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Real Madrid vs AS Roma 2-1 Highlights 2018

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Real Madrid vs AS Roma 2-1 Highlights 2018
By FootballMinds
Real Madrid 2-1 AS Roma: The result of the match was put beyond all doubt after just a quarter of an hour as Gareth Bale’s clever finish past Olsen doubled the advantage given to Real by Asensio after just two minutes. From there, Real Madrid played to their European Cup-winning standard, dominating the flow of play and efficiently and effectively avoiding Roma’s press. Their use of occasional long-balls to bypass the midfield created variation and irregularity which Roma could not defend.
This is one of the final matches of the series of friendlies and it will feature two squads that split their first two matches of the event.
Real Madrid lost to Manchester United 2-1 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in its first match of the ICC, and then picked up a 3-1 victory over Juventus at FedExField.
Roma also opened the ICC with a lost as it saw Tottenham run away with a 4-1 win in San Diego, but the Italian squad responded with a 4-2 victory over Barcelona at AT&T Stadium.
Next up for Real Madrid is a European Super Cup Derby against Atletico Madrid next Wednesday in Tallinn. Roma will next be in action on the 19th of August, as they start their Serie A campaign away against Torino.


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Commenti 1 339
Khalil Abid
Khalil Abid 21 ora fa
Christopher Amoretti
Keylor is the best goalkeeper of the world.
Iwanubadilah Ubadilah
Asensio 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Annan Reynolds
Annan Reynolds 5 giorni fa
wonderful goals!!!!!
Aazaa Bakley
Aazaa Bakley 6 giorni fa
as roma fiifa
Mohammed Rassya S.P
Хотя мне не нравится Реал Мадрид, по крайней мере, я все еще поклонник футбола
Γιώργος 7
Γιώργος 7 6 giorni fa
It seems that Real Madrid will have a really nice season even without Cristiano Ronaldo in the team...There are players near the value of Cristiano (Bale, Asensio). It's not problem the fact that Ronaldo left Madrid. Real Madrid is Real Madrid even without Cristiano.
Zeca Ferreira
Zeca Ferreira 6 giorni fa
Merci ronaldo
Yasir sports
Yasir sports 6 giorni fa
R.W M.M 7 giorni fa
King Jan123
King Jan123 7 giorni fa
yhya Shafi
yhya Shafi 7 giorni fa
Wiktor Śmiłek
Wiktor Śmiłek 7 giorni fa
hala madrid
Steve Oerkel
Steve Oerkel 7 giorni fa
Fráncico Mireles
Fráncico Mireles 7 giorni fa
Luka modric
raffaele frascogna
raffaele frascogna 8 giorni fa
Daler Khaydarov
Daler Khaydarov 8 giorni fa
Daler Khaydarov
Daler Khaydarov 8 giorni fa
Nastya Axmedjanovna
Nastya Axmedjanovna
Zico Armando
Zico Armando 8 giorni fa
Without cR ,Madrid can be fun..bale asensio are perfect,but i hope lewandoski or cavani change benzema..
Leo Osnaya
Leo Osnaya 8 giorni fa
Bale is spectacular. I hope that he'll never get injured again.
el bintolo
el bintolo 8 giorni fa
Bale will shock the world this season.
Stahlz_XI 8 giorni fa
Gareth snail is madrids last hope
Luca Manea
Luca Manea 8 giorni fa
Hala madrid
r010580 8 giorni fa
Presi a pallonate😳
Foot et petanque Divers Nouvelle chansons
Subscriber to the new channel ITvid and watch enjoy it guys.
Lorenzo Marcelli
Lorenzo Marcelli 8 giorni fa
Gacal Yare
Gacal Yare 8 giorni fa
anyone can tell me What this commentators name ?????
FCBB the gamer
FCBB the gamer 8 giorni fa
i saw this game in real life
Temo's Kitchen
Temo's Kitchen 8 giorni fa
hopefully bale does not get injured during the season, it will suck
daniele 8 giorni fa
Asensio ce l'ha su con le italiane, segna sempre...
Kim Nana
Kim Nana 8 giorni fa
We dont need him
Kim Nana
Kim Nana 8 giorni fa
Who is cr a full
Fahri Fahrisa
Fahri Fahrisa 8 giorni fa
LiverpooL is the best best fuLL
najkys cz
najkys cz 8 giorni fa
Bale and cristiano ronaldo are best
Fahri Fahrisa
Fahri Fahrisa 8 giorni fa
By ARAB ARAbiAN & UEA forza juventus
HakeemPlaysGames 8 giorni fa
Navas Improved alot!
hámóûđé đåâbôúľ
I love you real madrid hala madrid
Nig Ward
Nig Ward 8 giorni fa
Why is the commentator so boring
monsif meg
monsif meg 8 giorni fa
Elor Elharar
Elor Elharar 8 giorni fa
no ronaldo no real! This level is not enough for the league and certainly not for the Champions League
man city fan
man city fan 8 giorni fa
Don't worry hazard is coming
Maxamed Barre
Maxamed Barre 8 giorni fa
What a goal Grath Pale Real madrid is my favourite Team
M4L 8 giorni fa
i love all scorers : Marco Asensio Gareth Bale Kevin Stroot and i'm very love Lucas Modric !!
Ahmed alshoili
Ahmed alshoili 8 giorni fa
ليشجع وليحب مدريد لايك
Vinh1985 Trần
Vinh1985 Trần 8 giorni fa
Bale , serio Ramos , isco
Telstar 18
Telstar 18 8 giorni fa
BALE IS ON FIREEE!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Bayut Chanel
Bayut Chanel 8 giorni fa
Jangn lupa subcrine chanel i,m
Võ Tòng
Võ Tòng 8 giorni fa
not Ro - bale working really hard
Unruhestiffter 8 giorni fa
Bale plays on the wrong position. He must play on the left wing. Not right .Whats wrong with you Lopetegui?
The_gaming_pea pea
The_gaming_pea pea 8 giorni fa
Madrid would not of beat jurva if ronakdo was playing and all there good players
Danny3333333333 8 giorni fa
So, Real Madrid good without C. Ronaldo ok -.-
Edwin Theuri
Edwin Theuri 8 giorni fa
This aren't pressure games.
Edwin Theuri
Edwin Theuri 8 giorni fa
Ooh thy little memory...
Edwin Theuri
Edwin Theuri 8 giorni fa
The season hasn't started yet
Emmanuele Are
Emmanuele Are 9 giorni fa
Olsen i💩👎
mehmet Gamaing
mehmet Gamaing 9 giorni fa
Roma alissonu satarsaniz boyle goller yersiniz hele 2.gol cok kolay bi golu yemis kaleci
Sherwin Dlamini
Sherwin Dlamini 9 giorni fa
Bale is showing what he's capable of...Madrid is back in being a team since ronaldo left....I'm just worried about juventus now since ronaldo arrived and find them as a collective team,it'll be all about ronaldo now at juventus,the rest of the players will be meaningless now
jimmy laa
jimmy laa 9 giorni fa
I want to see Madrid vs Juve. Cant wait🙃
views gratis
views gratis 9 giorni fa
Kantor Tivadar
Kantor Tivadar 9 giorni fa
Masonería y Separatismo
Por qué dice "Lopetegüi"?? Jajaja
Goyon Man
Goyon Man 9 giorni fa
Next time, They'll learn not to disrespect Ronaldo
tú Vy bolero
tú Vy bolero 9 giorni fa
Bale 🖑🖐💟
views gratis
views gratis 9 giorni fa
Marcio roberto Paz Vallecillo
Ala madrid
comfort paul
comfort paul 9 giorni fa
Bale will really shine this season.
huu fuck
huu fuck 9 giorni fa
if ronaldo stay with real madrid.. can beat more than 2 goal . . .ekwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk
Truong Nguyen
Truong Nguyen 9 giorni fa
K.Navas still better than courtois !!!
B.R.O.S dude
B.R.O.S dude 9 giorni fa
J Dabrowska
J Dabrowska 9 giorni fa
reading all the comments its sad how quickly people move on and forget their all time best star and not just forgetting his greatness but talking shit about him , i am Happy that one of all time the great Ronaldo left this selfish crowed who are only chasing rising sun , its a shame, there is end to every start but Ronaldo im gonna miss you , it was pleasure watching your game, style , passion and dedication , Respect to all great players who ever played and entertain us , Thank you
Ted dibiasi
Ted dibiasi 9 giorni fa
Its gonna be a good CL season this year! as for Real........asensio and benzema and bale have got to connect!
Hamath Ba Sarr
Hamath Ba Sarr 9 giorni fa
we cannot see the 11
Junior H Howard
Junior H Howard 9 giorni fa
Let's gooooo⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Hungria Official
Hungria Official 9 giorni fa
oi galera do youtube
DMANSLIDE3 9 giorni fa
Bale with a sexy ass pass. Madrid fans said they didnt want him and would take hazard lmao.
Hashim ibrahimi
Hashim ibrahimi 9 giorni fa
Real Madrid player playing selfish
enock mwanza
enock mwanza 9 giorni fa
bale was💣💥
T30-AFFAL0 9 giorni fa
Bale oh bale !!! . if only you can stay fit all through out the season
Vanta - Battle Bay
Vanta - Battle Bay 9 giorni fa
why is the crowd so close to the pitch? It overlaps 2;53
Edgarisftw 9 giorni fa
It is clear now that having a player like Ronaldo in the team makes the other players under perform. Now that he is gone they play like complete team. Not saying they are better with or without Ronaldo, it's just that having a superstar like that in the team can have a bad side aswell.
Rabeen Sony
Rabeen Sony 9 giorni fa
I love r.....m...
Catalin Gheorghita
Catalin Gheorghita 9 giorni fa
Bale's assist was amazing 😍
Ruwen Dik
Ruwen Dik 9 giorni fa
Real ist scheiße
Mohammed Basil Thangal
Missing The legend...CR7
honorquest 9 giorni fa
The beautiful thing about this Madrid team is the players playing multiple positions and the high pressing attack..
Bang BeLoo
Bang BeLoo 9 giorni fa
Wow amazing goal
ALFIAN NUGROHO 9 giorni fa
Bale will win balon d’or soon!
Master Beva
Master Beva 9 giorni fa
Ronaldo yoxdu diye butun hucuma meyilli futbolcular ozun gostere bilir... Hala Madrid !!!
my opinion is better
Bale is the greatest of all time
MANNY 07 9 giorni fa
Real Madrid are still good without Ronaldo
Alvaro Egas
Alvaro Egas 9 giorni fa
no CR7...but Bale...wow
Alvaro Egas
Alvaro Egas 9 giorni fa
it's depressive not seeing CR7
jorge jimenez
jorge jimenez 9 giorni fa
And Barcelona can’t beat Roma fml
Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA 9 giorni fa
Just hope Bale can stay healthy
mohammad eghbaria
mohammad eghbaria 9 giorni fa
افضل لاعيبي
mohammad eghbaria
mohammad eghbaria 9 giorni fa
وبنزيما كمان
mohammad eghbaria
mohammad eghbaria 9 giorni fa
حلو بيل واسينسيو وفينيسيوس افضل لاعبين
Luca Esposito
Luca Esposito 9 giorni fa
The assist of pale is amazing, but the defender of Roma is not allineated with the other defenders
XquizitX 9 giorni fa
I just saw my friend on tv watching this game lmao
Faizal Arvi
Faizal Arvi 9 giorni fa
Asensio the next cr7,,, 😂😂😂
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