REPLAYED: Liverpool 2-0 Man Utd | Salah and Alisson combine to finish it in style

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Relive one of the Reds' most memorable wins of the season, as Virgil van Dijk's opener was added to in style by a late Mo Salah counter-attack.
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22 apr 2020




Caricamento in corso.....

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Commenti 100
Kids time
Kids time 7 giorni fa
Zak Oraikat
Zak Oraikat 10 giorni fa
How did we not score more than 5 goals in this game!?😓
Dhiyaull auliyah
Dhiyaull auliyah 11 giorni fa
mu ayam 😠😠😠😠😃😃😃😃
Dhiyaull auliyah
Dhiyaull auliyah 11 giorni fa
mu ayqm
Dhiyaull auliyah
Dhiyaull auliyah 11 giorni fa
Smith_Thuma 12 giorni fa
James Did his best...the kid got the Pace
Winter Magic
Winter Magic 16 giorni fa
I can’t understand , Why the referee canceld ferminho goal ????? There wasn’t any foul or mistake from Van Dijk on De jia !!!!!!!! Germany , Bayern Munich , Liverpool Lover forever Mia San Mia You Will Never Walk Alone ❤️🇩🇪❤️🇩🇪❤️🇩🇪❤️🇩🇪❤️🇩🇪❤️🇩🇪❤️🇩🇪❤️🇩🇪❤️
eM. Dosêl
eM. Dosêl 19 giorni fa
I was here becoz of the 7-2 defeat by A.Villa just to throw aside my pain. 😆
II% Cornhub owner girl
eM. Dosêl ADRIANNNN :(
Rolf Nazareth
Rolf Nazareth 20 giorni fa
As a United fan, I've seen the highlights of this match for the first time coz I just switched off the TV when salah removed his shirt
Lê Gunny
Lê Gunny 20 giorni fa
Quá đẳng cấp liv
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown 20 giorni fa
Alisson...........to Salah..........................................GOAL!!! (Celebrations!) it’s tough at the TOP (But Liverpool deserve to be there) 👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️💯💯🏆🏆🏆
Moe Zak
Moe Zak 22 giorni fa
The Legend Salah The Mighty Salah The Dominate Salah The King Salah The Powerfull Salah The Unstoppable Salah Love You Salah Love You More You Are My Super Hero You Make Me Happy Time You Make Me A Premia League And Champion League And Europa Super Cup And Club World Cups Is Not Reason For Love You I Love Liverpool FC And Liverpool All Players
Fairuz Efendy
Fairuz Efendy 23 giorni fa
07:37 best moment
dede kh
dede kh 26 giorni fa
What amazing game
ary Snaza
ary Snaza 26 giorni fa
Big beast 😍😍😍😍 guest what klopp saying to him?
Ramita Jalil
Ramita Jalil 27 giorni fa
This game will lives on me forevahhhh
ພໍ່ລູກຜູກ FUN
I really really love the moment of Alisson's celebration for the second goal...
Kids time
Kids time 29 giorni fa
David 29 giorni fa
Was right behind corner with my daughter, got on video on my phone. Will treasure forever
Safraz Hamid
Safraz Hamid Mese fa
And now you gotta believe us..... 🏆
Matthew Mese fa
Despite the foul, what a goal from firmino!
Ishrat Firdousi
Show the entire clip. Mo Salah's manic signalling to Allison to pass the ball. That part is now snipped off in every video. Wow.
Al Fatih
Al Fatih Mese fa
Why i cry watch this vid . Very amazing game
Lalalalala Lalalalalalalalalalalala
i love new balance shirt 😭😭😭
Shabin Mese fa
Here after the Chelsea match
Daniyal Asif
Daniyal Asif Mese fa
Salah King💯💯thanks for likes 5K
Hossam Mostafa
موووو صلاح ❤💪
Moh salah is lovveeee
Milton Kazi
Milton Kazi Mese fa
Liverpool should've been 4-0 up by the end of first half
البينو Mese fa
ربنا يوفقك يا ابن بلدي⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩
Allcall andry
I like Moh salah from Indonesian fans.
Mohamad Muhammad
It feels like yesterday
David Mc
David Mc Mese fa
David Mc
David Mc Mese fa
Ammar Muhammad
"It's the tough at the top. The tougher it gets,the tougher Liverpool get." I love this quotation.
FIFA 20 KING Mese fa
Adama traore: im the fastest player in the premier leauge. Alisson: Hold my beer
Cocain Heroine
Mo Salah they said he is selfish player but he has 10 assist LOL still dont get it
fierblake _
fierblake _ Mese fa
Never get enough watching this over and over again.
Sam BS
Sam BS Mese fa
I am here for Mo Salah!!!
Ahmad Santoso
Rewatch this as ITvid recommends, and this video has made my morning even more...
Vp ซาแนล
USPhite Mese fa
It took me 1 minute to understand that it's not Fifa 20
Desi Herawati
Lop lop lop mo salah .. Lop liverpool 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Love you mo Salah
Agastya Sakha Wiratama
Liverpool luar biasa
Jimski UK
Jimski UK 2 mesi fa
What a night that was "now jurgener believers"
Avallac'h 2 mesi fa
Alisson running then sliding to celebrate with Salah was super badass, epic moment
zac mac
zac mac 2 mesi fa
Ensha`allah Salah with the new hair cut will be faster and faster 🇪🇬💪😜
cat stevens
cat stevens 2 mesi fa
Watching this again it was the under 16 boys again men wasn’t it. The ref determined to keep United in the game, it was 4 - 0 without any doubt.
Barmy Neddy
Barmy Neddy 2 mesi fa
Referees need to start sending players off who remonstrate the way shown here.
Renu Mahanta
Renu Mahanta 2 mesi fa
have a little of that. salah...
Jorge dá Alves
Jorge dá Alves 2 mesi fa
dubcindub15 2 mesi fa
They didn't believe us, they really didn't believe us, they really didn't believe ussssssssss..... WE WON THE FUCKIN LEAGUE
xolile radebe
xolile radebe 2 mesi fa
On this day Liverpool won this match 4-0
fierblake _
fierblake _ 2 mesi fa
We should've destroy united in this game, but they're lucky we only scored two. Uhh I really want to see The Reds destroy united really really bad.
Samukelo Gumede
Samukelo Gumede 2 mesi fa
Nobody runs faster than Allison to celebrate that assist.
Luke Gibson
Luke Gibson 2 mesi fa
That was never a foul on De Gea, Utd can thank their lucky stars they didn't lose by more.
Dez 2 mesi fa
Totally agree - don't understand how can De Gea be "fouled", _slowly_ get up to his feet as the United players start playing again, but then when they lose the ball and De Gea dives as the ball goes in, jump right back up to his feet and the players start moaning to the ref...
Fes Hendra
Fes Hendra 2 mesi fa
Liperpol jadi juara
Abdullah Khalid
Abdullah Khalid 2 mesi fa
Salah cashing in that underwear.
M J 2 mesi fa
On a normal Day with a normal accuracy, LFC would win 6:0 and OGS would be sacked...but Mane, Salah, and of course Man-Uniteds best Friends (proved in this season with a new Prem-Record of Penalties) the Refs/VAR...wanted to be not too hard for Ole....he is a lucky man and bought all of them a hamper with great stuff in it...and a written Letter: "Thx, you saved my job - Your grateful Ole."
Andrews Darkwah
Andrews Darkwah 2 mesi fa
Fastest player ever 😀💞💪
mohamed sajad
mohamed sajad 2 mesi fa
Hi liverpool fans can you tell me how to download liverpool full matches...
Keith Conrad
Keith Conrad 2 mesi fa
Virgil destroyed Maguire in the air. 90 mil vs 9 000 000.
Hussainali Khalifa
Could have been 7 goals for Liverpool
Iman Altoot
Iman Altoot 2 mesi fa
that was the goalie falt from man utd yellow card for him
Manchester Is Red
Did u know Greenwood martial and rashford have more goals than mane Salah firmino
Agung Widianto
Agung Widianto 2 mesi fa
Who ? I didn't know them what so ever ! And no body... Nobody talk about them on PL . Just delutional fans from Moron United keep delutional.
Rahees Raihan M
Rahees Raihan M 2 mesi fa
philgreitz 2 mesi fa
Now u gonna believe us
Nimco Abshir
Nimco Abshir 2 mesi fa
Masha allah salah we love you you are muslim and i am muslim
Aleksandar 2 mesi fa
How was that foul on De Gea? He just jumped and didn't use his hands on David.
andyy 263
andyy 263 3 mesi fa
1000th comment ynwa
Mark Dyas
Mark Dyas 3 mesi fa
Poor Man U, can't keep up with Liverpool, how the mighty have fallen indeed, people keep talking about the gap that manure united have to bridge to catch up with us, that bridge is a very very long one indeed, can't say I'm surprised about the understanding between Salah and Becker tho, they played together at Roma, they know each other well
bro gaming
bro gaming 3 mesi fa
Mustafa game over
Manish Mandal
Manish Mandal 3 mesi fa
Memechester United
Abe Tuna
Abe Tuna 3 mesi fa
can u imagine this liverpool vs the cristiano hay days MU.
Iwan Masdi
Iwan Masdi 3 mesi fa
Kiper terbaik
Will Holden
Will Holden 3 mesi fa
I am writing this the night before Liverpool are presented the Premier League trophy, 21st July 2020. And this is the game I keep going back to. This is the one where we knew. We just knew. That we had juuuuuuust about done it. Enjoy this moment fellow Reds. From the Irish guy in Iraq, and after 30 years, we'll never walk alone. :)
easybehave 3 mesi fa
Salah is the man of the match. MU do not have good midfielders.
Hussnein maksud Haji
At the beginning of the season, Man United fans claimed that VAR were helping us win games and gave us the nickname "LiVARpool" and now they've had the most decisions turn out in their favour! "VARchester United?" Not to mention, they've received 13 penalties this pl season which is a record which was held by... themselves... They have no excuse to call us cheaters! Lol
Hussnein maksud Haji
Despite what many people thought, I feel David De Gea had a decent game. He saved Manè's shot in the first half very well! Then Henderson's absolute rocket which he tipped onto the post! Yes he did get a yellow card and concede 2 goals but none of which were his own fault! Coming from an Liverpool fan.
Dodo Dodo
Dodo Dodo 3 mesi fa
My love salah ❤
Lutfi Yahid
Lutfi Yahid 3 mesi fa
Mantap salahhh
Елзат Мусаев
Liverpool champion 👊👊👊👊
SR Production
SR Production 3 mesi fa
Still wonder how this goal was allowed ... It was offsideball should been free kick bt allison kicked it without putting it in ground
Mouhamad Farhat
Mouhamad Farhat 3 mesi fa
العلم المصري 😍❤️
stevendchu 3 mesi fa
Firmino should've been given the goal and ended his Anfield drought here!
Jake T
Jake T 3 mesi fa
Jurgen has done such a magnificent job making Liverpool a consistently dangerous team. He has to take the credit for grooming Mo Salah, and believing in Mane Firmino...and picking up great transfers like Allison! Always a solid solid performance, even in a loss. Hats off.
Refaat ElShamy
Refaat ElShamy 3 mesi fa
I love watching Liverpool playing especially when Mo Salah plays and scores
deepak dhakal
deepak dhakal 3 mesi fa
briliance of allison for second goal
soraya babrut
soraya babrut 3 mesi fa
Ga ada bosen bosennya nonton gol salah yang 1 iniihhh...kapan pun ditonton ttp selalu berasa amaziiiiinggg😍😍😍
ZoWie V7
ZoWie V7 3 mesi fa
Premier league trophy won Liverpool : 1 Man United : 13 Still Liverpool thinks they're the best🤣
hadra haq
hadra haq 3 mesi fa
Haarith Muhammed
Alison has Thor's cut
Souna Samdy
Souna Samdy 3 mesi fa
Mohamed salah 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Hein Daddel
Hein Daddel 3 mesi fa
Cmon, nobody likes united, whats wrong with those people? ferguson fancy time? thats all? noo... breathe and realize that the dream is over!
HARIS WIJAYA 3 mesi fa
Good job salah, i love muslim
ابحث واتعلم، Search and Learn
Salah is advertising his underwear:)
Louis UchihaTM
Louis UchihaTM 3 mesi fa
The scream of the crowd makes the goals hit differently!
Emmanuel Iwenjiora
Let me say the truth we deserved to win athletic even the Diego Simeone admitted it in the post match conference. Players like Chamberlain Alexander Arnold played well. But let's move all Liverpool fans let all haters talk what they want to talk next season they will see what we will do to athletico Madrid if we get drawn in the same group Liverpool next season champions league group Liverpool Athletico Madrid Crevna zevda Benfica
shrikrishna kulkarni
This guy Salah, is just wonderful, wonderful to watch. What a magnificent goal ! His reaction Embodies the release of desire from a long wait of Liverpool dominance !
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma 3 mesi fa
Firmino’S goal being disallowed is a disgrace ! De Gea should have had a yellow for that
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