Rihanna - Money ft. Tiwa Savage (Official Music Video)

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Get Rihanna’s eighth studio album here: Get Rihanna’s eighth studio album
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24 nov 2018




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Commenti 739
AKON filtered
AKON filtered 11 giorni fa
chisom Okoh
chisom Okoh 3 mesi fa
Tiwa keep it up even though the video na fake
Tapiwa Twilight
Tapiwa Twilight 4 mesi fa
Wow beautiful collabo
Siako Berliane
Siako Berliane 4 mesi fa
sam dawg
sam dawg 4 mesi fa
Fake bitch
Ms. Sadé
Ms. Sadé 4 mesi fa
Shut the entire page down 🤬”official”....false advertising
ali pamba
ali pamba 4 mesi fa
I wish it were real!
Nova Navida
Nova Navida 4 mesi fa
AMANDA 4 mesi fa
messsy! whers rihanna here
Ayoola Yusuff
Ayoola Yusuff 4 mesi fa
C. C. G World
C. C. G World 4 mesi fa
Great editing, so proud of you
degg rek
degg rek 4 mesi fa
False vidéo
Enobong Francis
Enobong Francis 4 mesi fa
Livindream25 Livindream25
Nice video 👍👍👌
GervalDubois teintlumineux
Qui comme moi a cru que c'était réellement un feat ?
GervalDubois teintlumineux
@Oluwakayode Elijah Iposu on a rien vu venir 😂😂😂
valy vanessa
valy vanessa 4 mesi fa
Moi aussi j'ai cru 🤣🤣
Oluwakayode Elijah Iposu
Ils m'ont completement eu
boniface dubious
Fake video,
oliver queen
oliver queen 4 mesi fa
This is a fake video there is even a part which is from a role Rihanna played in a movie.
Lauryn Nakitare
Lauryn Nakitare 4 mesi fa
Am surprised that some people think this is real,this is called mush up, tiwa hasn't done a song with Rihanna.
We need the real video
frank l'international
le clip est nul, c'est forcé de faire son avec Rihanna ?
Michelle Paul
Michelle Paul 4 mesi fa
So fake
Dzinnefah Florence
Nice song😍😍
Pinky Gumede
Pinky Gumede 4 mesi fa
Kang kang
Kang kang 4 mesi fa
Gassimu Turay
Gassimu Turay 5 mesi fa
Fake video.
ebaju gin queen
ebaju gin queen 5 mesi fa
nyc song waiting for da video
Chloé Mak
Chloé Mak 5 mesi fa
OMG!nice job 💖
nankabirwa annie
How many lky fr mi gal tiwa
akin ade
akin ade 5 mesi fa
Click report button
donaskalo 5 mesi fa
I'm calling the police👮👮👮 for whoever did this
Beatrice Bio
Beatrice Bio 4 mesi fa
Bossis Adala
Bossis Adala 5 mesi fa
Fake video
Confidence Gbenekanu
Please get some work to do.........
Evans Etim Onen
Evans Etim Onen 5 mesi fa
Nonsense Video....... Tiwa never feature Rhianna....stop all this spam video, editing someone Codie to post here...
Lyrics chaîne Ariana.G
Cette remix et magnifique wch !! Flowtime
Dimitri Koyi
Dimitri Koyi 4 mesi fa
Toi aussi parle anglais unpeu ohhh
Anthony Eke
Anthony Eke 5 mesi fa
Very poor
Ferguson Apladey
You are too fake,,,
Precious Moses
Precious Moses 5 mesi fa
Fake fake fake
Lushi Isent
Lushi Isent 5 mesi fa
This is boring like in hell
Ricco Magpantay
Ricco Magpantay 5 mesi fa
F*ck editing
Leon Peterson
Leon Peterson 5 mesi fa
Totally nonsense
Club 99
Club 99 5 mesi fa
Tiwa baby, i'm so proud of Yo ❤❤❤
Zale Sylla
Zale Sylla 5 mesi fa
Diarra Youssouf
Diarra Youssouf 5 mesi fa
M'a chaire il est grand temps de tout pardonner maintenant tu aime Chris à la folie il t'aime a la folie marier vous une bonne foie pour toute nous sommes en Afrique dans un couple qui s'aiment il'y à tourjour de la jalousie nous ont vous suis vous formez le couple parfait que dieu vous bénisse
Gouem Maimounata
Quëën Jayou
Quëën Jayou 5 mesi fa
love you so much my Rihanna
kerry A
kerry A 6 mesi fa
Tiwa u R unstoppable 👑 with Rihanna collaboration Ladies Power go Girls🎧🎧🎧♥️
yero Yoro
yero Yoro 6 mesi fa
I lik that sing
Albumi 2017
Albumi 2017 6 mesi fa
Tong Anger
Tong Anger 6 mesi fa
Don't fake such videos again next time.
Omar Jarju
Omar Jarju 6 mesi fa
The African bad girl aaaa
coochie eater
coochie eater 6 mesi fa
Fake some will fall for it
Issata Kamara
Issata Kamara 6 mesi fa
Who's watching with me in 2010???
mybook mymoney
mybook mymoney 6 mesi fa
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mybook mymoney
mybook mymoney 6 mesi fa
You guys should keep it up I have a great news for readers Cash out $2000 today ITvid: itvid.net/video/video-BLkRjJo0BWQ.html
Michael T Varney
African are getting the
temilola funke
temilola funke 6 mesi fa
Sound strange
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Ayomide David
Ayomide David 6 mesi fa
I love tiwa savage
Astou Sagnan
Astou Sagnan 6 mesi fa
I love you
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