Relaxing Slime Compilation ASMR | Oddly Satisfying Video #38

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ASMR means “autonomous meridian sensory response” and refers to the sensations that certain sounds cause in the brain, a tickle that generates a pleasant sensation and induces relaxation and finally, sleep.


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18 nov 2019




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Commenti 80
Sorcha Payne
Sorcha Payne 5 giorni fa
this just feels like a waste of money, I ain't hating i'm just saying, you're wasting money on products to make slime and then do them for an ASMR video. Fr you could spend the money on something else.
I love all fluffy slimes💜❤️❤️❤️
Lander Constantino
Muy buen video
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan 2 mesi fa
OMG I love your slime and your slime is soooooooo pretty 😍💖🧁🦄🍉💗
•ALV La Vale•
Me encanta >:3
jussi takala
jussi takala 5 mesi fa
Shelby Yanzer
Shelby Yanzer 5 mesi fa
Derek Vaughn
Derek Vaughn 6 mesi fa
i love ur vids must have slime! omg!
gagoosh66 6 mesi fa
I want slime PLZZZ
Nhung Thi
Nhung Thi 6 mesi fa
1:02 is my fav
Michelle Owen
Michelle Owen 6 mesi fa
Woow*****!;*(::*::$;=;; whoa
mariab vlog love
Wowwwwwwwww I like your all slime
4:58 My favorite slime
Não consigo parar de ver essa
Nadjwa shahrul
Nadjwa shahrul 6 mesi fa
Wah nak slime 1
Ash Fechu 2
Ash Fechu 2 7 mesi fa
soy el único que en lugar de relajarse se pone nervioso? ._.
MagicpawzYT [PawPower]
No one was told me 😾
Dulcele Santos
Dulcele Santos 7 mesi fa
eu amo vídeo de slime ❤😚
SSS Star
SSS Star 7 mesi fa
I like the slimes but can u go a bit slower because I love the crunch
عرشیا کریمی
Patricia Valdovinos
Bruh the first one was racing as a car wow be careful with the slime not judging!🤭🤷🏻‍♀️
Rayele Sousa
Rayele Sousa 7 mesi fa
E odeio slime mole e bom durma
Şazimet Aydın
Şazimet Aydın 7 mesi fa
Bu ne ya
Simply Aesthetixs
6:26 WOW
taylor wiley
taylor wiley 7 mesi fa
Other things like *
taylor wiley
taylor wiley 7 mesi fa
Not to be rude but can u do less of the other day things life squishing slime I just wants to hears the tennis rackets 0w0
Hava Balkanlioglu
Kaelynn B
Kaelynn B 7 mesi fa
Does anyone know how to make the first one?
Kaelynn B
Kaelynn B 7 mesi fa
Does anyone else know
ChristinaRayne 7 mesi fa
FygouygdyducgydfvMeasuring I love your channelshb
bella Abbasi
bella Abbasi 7 mesi fa
good slime not excellent
Kalai Vani
Kalai Vani 7 mesi fa
Wonderful slime
fatiha fransa
fatiha fransa 7 mesi fa
El slime da asco enserio os gusta
KHAIR SINGHA 7 mesi fa
So relaxy
Rose Marcaida
Rose Marcaida 7 mesi fa
So satisfying
Abner Balbino
Abner Balbino 7 mesi fa
# muito mais satisfatório
Srinath Kanagarthi
How to make non sticky slime
mira kaya
mira kaya 7 mesi fa
Love love
Alvis Matos
Alvis Matos 7 mesi fa
Alguien Español ??
Victoria Longart
claudia saez
claudia saez 7 mesi fa
Es un rollo 😡
claudia saez
claudia saez 7 mesi fa
No me gusta porque no ponéis la receta
catrachita ****
catrachita **** 7 mesi fa
lo alucinan
Mery plays
Mery plays 7 mesi fa
0:00 😍😍😍
Karine Mascarenhas
I Like slime 🤩💖💖💖💖
Kıraz Kayıs
Kıraz Kayıs 7 mesi fa
Slimeler mütis
Mustafa :
Mustafa : 7 mesi fa
People make slime?
Mustafa :
Mustafa : 7 mesi fa
@Rainbow Dash is a great place to work with
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 7 mesi fa
hira pla of course, I do this all the time and make instagram vids about It, I live in Albany, NY
Addison Wise
Addison Wise 7 mesi fa
I love the slime on 7:55 and the slime on 4:38 but the rest was like shreck singing the remix of get out of my swamp but the music on 9:34 was lit
can I get 1k subz with 1 video please
[Video says relaxing] [My ears👂💥💥] [Throws phone against wall then unsubscribes]
can I get 1k subz with 1 video please
Exactly everyone to fast not relaxing at all it be like someone shot a bullet through my ear hole
lorrayane sousaoo oficialll
lorrayane sousaoo oficialll
7:38 omggggg Help Beautiful slime
Mehmet Dağal
Mehmet Dağal 7 mesi fa
D M A 7 mesi fa
This is probably some weird fetish u have😂😂. I can see it the movement of ur hands
Viviana Pintos
Viviana Pintos 7 mesi fa
patmotions 7 mesi fa
the biggest bullshit i ever seen in my life, i swear
Monika Ak
Monika Ak 7 mesi fa
Way aidanou
Javier Méndez Libreros
casi todos tienen una pulsera en la mano izquierda por que??????????
Izabella Spears
Izabella Spears 7 mesi fa
You are way to aggressive But I like the slime
Fenita safana Dezek
Slime jumbo you Good
for them all
for them all 7 mesi fa
The bracelet banging against the bowl in one of the clips just ruined the ASMR.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 7 mesi fa
for them all find the positive side ^-^ not negative! ^-^ have a happy day!
Trudy Forrest
Trudy Forrest 7 mesi fa
The first slime on the vidoe was to long
Sarah Nolan
Sarah Nolan 7 mesi fa
Oh and her name I believe is.erica .
Sarah Nolan
Sarah Nolan 7 mesi fa
Wow..ten horror movie vllians who are gorgeous in real life.
Felipe Olivares
Felipe Olivares 7 mesi fa
2:40 calamardo
Sabeen Arfan
Sabeen Arfan 7 mesi fa
Who else clicked on the video because of the thumbnail
Xanadu Starbucks
Me. I’m am disappointed in Cosas.
Søphie Gãcha
Søphie Gãcha 7 mesi fa
@Sabeen Arfan Me
Amazing Ayza
Amazing Ayza 7 mesi fa
wooowwwwwwww 9:31
Avni Rudra
Avni Rudra 7 mesi fa
How to make this
wow gamer mitra
wow gamer mitra 7 mesi fa
Wow so sweet
AHMET RAMSEY 7 mesi fa
Mükemmel 🇹🇷
jaziel lover
jaziel lover 7 mesi fa
Que lindo
Jyoti Mangal
Jyoti Mangal 7 mesi fa
Lina Amaral
Lina Amaral 7 mesi fa
this isnt asmr
Fannynamino Tang
Feleknaz Ok
Feleknaz Ok 7 mesi fa
bence çok güzel slaymlar🎊🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jose Prado
Jose Prado 7 mesi fa
So satisfiying
_BeNjA_ Uzumaki
_BeNjA_ Uzumaki 7 mesi fa
Me dormí XD
Rocio Valenzuela.
uh flaco, tanto sueños tenías.
The Kid Historian
People still make slime?
yuki Wan
yuki Wan 7 mesi fa
7:03 put too much activater
Finley Van Dyk
Finley Van Dyk 7 mesi fa
1:12 I was not expecting that LOL!! 🎉
Finley Van Dyk I am espanish xDxDxDxD
Finley Van Dyk
Finley Van Dyk 7 mesi fa
But SO aggressive in doing so Alice Sousa
lorrayane sousaoo oficialll
Yessss....oh my gosh...beautiful slime
Amari Washington
I love slime
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