Ridiculous Robert Lewandowski Bicycle Kick vs Kiev - ALL ANGLES!

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23 nov 2021




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WorldTraveler 7 ore fa
Hustle Crowe
Hustle Crowe 11 ore fa
Tammy Abraham's was better
monty 70 Tate
monty 70 Tate 18 ore fa
The beautiful game!!
lapin_san Giorno fa
If Lewandowski does not get the golden ball, it will be a disgrace to this plebiscite.
Six Five
Six Five Giorno fa
Only a pole can score a bicycle kick on snow.
Happy Car Reviews
Hopefully one day he'll get the respect and recognition he deserves! WHAT A BEAST!
Simon Ghost Riley
Ansar Ahmed
Ansar Ahmed 2 giorni fa
Ballon d'Or 👏🏼👏🏼
Andy Robertson
Andy Robertson 2 giorni fa
I have watched that play a hundred times and every time it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Keep it up BAYERN!
Eddie Benoit
Eddie Benoit 2 giorni fa
He is the best since Pele
chamakh 2 giorni fa
Good not not better than Cristiano's
Janusz Mroz
Janusz Mroz 2 giorni fa
Szacunek Robert błysk i klasa na tle miernoty
LiFE of an OREO
LiFE of an OREO 2 giorni fa
That was It ? 😑
Riviscira1323 2 giorni fa
ballon d or
Jason Barcenas
Jason Barcenas 2 giorni fa
Ballon' D OR loading........
Zudarzahn Show
Zudarzahn Show 2 giorni fa
if 5 goals in 1 match isn't enough Lewy does this bruh
lapin_san 2 giorni fa
He deserves a golden ball like no one else. He is in amazing shape this year, not to mention the previous one where he destroyed the competition and the plebiscite was canceled. If Lewandowski does not win the golden ball this year, in the year he definitely deserved it, and considering the fact that he did not get it last year, even more so. This will mean that the best footballer is not being chosen, but a favorite of the weekly and pseudo-football experts. Więcej o tekście źródłowymWskaż tekst źródłowy, by wyświetlić dodatkowe informacje o tłumaczeniu Prześlij opinię Panele boczne
gwinso 2 giorni fa
Ronaldo’s was better
thatguy088 3 giorni fa
Pavard just will not stop trying to recreate his goal against Argentina...
: Antypas
: Antypas 3 giorni fa
I'm cold.
pushin it
pushin it 3 giorni fa
Ok I'll say this bayern coach isn't a good fit. Under flick they were much better bayern defense sucks right now and the offense has to make up for that. They dont press the way they used to and i don't see them winning if they dont fix that problem
pushin it
pushin it 3 giorni fa
He always wanted to score a goal like that. This goal is more important to him than ballon dor
Elangbam Roshan
Elangbam Roshan 3 giorni fa
Ballon d'or is a big blunder. I don't agree if Levadonsky don't get it. And I also don't agree if Messi, Mbape, Neur, Jorginho, Neymar, Ronaldo, Salah, Van Dyke and many others playing at different positions in the field don't get it.
ZweliPK 3 giorni fa
Reminiscent of that bicycle by Giroud last season against Sevilla. What a player Lewa is. 👏🏾
Piotrek 3 giorni fa
Złota piłka mu się należy 👍👍 He deserves a golden ball👍👍
ADHZZ_7 3 giorni fa
I dont know what to say if he doesnt get this year balandor As a cr7 fan he is clear better than messi and cr7
Ignas Pukas122
Ignas Pukas122 3 giorni fa
Robert likes to play in the snow!! Polish guy what a striker isnt he😂
Luuya G
Luuya G 3 giorni fa
Lewaa broda🔥🔥🔥❤️
Józek Korba
Józek Korba 3 giorni fa
Ksawi To kozak
Ksawi To kozak 3 giorni fa
Kamiozo13 3 giorni fa
Polish Power 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱💪💪💪
ANG3L 3 giorni fa
Haxite 3 giorni fa
Robert 🥊
Ambition 3 giorni fa
This has been the best in both 2020 and 2021
ayush gupta
ayush gupta 3 giorni fa
What cr7 did, was extraordinary..
darius stefan
darius stefan 3 giorni fa
Lewandoski wins the golden ball
prod D1
prod D1 3 giorni fa
PetroDog1 3 giorni fa
Złota piłka się należy i oczywiście bramka roku.Pozdro
Pratik™ 3 giorni fa
Lewy is the only player as a record to scored in 9 consecutive UCL matches in 2 consecutive UCL season.
Jony junior
Jony junior 3 giorni fa
He will break Cristiano record for most goal in a ucl's season next year
Nayf Sniper
Nayf Sniper 3 giorni fa
I saw the match i was there
FXxxxXF 3 giorni fa
Messi 7th soon, one goal don't change this ;)
BLANKMAN 3 giorni fa
Lionel Messi has a total of 0 asssists, 17 key passes and he created a total of 0 chances. Robert Lewandowski has a total of 1 assists, 16 key passes and he created a total of 13 chances. + Lewandowski has 9 goals in UCL and Messi has only 3 goals , and if Messi wins this Ballon d'or then FIFA should die out of shame , now I can say Messi is also a farmer cuz he always wins the ballon d'or like Lewandowski and Bayern always wins the Bundesliga
darcy denouement
darcy denouement 3 giorni fa
This straight up looks it's from an anime 💀. Lewa is truly something else
Nick Skrynyk
Nick Skrynyk 3 giorni fa
Kyiv!!!!! Not kiev!!!
Kønf 3 giorni fa
Brawo lewy❤️🇵🇱
Gape Nguba
Gape Nguba 3 giorni fa
This year's ballndor should be Robert Lewandowski. Champions league 9 goals in 5 matches, EURO world Cup qualifier qatar 2022- 8 goals in 10 matches, Bundesliga 14 goals in 12 matches 🙏🙏🙏 if Lewandowski will not win ballndor then EUFA is corrupt . please choose the deserving player 🙏🙏🙏
Raj Kumarcr7
Raj Kumarcr7 3 giorni fa
Official Nik The King
i cant imagine falling on that concrete of a pitch was any fun
Lê Minh Tuấn
Lê Minh Tuấn 3 giorni fa
quá hay
Prince Whitely
Prince Whitely 3 giorni fa
I swear he didnt meant to do it he didnt even think twice as to maybe he might miss or get hurt his body soul and mind just naturally let him score that beauty of a goal.....what a player indeed
Salut Official
Salut Official 3 giorni fa
Lewy Najlepszy na Świecie ❣️❤️ POLSKA DUMA NARODOWA 👌🤜🤛
Wilfred Rios
Wilfred Rios 3 giorni fa
What a goal!!!! absolutely deserves this year’s ballon d Or !
Akash L
Akash L 3 giorni fa
Great player but unfortunately born in messi-ronaldo era ❤️
Jaro B
Jaro B 3 giorni fa
To Robert Lewandowski zasługuje na złotą piłkę. Obecnie nie ma piłkarza lepszego od niego i nikt nie strzela tak pięknych bramek.
Ali Hasyimi
Ali Hasyimi 3 giorni fa
if messi or ronaldo win Ballon again this year, its totally a joke. This man deserved from every aspect and angel. I am cr7 fans
Anthony Disla
Anthony Disla 3 giorni fa
His still ass with Poland tho 😂😂😂
Kristian Lopez
Kristian Lopez 3 giorni fa
Piękny gol Robercik to świadczy o wysokiej klasie 👏👏👏
Adam 3 giorni fa
Ballon door
XTINCT GAMING 3 giorni fa
Puskas incoming
Mohammad Azim
Mohammad Azim 3 giorni fa
den Lepcha
den Lepcha 3 giorni fa
One of mine favorite star ⭐
DD9 3 giorni fa
World class finishers don't care about the angle... They will score like this.. #RL9
CRAZY STARKER 3 giorni fa
Fantastic goal but goalkeeper could've predicted this coming, it was clearly visible he was going for the bicycle kick. Neur or any world class goalkeeper could've stopped this...
CRAZY STARKER 3 giorni fa
@Louie L No! Sorry
Louie L
Louie L 3 giorni fa
Did I ask?
Tả Lão
Tả Lão 3 giorni fa
Ramyus 3 giorni fa
That was an interesting moment right after his goal (0:35) when Lewandowsky's teammate from the Polish national team - Tomasz Kedziora - just looked at him with disbelieve. I wonder what did he say to Lewy after the match. What kind of small talk they had.
Arzhy Manan
Arzhy Manan 3 giorni fa
Great player for the last 2 years and he deservevd the Ballon D'Or...
Kamil Szachacz
Kamil Szachacz 3 giorni fa
Kędziora: "je××ny"😆
Herry setiawan
Herry setiawan 3 giorni fa
ballon d or .for lewa 🤙
Dariusz W
Dariusz W 3 giorni fa
Najlepsza maszyna na Świecie do strzelania goli . Brawo
Juanda Juanda
Juanda Juanda 3 giorni fa
Siva Joseph
Siva Joseph 3 giorni fa
We have lewangoalski 🙌😘
ViralTikToks 3 giorni fa
Cr7 against Juventus was better
Louie L
Louie L 3 giorni fa
ViralTikToks 3 giorni fa
@Louie L ohh yeah like I’m the one with a dog as profile picture 😄
Louie L
Louie L 3 giorni fa
@ViralTikToks at least I'm not delusional🙃
ViralTikToks 3 giorni fa
@Louie L now say it without crying little baby
Louie L
Louie L 3 giorni fa
The video is not about cr7 delusional ronaldo fan
HairyWiz 3 giorni fa
On a cold winter night
Fariz Irfan
Fariz Irfan 3 giorni fa
I am Ronaldo fan but I think lewa deserve balon d or this year .he is the most deserving man consistent and amazing performance.
Peter Pot
Peter Pot 3 giorni fa
He is a machine and the best striker on this planet...incredible this guy...😯😯💪💪
HernandezNC 3 giorni fa
Nah this nigga tooooo good
Salvation888 3 giorni fa
Monsters Lewagoalski 🇵🇱
VARedevil19 3 giorni fa
Ballon d'Or
SIME SIME 3 giorni fa
Bravo Lewandowski 🇵🇱
Kyglo_ 3 giorni fa
Snow helped that
Rashim 3 giorni fa
Still couldnt able to win euro
Karol&K CAM
Karol&K CAM 3 giorni fa
RL9 The Best!
Szymon Anolik
Szymon Anolik 3 giorni fa
ANAN D 3 giorni fa
And puskas goose to salah
Nishant Pruthi
Nishant Pruthi 3 giorni fa
Lewa deserves Balon dor more than anyone
xing liu
xing liu 3 giorni fa
As for now, he is the GOAT!!!
Mariusz Polski
Mariusz Polski 3 giorni fa
Another Day at work 🥱
football fan
football fan 3 giorni fa
Nothing impresive at all and now days some kids calling him a GoAt lamo where he was when his national team needs a goal against Hungary ? He is real stat padder Goatbappe is clear of lewandowski
Louie L
Louie L 3 giorni fa
Never Around
Never Around 3 giorni fa
Best player for the past two season what a beast he reminds me of Van Basten
Quake 3 giorni fa
Pan Piłkarz
ARTURmile 3 giorni fa
Robercik the besciak
Matko Doris
Matko Doris 3 giorni fa
Sorry Messi, Robert deserves Ballon d'Or.
nadaquepensar 3 giorni fa
Balón d oro
Edgard Lopez
Edgard Lopez 3 giorni fa
It is ridiculous to play with snow that is not futbol, no one handles de ball and all is a maybe!
Chanquete Perez
Chanquete Perez 3 giorni fa
Purnama Sakti
Purnama Sakti 3 giorni fa
Ballon d'or 🔥
aamil mohammad
aamil mohammad 3 giorni fa
It perfectly fell for him
Marek Grechuta
Marek Grechuta 3 giorni fa
This is Real life or fifa ganeplay? 🥰🥰
Angryt0fu 3 giorni fa
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