It translates to: I am the girl on fire
KingScorpion73 3 giorni fa
Joan of Arc drops the mic! of course, she was a warrior on the battlefield leading an army... what has Miley done, besides lead men on?
niaa._ baee
niaa._ baee 7 giorni fa
Im the girl on fire
Thage 7 giorni fa
Miley came for a rap battle. Joan of Arc waged fucking WAR on her.
kemuael 8 giorni fa
Joan won
Dan Watts
Dan Watts 11 giorni fa
ahhh shit gotta hand that to Joan of Ark
dark angel
dark angel 11 giorni fa
Man ur Titans chair and shirt are weak as fuck...being from Tennessee I know...the Vols got more fans in their own state then the professional team...they bought the Titans from Texas (where I live now)....a team so bad They were sold as a collective.. and they've never changed.. that's saying something 🤣🤣🤣
Dimontus 11 giorni fa
i got that french line instantly, hmm maybe french class wasnt so bad afterall (from Canada) lmao
osiris571983 12 giorni fa
There's a few dozen of these....
Lauren Meyer
Lauren Meyer 12 giorni fa
I say Joan burned Miley
Dianab b
Dianab b 13 giorni fa
Obama v romney
olivier Bourrée
olivier Bourrée 13 giorni fa
Why not reacting to old french RnB : itvid.net/video/video-rcN8z4vtwms.html
Legatus Lucius
Legatus Lucius 14 giorni fa
Joan of Arc didn't die a virgin she was raped multiple times in her prison cell everybody knows this
ppppp6678 14 giorni fa
The French line is I am the girl on fire
musicLover9487 14 giorni fa
Billy Mayes vs Benjamin Franklin Romney vs Obama
William O'neal
William O'neal 15 giorni fa
je suis la fille en feu= The girl on fire
Zach T.
Zach T. 16 giorni fa
During the French verse should have put “oui je suis français, c'est vrai, mais non tu n'es pas mon ami, petit caca c'est vrai!” “Yes it is true I am French, but no you aren’t my Friend you little poo, it is true!”
Christopher Williams
Girl on fire
John Fuentes
John Fuentes 16 giorni fa
Mylee Cyrus...ugh....no one has made so much out so little talent since the Kardasians!!!!
WiruSenpai 16 giorni fa
I don't speak French, but it's pretty obvious by the Katniss reference that she's calling herself "the girl on fire"
A Pineapple
A Pineapple 17 giorni fa
Not gonna lie, read the comments about the girl on fire reference because my French is shit
Stephen Kusner
Stephen Kusner 18 giorni fa
It means I am the girl on fire
Robert Čepo
Robert Čepo 19 giorni fa
React to Justina Valentine 5 fingers of death
Kurenai Zera
Kurenai Zera 20 giorni fa
No thanks, Joan. We don't want that party either. Maybe someone else will. Canada? How bout you guys?
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 20 giorni fa
Wish you had an actual mic to drop when you finally determine you believe won.
ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice
The actress who played Miley, her name is Michelle Glavan and she also does rap battles called Ladies of Rap. Can you please react to some of her stuff? I suggest Arcade Vixens, Forest Btchez, Horror Freakz or Gotham Sirens
James Stewart
James Stewart 21 giorno fa
missing "Mitt Romney vs Obama"
Hentai God
Hentai God 21 giorno fa
Je suis la fille un feu means I'm the girl on fire.
Naoto Shirogane Is My Idol!
You need the Steve Irwin fight
Antonio Torres
Antonio Torres 22 giorni fa
translate: im the girl on fire
Brandy C.S
Brandy C.S 22 giorni fa
The actress that does miley here is michelle glavin of ladies of rap here on ITvid. They are pretty good
someone awesome
someone awesome 23 giorni fa
The ladies may have shorter battles but they hit harder
Moise Picard
Moise Picard 24 giorni fa
Everytime, EpicLLOYD mentions heroine in a Epic Rap Battles of History: Behind the Scenes video it does make sense.
Moise Picard
Moise Picard 24 giorni fa
Je Suis La Fille En Feu Means I Am The Girl On Fire In French.
Ulfhednir40 24 giorni fa
Bro!🤣🤣🤣I wish I could hang with you and react to these things 🤘Skol!
We Remotely Low
We Remotely Low 26 giorni fa
One of the only battles I sorta fucking hate
Rainer Vilumaa
Rainer Vilumaa 26 giorni fa
Johanna, Jeanne or Joan was a saint who led her people to victory against all odds. It is a sacrelege to put her against this fucking whore of Babylon.
Blah 26 giorni fa
Je suis la fille en feu means I’m the girl on fire.
Natalie O'Brien-Hughes
It was everything I hoped it would be when I suggested it on another video. Loved it and so glad others felt it worth TMF's time too :D
PlayStation maniac
PlayStation maniac 28 giorni fa
She said the girl on fire
scorpio 420
scorpio 420 28 giorni fa
This is the one I really wanted to see but I'm 5 days late dammit
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 28 giorni fa
I still say Miley wins.. constant jabs
surfitlive 28 giorni fa
Joan won by hitting Miley on her flat ass with the flat of her sword. No sharp edge needed.
surfitlive 28 giorni fa
Joan has a sword....she will split hannah in 2. But Miley swallows swords....well pink ones at least.
Nyles Wincher
Nyles Wincher 28 giorni fa
Man you should so do Batman vs Sherlock Holmes
Brett Liester
Brett Liester 28 giorni fa
What to see Kevin hart vs kart Williams
Diana Fonseca
Diana Fonseca 28 giorni fa
Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Skrillex vs Mozart Please!!!!!
Oria Cruz
Oria Cruz 29 giorni fa
You have so much more to see
KillerInstinct 29 giorni fa
Lol if you think about that line for ten seconds you can figure out what she says just from the call me katniss everdeen
G. Monte
G. Monte 29 giorni fa
The "mic drop" with Viva la france was so impactfull while it only refers to her love for france. That pretty much settled it for me, it was the nail in the coffin.
Chris George
Chris George Mese fa
It means "I am the girl on fire" or "I am the girl made of fire" the french
Wendy O'Rourke
I looked it up and then I saw a comment that already had the answer. TvT Vive La France = Long live France. 😏
Obi1kenobi10 Mese fa
Miley who?
MajinBuusha Mese fa
You're not close to done. You are missing most of season one and different random ones through other seasons.
Squeek Tate
Squeek Tate Mese fa
I know it's a fictional comedy based rap battle. But I'm going to be "that" guy and just say if Miley and Joan of arc were to "battle" by some far fetched magic.... Joan would literally kill Miley..... And most anyone she faced.
Jamie G
Jamie G Mese fa
"I am the girl on fire", hence the Hunger Games reference.🔥👩🔥
Noah Burner
Noah Burner Mese fa
"I am the girl on fire"
elizabooks Mese fa
If you want something akin to this look up Horrible History and check out the songs.
Anime King
Anime King Mese fa
Videos just keep getting better and better
Malyxx Plays
Malyxx Plays Mese fa
I'm sure he missing like a whole season or two
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