Revenge Moments in Football

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Revenge Moments in Football

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26 ott 2022




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Commenti 1 563
Zlatan 3 mesi fa
Zlatan doesn’t feel pain, pain feels Zlatan
D K Giorno fa
So true🤣🤣🤣
Anker Haar
Anker Haar 2 giorni fa
TFB Arman
TFB Arman 8 giorni fa
Ok don’t abuse 😂😂
sasuke uchiha sasuke
🤣 🤣 LOL
Charlotte Ella
I like him
John Lemon
John Lemon 2 mesi fa
You gotta admire how Ronaldo's revenge is always success or winning. Pure class.
floppa 12 giorni fa
Nah Ronaldo likes hurting people as “Revenge” 😂
ReadyUp Mese fa
Another one Ronaldo likes is breaking peoples necks
Rajnath Singh
Rajnath Singh 3 mesi fa
Zlatan never disappoints 💀😂
ABS Tarzan
ABS Tarzan 28 giorni fa
​@مسلم من آل محمد الطيبين nighty a mo Hyhf
مسلم من آل محمد الطيبين
Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace, and paradise is the result
Malla Samuel
Malla Samuel 4 mesi fa
That reporter was dying for that moment 😂
DoorsMan Mese fa
What moment?
Abdu Khalag
Abdu Khalag Mese fa
تع فه تع ن نعم مع عن مع عن نعم عغغ مع مع ع تع عنه ع مع عن ه عن هههه عن مع غععع غععع فن هههه عن هههه مع عن مع عن مع عن تع غ مع ع مع فن مع غ عن انا غ تا انا انا لن تا لان تا ا انا ان ززا ان مع عن تع عن مع عن مع غ نعم مع عن منع غدا فن نعم تع عن مع انا لا زال ا مع ا تا فن مع فن مع غدا غدا فن مع فن مع فن م مع عن عن مع عندما غ مع إن مع انا نتا ن تا تا مع تا تا تا تا تا تا تا تا انا نتا تا ا مع إن مع إن مع إن مع عن مع فن مع فن تا فن تا ف هنا زال لا تا انا تا تا تا تا اف غ نني فن تا فن تا فن مع
clash of memes
@shubham24l aaaa@
@ASK മലയാളി bro wtf are you talking
𝕷𝖊𝖌𝖊𝖓𝖉 𝖔𝖕
I already knew what Zlatan would do he never disappoints😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kavya Sharma
Kavya Sharma 29 giorni fa
You're right Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the God of revenge 😂❤️❤️😀
Andrea Regecova
Dhruv 3 mesi fa
You know you are dead when Ronaldo started playing for revenge 💪
مسلم من آل محمد الطيبين
Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace, and paradise is the result
Nyonya NR
Nyonya NR 2 mesi fa
@DEVIL’S ADVOCATE troll edition enjoy messi fan. CR7 fan also admire of him coz many reasons, so you do. No need hate for enjoy foodball. Messi teach his boys how to cr7 plays, so when his son copied style of cr7 to celebrate his own goal, messi stay calm. Cr7 also teach his son how messi plays and introduce messi to him. They are the best football player this century, so as fan just enjoy and watch both of them. They are greatest
Agus R
Agus R 2 mesi fa
DEVIL’S ADVOCATE troll edition
@Ebola - must be playing for revenge in Saudi now that messi has won the World Cup and ronaldo was gash . Still the ronaldo fan boys just won’t admit it. “ he’s scored more goals”….played a lot longer. Goals and assists to minute ratio is what counts. 10 years in same league both for best 2 sides and messi top scorer by 6-3 ( Suarez) other one. So Ron ran off to juventus that had won league last 8-9 years. After he got there they have gone to shit, Man U are better without him now, Portugal are better without him. He’s washed up and messi still pulled Argentina though even at this point in his career
O Contador de Histórias Documentário
Pepe is 104 years old, and he's been angry for the past 80 of those years
Dragon James
Dragon James 16 giorni fa
Bro pepe screwed havertz after
Neel Afini
Neel Afini Mese fa
@GM Krikor no, either or works: Pepe is 104; Pepe is 104 years old
Баур Орман
Пепе-злой и ужасный🤔
kevin lee
kevin lee 2 mesi fa
Starz 13 giorni fa
Zlatan doesn’t seek out revenge, revenge seeks out Zlatan.
Canned Coochie
Canned Coochie 5 mesi fa
6:14 for context Henry had called ronaldo a nobody when he was playing and to not touch him, Ronaldo went on to score two and beat arsenal, years later Henry is giving the balón d’or to ronaldo
Save the Coral
Hello Canned, Christiano Ronaldo and his well tuned and 'self justified' expert cheat diving and drawing referees out for attention and everything else he represents by his greed and petulance has destroyed the beautiful game. Along with all similar sulking primadonnas and what they have drawn into the game via trillionaire buyouts and corruption that Ronaldo buys into. Hopefully this season will be his last and the game can swiftly heal without him and he is quickly forgotten.
Canned Coochie
Canned Coochie 2 mesi fa
@دیکە شارەززوری Alisha Lehman
Do 2 mesi fa
it's funny how Zlatan's first instinct is to identify the one who inflicted pain on him than to feel the pain.
ColorNation Studio
ColorNation Studio 6 giorni fa
Zlatan doesn't fear pain, pain fears him
Chester jeleh Chester
Zlatan revenge was awesome 😎😂
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Did you watch (Neymar Jr one last shot)❤😊
Ade 5 mesi fa
The reporter had me 😭😂
@Himansu Rai no it's not bro
Himansu Rai
Himansu Rai 2 mesi fa
It was other way around
Saccharia Mmoni
Saccharia Mmoni 4 mesi fa
That's mine...the one with no violence
Loue 2 mesi fa
2:41 never seen a more Zlatan revenge. No beating around the bush lmao
I love zlatan😂 you can't do him dirty and go scot-free
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Did you watch (Neymar Jr one last shot)❤😊
quixote 4 mesi fa
0:54 it's actually kinda wholesome how the players of the team stick up for one another. 1 homie goes down, the others stand up for him
bhardeepUSA 3 mesi fa
That elbow by Zlatan was the best revenge.
Kipkoech Nicholas
Zlatan is vengeful and he always find an opportunity to do so.
Oussema 4 mesi fa
5:31 my favourite moment
luiz carlos dos santos
A falta de punição , em certos lances no futebol, deixa os jogadores mais violentos , porque sabe que não vão ser punidos.
KDEC NC 2 mesi fa
Whenever there is revenge moment, I expect Ronaldo be in it atleast 3 times
2:24 haaland biggest revenge is he making the whole psg pissed Respect haaland
Mister Me
Mister Me 2 mesi fa
@i.theworstguys celebrate idgaf all I'm saying is they angry over a 20 year old
i.theworstguys 2 mesi fa
@Mister Me even then are they not allowed to celebrate back? is it a crime? this footie conservative pearl clutching is lame
Mister Me
Mister Me 2 mesi fa
@i.theworstguys I said squad not mbapaypal
i.theworstguys 2 mesi fa
@Mister Me you’re acting like PSG’s best player is so much older when they’re a year and a half apart
Mister Me
Mister Me 2 mesi fa
@Raymond Lam psg squad got angry from a 20 year old lmao
Swallow by a whale🗿
Zlatan revenge was satisfying 🤣🤣🤣
مسلم من آل محمد الطيبين
Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace, and paradise is the result
Cosmoman78 3 mesi fa
@prrithwiraj barman Yes
prrithwiraj barman
Rosco P. Coldchain
The Boss 😂
Nano 2 mesi fa
How could you miss Roy Keane's tackle on Haaland's dad Alfie?!?!?! it was brutal. Good vid tho...
Satwaki Bhattacharya
Sky news reporter was a legend 😂😂😂😂
Fernando Rosa
Fernando Rosa 2 mesi fa
That girl did it first, he just changed the order
Zlatan never disappoint ❤❤❤
Sheriff Roode madness
What's Zlatan's secret ,he just doesn't age.
ClashWithOcean 3 mesi fa
Zlatan don't foul, Foul finds Zlatan 🤫
Martin Thuku
Martin Thuku 4 mesi fa
Seeing Ronaldo playing against Thierry, and till to date He is still playing, it just give me chills. CR7 is immortal.
You gonna be suprised when I tell you that Messi also played with him for 3 seasons
krys 2 mesi fa
@Thejas Shetty you dont even believe that urself😂😂😂
Devansh Raj
Devansh Raj 2 mesi fa
@Thejas Shetty prime Ronaldo g/a 🤡= Messi 3rd best season 😂😂😂
Thejas Shetty
Thejas Shetty 2 mesi fa
@Hello Bob all you pessi fans crying cause prime ronaldo used to humiliate y'all on an everyday basis
Haskildor Mese fa
2:39 Best Moment 😂
Naisha R Lubega
Naisha R Lubega 2 mesi fa
Sterling is extra😂😂😂😂
Obinna Chiagoro
Obinna Chiagoro 4 mesi fa
Zlatans revenge...the bests of the revenge...
Zlatan is my hero I swear 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ashwin 3 mesi fa
As arthur Morgan would say "revenge is a fool's game"
Commander Thavas
I love videos like this. He provided the music, but also didn’t remove the ambience of the game and commentary.
ayá kid
ayá kid 2 mesi fa
Lmao Only Ronaldo will take a Messi chant personally like that
Swallow by a whale🗿
The first guy literally blame Ronaldo for no reason 🤣🤣🤣
Ashok Dahal
Ashok Dahal 5 mesi fa
That lord budda pose was too much epic one😂
BE5T D4D 3 mesi fa
VVD got up with Stirling on his back like nothing 🤣
DeandreRBLX 2 mesi fa
JESSE 2 mesi fa
I love how Cr 7 always scores in revenge
Francis Guite
Francis Guite 3 mesi fa
Zlatan being Zlatan 😂
Anjum Azmi
Anjum Azmi 3 mesi fa
Zlatan be like “shh lemme sneak up and get my revenge come here boii 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vranesh Mese fa
Young had the last laugh tho 😂😂😂 screw that snake
Noah Obasa
Noah Obasa 2 mesi fa
Sometimes it's good and funny to get even. I enjoyed this
Redcorn 3 mesi fa
Zlatan always impressing us
ROR 3 mesi fa
based on the video, we can say that you should not argue with Zlatan
Andy SJ
Andy SJ 2 mesi fa
Most of these are just stuff happening in a game, sometimes accidentally with no revenge in mind. The USMNT one, the guy didn’t even beat the one that was making fun of him.
I can't help but laugh.😂😂😂😂😂😂
Haleed coskun
Haleed coskun 4 mesi fa
The most funniest moment is the reporter revenge..😅
Gabriel DAnnunzio
Algunas veces pienso que casemiro busca los problemas, no son accidentes
Wang Jeishong
Wang Jeishong 2 mesi fa
4:16 was the moment to remember forever 💔
Himansu Rai
Himansu Rai 2 mesi fa
It was other way, the girl did first
Axoneman 3 mesi fa
Zlatan and his elbow was smooth as butter.
Pukar Tamang25
Pukar Tamang25 4 mesi fa
Neymar hitting refree was epic lol
moses raryea
moses raryea 5 mesi fa
real content no unnecessary videos💯
Chicken in da Oven
Zlatan never flushes toilets: he scares the shit out of them😂
ThePirateOrc 2 mesi fa
TsunamiBallejo 2 mesi fa
This joke is underrated lol
King 4 mesi fa
Zlatan is the man of his own rules😁😉
Info Seputar Sepak Bola
My favourite revenge momen is zlatan 😂
Pazzo 5 mesi fa
I think Di Maria is one of the best corner takers of our generation, i swear every time he takes a corner you just feel like its gonna go in
Pazzo 5 mesi fa
(not as in go in directly from the corner although he has done that before)
Nivo Tibbie
Nivo Tibbie 3 mesi fa
When Neymar hit the referee with the ball🤣🤣
lucario 3 mesi fa
Thierry will never forget that day again
Daniel Mor
Daniel Mor Mese fa
Di Maria may have gotten a momentary bit of revenge, but was knocked out in the second leg
5:52 le tuvo que entregar el balón de oro 🤩😂🤣
ISKRA BARCO 29 giorni fa
Lo de la comentarista a sido brutal jaja
Eden Bright
Eden Bright Mese fa
2:32 in every players that he can step on he chooses Zlatan
ayshe aydan
ayshe aydan Mese fa
5:00 THE GUY CHOKED HAALEND (edit:ty for 10 likes
YoCasQ 5 mesi fa
casimero is a legend
Owen Arnott
Owen Arnott 3 mesi fa
The best parts is when the players are mature enough to win the game instead of injuring opponents
mark datvolta
mark datvolta 29 giorni fa
Wow. Putting a corner is getting revenge 😂
Tomiwa Akintunde
Nahh the Van Dijk one, and the one where Ibra picked that guy up and threw him were the most savage! And I could literally feel the ref’s pain when Neymar booted the ball in his face😬
Khalifallah Saint-Cyr
Taunting is never a good thing in sports 🤣🤣🤣
Px3lito 2 mesi fa
Lo bueno de CR7 (y no por ser fanboy) es que termina callando a la gente con goles XD no solo con los festejos ni con faltas.
Orange 28 giorni fa
The news reported slam was the best 😂
Rick Walters
Rick Walters 4 mesi fa
That's a part of the sports at times you do want to knock another player out the game for what he did to you or a team Mate but at the end of the day you don't want to see them end up with a career ending injury
Pink frost
Pink frost 3 mesi fa
Zalatan still wants to take revenge
McKenna Harless
McKenna Harless 13 giorni fa
You’re right, Rajnath, Zlatatn never disappoints!
ENemy_SHpotted 3 mesi fa
7:03 when you playin rocket league and 1 guy on other team keeps saying what a save! To your team but still loses the game so your team retaliates.
Haaland And Foden The Best
6:21 best moment 😂😂😂
Amber lisa
Amber lisa 3 mesi fa
Congratulations you can now stand a chance to win a new Apartment
quixote 4 mesi fa
Jessy Mangala
Manè is just class
jacewhycry 2 mesi fa
Zlatan was having some error moment, he feel the pain after 50+ minutes later
Juanchis777 3 mesi fa
3:05 when referees messes whit the wrong football player 😂👌
Il Fenomeno
Il Fenomeno 5 mesi fa
I never expected Havertz to have so much physical strength tbh.
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Did you watch (Neymar Jr one last shot)❤😊
Soekarno 5 mesi fa
Just a pepe
Brad144 4 mesi fa
You can tell Balotelli envied Ronaldo back then. His early days at Man U.
sodiq kolawole
sodiq kolawole 4 mesi fa
It's the Mexican short guy for me.. the revenge dribble was mad
Amber lisa
Amber lisa 3 mesi fa
Congratulations you can now stand a chance to win a new Apartment
The Legend
The Legend 3 mesi fa
Therefore crestino is King 👑 He never disrespect opponent ❤️❣️
Zetrox 2 mesi fa
I like how Sevilla players celebrates with Halland
sarcastic pysch
Reporter's revenge 😂
골 로 복수하는거 너무 멋있네
P Pars
P Pars Mese fa
Thanks Bro :)
Oza 5 mesi fa
Benzema is not the type that get back at the player, so Casemiro did it for him. What a team player!
ayá kid
ayá kid 2 mesi fa
Klopp was laughing cuz he knew what Casemiro was thinking
KLOES 2 mesi fa
Virgil takes revenge 😂
Pass it to the Wenger
Fair play Zlatan !
A A 4 mesi fa
Revenge is the best way to get respect!
Lightsword BG
Lightsword BG 3 mesi fa
Bruv imagine that girls head injury was considered more painful than Ronaldos eye injury like... that's some slack right there lol
Sourav Paul
Sourav Paul 4 mesi fa
How did havertz survive after that
Soekarno 5 mesi fa
How zlatan survive that headshot 🤣
guacca 5 mesi fa
And he looks more annoyed than hurt. Unbelievable 😂
G K 2 mesi fa
Revenge so sweet. Every player should be allowed one lol.
Abyss 2 mesi fa
*When you realise Zlatan is marking you* The person getting marked :
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