Real Madrid's Florentino Pérez 'wants to save football' with Super League

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Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, has hit back at Uefa by calling them a 'monopoly' while arguing that the Super League is being formed to 'save football'.
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The controversial announcement that big clubs across Europe plan to form a breakaway league has sent shockwaves across Europe, with many fans, players and pundits denouncing the idea.
Talking to late-night Spanish talk show El Chiringuito de Jugones in Madrid on Monday, Pérez said that he was sure that Real Madrid and other Super League participants and players won't be thrown out of this season's Champions League. The Super League would be 'the greatest show in the world. There's no other sport that can gather four billion people watching a few teams play'.

European Super League: backlash builds against breakaway plan - live! ► www.theguardian.com/football/live/2021/apr/20/european-super-league-backlash-builds-against-breakaway-plan-live
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20 apr 2021




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Guardian Football
Guardian Football 19 giorni fa
European Super League: backlash builds against breakaway plan - live! ► www.theguardian.com/football/live/2021/apr/20/european-super-league-backlash-builds-against-breakaway-plan-live
Ken Lau
Ken Lau 18 giorni fa
Did anyone actually listen to the club's proposal? Or is everyone believing what they are told by the media? From my understanding they want to break the monopoly that UEFA has on football. UEFA takes more than 1 billion home per season on the back of football teams. I like how everyone has forgotten how corrupt FIFA and UEFA are (blatter, platini, qatar 2022). Don't agree with the ESL concept but UEFA and FIFA are monopolies that must be challenged.
ahmet ölmez
ahmet ölmez 3 giorni fa
The idea of Super League came from Unal Aysal who was the president of Galatasaray in 2013
Crown King
Crown King 12 giorni fa
Its seems like your 900 million in debt cut the deficit. And stop buying players. You sound like a banker they are telling you what to do to start your own league they have no respect for you. Stop taking out loans to fund players. These bankers see football as profitable income. And because there money is not coming in because of no fans and you can not repay the loan they are telling you what to do.
Crown King
Crown King 12 giorni fa
I am going to vent my frustration. Mr perez you sound homeless listen carefully to what he said we will all be dead by 2024. What you do with your bank is your own business this what Chinese women said to me I hope your listening.
Ibrahim Ali
Ibrahim Ali 12 giorni fa
1:04 flicking his ear. Big giveaway he’s lying
Basti 12 giorni fa
In some way, he's right. Football is dying cause of e-sports and other forms of entertainment.
Esteban 13 giorni fa
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis 13 giorni fa
One thing the guy needs to take a trip to England and see the sights cause he will learn that’s football isn’t dying mate u will make it die by doing this I mean people will loose the will to play cause at a young age what’s the point cause unless ur bloody world class from a young age u got no chance of making it as the only teams u can sign for are the biggest clubs in football
Soudarjya Guha
Soudarjya Guha 14 giorni fa
He is a true businessman
M S 15 giorni fa
Perhaps collectively paying everyone involved with football, players, managers, owners about 70% less would save football?
ImJustDead 15 giorni fa
He wants to save Football, and yet managed to piss off the entire Football fanbase in a day. This guy is delusional... Football is nothing with fans. He knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.
Nick Tueros
Nick Tueros 15 giorni fa
Quiere plata ese hue
TrippleSkillz 15 giorni fa
Get him out of football
Marry Berkouwer
Marry Berkouwer 15 giorni fa
Think he needs money
R K 15 giorni fa
I would be sooo happy if Real Madrid would just dissappear.. Just like when Juve went out of sight for a couple of years.. Nobody missed you. The Champions League will be much better without you!
Gato Loco
Gato Loco 15 giorni fa
"So much clubs will die but is a sacrifice that i'm willing to do" -Lord Farquad Perez
Chibuzo Uzoma
Chibuzo Uzoma 15 giorni fa
Super league is my dream game
Aji Saputra-Nii
Aji Saputra-Nii 16 giorni fa
Why the background music sound like a tense moments in horror movie?
86Sandrone 16 giorni fa
Sure Florentino, UEFA made you spend more than you had in your budget. You are only motivated by greed and please be honest when you want to sell something
Woman Just a woman
Woman Just a woman 16 giorni fa
How is football at risk?
Serhat Atalay
Serhat Atalay 16 giorni fa
If he just knew how greedy he sounds.. this super league is total bs everything is fine as it is atm!
Aden Navarro
Aden Navarro 16 giorni fa
Perez’s PR team sh@tting bricks 🗣👌
Ibraheem Zaheer
Ibraheem Zaheer 16 giorni fa
They should ban Madrid from ucl
Mouraleys 16 giorni fa
perez: "football is having less fans each year, that's why we need a super league!" source: trust me bro
Hairy Welder
Hairy Welder 16 giorni fa
Joshua Kohn
Joshua Kohn 16 giorni fa
Talk about a crook
Chris Anthemum
Chris Anthemum 17 giorni fa
He's been smoking crack cocaine drizzled with heroin.
April Fool
April Fool 17 giorni fa
a) they haven't lost anything- Real simply profited less than expected (600 mil euros instead of 900) b) he's not owner of Real
Gold 999
Gold 999 16 giorni fa
Yeah, and they have debts and wages. Look at Barca that is on the verge of collapsing.
George 17 giorni fa
Football is the most popular sport in the world, it isn't going to die. He isn't worried about football, he's worried about his own pockets.
Gold 999
Gold 999 16 giorni fa
He's worried about Madrid.
Josh 17 giorni fa
The only thing it needs saving from is him
adda plaster
adda plaster 17 giorni fa
This man's greed is unbelievable. He wants to take everyone down with him. Could it be Real Madrid and Barcelona are in financial crisis
Matty death goon
Matty death goon 17 giorni fa
He thinks hes judge dredd I am the law....
tica bone
tica bone 17 giorni fa
Let's all save football to pay Real Madrid debts 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Hond 17 giorni fa
Hond 17 giorni fa
boycot real madrid boycot super league !!!
Mathis Emoua
Mathis Emoua 17 giorni fa
Sick Guy
Luke Boycott
Luke Boycott 17 giorni fa
The super league isnt dead but you will be if ya carry on sunshine
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise 17 giorni fa
he kinda is saving it, he put focus on this, UEFA needs to be more transparent
Kaan Öz
Kaan Öz 17 giorni fa
bye bye madrid !! We hate Real madrid !
Aakash Suryi
Aakash Suryi 17 giorni fa
I've always have looked down upon sheepish Man Utd and Madrid fans who always seem to be missing a third hemisphere of brain cells.
ChrisC2697 17 giorni fa
How’s that Super League going Perez 🤡 😂
Khush Dua
Khush Dua 17 giorni fa
Yeah champions league format doesnt work bro wtf it's been working from 1930's no one in the world has ever said that they hate the champions league everyone loves it
sonam jourden
sonam jourden 17 giorni fa
UEfa is about money and super league is also about money but uefa is the devlopment of foootball
Punun Bareh
Punun Bareh 17 giorni fa
Super league would have been the greatest football show ever.
Danish Sudirman
Danish Sudirman 17 giorni fa
His face when answering the "will real madrid got kick out from champions league" HAHAHA im dead
Neptune's Daddy
Neptune's Daddy 17 giorni fa
Those 10+ clubs are 90% of football. Perez is trying to save football but plebs are plebs and his subordinates surrendered without a fight. Especially the English.
Muhammad Khairulizat
Save if for the humanity not robot 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
dang duy hieu
dang duy hieu 17 giorni fa
The Money Florentino Pérez said` FiFA is nothing``
Bayzeed Kakar
Bayzeed Kakar 17 giorni fa
Agreed with Fiorentino Perez
capello85 17 giorni fa
A fact: 12 SuperLeague team founders will lose €2bn euros this year!! They may go bankrupt. I support SuperLeague every 2 years open to any team based exclusively on merits (20teams max from top leagues)
EMIR E 17 giorni fa
I think this on of video that Guardian Football nevermind getting many dislikes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Franco Diar
Franco Diar 17 giorni fa
Real should be very concerned they have someone so delusional in charge.
The Collector Lee Channel
He tried to Execute order 66 but failed miserably lol
alex khai
alex khai 17 giorni fa
Perez is not saving football ... he want only money Billion money ... all the world wanted end this ESL not having destory our history of football we love football we love our club we love our fan SAY NO TO ESL NO NO ESL
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer 17 giorni fa
Just for those fools that European football will make the will of young Asian people who do not want to know about championships, just want to see some bids and goals from games of these 12 clubs. Leave the Asians there.
Fernando Pulido
Fernando Pulido 17 giorni fa
"Did you ever hear the tragedy of the Super League? I thought not. It's not a story FIFA would tell you."
piet paaktjes
piet paaktjes 17 giorni fa
Abdullahi Osman
Abdullahi Osman 17 giorni fa
I hate uefa the super league Idea is the best ever
Hairy Welder
Hairy Welder 16 giorni fa
shian zekri
shian zekri 17 giorni fa
lol get a brain
Forza Catania e Palermo
Perez and Agnelli are nothing but money bags. Fine these "individuals" hard - not the club but each owner and board member involved in this super league need to be fined hard. After all this is said and done, time for the football community to apply pressure on UEFA and Fifa because i do agree that these organizations are crooks and money bags the same. For one, the Qatar WC shouldn't be happening. Fifa proceeds to sweep under the rug the hundreds of slave laborers that have died during construction of stadiums and infrastructure in Qatar....disgusting
Neven Music
Neven Music 17 giorni fa
Perez: "I'm saving football" Chelsea fans: "Hold my beer"
Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence 17 giorni fa
florentino perez says it's raining outside... everyone looks out of the window...
James Wayabila
James Wayabila 17 giorni fa
He didn't complain about UCL when Real Madrid was winning it three consecutive seasons
valistrutu 17 giorni fa
Wanda Atletico Madrid ,psg Qatar,man city petrodolars ,chelsea russia money.....next team to sell ther soul arsenal,totenham .....Madrid is not for sale (we are not PUTAS) thats why Florentino want a Superliga .
Jay jay
Jay jay 17 giorni fa
it's time for self-independence LOL when politics and football meets
Eng. _ Mühannad
Eng. _ Mühannad 17 giorni fa
I hate you
Rodrigo Barros
Rodrigo Barros 17 giorni fa
Doğukan 17 giorni fa
Frucking snake.
furrycheetah2000 17 giorni fa
Oman hamad
Oman hamad 17 giorni fa
Perez has exposed hegemony and monopoly of FIFA. Sport is supposed to be out of politics. They punish whoever they want whereas they turn a blind eye to obvious racism. They are ruining the spirit of sport.
Alan mlt
Alan mlt 17 giorni fa
Ban this Person! His son Bartomeu is already in jail!
Joe Reynolds
Joe Reynolds 17 giorni fa
Save football?? It doesn't need saving? You seem to be trying to save Real Madrid, you are in a lot of debt after all?
Schalchen R.
Schalchen R. 17 giorni fa
Perez: Palpatine The 16 Teams: Darth Vader The Fans: Obi Wan Kenobi
Sahadat Hossain
Sahadat Hossain 17 giorni fa
Ban him from football forever
SupremoDon 17 giorni fa
How much money , english teams gets from UEFA last night!? You all sound so hypocrites.
Sketchy 17 giorni fa
Y’all dislike the video like it was Guardian Football’s idea
James Sanders
James Sanders 17 giorni fa
I present you the Jerry Jones of Europaen soccer.
James Ranson
James Ranson 17 giorni fa
"There are clubs that have lost hundreds of millions in this year and the previous one" Yes, particularly mid-sized and small clubs who you tried to completely shut out of European football. Kicking these clubs out would make for a relatively boring CL for a season but it would help line the pockets of the clubs who are truly suffering and dream of the idea to be part of the CL.
Alfred 17 giorni fa
This aged well
Dr_Salt 17 giorni fa
Sad thing is both parts are a villian. UEFA sucks balls so as superleague. Doesn't matter who wins we all lose.
Julien Sarasola
Julien Sarasola 17 giorni fa
Raghuveer Dubagunta
Raghuveer Dubagunta 17 giorni fa
It's a great money making idea, not lying.
Coma Toast
Coma Toast 17 giorni fa
M Radz
M Radz 17 giorni fa
All team have sign super League proposal.. so now see him make an action of summons 100 million each club that exodus.. ,😂😂
Christian Andersen
Christian Andersen 18 giorni fa
I hope that this also set up for a change in UEFA
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson 18 giorni fa
Here After He will be THANOS of FOOTBALL.
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson 18 giorni fa
He Just wants to Create a League were It is One Horse Race and Lower Laliga teams cannot Get Money. Since LaLiga Now Shares TV Revenue Equally to Weaker Teams. He wants his Own League Monopoly.
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson 18 giorni fa
Football is in Decline because No one Plays attacking Football like 2010s
Mohammed Ouallal
Mohammed Ouallal 18 giorni fa
💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 = ESL
dzaky 18 giorni fa
Jeferson Mateus
Jeferson Mateus 18 giorni fa
I like You Florentino, you tell the trufh
frieswithmayo 18 giorni fa
Mr Perez has damaged football. His statements that teams are dying while their players drive Lamborghinis, Ferraris and live an outlandish lifestyle paid by clubs like Real shows the level of greed at the heart of these clubs. Mr Perez should resign if he has any sense of decency. The "fait accompli" method which he attempted to force the SuperLeague down our throats is also amazing.
Miguel Navarro
Miguel Navarro 17 giorni fa
You just have to take a look to the audited accounts of all European Clubs. It is a matter of reading. Try it.
Jonas Müller
Jonas Müller 18 giorni fa
Thank you for saving football our Lord and Saviour
Russell Newton
Russell Newton 18 giorni fa
Did Real Madrid fans try to stop this ? I’m asking because I don’t know.
Jeferson Mateus
Jeferson Mateus 18 giorni fa
Iam Madrid fan e agree this point of Perez
Raj Singha
Raj Singha 18 giorni fa
Destroy it more like
WildwoodClaire1 18 giorni fa
I'm moved to tears by Senor Perez's OBVIOUS deep concern for the welfare of teams in Europe's smaller markets. How could ANYONE ever suspect this saintly man of crass, unmitigated avarice in his pursuit of his €uropean $uper £eague dream?!
1DRIP 18 giorni fa
who's already broke and can buy Mbappé, Haaland and Alaba
Abdul Khader
Abdul Khader 18 giorni fa
Common now he's just frustrated and angry about uefa policies, leave the old man already lol
Nick Baker
Nick Baker 18 giorni fa
UEFA IS a monopoly! The way to stop it isn’t by changing between a few people benefiting who can reap the reward of it but give the the rights to all the participants playing so everyone benefits from the games success.
Betamist 18 giorni fa
Real Madrid spent money they did not have, all the others clubs must compensate the losses
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 18 giorni fa
Time to support the Singapore Premier League
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