[ REACTION ] Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc‼ Epic Rap Battles of History‼ With Behind The Scenes‼

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Commenti 80
Aki バイバイ
Aki バイバイ 2 giorni fa
I love that thumbnail- *FATALITY*
ShaunSimmonds88 3 giorni fa
Joan is hot as shit...no pun intended!
TGF- KATT 6 giorni fa
Homie missed that alter ego line
MrParker1 11 giorni fa
this dude is so fake.
Antonio Donofrio
Antonio Donofrio 19 giorni fa
I'm the girl on fire call me Katniss everdeen
Izayao 19 giorni fa
The only thing bothering me with Joan is her ending. See, i'm french and she actually says "Viva la France". But "Viva" is spannish, so it doesn't exactly works. If you speak it in a french accent, it would sould like "viv la France". If I had to write the end of this battle, i would just add "et" (and) so the number aux syllabs stays the same but it's becomes more french. I also have a problem with Napoleon Bonaparte pronouncing the T of "egout" in his own battle, wich isn't something a french man do.
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 28 giorni fa
kings pro
kings pro Mese fa
joan won
Brianna Johnson
Hey, I haven't seen a reaction to Freya vs Ravenna
2:22 Starts here
Alex the coll guy man
I am the girl on fire
Therealone Mese fa
How dare you watch these erb videos without queen
Di Nah
Di Nah Mese fa
i m sure you 've seen that before
Ian Alvarado
Ian Alvarado Mese fa
Oh shit Joan
A Bunch Of Insecure Buddys
After like 10 years we still haven’t answered the question ‘Who The Fuck Is Next’ like...who is he and why is Peter looking for him?What happened?
nelly price
nelly price 2 mesi fa
Joan KO-Ed Miley smh Miley
Kylie Guerin
Kylie Guerin 2 mesi fa
"I'm the girl on fire"
Mitsuki 2 mesi fa
-God- Gosh I'll never take the Lord's name in vain anymore after watching this rap battle.
Demonic Shadow GachaYT8
I'm the girl on fire
Lorena Cousin
Lorena Cousin 2 mesi fa
Victoire : Jeanne d'Arc
DJ Hunter
DJ Hunter 2 mesi fa
Anyone else stuck inside for no reason
Michael Luzier
Michael Luzier 2 mesi fa
His face! The look on his face when Miley said she was the hottest thing since Britney was priceless. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 2 mesi fa
Pardonwa Saint just whooped that achy breaky skanks arse .
Moonlight Ruby
Moonlight Ruby 2 mesi fa
I am the girl on fire 🔥
Adhia Agostinho
Adhia Agostinho 2 mesi fa
Je suis la fille en feu Translation: Im the girl on fire
Adhia Agostinho
Adhia Agostinho 2 mesi fa
Katnisse everdeen was in the hunger games
Fred Brown
Fred Brown 2 mesi fa
He suis la fille en feu means girl on fire!
kyleneesmith35 2 mesi fa
Do you have a reaction to abe Lincoln vs chuck Norris yet?
Raphaël Tremblay
Je suis la fille en feu means I am the girl on fire
The American Dude
I totally love your reactions!!
Jackie Caldwell
Jackie Caldwell 3 mesi fa
Watch Black Gryph0n sing Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 3 mesi fa
You need to do reaction videos to princess rap battles
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 3 mesi fa
She says im the girl thats on fire
Zoen Victo
Zoen Victo 3 mesi fa
woooo wut wut 🤣 miley got murdered!
Sumeet Sharma
Sumeet Sharma 3 mesi fa
Do death battles
3Rayfire 3 mesi fa
You've come to the right battle. If not seek out Marilyn and Cleopatra.
Nameless Chaos Alliance
Thousand comments, most translating... But why noone talking bout rhyming "crotch" with "France"? Lol
Jill Pringle
Jill Pringle 3 mesi fa
You should do a reaction video for PennyWise VS The Joker
ThaOddGurl 3 mesi fa
Know what's makes this funnier....once Miley did come under fire (aka no longer making money from this "wanna be black" ) she immediately switched up and went "country girl" xD
Maurice Gray
Maurice Gray 3 mesi fa
Star Wars Rap Battles Episode 4 C3P0 vs Luke Skywalker. How did I miss that one before- they did this a few years ago and it was SAVAGE
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson 3 mesi fa
I haven't seen a Rap Battle Reaction for Freya Vs Ravenna. Did I miss it?
kitdacraze Philly the Kraze
That signature Viva la France that's enough for me to burn her ......
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 3 mesi fa
This is my favorite rap battle
Charlie Forster
Charlie Forster 3 mesi fa
She was acquired of all charges and given sainthood and has statues of her outside a cathedral in Paris war milky sires done
Isaac Yeon
Isaac Yeon 3 mesi fa
“I want savagery” You f**king got it
Jiml9217 3 mesi fa
je suis la fille en feu = I am the girl on fire
seraR infinity
seraR infinity 3 mesi fa
Wiz khalifa lolz/
Nizyah Hall
Nizyah Hall 3 mesi fa
I’m the girl on fire🔥🔥
Todd Dougherty
Todd Dougherty 3 mesi fa
In my opinion, not only did Joan kill it, she was hot with her passion alone. Like sexy hot.... damn.
Oddysea Lawrence
My favorite line out of the whole thing is “I’ll rip her tongue out through her teeth” it’s just soooo savage
Emily Etchart-Wagar
Joan of ark said I am the girl on fire
Jhvcghkchgch 101
Je suis la fille en feu = I am the girl on fire
Nishcharlie Oladunnie
Srry bout dat it means girl on fire
Nishcharlie Oladunnie
It means I am the girl on the run
Country Boy Tell'em reactor
You should see donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton
babd71 3 mesi fa
Darkprince 305
Darkprince 305 3 mesi fa
Joan won. She did it with a Mike Tyson heavy knockout
Trietha James
Trietha James 3 mesi fa
I'm the girl on fire. Hottt⚜🔥🔥
Venus8 Infinity
Venus8 Infinity 3 mesi fa
I can’t wait to see your reaction to Mr T vs Mr Rogers lol
DK BRADLEY 3 mesi fa
Freya vs Ravenna princess rap battle
CareyHAuthor 3 mesi fa
This is my favorite one!!
George Brown
George Brown 3 mesi fa
The other line means long live france
George Brown
George Brown 3 mesi fa
The line meant I am the girl on fire
Collen McCormick
Je suis la fille en feu: I am girl on fire
Ken Christiansen
You want straight savagery? This is the rap battle that gives this. I disagree that Candice was ever dazed. She is vicious and almost evil in this one, and wins this one hands down.
Kurtis Miller
Kurtis Miller 3 mesi fa
I find it amusing Miley believes herself hot. In my opinion, all celebrities are the same: Washed up jackasses balls deep in their own ego. In my mind, Miley is no hotter than your average blond chick. She's just Wiz Khalifa took an interest in her. Of course, nothing special about her either. In the end, we're all humans, so this whole "popularity" thing is just a false image.
Christian Morales Ortiz
Chaosdude7111 3 mesi fa
I thought "If God's in your corner, then you need better management." was the haymaker that won it for Miley, personally!
chiblet 4 mesi fa
Has he done Weird Al's cameo? Yet?
Sami C
Sami C 4 mesi fa
I am Canadian. She said basically she's the girl on fire. That's why she said Katniss Everdeen. From that series And dude, you better be going for. Joan of Arc because I don't think anybody beats God.
Tanya Trigg
Tanya Trigg 4 mesi fa
U should do obama vs mitt romney. Its funny.
Karissa Rutherford
im the girl on fire
Benjamin Christensen
Je suis la fille en feu translates to i am the girl on fire
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson 4 mesi fa
It says I'm the girl on fire.
Harriet Kaufman
Harriet Kaufman 4 mesi fa
No no the line about better management was truth to the core.
Nick Long
Nick Long 4 mesi fa
And went home even harder
Nick Long
Nick Long 4 mesi fa
Joan came out hard
Jc Denton
Jc Denton 4 mesi fa
Je suis la fille en feu means I am the girl on fire
Justin Wetzel
Justin Wetzel 4 mesi fa
0:53 You're more than wot m8?
Michael Riddick
Michael Riddick 4 mesi fa
EPIC LLOYD vs NICE PETER!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Dee Catley
Dee Catley 4 mesi fa
Joan won.
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